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Found 25 results

  1. Following on from @Michael Sharp post below relating outputting scheduled reports to a document library, we would like to request the ability to link a document library to an external customer and/or organisation, so that when the customer logs in to the portal they can see the library under the general Document option at the top. This is so we can setup scheduled reports for customers, which are then delivered via the Customer Portal, as another means of encouraging them to use the portal rather than just emailing them. This also help to alleviate the limited customer export/reporting options in the portal at this time. Cheers Martyn
  2. I was wondering if there was any way in which we can include more details within the customer section of raised tickets: we would like to be able to add in the users line manager as an example?
  3. Is it possible to change the customer of a request via the BPM? or will we need to do this via an intergration call?
  4. Hi, Is there a way that I can enable an email update to a customer when one of our analysts adds a comment to a request? If the customer is logged into the Portal and is looking at the request, they will see any updates we make in the feed, but if they are not, then I cannot see how they are informed that an update has been made. Any ideas please folks? Thanks Steve.
  5. At the moment you can include the custom fields from the 'Contact' but only the Organisation field from the contact. Can this be extended to allow the optional display of organisation fields and in particular organisation custom fields, as we use these to hold information such maintenance expiry date, support level and whether they are hosted etc. The aim is that this information will be presented in the Request View - Customer Section, so the analyst does not have to open up the organisation page to see them. Thanks. Martyn
  6. I would like to disable or remove the 'Remove' button from the customer section of the request screen. We still want the user to be able to change the customer using the action icon , but want to stop the analyst from being able to remove the customer from the request. i.e. the incident/service request must have a 'Customer'. Can this be achieved by application permissions? Cheers Martyn
  7. Now that we can choose to add connections at the PCF stage, is there a way to then change the customer to the selected person during the BPM? Our example - A manager raises a request for new piece of equipment for a member of staff, once the equipment has been authorised and arrived we would like to change the customer to be the member of staff that is receiving the equipment to be able to send emails and correspondence without having to manually change the request, we would like to do this in the BPM.
  8. Hello, I would like to know whether it possible to set to a specific customer through BPM? What I'm trying to achieve is to start the leaver process and when they confirm which applications the leaver user have access to which then raised a new linked request(s) to relevant team to confirm to remove their account from application(s). Much like assign to owner but for customer that we do not really want to use so we do have generic users that can be use instead of customer. This way is to avoid bombard emails of the actions from the process to the customer. Secondly - I wonder whether I can add functional BPM to a linked request through leaver BPM? If so, can you advise me of the steps that I can do? Many thanks, Aaron CC: @samwoo
  9. Is there somewhere where we can choose the information that appears in this box to include extra information such as 'Site' in our case?
  10. At the moment when you have the external customer on a request, the Customer summary section when not expanded only shows their name. Would it be possible to have the option to display the organisation on the heading line as well? I know we can pin the customer section down to display all the details, but that then takes up more space. Cheers Martyn
  11. Good Afternoon, Apologies if this is the wrong area, But is there a way to easily only show certain CI's / Portfolio items on the customer Portal. Currently every CI i have on the Service portal shows on the Customer one?
  12. Hi Is there an option to choose whether to send the resolution email to the customer, as there are some instances that we would not want to send the resolution email to the customer and wondered if there was a way to choose at the time of resolving job? Regards Jeremy
  13. Hi We have several test customers with portal access for demoing purposes, they have so far shared a common email address. But today when I tried adding a new one I got an error message. Is there any way to turn this off since it's really a blocker for us for the following reasons. We have customers where the staff share the same mail box, but they need to have different accounts for support. We have the above mentioned test/demo customers We have instances where several customers share a third party asset that monitors our services and creates support tickets for them. In this case since a customer cannot be assigned to several organisations, we have created them as one user per organisation but they have the same email address since they are the same physical person(s) and we cannot mandate that their organisation changes this and uses separate emails per instance. Please remove the unique constraint again or at least make it optional.
