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  1. TrevorHarris

    Post do not recognise Board Manager links

    Thanks for raising, I will look at adding an embedded representation of a board when linking and we let you know when its available
  2. Hi, Will check why the document is still appearing in the tag search. You can remove the tag from the Tag Management page, to do so you will need to have the document manager role: MyLibrary Manager You can access the Tag Management page by selecting the Tags option from the Documents menu... ...and then by clicking on the list icon in the right of the toolbar. You can then remove the tag you don't want by clicking the x next to the specific tag. Hope that helps Thanks Trevor H
  3. TrevorHarris

    Library roles changed again?!

    Hi @lokent, Can you check you're on the latest release of document manager (316) and update if not as there is an incompatibility with the roles in some older versions and the last platform release. Let me know if you're still having problems after you've updated Thanks Trevor Harris
  4. Hi @Claire Holtham This issue should be solved if you upgrade document manager to the latest release - build 316 as there is an incompatibility with the roles in older versions and the latest platform release. Let me know if you still have issues after you've upgraded Trevor Harris
  5. TrevorHarris

    Error message on Activities

    Just to let you know, this error will no longer occur in the latest release of Boardmanager Thanks Trevor
  6. TrevorHarris

    Error message on Activities

    Hi @sprasad I think this is caused by a Boardmanager plugin, Assigning the Boardmanager role Board BPM Access would seem to cause this error to be erroneously displayed when viewing an activity so possibly the effected users have this role? We're are working on a fix which will be in the next release of Boardmanager. Sorry for the inconvenience Thanks Trevor Harris
  7. Hi @Aaron Summers We have made a patch to the current release which should fix the configuration error issue, could you try refreshing and let me know if the problem still occurs. Apologies for any inconvenience caused Thanks Trevor Harris
  8. TrevorHarris

    Using Board Manager for SCRUM

    Hi @dwalby Oddly enough I've just added a screenshot of an example Scrum sprint board to the Boardmanager store page today so this usage is definitely in our minds One of the upcoming features we're hoping to add is the ability to set values (eg story points) against cards which would help support the use of Boardmanager for scrum. I don't have a timescale for the release of this yet but hopefully will be available soon. My example Scrum board is below if it helps. Thanks Trevor
  9. TrevorHarris

    Feature Requests - "Groups" / "Sub-lanes"; Colour Pickers

    @TSheward_SGW just to let you know the latest release of Boardmanager has independent scrolling on each lane, which means that the lane headings will always be visible and also the filters will now shrink the cards which are filtered out. Hopefully this will help when working with lots of cards Thanks Trevor
  10. TrevorHarris

    Document Manager Permissions/Role

    Hi @Martyn Houghton Docmanager Admin is an admin level role allowing you to change ownership of documents and libraries (primarily for use when people leave the company) The other roles for accessing docmanager start with MyLibrary (this is was an old name for docmanager so is a legacy of that): MyLibrary User - The default role for user access to docmanager MyLibrary Portal - The default role for guest and basic access to docmanager MyLibrary Manager - This will allow you to create and manage libraries and tags as well as the default access to documents Sorry for the confusion Thanks Trevor
  11. TrevorHarris

    ADFS logout request not accepted by Hornbill instance

    Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone Sorry about this, this is because the logout page has changed location. Have fixed this so the old logout location will still work, this should be available in the next few days Sorry for the inconvenience Trevor
  12. I believe the Service Manager fix for went out yesterday. I have also released a new update of Boardmanager - let me know if you are still seeing these "the element <h_title> was not expected errors" after you update Thanks Trevor
  13. TrevorHarris

    Board Timeline Notifications?

    @TSheward_SGW When you are added as a member you get a mention to make sure you are notified. In order to get notifications for all the timeline events on a board, you can follow the timeline. You can do this by opening the right-hand slide panel on the board page by clicking the board timeline icon and clicking the Follow link Hope this helps Trevor
  14. Hi @samwoo There is a Board BPM Access role which you can assign to your Self Service Users which should allow these BPM operations to succeed if the user has not got access to the full Boards Application. I expect the next update of Boardmanager with the other fix to be released early next week Sorry for the wait Thanks Trevor
  15. Have made a change in the BPM operation to allow the lane param to be optional, this should prevent the second error you posted from occurring. This will be in the next release of BoardManager in the next few days