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  1. Is there a way to output the questions that are completed in PCF nicely, we want to output the questions into an email or the description of the request easily. I know this is replicating the Questions sections but we find a lot easier in the description as we can email this to the customer as confirmation as well as being able to overwrite the information if it changes. I guess we are looking for something like 'h_questions' to output the list of questions and answers that the customer has completed.....is this possible?
  2. Hi All New customer here , we are aware that an Licenced User/Agent can escalate in Service Manager but what is available to a user to escalate their SR/Incident ? Regards Si SBC
  3. In the API call LogIncident, there is a string parameter 'questions' but we cannot find any further information on the syntax of this string parameter on how to pass and delimiter individual questions and answers. Has anyone got any more details or examples for populating this parameter? Cheers Martyn
  4. I was wondering if there are any Document Manager Product Specialists or people that use Document Manager a lot as I have a range of questions that I would like help with and possibly a chat. We would like to use a template for sending/sharing with people for them to complete and then send it on, or maybe we can use the authorisation node for them to agree to terms and conditions and then create a document with the subsequent information? Not even sure this is possible?
  5. We recently discovered an issue while developing our own application to be compatible with Azure and SAML as you have a Signing Certificate that cannot have an infinite expiration. We then decided to check the Hornbill application that is set up with SAML from the Azure community/marketplace where you have uploaded the app and we then found an expiry date We now wonder how this will be updated? Will you send a new certificate out via e.g. Email or will it be pushed automatically via Azure marketplace?
  6. Can we raise an enhancement request for the 'Log New Request' node to be extended so that it is possible to create a new request with Questions and optional Answers set, like it was created via a Progressive Capture. This way the requests and workflow can be the same independent of the method it is raised via. In our example, most of the time Access Requests and Change Requests are raised independently, but we want to be able to combine the logging of both in a single process, i.e. you raise an Access Request and at the same time complete the details for the associated Change Request. We would then want the workflow of the Access Request to create and populate a Change Request based on the PCF inserting the appropriate Questions and Answers into the new change request. Cheers Martyn
  7. Could you please consider adding the ability for a question that is hidden in progressive capture to have an option to not make it visible in the questions section of the customer portal?? many thanks Andy
  8. Hi all, I am trying to automate the export of request data and more importantly the responses to questsions using APIs. So far I can get all requests that match search query using : "apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests" "searchRequests" I can then loop through each request getting various details using : "apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests" "smGetReqDetails2" This enables me to return the number of questions completed but not the actual responses. Is there another API that has this feature that I can't find? Many Thanks Ben
  9. We have some circumstances that mean that questions from the Portal are copied and pasted into cells in Google sheets and the text is copied but with coloured backgrounds, is this expected behaviour? This is the questions section: Here is the copied text:
  10. Please see the image of the questions section where the text is not displaying correctly... Ironically when booking to come to Insights!
  11. Is there a way to include the questions that people submit via PCF's in emails or in a template.... As we have several cases where we would like to use this information in this way.
  12. Hello, I have added a label in a progressive capture, but once the request is logged, it duplicates the text. Is there a way to not have the text show twice (other than using different text for the first line, as it's just intended for information only)? Many thanks, Alisha
  13. Since updating to build 1288 this morning, we no longer have the option to print the questions in a request. Attached is a screenshot example showing the options we have got.
