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  1. I think @Miro would be the best person to answer this?
  2. This section of the forum is dedicated to queries regarding the switch on phase specifically. It should not be used to discuss product features and issues, these would need to be raised in the more appropriate section. This section is not effectively monitored by our community nor Hornbill staff that would be able to actually help with the issue or query (such as developers, product specialists or support).
  3. @David Longley - I believe this was sorted during your switch on. For future reference, it would greatly help if you can provide as much information about any issue as possible. In this example, we would have needed to know what were the error messages you received. An issue with SSO integration can occur for a variety of reason and we won't be able to effectively assist you without more information on this
  4. @David Longley just curious did you found out why the "STOREDRV.Submission.Exception:SendAsDeniedException.MapiExceptionSendAsDenied" error occurred? It would be useful to know if you did and what was the solution for this
  5. This should now be sorted. The issue was an orphan project task that did not show in the project anymore but was preventing deleting the milestone. The orphan task occurred most likely as a result of an older (over 1 year) defect in Project Manager that does not occur anymore.
  6. @Giuseppe Iannacone - I'll send you some details about the success plan over a PM
  7. @Ann-MarieJones well if the user is imported from AD and in there you have a whole new user then there is little that can be done in Hornbill... best you could do is to look in admin tool at your formed user and mimic the roles configuration from the previous user to the new user... Once you do this then you can archive your previous user Indeed, forum users do not have the option to amend their username. I will change to "Ann-Marie" is this ok?
  8. Yes, correct. Yes, correct. It appears to me that you do understand the rules logic afterall
  9. @Ann-MarieJones - I would need to understand why a change in name means or requires a new Hornbill user/account...? Regarding the forum user, what exactly are you looking to change?
  10. @Tina.Lapere How do you define this "when required"? If they would not need to access requests then having the Collaboration Role would be sufficient. If they do need to access the service request then they would also need Service Request Management User role. However, this grants permanent access to the service requests, given they are subscribed to view/access a particular request (based on teams supporting the service).
  11. @chriscorcoran ah, I see... I think is a result of wiki formatting, not sure how we can avoid this, I have asked dev team for advice...
  12. @Shamaila.Yousaf - you would need to go through the ESP mail service logs to find this information... you will only have access to the logs from the current day so if this happened anytime in the past 7 days you won't be able to find it, we (as in Hornbill) would need to find this information for you...
  13. Yes. It depends when the email was deleted though... we can only find things that happened in the past 7 days.
  14. @chriscorcoran can you give some background on this and some examples, please? What kind of date? Does it have time as well? What is the date/time format? Is that a manual update or automatic?
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