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  1. @Victor Does this mean that expressions which use 'Flowcodes' rather than 'Hornbill Automations' are still valid? Or do they need updating? I cannot see 'Flowcodes' option in either of the scenarios you outline.
  2. This was previously happening to us intermittently however we are now seeing this happen daily as of the last 3 days.
  3. @Adam Toms - Did you get to the bottom of this? We have a similar workflow process as yours above with a similar custom expression and I have just noticed that the custom expression box is now blank and when clicking on edit expression the expression is visible and is the same as yours above ie status.open We have not made any changes to the expression in our workflows since they were created in 2021 so it seems strange that this expression is now blank and is incorrect. I will be raising a support request for this and wondered if you had changed your expression?
  4. It would be helpful for someone from Hornbill to communicate what this change means please.
  5. Hi @AlexTumber I am seeing this issue in Chrome using a Mac. Other users on Windows devices seem to be OK.
  6. Hi @Berto2002 Would you be willing to share the contents of the nodes above? I am trying to add a timeline entry to a request showing the date and time that a related request has been logged. Despite using a node similar to your 'Add 1 hour to End for BST' the timeline entry still shows the time logged as an hour behind the correct time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. @Steve Giller I am now getting the Error code 1 every time I try to update workflows using both Chrome and Firefox. I have turned off my VPN and as far as I am aware our network settings have not changed. I am using a Macbook with MacOS Ventura 13.6.6. Any advice would be appreciated as the error is stopping me working on any workflow. Our instance is not showing any issues.
  8. Thanks I did check and the status seems OK.
  9. @Steve Giller I am also getting these errors that appear suddenly on screen. Just got one at 15.39 whilst updating a business process. It lasted a minute and I was then able to save my process and carry on. I also got one yesterday. I am using Firefox. I have not had any reports of this from any other users so far. I don't know if it is related but I am currently unable to login to our instance using Chrome. I am not sure if this is an issue with my device/ our network as currently I am the only one affected in Chrome. Investigations on my device are in progress.
  10. Hi @Martyn Houghton I had this same issue initially, and raised the following post. On Friday it started working as expected for me without publishing the form first. Not sure what changed. I will test again today and let you know if it is still working.
  11. @Steve Giller - By 'username' I meant customer as that is what we enter for the customer. Despite that it was not previously working without publishing the form first. Last Friday this seemed to start working for me as expected ie testing without having to publish the form. Hopefully it will stay that way.
  12. +1 for me too. We are wishing to undertake a simulation exercise for all users, and would like each user request raised to be linked automatically to a parent ticket so that there is an overview of all the requests raised which relate to the simulation exercise.
  13. We are also experiencing this issue with a suspend node in one of our workflows. I am awaiting updates from support via the ticket I have raised.
  14. @Steve GillerI have refreshed my tab and it is now showing again. This is what I see. When I start the test I am asked to enter a username to run the test as and choose the service and catalog item - not sure if that should happen as that does mean I would have to publish the form to see any changes.
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