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  1. Hello @Victor, First of all, do bear with me as I will try my best to explain of the situation of what I want to achieve. I have discussed with @samwoo about this: (This is for Infrastructure only once setup the service) When I raised a service request, it would automatically create a linked change request asking for (e.g. increase storage size for the server, this would copy from service request as well linked asset too), what I want is the service request to put on hold and wait for suspend status change from the change request to confirm approval task before it able to proceed the action to increase the size for the server (human task to let us know that it ready to setup). It quite hard to explain but what I'm trying to say is to have a service request that linked with change request but have BPM so that service request can only move to the next stage once the change request had been approved by the manager. Change request which would trigger the action to update the service request to confirm that I can start the process. If that make sense? Almost like a task in service request that need trigger/confirm by change request action so that it can move to the next stage. If you do kind of get what I'm trying to say then do let me know if this is possible, if not, is there a workaround for this if this feature is possible to add? Another question: I pretty sure someone raised this topic before but do not think i was searching for the right content but I wonder if it possible to add the ability to change the request from let's say service request to change request and then back to service request. (It almost like Progressive Capture that pass to a different team before it move to the next stage to return back to the team that set it up), I think this would not be possible as more likely it could mess up the system and cause more confusion. Thanks, Aaron
  2. Aaron Summers

    Expiry outcome after suspend nodes does not work

    Hello @Victor I am pleased to say that the error have fixed and now it is working as intended. Thank you! Aaron
  3. Aaron Summers

    Expiry outcome after suspend nodes does not work

    Thanks @Victor I will monitor in the next few days and confirm about this. Regards, Aaron
  4. Aaron Summers

    Expiry outcome after suspend nodes does not work

    Thanks @Victor I am curious to ask, did Hornbill made some changes or anything of sort on between 26th-27th November? Because all tickets that are affected have started on the 27th to now. Thanks, Aaron
  5. Aaron Summers

    Expiry outcome after suspend nodes does not work

    Hi @James Ainsworth I have already updated SM and this did not fixed the issue. Victor is looking at this at the moment and hopefully find the solution for it. Kind regards, Aaron Summers
  6. @TrevorHarris Thank you for your response, good to hear that you have discovered a possible cause of the problem, awaiting for more news. Kind regards, Aaron Summers
  7. Aaron Summers

    Expiry outcome after suspend nodes does not work

    Hi @James Ainsworth Technical Support team leader, Ivan have now reported of more tickets reopened themselves this morning so it had start to affect across our team tickets which seems to start from 27th November onward. Normally when it expire after 5 working days with no activity then the ticket will automatically close and it work without any issue for us for long time so obviously something must have happened in the last week of November that have start causing this tickets for us. Please see the BPM in Closure stage below: (P.S. I have tried to login on Hornbill to raise a request because I need to escalate this issue for priority to fix it but I am unable to login as said "unexpected error occurred login.") Kind regards, Aaron Summers
  8. Hello @Chaz Just to confirm just now, the error reappeared: It is affecting me with my work and constantly having to refresh almost every click on the page. Thanks, Aaron
  9. Hello @Chaz I just a thought to let you know that the issue had reappeared and almost at every page - it kept saying "you have been disconnected..." Often the error would show "invalid session..." I have already tried all the steps as before as well have it own tab with Hornbill only but nothing works so far. Thanks, Aaron
  10. Hello, One of my colleague bring this to my attention today and it just seems quite bizarre of what happened to these tickets. We have BPM that start 5 working days after resolve the ticket and then automatically close if there is no activity happen in during 5 working days (which should not include the weekend). So this is what happened to the ticket below: This is what it look like in BPM, closure stage node: This does include the weekend and then reopened it even though there is no activity happened during 5 working days? This had affect on 5 tickets so far. (Awaiting to hear back from colleague whether there is more tickets that are affected). Can you help to identify the issues with this please? Thanks, Aaron Summers
  11. Hello, I think this is a bug, When I opened up the software asset to see the list of users (sharing enabled) and when I clicked on "Show All" I get this full list of users but noticed at the bottom that it was showing pages although I was able to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the users on first page. It start with V which is obfuscated (see above) which I assume would be in page 10 or more but still showing the full list of users on page 1. Kind regards, Aaron Summers
  12. Aaron Summers

    Internet Explorer asking for Temasys plug-in

    Fixed for us too. Thanks!
  13. Aaron Summers

    Internet Explorer asking for Temasys plug-in

    +1 Happened to us too. I will inform the team that there is nothing to worry about.
  14. Aaron Summers

    In Policy

    Hello @James Ainsworth, Yes I am aware of this and I am currently going through the users process and then move on to other assets such as server, laptops etc. The reason I'm asking for this was to keep in check of who's active and that would help us a lot to do with leaver process so that we know who have which software so that we can retain the licence and so on. Like you mentioned about: It would help us a lot to actually track through any request so knowing there are correct asset/software for the user etc. Because at the moment we have a big issue with leavers, sometime a user had left while ago and the process is completed in Hornbill and in AD. Only to find out that they have other software(s) (in policy) that we could have retain licence from and give it to a new starter. Something like that but also able to confirm a report of each software with number of users are in policy so that we can monitor more accurate with licence against users to keep it under control without buying more licences unless necessary.
  15. Aaron Summers

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