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  1. Confirmed we are back up and running now Speedy job Hornbill!
  2. Yeah, Hornbill Status site which say the same thing as yours @John C I am talking about this: https://www.hornbill.com/support This show an error
  3. @John C mine say the same thing, status all okay however if you check Hornbill - Get Support, status health check failed for us.
  4. @HHH We did that before but we abolished that rule because most of the time it actually useful to received as they usually confirm the date to return to the office so that we can change the ticket date on hold for longer or shorter duration. So we add another node to put the ticket on hold after "autoreply" emails came through. it still have hit and miss process but It works Aaron
  5. @Dan Munns I have not come across to that project for doing RAID 10 yet but it will be my goal at the moment. What type of RAID 5 have you setup with and what memory did you used? Wonder whether you go for brand or for actual component that do the job far better at cheaper cost? I have not met anyone that have RAID setup (in fact any RAIDs), so I am more curious about it, even though there are ton of information out there but I want to hear from actual people that have and done the process with RAID. Would you use RAID for gaming, speed performance or work related purpose? Aaron
  6. Issue resolved as it turned out that @samwoo changed Capacity to TIll Manager (For Application purpose with chip and pin devices). So he have changed it back to Capacity. Can close this post now. Aaron
  7. +1 for us @yelyah.nodrog Our workaround for this is to suspend the ticket and ONLY change it to open when "any update" has apply to the ticket. So when we put ticket on hold for customer response and the ticket are waiting for an update, any kind of update. But it a hit and miss process because sometime when customer put in out of office reply which trigger the response to the email and open the ticket as soon I put it on hold, however, most of the time it was successful when customer did response. Hope this helps. Aaron
  8. Apologises for coming late to this post but I want to confirm that we are already aware and used this process of to change the status from normal to impacted and we would actually prefer it would not be locked down to role only. It helps us greatly as well for customer to see that the service had become impacted, This would "sent the message" that something had happened to the service and we are working on the issue to fix it asap. Aaron
  9. +1 very useful for us too and similar case scenario as Will J Douglas. Aaron
  10. Hello, I am not sure where this would fit in but guessing System Administration cover all other parts of the Hornbill? Anyway, I want to raise a request to add a new row onto Asset Type configuration setting. As we are preparing ourselves for 358 new smartphones that are expected to tomorrow or early next week and deadline is to completed them all and ready to hand out beginning of August so we really only have "8 working days* to complete it. So I want to prepare Excel spreadsheet to be ready for to input information to bulk upload all assets as soon it arrive however I have noticed one missing information that is vital for us and that is storage/memory size of the phone. I was quite surprised that it not on the list as I thought it should be. However I was puzzled when I downloaded template file and open to see that capacity column is visible (if that is for storage or memory size?), if so where would I see that information which is not visible on any list? Unless I am looking at the wrong place? Also if possible to add it as soon as possible before the roll out start in August? (would truly appreciate the swift update to reflect this). My workaround at the moment is to put in Description for storage or Model which we do not want to include. Thanks, Aaron
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