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  1. TrevorHarris

    "Board Super User" Role

    Hi @Lauren The Board Super User role will give a user full permissions to view, modify and design every Board even if they don't have that Board shared with them. However the boards will not be displayed in the Board List page unless they have been shared with you or created by you. In order to access boards as a Board Super User that haven't been shared with you you will need to access them directly via the URL. Its intended to allow for administrating boards if the owner leaves is away etc and for helping to intergrate with other applications rather than being used as a way to grant access to all boards Hope this helps Thanks Trevor
  2. TrevorHarris

    iBridge for link document

    Hi @Joanne , One possible reason I've found for this is if the instance URL you've specified in your Hornbill Credentials is wrong, please make sure this is set in the following format https://eurapi.hornbill.com/<YOURINSTANCE> You will also need to ensure the user whose credentials you are using has access to the document and to the docmanager app More details can be found on the Hornbill Intergration wiki page https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Integration_Bridge Hope this helps Thanks Trevor
  3. TrevorHarris

    Supported Media File types

    A list of supported media types for embedding on the activitystream can be found at the bottom of this page on the wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Activity_Streams However, I think you are referring to the upload image functionality on a workspace as that is where the unsupported filetype error is coming from - You can only upload images (jpg/png/gif) directly to hornbill. Other media such as video needs to be pasted as a link (eg from youtube, vimeo etc). Thanks Trevor
  4. TrevorHarris

    iBridge for link document

    The Application is the id of the Hornbill application you want to link to (e.g. com.hornbill.servicemanager for ServiceManager, com.hornbill.customermanager for customer manager etc). The Entity is the name of the thing you want to link to (eg Requests for ServiceManager request, or Organizations for an Organisation) and the Entity Id is the specific Id or reference of the item you are linking to. Hope this helps Thanks Trevor
  5. TrevorHarris

    Widget for Home Screen

    Hi @Jeremy This is a really great idea, I would definitely like to add this as a widget on the home page, not sure I'll be able to add it in the short term but will definitely add it to our list of potential features to implement and will let you know when we are able to take it forwards Thanks Trevor
  6. TrevorHarris

    Customer Portal - Forgot/Reset Password Branding

    Hi A fix for this is in the latest Collaboration release Thanks Trevor
  7. TrevorHarris

    Error when creating new Contacts

    Hi @Ann-MarieJones If you refresh you should no longer see this error on the create contact page, it has been fixed in the latest release of Hornbill Collaboration which went live this morning. Thanks Trevor Harris
  8. TrevorHarris

    Card Review

    I think its a good idea, but unfortunately, I don't think we will be able to implement it in the short term, I will keep in in mind however and hopefully will have the possibility to add something that could help achieve this at some point Thanks Trevor H
  9. TrevorHarris

    Board Specific Custom Fields

    Hi, We have a plan to be able to create board and card templates and this is something I will look at investigating when we look at that, however, unfortunately, I don't think this will be done in the short term Thanks Trevor Harris
  10. TrevorHarris

    Email Connections Drop Down - Missing Interested/Impacted

    think you meant @David Hall here, as I don't know anything about this :)
  11. TrevorHarris

    No Option to Edit/Colour

    at the moment I don't believe its possible, will raise it with the Service Manager team to see if it can be added
  12. TrevorHarris

    Attachment Restriction - File Size Setting

    Hi, its not possible to upload files over 20M at the moment but we are looking into the possibility of increasing this limit further, will get back to you know the outcome Thanks Trevor Harris
  13. TrevorHarris

    Attachment Restriction - File Size Setting

    Hi @Martyn Houghton The setting changes should be applied after a browser refresh, we have identified a configuration issue in our infrastructure which may mean uploads larger than 10M may not work currently which will be fixed tonight. Please note the maximum file upload size cannot be set greater than 20Mb Thanks Trevor Harris
  14. TrevorHarris

    Customer Portal - Forgot/Reset Password Branding

    Hi, Will have a look into this. Hopefully, should be quite simple to fix - will let you know when we have fixed it thanks Trevor Harris
  15. TrevorHarris

    No Option to Edit/Colour

    Unfortunately, the option to edit and change colour is not available on Service Manager cards such as Request, Change, Problem etc. This is as the data is being synced from the related request. I will raise with the Service Manager team whether its possible for the change colour option to be available. Thanks Trevor Harris