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  1. Hi @Paul Welby We are aware of these changes and don't expect any impact on Hornbill from them Thanks Trevor Harris
  2. Hi @lee mcdermott Users with the role Chat Session Manager should have the option to Cancel a chat session from the toolbar on the right hand side of the chat page, this will have the effect of archiving the chat session Hope that helps Thanks Trevor Harris
  3. Hi @lee mcdermott Have just released a new version of Live Chat which should address the delays in viewing messages Thanks Trevor
  4. The latest build of Hornbill Live Chat (77) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: Fix Delays in the UI updating when messages are received Participants list not showing anything Memory leak when closing a chat Incorrect url link to Hornbill website from the app store inside the Hornbill Admin Tool Cancel Session was always shows even if the session had been canceled.
  5. @HHH There will be no email sent and the outcome param will be set to failure and the failureReason param will be set to No Primary Contact so you will be able to handle this in the BPM if necessary. Thanks Trevor
  6. Hi, Just to update here, a BPM operation Email Primary Contact is now available for the Organization Entity in Hornbill Collaboration Application, please see image for example of how to use Thanks Trevor Harris
  7. Hi all, Just looking into this and it seems it is possible to prevent outlook deleting the email when you drag it into Hornbill, I've amended our fileupload component so that it no longer does this and this should be available soon, will let you know when it released. Thanks Trevor Harris
  8. @samwoo This should be fixed in latest release Thanks Trevor
  9. Hi @lee mcdermott We have identified the cause of the delays in the chat and are working on a new release of livechat which will have these problems fixed, hopefully this will be available very soon Thanks Trevor Harris
  10. @samwoo Happy new year, sorry I've only just seen this - seems to be a problem with the release, I qet get this fixed and do a new release ASAP
  11. Hi @TSheward_SGW I think what yo would need here was the ability to define a template document and then plugin the values from your progressive capture form into that template to create the new document - which could then be published to libraries, link to the request etc. Is that correct? This is a feature I would like to add but unfortunately I don't think we are going to be able to work on it in the near future Thanks Trevor Harris
  12. @Cassie Just to add to what Gerry said, you can enable the option for users to login manually whilst using SAML by setting the application setting guest.anonymous.saml.user.allowhornbilllogin to true, this setting can be found in Home > Applications > Hornbill Collaboration > Application Settings When enabled this will present users with a screen before login where they can select to login with SSO or to login directly. Hope this helps Trevor Harris
  13. Hi @Jamie Talbot I'm not aware of any issues with the timeline updating, can you try restarting the browser and see if this fixes the issue? Thanks Trevor
  14. @Martyn Houghton It is the Super User Role that is required Thanks Trevor H
  15. Hi @Martyn Houghton I currently don't think its possible to configure what appears on the card when its added by servicemanager, I will let raise this with the appropriate team internally to see if its possible any configuration can be added here Thanks Trevor H
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