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  1. Hi @Mette Petersen Just to let you know we have found the cause of the issue of checkpoints being misaligned and have a fix which should be available soon Sorry for the problems Thanks Trevor H
  2. Hi, Sorry this isn't working for you. A few things to check: you will only get notifications if the chat is started by a different user and the hornbill application is not in focus (eg, minimised or a different tab is displayed in the browser). You can check that notifications are enabled in Chrome by clicking on the padlock in the address bar and check that you see Notifications in the popup window and the dropdown is set to allow If you are using Windows 10 another thing to check is the Windows Notification Center, which you can access by clicking on the bubble in the bottom corner of your screen and checking if you have any notification from live.hornbill.com in here. Sometimes Windows can suppress these notifications from popping up, this feature is called Focus Assist which you can disabled here https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4026996/windows-10-turn-focus-assist-on-or-off Hope something here helps Thanks Trevor H
  3. Hi @Prem Prakash gautam If you see the first notification but not subsequent ones it could be that the previous notification has not been cleared from windows notification center (if you are using Windows 10). You can see this if you click on the speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and can still see that notification in the list which is brought up, clicking on the notification will dismiss it and then windows will not block the next notification that comes in. We will look at how we can improve this area so that new notifications aren't blocked if an undismissed notification is in the notification center thanks Trevor H
  4. @lee mcdermott The latest release of livechat should fix the issue with people being able to start chats from the portal outside of hours Thanks Trevor
  5. Hi @Jeremy @Martyn Houghton This issue should now be fixed Sorry for the problems Trevor H
  6. @Jeremy @Martyn Houghton Yes, I can still see a problem with using the associate files functionality when sending emails, looking into the reason and will hope to have a fix soon Thanks Trevor H
  7. Hi, we are investigating this, and hope to have a fix available soon Thanks Trevor H
  8. @lee mcdermott yes, you will only get a notification of the conversation is started by another user not the same. Will check the problem that people are able to start chats outside of working hours Thanks Trevor
  9. Hi @lee mcdermott Desktop notification was also added in the latest update, I have just posted details in the thread below
  10. Desktop notification for new conversation are now available in the latest update of livechat To enable them you will need to go to your profile page by clicking on your images in the top right corner of the screen and then clicking on you name and then selecting the Settings tab and the Notifications subtab. If you've not already done so you will need to click the button to Enable desktop Notifications for this browser in the yellow box at the top of the tab and then your browser will then ask you to Allow Notification for this site, click allow. You can then enable notifications for live chat by finding the New Conversation type under the Hornbill Live Chat heading and turning the toggle under Desktop on, now when a new conversation is started and your browser is not in focus you should get a popup informing you. This feature is only available on browsers that support desktop notifications (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) Thanks Trevor H
  11. Hi @lee mcdermott I'm still not sure what is causing the problems with the messages not appearing until you refresh after accepting the call, but I have just released an update for livechat which will remove the message saying the user has left when they refresh the screen. This should be available now. Thanks Trevor H
  12. @lee mcdermott when you say that nothing I type into the textbox is displayed until I press refresh, do you mean that you can't see the text as you are typing in the textbox or that when you click send (or press enter) it doesn't appear in the chat message panel until you refresh. Basically is the text not appearing in A or B in the screenshot below, and do you still recieve messages that the other person has sent? Regarding you're other points, a typing notification should be displayed when the other person is typing I will check why that not available and will also check if a sound can played when a new chat is started Thanks Trevor
  13. @lee mcdermott can you try restarting the browsers that are effected or clearing the cookies to see if that helps? If you are getting disconnected error messages it sounds like they may be problems with the communication to the server, althuogh as James said we're not aware of any issues in this regard. Thanks Trevor
  14. Hi, The next release of livechat will feature the ability to enable desktop notification to be displayed when a user starts a new chat, this will mean you should see new chats even if your hornbill window is not in focus or is minimised. This release should be available towards the end of next week Thanks Trevor H
  15. Hi, You should be able to see your subscriptions by logging into the Admin tool as Admin user and going to the livechat subscription page at the following location Home Applications->Hornbill Live Chat->Application Subscriptions One possible reason you my not see the livechat on the service portal is if you've not assigned the '''portal chat session user''' to your users, there is an explanation of how to do this in this post You also will need to check livechat is enabled, this can be done in the admin tool by going to Home > Applications > Hornbill Live Chat > Configuration and turning on the enabled settings and also ensuring Busy is set to off Hope this helps Thanks Trevor H
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