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  1. Hi @dwalby I shouldn't think this will be too difficult to add, I will have a look and let you know when we have this feature ready Thanks Trevor H
  2. Hi, You can turn on versioning when creating the document, this will keep a history of all revisions of the document which can be accessed from the document details page. However, its only possible to enable this feature when creating a document so you may need to download your current document, delete it form docmanager and then re-upload it - you will then be able to enable versioning by clicking the relevant checkbox in the upload dialog. Thanks Trevor Harris
  3. Hi @Vikki Cameron We use the browser Content Security Policy (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/CSP) feature in order to prevent loading of various resources which could have security implications, this includes blocking images from 3rd parties but also blocks other potentially malicious content. It is therefore not necessary to remove the img tag embedded in the email as the image will be blocked by the browser automatically with the security policy set. The 'Load external images' functionality changes the security policy to allow the external images to be loaded (this change is only temporary and the next time an email is loaded the policy will be set back to disallow external images) Thanks Trevor
  4. Hi, The sandboxed iframe should not allow third party images to be loaded, the allow-same-origin flag only allows content to be loaded from the same domain, i.e. hornbill.com and the allow-popups flags allows URLs to be clicked on that open in a new window. These should still prevent images from untrusted resources from being loaded. Can I ask what browser is being used so that we can investigate further? Thanks Trevor
  5. Hi @sprasad, @Martyn Houghton Unfortunately, I've not been able to recreate this issue internally so don't know the exact circumstances that are causing it to happen even when a session has timeout. However I've added logic into the customer portal login process so that when an invalid session error does occur on the customer portal login page, it will now automatically refresh the session and re-attempts the login, this should happen without the customer noticing and should allow the login to proceed normally and will hopefully solve the problem. This should be available on live soon and will let you know when its released Sorry for any inconvenience caused Trevor
  6. There is an explanation of how to configure the BPM to add cards to boards in the attached post, if you specify the application as Service Manager you should only need to pass the request Id and the card should be configured automatically. Unfortunately I don't think its possible to change the colour of cards automatically at the moment, this can only been done through the UI, hopefully we will be able to add this possibility in the future. Hope this helps. Trevor Harris
  7. Hi @David Longley, How are you adding these cards to the Board - manually through the UI or using a BPM to add them automatically? And are these cards being created by a different application - eg from a request in Service Manager or a Project from Project Manager? Thanks Trevor
  8. Hi @Jeremy Just to let you know that we have just released an update of Document Manager with this fix so if you update to the latest version you should know be able to see the edit button on the document Thanks Trevor Harris
  9. Hi @Jeremy If you publish the document to a library with the can modify content permissions then everyone who has access to that library (including those who have access to the library through via a group or role) should be able to edit that document. However I think there is a defect which means the Edit button is not being displayed on documents that have been created within docmanager (as opposed to those that have been Uploaded). I'm currently working on a fix for this and it should be available within a few days Sorry for the inconvenience Trevor Harris
  10. I'm pleased to announce that the revision Comparison tool is available in the latest release of docmanager which was released this morning Thanks Trevor Harris
  11. Hi, the translation “guest.core.uploadImage” and “guest.core.insertEmoji” are not displaying correctly at the moment will be fixed in the next release of the collaboration core which should be available in the next few days. Translations have been added for the disconnection message guest.component.disconnection.* this will be available in the next platform release which should also be released soon Sorry for the inconvenience Trevor Harris
  12. Hi @samwoo, It seems that this timeline post is created by the report itself when its updating the document so it won't be simple to block this in docmanager, one possibility would be to change the ownership of the document to another account (eg your main admin account) and share the document with you then you will be able to unfollow it to prevent the notifications. I've raised the issue of being able to unfollow a document you own but it seems this might not be feasible at the moment Sorry for the inconvenience Thanks Trevor
  13. Hi @carlt I think this will be because you are on an old release of Document Manager, if you update it to the latest release this should fix the error. Thanks Trevor Harris
  14. Hi, Unfortunately, looking into this, it seems like it could be quite complex to implement so I don't think it will be feasible to add this functionality in the near future. Sorry Trevor H
  15. Hi, If its not a document you own you can unfollow the activitystream on the document details page by clicking on the unfollow link on the timeline of the document, however if you own the document you won't be able to do this. Otherwise you will need to disable document update notifications by going to My Profile > Settings > Notifications and setting the document update to false. This will disable all document update notifications however Thanks Trevor
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