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  1. Have made a change in the BPM operation to allow the lane param to be optional, this should prevent the second error you posted from occurring. This will be in the next release of BoardManager in the next few days
  2. Sorry for the slow response, have missed your post. Regarding the missing summary in the Card Content, the only thing are can suggest is that possibly the card summary is not populated at the point the card is added to the board, as suggested here: There is a change in an upcoming ServiceManager release which will ensure the summary is kept up to date, so maybe this will help with this problem. Regarding the second error you have posted, it looks like the lane hasn't been passed correctly when trying to add the card, I will need to look into the BPM to see what might cause this, and will get back to you Thanks Trevor
  3. trevorharris

    Feature Requests - "Groups" / "Sub-lanes"; Colour Pickers

    Hi @TSheward_SGW Thanks for the suggestions, we are hoping to be able to introduce resizable cards and scrolling on individual Lanes at some point. Will keep you updated Thanks Trevor
  4. trevorharris

    Adding a picture?

    Yeah, currently its just a background to the card and the text will appear over the top, we have thought about adding it as part of the card so any text would appear below - this is on the list of things to do but have no timescale for it yet
  5. trevorharris

    Badges do not update when dropping cards

    thanks @Lyonel I will have a look at this
  6. trevorharris

    View - add Ticket summary

    Hi, I've checked with the team that did the integration and the Summary should be displayed on the cards underneath the title, can I ask if the cards are being added through the interface or via BPM? Thanks Trevor
  7. trevorharris

    UI issues on iPad

    Hi @Lyonel We haven't investigated iPad or touch device compatibility for the boards application as of yet but I will try and look into this Thanks Trevor
  8. trevorharris

    Change owner of a library

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply. The latest release of Docmanager (released last night) will allow reassigning of libraries as well as documents, this is done in the same Change Owner panel in the admin tool. Now when you search for a user you will also see their Libraries and will have a button to reassign them too. Please note: You will need Docmanager Admin role in order to access this. Hope this helps Thanks Trevor
  9. trevorharris

    Feature Requests - "Groups" / "Sub-lanes"; Colour Pickers

    @TSheward_SGW Thanks for your feedback, we have a couple of options to help you group cards in a lane. Firstly you can add separators to your lanes, separators allow you to split a lane up horizontally, for example in the screenshot below I have two separators in the in-progress lane allowing me to group cards by High and Low Priority. To add separators to click on the add button and select separator as the type. Secondly you can create Lanes with sub-lanes, to do this - click on the design board button and then click config lane for the lane you wish to add sub-lanes too, in the config lane form you will have the option to specify the width of the lane, by increasing this you will add sub-lanes to the lane. You can then tick the Add Sub-headings for each column checkbox and you will be able to give your sub-lanes titles. Currently, you can't specify what sub-lane to use when adding tasks so have to move them manually but this option should be available soon. Regarding the customisation: we have the option to set the background colour of cards only - however, cards support wiki markup which allows you to set the colour of the text being used. See the Text Formatting section of the following page for information how to do this https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup We don't have any customisation options for lanes yet, currently, Lane colour is used to indicate whether a Lane is at or has gone over it limits of how many cards it's allowed. This is set in the lane config dialogue and the lane will go amber if it's at its limit and red if its over. Hope this is helpful Thanks Trevor
  10. Hi @Martyn Houghton Thanks for suggesting this, I will improve how library links are presented when posted to a workspace etc. It should be quite simple to add so hopefully this will be available in the next couple of weeks in a release of Document Manager Thanks Trevor
  11. trevorharris

    Drag and Drop

    Notes cannot be moved between Lanes, but cards can - maybe this is causing confusion? I can remove the limitation on notes, it was only as I didn't see the need to move notes around but maybe there no reason to limit them
  12. trevorharris

    New Boards Manager Application

    @samwoo you can install the new boards app along side the existing boards in Service Manager, your current boards would be unchanged and you are able to use both side by side. In ServiceManager you can configure services to use Board Manager as outlined in this post Thanks
  13. trevorharris

    Adding a picture?

    This is available by uploading an image attachment to the card, you can do this by editing the card and uploading your image. You can then set the attachment to be the card background by clicking the picture icon next to the image This is only available for certain types of cards as some cards do not provide the option to edit or attach a file. Currently it can be done on standard cards and those created from activity-streams posts. Thanks Trevor
  14. trevorharris

    Create tasks as cards

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. Currently it's only possible to add tasks to the board after they have been created but we are looking into the ability to add different types of cards directly onto the board as you've suggested and tasks will be the the first type we will look st. Hopefully this will be available soon. Thanks Trevor
  15. trevorharris

    User Assignment Quirks

    Hi @TSheward_SGW An activities is always assigned to either a user, group, or role (by default the activities is assigned to the owner)- so once a user is assigned on the board it is only possible to replace the user with another user, they can't be removed as we would not know where to reassign the activity so this action is disallowed. It's possible we could have a default role/group on the board and removing the user could assign the activity to the default role? I will check with the Project Manager team to see what the problem with assignments could be there Thanks Trevor