  14. Is there a way of getting rid of 'Not Answered' in a flow of questions once a job has been logged? We use a lot of override flags in our Pro Caps because of various questions we need depending on the topic of the call. At the moment, this looks incredibly messy and difficult for the analyst to scroll through looking for the info they require. This is something we are really keen to resolve because it will add a lot of time onto any support call just trying to find the information! As you can see, there are two questions at the bottom which definitely don't relate to cars :P! Thank you in advance
  15. With a number of our services, it is not always possible for the initial progressive capture process to capture all the information required at the beginning, as depending on the route the request takes through the workflow there will be additional information that is required. This is especially so when looking to take advantage of new iBridge integration facilities, where additional information will be required in order to pass their values on inot the integration node. Ideally we would want a in flight progressive capture node in the BPM which produces a new type of human task for the assigned task owner to complete. This would call a standard progressive capture flow and add the responses to the questions section on the request. Initially this is only required for internal use via the live app, i.e. by the analysts themselves, but I can see this would also be useful to be pushed out to the end user customer by the service and customer portal. Cheers Martyn
  16. Hi, There's been an issue with the customer details information not showing up when selected to be printed. This used to show in previous requests but recently when the customer details is ticked to print as well as other sections, no details are being given, is anyone able to assist? I've attached screenshots of the issue. William.
  17. Hi there - We are looking to utilise the FAQ section of SM to enable us to signpost customers to other areas of our business. At the moment, we don't appear to be able to section off FAQs into subheadings or areas of the same topic which is making the list very lengthy and difficult to navigate. We appreciate the search function should be used but some people don't know what they are looking for until they see it in a list. Is there a way of grouping FAQs together, or is this something we would have to manage differently i.e. having all FAQs for Pool Cars in one expanding box? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi all, Is there a way of hiding the labels on the question tab on a request? We use the labels as definition descriptions mainly (as the description field doesnt allow wiki formatting) but they quickly clog up the questions view as you can see by the attached Thanks Dan
  19. Good afternoon, Do we have an option where we can make customised questions from the progressive capture editable, like in the details section?
  20. Hi, Is it possible to hide the unanswered questions in a progressive capture form in the service manager view? Some of our forms have a lot of questions and sometimes it seems the ones that were answered get lost in a sea of 'not answered' text. Thanks Dan
  21. Hello All, Please can you look at adding a pin for the "Questions" pane when viewing a request. We use lots of custom questions and only really bother asking our users to provide information if it will benefit our analysts. It's just an extra click every time the analyst views a job as to get all the information they need to see in one place they have to always expand the questions pane. Many thanks, Tom
  22. In my instance, I can see that random questions are being dragged into my requests from other catalogue items. These are not seen during progressive capture. Is anyone else seeing this fault? For Hornbill administrator's reference, an example is service request SR00000085. Regards, Mike.
  23. Hello all, I can't imagine being the only one with this problem, but can't seem to find anything related on the forum... Would it be possible to add an option to change the order the FAQ items are displayed in? As far as I know these are currently sorted by h_faq_id in the h_itsm_faqs table(ascending). We have certain important FAQ items we would like to have at the very top of the page, and I don't think manipulating the h_itsm_faqs table is such a good idea for this ;-) Thank you, Alex
  24. Hi all, I am having problems with our instance and am hoping someone can have a look for me. All of our SRs use the same first stage in the BPM. This stage checks for authorisation, checks to see if it has been marked as an emergency request, assigns a priority and team and starts timers. At the moment whenever I create a new BPM the 'Get Request Questions' seems to fail and will not see the correct questions. Questions are set as follows: Q1 - h_summary - free text - Hidden from form (used to add form type into summary) Q2 - Emergency Request? - Static check box - visible on form Q3 - Departments - Dynamic check box - visible on form Q4 - Additional Info - Multi line text box - visible on form The decision node should query Q2 and then if it has been set pick the correct path but at the moment it always selects 'No Match' no matter what I do. Also the decision node for Q3 only works if I set it to Q2, I thought that this was due to Q1 being hidden but all of my other BPMs (historical) at set to see the hidden question as Q1 and they all work fine. For any Hornbill guys who see this and can access our instance the BPM in question is called Telephony Test 1. I have checked that the form the BPM queries is correct and all other settings are the same as all the other BPMs we have. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Dan
  25. Is it possible to generate a form (or report that appears like a form) based on request questions? We would like the ability to print change requests in an easily readable format. The current format removes all spacing and breaks which makes a lengthy change request extremely difficult to review. Mike.
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