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  1. trevorharris

    One progressive capture, multiple BPMs?

    Hi, Currently we don't have any ability hide stages, possibly we could detect the skipped stages and hide them automatically this would then prevent the gap in the visualisation however would only occur after the BPM had branched. If this would help I can add a change to get this added to the visualisation Thanks Trevor Harris
  2. trevorharris

    Change owner of a library

    Sorry, we don't the facility to change ownership of a library (as we do for documents) currently, however we're aware of this problem and are planning to introduce this feature in the near future. Will update you here when we have release it. Thanks Trevor H
  3. trevorharris

    Issues with iOS App

    Yes, I can see that problem, I will raise it with the relevant development team
  4. trevorharris

    Requests not visible in Hornbill app

    Hi, This issue should be fixed now, can you try again and let me know if you're still having problems Thanks Trevor H
  5. trevorharris

    Issues with iOS App

    Hi @Dan Munns, Sorry for the late response, I believe this issue with not being able to see the request page should be fixed now, can you let me know if you are still seeing this issue Thanks Trevor H
  6. trevorharris

    Service Portal

    Just to let you know the latest update for Document Manager includes the ability to search the title/description of documents and the option of filtering libraries by tags, both of the features are available in the customer and service portal as well as in the collaboration core view. Thanks Trevor H
  7. trevorharris

    Custom Button to Search Documents

    Just to let you know the latest update of docmanager includes a free text search of document title and description, you'll be able to use this to create custom button searches for documents. For example to add a search on the summary from the request page you would use the following URL https://live.hornbill.com/INSTANCE/docmanager/documentsearch/[[h_summary]] Hope this help Thanks Trevor H
  8. The latest update of Document Manager is now available in the Hornbill App Store, we've introduced a few new features to make it easier to navigate your collections and libraries and to help you find documents, Here is a quick summary of what we've added: A new global search option has been added to the document search to allow you to search for documents by title and description, the tag search is still there but you can now switch between these two search modes In order to make it quicker and easier to access your Libraries and Collections we've created a navigation panel on the left of the document list, now you can go straight to what you're most interested in without needing to look for it in a dropdown menu Libraries can now be filtered by tags, and you can see what tags appear in the library at the top of the Library list - this means if you've got a lot of documents in a library you can quickly filter down on what you're interested in The new search and the Library tag filters are available in Collaboration Core and in the Customer Portal so all document manager users should benefit from them. Hopefully this will make getting to the documents much easier and faster, more details can be found on the document manager wiki, please let us know any feedback or comments you have.
  9. trevorharris

    User access to revision document

    Hi, You will need to have modify content or modify metadata permission on a document to be able to see older revisions, currently this is only possible by sharing the document with the user directly in the sharing tab on the document details page. The next release of docmanager will allow you to set these permissions when sharing documents through libraries too, this will allow you to give everyone in a group or role these permissions in one go, without having to set them individually Hope this helps Thanks Trevor Harris
  10. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Yes, we currently only have the ability to LinkDocument as an ibridge intergration for docmanager, but planning on adding the following intergration as well in the near future: Change Document Status Publish Document to Library Share Document with User Share Library Will post back here when its available Thanks Trevor H
  11. trevorharris

    Issue with opening a task

    Hi @Lyonel Just investigating this issue and will hopefully have a fix available shortly Thanks Trevor H
  12. trevorharris

    "I've Read This" function?

    Hi There is no 'prescribed reading' feature available within document manager at the moment, because of interest in this feature we will investigate the possibility of adding something to allow this in the future and have raised a change internally to look at this, unfortunately I don't think we will be able to commit to a timescale for this at the moment, and probably won't be able to deliver it within the next 90 days, but will keep you informed of any further developments Thanks Trevor H
  13. trevorharris

    UI issue

    Thanks @Lyonel for pointing this out, this should be fixed in a forthcoming update to document manager Trevor H
  14. trevorharris

    Duplicate notifications?

    Sorry missed that, the only possibility that you could get a duplicate notification in that case that I'm aware of was if the comment was edited straight after being posted but in that case you would see a difference in the two notification, as the first is the original and the second is the edited. Not sure if that the case here but not aware of any other circumstance where you would see duplicate mentions like you have there.
  15. trevorharris

    Duplicate notifications?

    Hi @Lyonel I think the duplicate notifications you see are from the mentions, by default you will get a notification whenever someone posts in a workspace you are a member of and you will also get a notification when someone mentions you (with @), so if someone mentions you in a workspace you are a member of you will get a notification for both. You can control whether you get notified for each post in a workspace or not by going to the membership properties tab in the workspace and clicking Notifications Enabled/Disabled, you will always get the notification when you're mentioned even if this is disabled. Hope this makes sense Trevor Harris