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  1. Hi @Martyn Houghton, If you click on the time at the top of the notification that will take you directly to the individual post, and therefore not clear notification for other posts in the workspace Hope that helps Thanks Trevor Harris
  2. @MikaP Just to let you know you should be able to change Visibility with system admin account again @HHH Unfortunately this ability is currently tied to the admin account, I will discuss internal if it would be possible to have a role to allow user to do this Thanks Trevor H
  3. Hi @Jeremy This should now be fixed in the latest collaboration release Thanks Trevor
  4. Hi all, We have just released an update that should fix this problem Many apologies for the inconvenience Thanks Trevor H
  5. @Lauren Thanks for the suggestion, I agree it would be useful - I will look at incorporating this in a future release of Boardmanager and let you know when its available Thanks Trevor Harris
  6. Hi @Jeremy I will have a look into this, we should be able to have the initials back if no profile image has been uploaded, will update you when its fixed Sorry for the inconvenience Thanks Trevor Harris
  7. Hi @MikaP It seems that the Change visibility functionality is currently only available to the owner of the post and not the System Admin, we are working on a fix for this so the system admin will be able to access this feature again. You colleague who sent the email should still be able to change the visibility, and we hope to be able to restore this feature to the system admin soon, will let you know when its fixed. Apologies for any inconvenience Thanks Trevor Harris
  8. Hi, Being able to have OR operations or match multiple values would be a good extension to the custom buttons, I don't think we will be able to have this feature available soon however it is something I will try to add in the future. Thanks Trevor
  9. Hi, Just to let you know the latest release of Boardmanager which is now out will allow you to create tasks directly on the Board from the add new button available on each of the lanes, hopefully this will make it easier to use Tasks with Boards Thanks Trevor Harris
  10. The latest build of Hornbill Board Manager (135) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: What's New Added the option to create tasks as cards from the 'Add new' button on the lanes of the board What's Changed If a task is put on the board which has a related entity a link to that entity is shown on the task card When opening a post from a notification go directly to the Board and opens the card and post that notification was from
  11. sorry for the long time to respond here, will try and add a setting which will let you configure the default search Thanks Trevor harris
  12. Hi @samwoo Sorry its not possibly to edit the link at the moment, however I will add this feature for the next release, the only thing you could do is delete the document and create a new one if you need this urgently Thanks Trevor Harris
  13. Hi @Steven Cotterell The problem seems to be the isSet operation is expecting text and does not seem to like that the cardId is a number, I will raise this with our BPM team. However for what you are trying to do, you don't really need the custom expression, you can just check if the outcome is success instead and this should work as it will not be successful if the card doesn't exist Hope this helps Thanks Trevor Harris
  14. Regarding the original issue, I think this is likely to be caused by the configuration for the custom buttons being too large. I presume you have a configured multiple custom buttons here, it is probably the case that adding the new button puts the configuration of the size limit. I will raise a defect for this. Thanks Trevor Harris
  15. This is in the Service Config If you select Services from the Service Manager tile in the main menu you can then select a service you would like to configure from the list and click on the Request Config tab You can then choose the request type (Incident, Service Request etc) and you will see a list of icons under the Actions heading - you can toggle the BoardManager action on/off here fro that request type in that service Hope this helps Trevor H
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