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  1. @Victor Would this also add to no BPM through linked request too? Thanks, Aaron
  2. Hello, I would like to know whether it possible to set to a specific customer through BPM? What I'm trying to achieve is to start the leaver process and when they confirm which applications the leaver user have access to which then raised a new linked request(s) to relevant team to confirm to remove their account from application(s). Much like assign to owner but for customer that we do not really want to use so we do have generic users that can be use instead of customer. This way is to avoid bombard emails of the actions from the process to the customer. Secondly - I wonder whether I can add functional BPM to a linked request through leaver BPM? If so, can you advise me of the steps that I can do? Many thanks, Aaron CC: @samwoo
  3. @Martyn Houghton Thanks for your response. That actually make sense for us, so thank you for this, I will give it a go and let you know if suit us in our work. Thanks, Aaron
  4. Hello, One of my colleague raised this interesting request few days ago. He asking for the reason box when use substatus of the request to be remove, because the substatus should be clear of what it means without need to add reason on it. Also he mentioned that if necessary to add information then he would use comment box instead of reason box for update. (Please see example below). I wonder if there is possible to add new ability to turn on or off for each individually of substatus if need to keep reason box. Thanks, Aaron cc: @samwoo
  5. Hello, At the moment, I think there is an issue with Service Level when select in BPM process. I have setup the new service and new team along with PCF an BPM to focus on more specific tasks related to the team. However the node that I have setup for SLA (same as above to ensure the SLA would pick base on either Service Request or Incident Request but for some reasons that it did not work. Myself and @samwoo could not get it to work and struggle to understand why as we have to manually select the service upon the tickets (testing) each time through portal or request list. Can you help please. Thanks, Aaron
  6. @Victor & @Steven Boardman Many thanks for the response and I would have thought is the reason for unable to rename the prefix. Not a problem, I will speak with my senior manager about this just hoping for this answer would be enough. I will let you know on here (hopefully my last message!) the response from my manager. Response to Steven's message: That is actually very useful for the future reference if we have plan to bring in my teams/departments because at the moment, it only myself and Samwoo that deal with the admin side of it. Thanks, Aaron
  7. @Victor Many thanks for your speedy response. The reason I'm asking for changing the prefix is to do with new department coming into Hornbill (we are still working on it to try and bring in more teams across department into Hornbill). My senior manager would like to have prefix of all PCF/BPM so that it clear of what we are looking for as well search for it too). I was aware that we can rename PCF without any issues. Would it not possible to just rename BPM from this day so that all previous active requests remain unaffected? Similar to when you modify the nodes in BPM. Thanks, Aaron
  8. Hi @Steven Boardman & @Victor Apologises for tagging you both to this forum but thought to bring this to your attention about the possibility of able to prefix (rename) the BPM. Thanks, Aaron
  9. Hello, I thought to raise this topic with regards of renaming the BPM processes. Because we have add new team from different department means I need to change BPM process to include prefix (in my case, I want to use (IMT) at the start then name the process that related to the team.) However, when I do that, the message pop up (see below): Which I am aware that the process is activated so I de-activated the process and then tried to rename it. The error is still pop up saying the same message as above. My guess for this error is to do with the tickets that are currently active with BPM in place therefore it would not be possible to rename BPM process. I would imagine that can mess up the BPM process. Is there any chance you would be able to do it from your end to rename the process for me if this is possible? Thanks, Aaron
  10. @AlexTumber Not sure why I did not get the notification of your replied. Nonetheless, thank you for your response and it seems a great potential of new application that would likely to make a big difference of how we manage the organisation. I am looking forward to the event (which I have registered ) Thanks, Aaron
  11. @Steven Boardman I thought that might be the case, not a problem, a week is not long and I have virtue of patience to wait till then Thanks, Aaron
  12. @Steven Boardman Thank you for this, I have enabled it and when I checked on BPM or PCF - it does not show as grid canvas as default? Do I need to restart by closing the tabs or? Thanks, Aaron
  13. @Daniel Dekel Much appreciate it for this feature! Looking forward to see it disappear!! Thanks, Aaron
  14. @AlexTumber @Victor Many thanks for your swift response and a brand new section! Awesome, I am jealous that you guys already using it! It is good that it still in development stage which bring me a few questions to ask...(please sat your VIP chair comfortably and have popcorn on the side, ready to eat) 1) At the moment, we used O365 system to book our holiday and invite our manager (exactly like meeting request) and if "attend" means we book on that day etc and shared with one shared mailbox that everyone have access to see the calendar (mainly for managers to keep an eye on the team to avoid short staff on the day). Anyway, my point is would there be possible of integration with O365 with Hornbill Holiday Manager? (So that we can turn on auto reply when confirm on leave etc) 2) Would this Holiday Manager help with request tickets? Example: I got 5 tickets in the queue that assigned to me and I am away tomorrow, if I confirm in Holiday Manager that I am away, would this trigger all tickets that is currently open to change sub status to on-hold/analyst on leave? If not, it would be big beneficial to have this feature to avoid customer contact the analyst repeatedly or other staff for update of the tickets (Most staff do not take much notice of "on-hold" or "analyst on leave" 3) Does this Holiday Manager include bank holiday, total number of allowance leaves and possible of restriction with number of staff on leave within the same team? Example: Technical Support have 6 staff and the rule is maximum of 2 staff can book off on the same day and give warning to managers to be aware of this? 4) Does this application would involve a cost per members or main application or free depends on the package subscription with have with Hornbill? I do apologise if it a lot of questions to ask and I am sure you want to answer as much without giving away too much information (like Victor... in a good way!) Thanks, Aaron P.S. If you are unsure of anything I said, please do mention me and quote of what I said, I will do my best to elaborate the idea further. (would be so much easier if I can sign to the video and you guys watch with caption/subtitles! )
  15. Hello, I do recall seeing Holiday application beta while ago and thought that would be very useful for us however when I came to check for update whether it would eventually go live, it has disappeared from the list. Are the application still in the development or decided to remove from the list? Thanks, Aaron
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