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  1. Selecting a date close to the "To" date and then manually altering it is working for us.
  2. Our users are also having this problem
  3. Hi I'm having trouble logging into the success portal. This is the landing page I see. I'm unable to enter my logging in details. Is anyone else seeing the same? Thanks Mosh C
  4. Hi Many of us are finding that when initially searching for Co-Workers using Global Search we're not seeing any results. The space between the searched for term is replaced replaced by "%20". It does however start to work when removing the "%20" and performing the search again. Every subsequent search then works fine until the Global Search type (Contacts, Requests etc.) is changed. Could this please be looked into? Many thanks Mosh
  5. Hi Any update on this (or a pointer to where this particular query falls within the Road Map Library please)? Thanks
  6. Hi Our users have noticed a view that is showing them something different to what would be expected. They're trying to view tickets where the resolve target hasn't been met but the view also appears to be showing tickets where the resolve time has not been set. Anyone else seeing the same error? Mosh
  7. Hi Just a few more details about my query: In our leavers process we assign the users assets. If the owner of the asset is removed in asset manager, I want this to be updated on the ticket. I was hoping to achieve this by removing any assigned assets and then reassigning the assets again within the same workflow. Does anyone know if this is possible or whether there is another way to achieve this? Thanks
  8. Hi I can see the ability to add a customer's assets to a ticket via a workflow. Is it possible to subsequently remove all assets assigned to a ticket via a workflow? Thanks
  9. Hi James It's not happening on all requests but we've found that it's now happening more frequently. We've had three over the last few days. It's not happening for all users but more than one user. It currently seems to be only impacting incidents. The error message will appear on impacted tickets whether it uses the on hold or using a sub-status option. I've had a similar issue with a slightly different error message that we've logged with Hornbill Support so I'll raise this one separately. Just wanted to check whether others had been impacted/had a workaround. Thanks
  10. Hi I'm seeing a new error message when placing a ticket on hold. Has anyone else seen this error message and know what the issue/fix is? Thanks
  11. I thought this might be the case - thanks very much for confirming Jim
  12. Hello Is there a way we can obtain a log of users that have accessed a particular ticket? (where they haven't left a footprint on the timeline?). Thanks
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