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  1. TrevorHarris

    Customer Portal - Forgot/Reset Password Branding

    Hi, Will have a look into this. Hopefully, should be quite simple to fix - will let you know when we have fixed it thanks Trevor Harris
  2. TrevorHarris

    No Option to Edit/Colour

    Unfortunately, the option to edit and change colour is not available on Service Manager cards such as Request, Change, Problem etc. This is as the data is being synced from the related request. I will raise with the Service Manager team whether its possible for the change colour option to be available. Thanks Trevor Harris
  3. TrevorHarris

    Customer Portal - Forgotten Password Links Expiry

    Unfortunately, we don't have a template for this, however, these are controlled by the following translation strings so can be updated there: security.passwordResetRequest.authorisationRequestSubject security.passwordResetRequest.authorisationRequestMessage
  4. TrevorHarris

    Customer Portal - Forgotten Password Links Expiry

    It can be set with the setting security.guest.passwordPolicy.userResetResponseTimeout - the default is 24 hours. There is a similar setting for normal users as well:-
  5. TrevorHarris

    Error opening Board

    As @James Ainsworth says this likely caused by a missing or unsupported value in the key field (which is used to link the board to another entity such as Service Manager Request), probably this card has not been created correctly or has become corrupted somehow - I've made some changes so that this should not stop the board from being opened which will be available in the next release of Board Manager which we hopefully be available in a few days Thanks Trevor Harris
  6. Hi, @Aaron Summers Sorry for the problems you're having, I've discovered a possible cause for this problem can occur if a window or tab is left open for a long period of time but no longer used. We are currently working on addressing this, if you are having this problem currently I would recommend closing ALL browser windows and tabs and completely restarting the browser to ensure that this is not caused by a stale window or tab being left open. Sorry for the inconvenience Trevor Harris
  7. TrevorHarris

    Translation In Customer Portal "2 hours ago"

    Hi @MikaP, These are the correct translations, unfortunately, there is a defect which is preventing them being loaded in the portal at the moment, this has been fixed and should be available soon Sorry for the inconvenience Trevor Harris
  8. TrevorHarris

    Timeline option - ability to change language

    The language detection will only be available on posts and comments on activitystreams (timelines, workspaces etc) at first but it could be extended to other areas in the future which could make use of the same ability, however the initial change will not include this Thanks Trevor H
  9. TrevorHarris

    Timeline option - ability to change language

    Hi @Martyn Houghton Currently, the language for each post/comment on a timeline is set to the default language of the person who posted which can lead to the incorrect language being set if the user doesn't have this set correctly or speaks multiple languages. We a planning to add a language detection feature which will automatically detect the language which the user is using when they post to reduce the likelihood of this occurring, I don't have a timescale for when this will be made available at the moment but we let you know when we release it. Thanks Trevor Harris
  10. TrevorHarris

    Hornbill Board Manager: How To

    Hi @AKetteringham , If you don't have the rights to manage the Board you will need to do this with the System Administrator account which will be able to delete the Board, you will need to copy the URL for the Board from your address bar and then login with the admin account (if you have access or ask your system admin to do this) and paste the URL in, you will then have full rights to that Board so will be able to delete it Thanks Trevor Harris
  11. TrevorHarris

    Hornbill Board Manager: How To

    Hi @AKetteringham, Go to the Board you want to remove and click on the design board option in the upper right Click on the Config Board button on the upper left of the design page and the panel to Edit the Board will be opened, you can archive the board from here by clicking the Archive button on the bottom left Once you've done this the Board will be archived, if you want to delete the Board permanently you will have the option to do so on the board page once the board is archived hope this helps Trevor Harris
  12. TrevorHarris

    Add to Board Manager by BPM

    Was just posting and saw that you've already found it There is a good explanation here on how to use the BPM to add a request to a board in case you have any other troubles Thanks Trevor Harris
  13. Hi @HHH This fix has been done and is currently undergoing Quality Assurance, I expect it will be available within the next two weeks Thanks Trevor
  14. TrevorHarris

    Hornbill Board Manager: How To

    Hi @shamaila.yousaf You can install the boardmanager app through the appstore in the admin tool, just go to https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR_INSTANCE]/ login with an admin account if necessary and click on the add more apps panel, you will see a list of applications including Hornbill Board Manager, just click on the Install button and the app will begin to be installed. This will take a few seconds to install. Once complete you will need to assign the Board User role to any users you want to see the Boards App, to do this go back to the admin home screen - you should now see the Hornbill board Manager panel there, click on that then click on the Roles panel and select the Board User role from the list of roles that is displayed. You can then assign users by clicking on the assigned users tab and clicking the user icon in the top right of the screen and searching for the users you want to add and then clicking Save. Once you've done this the users should be able to access the Board App from the main menu in the collaboration tool, note they will need to logout and log back in before they will see this change. you can then start creating your boards by clicking on the Add Board button. Hope this helps Let me know if you have any questions Trevor Harris
  15. TrevorHarris

    Create tasks as cards

    Hi @dwalby I don't have a timescale for this at the moment, this is one of the features we will definitely be looking at in the next large release of boardmanager, but unfortunately I don't expect we will have time for it in the next couple of months Sorry Trevor