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  1. @LifeOfJonny Thanks for the network log, I will investigate to see if I can find out what the problem is Trevor
  2. Hi @LifeOfJonny, Can ask if you see this problem everytime you login and does the Azure ask for login credentials before sending you back to the hornbill login page or does it redirect straight back without loggin in the first time. Thanks Trevor H
  3. Hi @Chris Bardell How long is it taking? Are you seeing the waiting connections against your ADFS server as that would suggest the slowness is connecting there? Thanks Trevor H
  4. @lee mcdermott No, this can't be turned off, a fuller explaination of this change can be found here: @Giuseppe Iannacone The Pass through authentication is a feature of the ADFS server that you use to login so it needs to be configured there, it is not part of Hornbill. Thanks Trevor
  5. @themingsen The passthrough authentication is not done in Hornbill but on your Single Sign On identitiy provider, clicking on the Log In With Single Sign On button will allow you to sign on using the identity provider. If it was configured with passthrough authentication that will still work in the same way. Thanks Trevor
  6. @Jeremy Translation for the login page can be found under Applications > Hornbill Collaboration > Translations using the key guest.anonymous.login Thanks Trevor H
  7. Hi @Jeremy You can configure the login screen in the admin tool (under System > Manage Portals > Manage Login). It is not possible to remove the Hornbill branding but you can change the splash image and add a footer to the login screen Thanks Trevor H
  8. @Giuseppe Iannacone You can customise this page in the admin tool under System > Manage Portals > Manage Login You can change the main splash image and also add a footer there Thanks Trevor
  9. the recommended image size is 1700pxx1280px Thanks Trevor
  10. @Martyn Houghton Yes you will be able to set the main image on the login page and add a footer to the page if required. This will be available in the admin tool under System > Manage Portals > Manage Login once the login screen is released tomorrow Thanks Trevor H
  11. @HHH Yes, you will no longer need to use the espbasic=true as you will always have the option to use the direct login. The changes are described in more detail here: Thanks Trevor
  12. Just to let you know the above changes will be available on Tuesday 22nd September Thanks Trevor
  13. @Martyn Houghton Just to confirm the login changes will not apply to the customer/service portal atm. However you can enable Hornbill Login as an option whilst using saml by eanlbing the below setting which can be found Home > Applications > Hornbill Collaboration > Application Settings in the admin tool guest.anonymous.saml.guest.allowhornbilllogin This will add the option Hornbill Direct Login to the dropdown list of identity providers in the select your identity provider page Thanks Trevor H
  14. Hi @Martyn Houghton You can enable the library selector on the document manager widget in the widget configuration, this will display a dropdown box in the widget which will allow you to select the library Thanks Trevor Harris
  15. yes, as Gerry says it will still be possible to pass the entityId in the URL to go straight to the identity provider
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