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  1. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Yes, we currently only have the ability to LinkDocument as an ibridge intergration for docmanager, but planning on adding the following intergration as well in the near future: Change Document Status Publish Document to Library Share Document with User Share Library Will post back here when its available Thanks Trevor H
  2. Issue with opening a task

    Hi @Lyonel Just investigating this issue and will hopefully have a fix available shortly Thanks Trevor H
  3. "I've Read This" function?

    Hi There is no 'prescribed reading' feature available within document manager at the moment, because of interest in this feature we will investigate the possibility of adding something to allow this in the future and have raised a change internally to look at this, unfortunately I don't think we will be able to commit to a timescale for this at the moment, and probably won't be able to deliver it within the next 90 days, but will keep you informed of any further developments Thanks Trevor H
  4. UI issue

    Thanks @Lyonel for pointing this out, this should be fixed in a forthcoming update to document manager Trevor H
  5. Duplicate notifications?

    Sorry missed that, the only possibility that you could get a duplicate notification in that case that I'm aware of was if the comment was edited straight after being posted but in that case you would see a difference in the two notification, as the first is the original and the second is the edited. Not sure if that the case here but not aware of any other circumstance where you would see duplicate mentions like you have there.
  6. Duplicate notifications?

    Hi @Lyonel I think the duplicate notifications you see are from the mentions, by default you will get a notification whenever someone posts in a workspace you are a member of and you will also get a notification when someone mentions you (with @), so if someone mentions you in a workspace you are a member of you will get a notification for both. You can control whether you get notified for each post in a workspace or not by going to the membership properties tab in the workspace and clicking Notifications Enabled/Disabled, you will always get the notification when you're mentioned even if this is disabled. Hope this makes sense Trevor Harris
  7. Change private workspace owner

    Hi @Lyonel You can change the ownership of a user workspaces in the admin tool, under System > Organisation Data > Users. Select the colleague whose workspace you want to change ownership of and the last tab should give a list of their workspaces, select the ones to reassign and then click on the user icon in the top right to choose who the workspaces should be re-assigned too. Hope this helps Thanks Trevor Harris
  8. Force Toggle View ON for certain documents

    These are really just different ways of viewing the document (similar to how word has a print layout view and web view), maybe we should remember which is the preferred view and default to that as it is just defaulting to the print layout view at the moment. Not sure a setting for each document makes sense as it depends more on the user preference (and what device they are using) as to which view is better
  9. Bulk Actions in Documentation

    Hi, This is a good idea and would like to add it and have added it to our backlog, we will probably not be able to implement it immediately but will update here when it's ready Thanks Trevor Harris
  10. Service Portal

    Hi @J_Tamburrini, Currently we don't have a search facility in the portal for document manager, but seems this would be a popular feature so will look into seeing if its possible to add it, and will let you know when its implemented. Thanks Trevor Harris
  11. Microsoft Stream - Media integration

    Hi @dwalby, Just to let you know that embedding Microsoft Streams is now available in Hornbill Collaboration You should be able to embed them by pasting a link into a post or comment. Thanks Trevor H
  12. Redirect to another page on logout

    Hi @Darren KIng, This should be available now, the following application settings can be used to specify a redirect on logout app.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the Hornbill Collaboration client guest.anonymous.portal.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the customer portal guest.anonymous.servicePortal.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the Service portal You should be able to set these in the Admin tool under Hornbill Collaboration > Settings and should set the full URL that you wish to redirect to, eg https://www.hornbill.com/ Hope this helps, let me know if you have any problem Thanks Trevor
  13. Microsoft Stream - Media integration

    Hi @dwalby, Have added Microsoft Streams as an embeddable media type so you will be able to embed them within Activitystreams similar to how youtube and other video content is embeddable ( https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Activity_Stream_Integrations ). This should be available in Hornbill Collaboration very soon, will let you know when its available. Thanks Trevor Harris
  14. Copy document / template

    Hi @TSheward_SGW Sorry, there is no functionality to create copies of documents in documentmanager currently. You could copy the contents of a document from the editor page by selecting all (ctrl+a) and then right clicking and selecting copy (or ctrl+c) and then pasting into a new document (right click and paste) but we don't have any ability to copy the full document other than this. Would you expect a copy operation to just duplicate the contents of the document or to copy other data, like user shares etc as well? Thanks Trevor Harris
  15. Deleting Document Collection

    Great, Will get this fixed for IE11 and also fix those error messages you were getting after the deletion, sorry for the problems