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  1. Hi @Tom Gilbert The Latest release of Board Manager should allow you to update card details in your BPM with the updateCard node To use it you will need to get the card info first using the Get Card Information node and setting the Board option to the name of the Board your using and the Key option to the project Id variable Then in next node use the updateCard task. Set the Card Id to the CardId output from the Get Card Information node and then you can use the Status Info to put in the stage name that the BPM is currently in and in the Progress field you can add a value between 0-100 which will show in a progress bar on the card to show how far through the BPM the card is The outcome should look something like these If you do this in each stage of the BPM you will be able to show the progress of the card in the BPM directly on the board Hope this helps Trevor Harris
  2. Hi @Lauren Just to let you know in the latest release of Boardmanager (128) you can scroll the lane your board is hovering over with the up and down arrow keys, hopefully this can help with the first issue in your post Thanks Trevor Harris
  3. The latest build of Hornbill Board Manager (128) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: New Added BPM operation for updating a card When dragging a card over a large lane you can scroll that lane up and down with the arrow keys Change Added ability to set the colour of a card when adding it from BPM Allow the moveCard operation to specify which sub-lane a card can be moved too Fix When adding a card to a board, prevent the popup from closing when clicking outside the modal window as this can lead to data loss
  4. The only other possibilities I can think of as to why it wouldn't be displayed in the Copy to list is if it was a project manager board as its only possible to copy to boardmanager boards currently or if the board was archived as it wouldn't be displayed then either. Otherwise not really sure - how many boards do you have? could it be they don't all fit on the screen?
  5. @Shamaila.Yousaf you will only be able to copy the card to a board if you have the Can Add permission for the board you are trying to copy too. Try going to the board you want to copy the card to and clicking the Share Board button in the top right to check you have the Add permission for that board. Thanks Trevor Harris
  6. Hi @Markm As suggested in the document @Gerry posted you should download the Service metadata from the Hornbill Admin tool and import that into a new Relying Party Trust on the ADFS server, this will configure it for you. Thanks Trevor Harris
  7. @samwoo Sorry for the late response, possibly if we had custom fields on the document (which were available in the lifecycle processes) this could help?. This is something I would like to add, however I'm not sure we will be able to do it in the next few months Thanks Trevor Harris
  8. Hi @Shamaila.Yousaf, If you click on the card title it should open the card preview in the right hand panel of the board page. Underneath the main preview, you should see a History tab next to the timeline tab. If you click on that you will get a full graphical history of the card so you can see when it was created, and every move, update etc - you can see the date of each action and who performed it here. Clicking on any row in the history will bring up more details about that action as well. Glad you're enjoying BoardManager and hope this helps as well Thanks Trevor Harris
  9. Hi @Steven Cotterell Just to let you know this will also require an update for Hornbill Collaboration before the setting will take effect which should be available in the next few days. The ESP update will only add the setting but it won't work before the Collaboration update is live. Thanks Trevor Harris
  10. This currently doesn't work if the portal redirects to the home page instead of requiring a login straight away (i.e. if the autologin setting is set to false). We have a fix for this in a forth coming release which means that even in this case the customer will be redirected to the original URL after they have logged in, this will be in the next core release so should be available in the next week. Thanks Trevor Harris
  11. @Steven Cotterell Unfortunately this setting is only being applied in the collaboration client atm, we will introduce a new application setting guest.anonymous.core.maxfileUploadSize which will allow you to increase this value in the portal too. This should be available soon, and will update here when its released. Thanks Trevor Harris
  12. Hi, I've passed on this request to our Project Manager development team as they will need to inject these fields when creating a card. With regards to displaying the Current position in the BPM I plan to create a new BPM operation which could be used to update the card status from the BPM which should be able to let you do this, will update you when this is ready Thanks Trevor Harris
  13. Hi @Martyn Houghton This feature is still under development as part of a large change we are making to the activity-streams in general, I don't have a release date for this atm but it should be within the next couple of months sorry for the delay Thanks Trevor H
  14. Hi @Lauren, Auto scrolling lanes is something I would like to be able to add, unfortunately this will be quite complex and I don't expect we will have the time to look at it in the immediate future but hopefully we will be able to add some point. Regarding your other issue with dropping cards, I think this can be caused by the drop point not being calculated correctly, I will have a look into this and see if there is anything that can be done to improve it. Thanks Trevor
  15. Hi @samwoo Thanks for the feedback will have a look at activating document email templates and automating the lifecycle launching and see what we can do, will get bakc to you when have more details Thanks Trevor
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