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  1. How could you do a repace? I tried to do like... SELECT x as h_custom_o but it didn't do anything.
  2. Hi - how do I add this query result as an extra column within reporting? (SELECT timestampdiff(minute,H_datelogged,current_timestamp) as incidents_minutes_open FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_dateclosed IS NULL ORDER BY h_datelogged DESC LIMIT 1) It just calculates the minutes an incident has been open for. Within reporting I tried adding it here, but it doesn't do anything - I am probably putting it in the wrong area. ta
  3. Is there an advanced setting to enforce 2FA registration on all users?
  4. I am importing about 4k incidents from SW to HB and it is emailing analyst that requests have been assigned. how do I turn it off ??
  5. never mind, I was able to achieve what I wanted by creating an inbound rule request with expression ... subject LIKE 'Automatic reply%' and had the match to move to mailbox deleted items folder. I put this rule at the top of the list. lol i keep forgetting things like this exist in HB.
  6. did not work as in just skipped past it. I have the get source's email information. I tried to do with an abort control
  7. Is there a workflow control that will tell Service Manager not to log a request? I have put a decision node in, and had the rule as "email subject contains X" and then it goes to an end process node. however, it still logged the request.
  8. Hi @Jim do you know if there is a column that records the total time a request has been opened?
  9. Hi, is there a column within the main request table (or other) which records the amount of seconds taken for an incident to be resolved. I see there is one for response time though. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Table_Info:_Main_Request_Table
  10. Hi, Has any one come across this issue when importing SupportWorks requests to Hornbill? 2024/02/26 11:22:30 [DEBUG] Retrieving File [hehe.pdf] from: D:/Program Files (x86)/Hornbill/Supportworks Server/data/cfa_store/1024/f10247089.001 2024/02/26 11:22:30 [ERROR] File does not exist at location If I browse to the location, I can see the file in question. Thanks
  11. Hi Jim, you could use Last Pass for auto login on the website. You could set the web browser's start up page to the catalog item link, like https://live.hornbill.com/instance/catalog/new-service-request/com.hornbill.servicemanager/15/59/ and when Last Pass signs in automatically, it will redirect you to the catalog item page. I'm unsure if there is a way to have a public facing catalog item, but you could set up email messages to create automatic requests. Thanks
  12. yipeee..looks to be working now...i put it inside of parallel processing nodes.
  13. Like, if I update the incident description, and put the call references from analystGet (Get User Details Automation node) it displays data from customerGet (Get User Details Automation Node). so, if I paste this &[global["flowcoderefs"]["analystGet"]["name"]] into the description of the incident. It gives me the name from &[global["flowcoderefs"]["customerGet"]["name"]] e.g. like &[global["flowcoderefs"]["customerGet"]["name"]] = Markus And &[global["flowcoderefs"]["analystGet"]["name"]] = Billy But when I paste &[global["flowcoderefs"]["analystGet"]["name"]] it shows as Markus
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