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  1. Hi @HHH We don't generate the signing certificate its automatically generate by Azure. When your certificate nears expiration you can generate a new one in Azure and then update the certificate in Hornbill through the admin tool. Please refer to Azures documentation for more information on managing certificates https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/manage-apps/manage-certificates-for-federated-single-sign-on And to this page for information on how to update your SAML metadata in Hornbill https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Single_Sign_On_Profiles#Uploading_
  2. yes looks like the users who are raising the requests that initiates the BPM don't have access to the Boards app, so granting access to all users should fix it
  3. HI @Adnan Zamurred What is the error you get? If you are seeing this problem only with certain users, it maybe that certain users don't have access to the Boardmanager app You could grant permissions to all in Admin tool by going to Home > Applications > Hornbill Board Manager > Roles Select the Role Board BPM Access, click on the Assigned User tab and then the Add All Users button and set User Type to any Any and click save This won't give access to boards but will ensure that anyone interacting with boards through BPM will not have any rights problems Thanks
  4. In the latest version of document manager there is a Direct Link option in the right hand side of the document details page, you can click here to open a page to directly download the file.
  5. Hi @samwoo You will need to get your sytem administrator to unsuspend your account, accounts are suspended by default if the login is incorrect 3 times in a row as a security measure. I'm aware there can be some strange issues when clicking on links behind SSO authentication from office, which may explain why when you tried it open the login screen directly although I'm not able to replicate this issue: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/troubleshoot/office-suite-issues/click-hyperlink-to-sso-website Trevor
  6. @JBasey To enable this option in the service portal you need to set the following to setting to true guest.anonymous.saml.user.allowhornbilllogin It can be found under Applications > Hornbill Collaboration > Application Settings after this, users of the service portal will be given the option to sign in with SSO or Hornbill Direct Login Thanks Trevor
  7. Hi, This should be restored to how it looked previously sorry for the inconvience trevor
  8. Hi @Shamaila Naim Can you try now, the problem should be fixed Thanks Trevor
  9. Hi @Shamaila Naim Could you try clearing the cookies? Are you getting the CSRF token mismatch error everytime? trevor
  10. Hi @Shamaila Naim Can you try refreshing the browser? And trying to relogin do you still see the problem? Thanks Trevor
  11. Hi, In next release of document manager we've added a bookmarkable page which will automatically download the document when you open it. This will allow you to share direct links to the download page Thanks Trevor H
  12. Hi @tom You can see which lane a request is on the board action within service manager. This will show you the lanes in the board and the one that is the request is in is highlights. You can also move the request here by clicking on a different lane. Thanks Trevor H
  13. Hi @ade Unfortunately there is not a BPM node in docmanager currently which will allow you to get the ids of documents attached to a specific entity such as a request. I'm not really sure when you say you want to add the document to Document Manager what you mean, but possible document lifecycles will do what you need as they allow you to automate the documents lifecycle https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Document_Manager_Lifecycle_Processes Thanks Trevor
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