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  1. Hi, Unfortunately we don't have the option to order by review date currently, will raise it internally to see if it can be added. However you are able to see any documents with an overdue review date by clicking the Documents due for Review filter option in the left hand side Thanks Trevor H
  2. Hi You can remove a document from a library using the Publish to Library operation and setting Can Read Document, Can Modify Content and Can modify Metadata all to false. This means the document will no longer be available in that library Thanks Trevor H
  3. Hi @Adrian Simpkins The activity gets added when the review date is set but the due date of the activity is set for when the review is due Thanks Trevor H
  4. Hi @RobW We don't have the option to change the owner of a board at the moment, however this is being added and will be available in a upcoming release of Boardmanager soon. At the moment any user with the Boardmanager Admin role is able to access any Board (by putting the url to the board into the address bar) and is able to administer the board without being owner, in the next release this user will also be able to change the ownership Thanks Trevor
  5. Hi @Ade M Will add in the review date on the documentlist view, this should be available in the next release of documentmanager which should be available next week Thanks Trevor H
  6. Hi, The tag filtering is only available in libraries in document manager - you are correct when documents are attached to a service there is no searching/filtering available there, unfortunately I don't think we will be able to add tag filtering or any other structures here in the near future. I can add a filter option so that the list can be filtered by title/description - this should be available document manager release Thanks Trevor
  7. Hi, In the customer portal (and in the document list page in documentmanager) the tags within each library appear at the top of the document list for that library. You are able to filter a library for tagged documents by clicking on the tags here Thanks Trevor H
  8. Hi, We're aware of this limitation with the current parsing of URLs out of text in Hornbill, will look at adding something in to trim punctuation from the end of matched urls to addresds this issue Thanks Trevor
  9. Hi If you right click on the link Click for bookmarkable link to file and select Copy link address, this should give you a URL which is in the format https://live.hornbill.com/{INSTANCE}/docmanager/document/view/{ID} You should be able to use this url for sharing the document directly (as long as the users you are sharing with have access to the document) Hope this helps Thanks Trevor
  10. Hi @Martyn Houghton The visibility of the library is dependent on what roles its shared with, so by sharing it with the Docmanager Portal role it will be visible to all users who have that role. It seems your full users don't have that role but you could add a share to the library with the Collaboration role which all your full users should have (or the Basic User Role for your basic users). This should mean that full users will be able to access the document from the employee portal Thanks Trevor
  11. Hi @nasimg, This label is now coming from a translation string which you can find set in Applications > Hornbill Collaboration > Translations in the Admin tool using the key guest.anonymous.login.directlogin The Option on the Login page is an old way of setting it which is no longer used, I will remove that option from there to avoid confusion in the future. Thanks Trevor
  12. Hi all, Sorry you are having problems with this. We are still investigating this problem, can I ask what URL you are seeing in the address bar when you see the login screen and also a screenshot of what cookies you see when you are having this issue. You should be able to see this by pressing F12 which will open the debug tools and selecting the Application tab and clicking on Cookies > https://live.hornbill.com on the left hand side Thanks Trevor H
  13. Hi all, Can I ask if this issue is still occurring as we have made changes to the SSO process that I hope would have addressed it? Thanks Trevor
  14. Hi @matthew.payne Can I ask what browsers you are seeing this problem in? If you are experiencing the problem in Chrome is it possible you can send a screenshot of the cookies that are set before you delete them next time you see the problem. You should be able to see this by pressing F12 which will open the debug tools and selecting the Application tab and clicking on Cookies > https://live.hornbill.com on the left hand side Thanks treovr H
  15. hi @Jeremy, can you try this again, hopefully it should be fixed Thanks Trevor
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