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  1. Aaron Summers

    Canvas Grid - can it default to 'on'?

    @Steven Boardman I thought that might be the case, not a problem, a week is not long and I have virtue of patience to wait till then Thanks, Aaron
  2. Aaron Summers

    Canvas Grid - can it default to 'on'?

    @Steven Boardman Thank you for this, I have enabled it and when I checked on BPM or PCF - it does not show as grid canvas as default? Do I need to restart by closing the tabs or? Thanks, Aaron
  3. Aaron Summers

    Failed Delivery on Email

    @Daniel Dekel Much appreciate it for this feature! Looking forward to see it disappear!! Thanks, Aaron
  4. Aaron Summers

    Holiday application

    @AlexTumber @Victor Many thanks for your swift response and a brand new section! Awesome, I am jealous that you guys already using it! It is good that it still in development stage which bring me a few questions to ask...(please sat your VIP chair comfortably and have popcorn on the side, ready to eat) 1) At the moment, we used O365 system to book our holiday and invite our manager (exactly like meeting request) and if "attend" means we book on that day etc and shared with one shared mailbox that everyone have access to see the calendar (mainly for managers to keep an eye on the team to avoid short staff on the day). Anyway, my point is would there be possible of integration with O365 with Hornbill Holiday Manager? (So that we can turn on auto reply when confirm on leave etc) 2) Would this Holiday Manager help with request tickets? Example: I got 5 tickets in the queue that assigned to me and I am away tomorrow, if I confirm in Holiday Manager that I am away, would this trigger all tickets that is currently open to change sub status to on-hold/analyst on leave? If not, it would be big beneficial to have this feature to avoid customer contact the analyst repeatedly or other staff for update of the tickets (Most staff do not take much notice of "on-hold" or "analyst on leave" 3) Does this Holiday Manager include bank holiday, total number of allowance leaves and possible of restriction with number of staff on leave within the same team? Example: Technical Support have 6 staff and the rule is maximum of 2 staff can book off on the same day and give warning to managers to be aware of this? 4) Does this application would involve a cost per members or main application or free depends on the package subscription with have with Hornbill? I do apologise if it a lot of questions to ask and I am sure you want to answer as much without giving away too much information (like Victor... in a good way!) Thanks, Aaron P.S. If you are unsure of anything I said, please do mention me and quote of what I said, I will do my best to elaborate the idea further. (would be so much easier if I can sign to the video and you guys watch with caption/subtitles! )
  5. Aaron Summers

    Holiday application

    Hello, I do recall seeing Holiday application beta while ago and thought that would be very useful for us however when I came to check for update whether it would eventually go live, it has disappeared from the list. Are the application still in the development or decided to remove from the list? Thanks, Aaron
  6. Aaron Summers

    Canvas Grid - can it default to 'on'?

    Same here! Thanks, Aaron
  7. Aaron Summers

    Failed Delivery on Email

    Hi @Daniel Dekel, With regards to sort out with red flagged on historic emails which I mentioned above that we have over 21K in sent folder and 10K in deleted folder, is there any way to sort this out? I certainly do not want to manually through all that to mark as read/deleted. Thanks, Aaron
  8. Aaron Summers

    Adjusting column widths?

    Seeing this was raised on April 2017 so nearly 2 years! I am seeking here to ask whether it possible to have custom column slider/width? Because it seems that some column are wider than others which showing a gap yet some column have more text but have narrow columns compare to others, I just wonder if it possible to have this feature so that it can reduce the unnecessary white gap in some columns. Like this below: Thanks, Aaron
  9. Aaron Summers

    Retention rule for mailbox

    Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for the information of how to delete the folders, not sure why I have never notice "more options" below! That is great, at least it had been discussion about it so I am looking forward in the future for this (eventually). Is there any workaround in the meantime or would it be 100% manually task in mailbox? Thanks, Aaron
  10. Aaron Summers

    Retention rule for mailbox

    Also while I'm on the subject on Mailbox. Can I also suggest for routing rules for mailbox to have ability to rerun once you created/edited the rules on the current mailbox. Because I have changed quite a lot of the rules to updated the title, rule etc but it does not have ability to rerun on the current mailbox. Oh and also when you created a new folder in the mailbox, there is no other way to delete the folder in the mailbox other than empty the folder in administration setting, can this also be consider too? I am aware that I am asking for 3 possible feature to be add for mailbox but I do think mailbox is due to update. Thanks, Aaron
  11. Aaron Summers

    Retention rule for mailbox

    Hi @James Ainsworth Thank you for that and that does look like a useful tool for us. What about retention rule for mailbox? I noticed that when you created a folder, there is no other way to delete the folder when it no longer required? Thanks, Aaron
  12. Aaron Summers

    Retention rule for mailbox

    @Martyn Houghton That is what I thought and wonder if they would add this possible feature involve with the mailbox. Also I am aware of this potential to remove the ability to see the "view email" in timeline of the historic requests however due to GDPR, this will affect us with sensitive and personal data that need to be remove hence why I created a topic on here about retention rule feature. Thanks, Aaron
  13. Aaron Summers

    Retention rule for mailbox

    Hi, I wonder if Hornbill mailbox have retention rule? The reason I'm asking is because we would like to keep up to 6 months old emails before it automatically delete once pass the retention date. Would it be possible to have this setup for the mailbox? Because one of my team leader informed me that he would like this action to be done soon preferably before April and I really do not want to manually click and select for each mailbox that have over 21,000 emails.... Thanks, Aaron
  14. Aaron Summers

    Finding a user assets

    @James Ainsworth Yeah, I am aware of this and use this search option when we need to find out more about assets but for quick glance, we couldn't see the name other than name of the asset appear when type in the box. Just make it more clear and useful. Thanks, Aaron