  14. Hi, We have Customer Portal and there are no social media links. In settings Home=>System=>Manage Portals=>Customize Customer Portal. All Social Media Links are 0. And that's ok. But when customer log in to the Portal those links are there again. How I can remove or hide those social media links from inner sites of Customer Portal? Best Regards, MikaP
  15. When printing a request from within Service Manager you can choose to select the content in terms of sections to include, however there is not the option at the moment to only include those which are set to the visibility of 'Customer'. Often we will get a request to provide a report or printout of the whole request timeline to a customer, which at the moment we can only do via a report option in order to filter out the Team and Owner visibility options. Having a additional option on the print function to include/exclude the Team and Owner marked entries would enable us to use the Print option for this requirement. Cheers Martyn
  16. When we log a Change Request against an Contact (external customer) the customer information is not displayed in the request screen, only the name of the analyst who raised the request in the 'Raised by' section. We used Change Requests for our external customers to control changes to their systems we host for them, but it appears the 'Change Request' screen seems to have been formatted just for internal use or am I missing something? Cheers Martyn
  17. When viewing requests on the Mobile app there appear to be some key fields which are not present, such as details of the Customer, Priority, Service Level, Sub-Status etc. Are there any plans to improve the Service Manager element of the mobile apps to add this level of detail in? Cheers Martyn
  18. When raising a linked request from an existing one which is logged against a customer (external) not coworker, the current contact informaiton is not passed into progressive capture 'Search Customer' step, where as if this is done for a coworker it is. I beleive this is a known issue as it came up in our original switch on phase, but do not seem to be able to find a reference to it on the forum. Is there are Known Issue reference for this and an update when this is planned to be fixed? Cheers Martyn
  19. Hi all, I am about to embark on the onerous task of putting the same customer feedback questions on each service we have. I really like the flexibility that being able to set specific questions on each service and each request type. However, this is the first time we're enabling any kind of customer feedback (not before time IMO) so to start with we're keeping things simple and straightforward so as to not cause culture shock for our end users, and each service will have the same 5 questions for now. Is there a way to do this in bulk? I've had a look and can't see anything obvious. Thanks in advance. Chris
  20. Hi, I'm looking to set up our customer portal but I think our standard business process isn't suitable. The first action our business process takes is an automated task to assign the call to the requestor creator. This has been working ok through 'Raise New' and the Service Portal(by users). If we want a Contact to raise the call via the portal though it doesn't like it. They can log in and see the relevant Catelog items. It seems to log ok from their side but isn't created per Bus Process and we see errors when opening the request. The log file errors(attached) seem to point to this 'assignTeamOwnerCreator' aspect. What would be the best way forward to enable our Contacts to log calls through the customer portal ok? Do we need to remove the form 'Assign to creator Owner'? I'd rather not as this automates the majority of raised calls via 'Raise New' Perhaps separate Business Process' for Portal use? But then I guess that would then require all the Catelog items to be duplicated too to use those. Any advice appreciated.
  21. Hello all, I was wondering where I could change the colours marked with red arrows in the image below. As you can see I found the other ones, just not these ones! Thanks, Alex
  22. Hi all, I am having some problems allocating the necessary rights to the Authorized Role in the Customer portal. The error is as follows: The authorized role 'portal chat session user' assigned has a higher privilege leven than guest. I am aware of the similar thread posted @Adam Haylock, but as this seems to be a different problem I decided to create a new thread. Any ideas? Thanks! Alex
  23. When using the Print option on the request screen it would be really useful to be able to have an additional tick box in the timeline option to flag whether all entries are include or only those which are flagged as public. This way we can produce an output that can be sent to a customer, where as at the moment the output can only really be used internally as it does not take into account the visibility settings on the entries. Cheers Martyn
  24. At the moment when using the 'Apply to Request' option from the mailbox it will first select the customer based on the from email address and then filters the list of available requests by the contact. However there will be occasions when emails are received from other people such as customer colleagues, internal, third parties (i.e. connections) who which need to be applied to the request. At the moment even if the request reference is include in the email subject line, it is not possible to select the request to apply the update too as the source contact is not the one the request is linked too. This is too restrictive and there needs to be the ability to link purely based on the request reference number without the source of the email being who the request is logged against. This restriction is not applied when updating requests in Support Works from email the request reference is present. It appears SW takes the reference as the first criteria and then the contact, where as Hornbill takes the contact as the first criteria and applies the restrictive filter to the requests which can then be selected. At the moment to get around this we would have to manually copy and paste the email update and attachments onto the request. Which is not efficent and also would not flag in the timeline correctly as being updated from email source nor view email option. Is this something that is already being looked at? Cheers Martyn
  25. Hi Does Hornbill have the ability to fire off surveys to customers to find out how there experience was of the support calls. In our old service-desk system customers would receive a satisfaction survey normally after ever 10 calls that were closed. Thanks Chris
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