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  1. @Alisha the "backwards" format you mention is actually the UTC format for date/time and it's the format that is stored in the database. From what I know the formatting on these values only work when used in the UI or in email templates. I'll ask dev team to see if this should work when used as you do.
  2. @lee mcdermott good news Yes, Mary's suggestion works, no doubt, but that subquery is not necessary for the purpose of the report and also (as with any subquery) is more taxing on the database.
  3. @lee mcdermott while the above is an option it is not the most friendly query that runs on the database... to get a weekly list of records, specifically from 7 days ago at HH:MM until today at HH:MM, you can use this (simpler) filter: The subquery is not necessary as the filter is straightforward and you only need one to point the date logged to "current date/time - 7 days", no need to specify the date logged being less than current date/time, there won't be any records with a date logged past current date/time (future). Mind you that the date/time DB values returned by the report are GMT/UTC (they are not converted to a timezone such as BST)
  4. A smart host or smarthost is an email server via which third parties can send emails and have them forwarded on to the email recipients' email servers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_host Yes, the Hornbill system admin on customer side needs to set up a different outbound server in Hornbill admin. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Outbound_Mail_Routing
  5. @Alisha Yes, it will happen, check this SM app setting: guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.close.resetSubStatus If this setting is enabled (turned ON) when the workflow/BP closes the request it will remove the sub-status. You can turn it OFF to preserve the sub-status (such as your 'third-party' sub-status) when the workflow closes the request.
  6. @John C don't update the email prefix (guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefix) to "IT Service Desk" ... IT Service Desk is the display name of your mailbox and the display name for the mailbox address in your email client. Email prefix is what the name says, the prefix for the resulted originating email address. As I said in my example above and mentioned by Ehsan too, have a look at what is the email address for your mailbox (not the mailbox display name, the actual email address). Then for guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefix put whatever value you have before @. So your email display name is "IT Service Desk" (which might also be the mailbox name in HB) but the actual address can be "support_desk@yourcompany.co.uk". In this case the value for the email prefix app setting is "support_desk" and not "IT Service Desk"
  7. @all Apologies I am not fully online on forums right now (as indicated by my username). However I was made aware of this forum post. Until the previous functionality is reinstated (as mentioned by Ehsan), to have notifications working in your system please amend the following SM app settings: guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefix and guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain to mimic your mailbox address. For example, if your mailbox address is IT_Support@companydomain.co.uk then set up the setting as: guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefix = IT_Support guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain = companydomain.co.uk guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain = companydomain.co.uk needs to be a valid outbound route in Home - System - Email - Outbound Mail Routing
  8. This issue has been fixed. Please let us know (anyone) if this issue occurs when using integrations with Hornbill API keys.
  9. The issue causing the errors following the SM update has been fixed in the latest ESP platform update deployed on all instances last night.
  10. @Stephen.whittle that's not how you implement the expression from Alex Try like this: Two criterions: 1. 2.
  11. @Victoria Heeley what errors you see after app cache reload? Did the cache reloaded successfully (i.e. did it show the green popup box with the confirmation)?
  12. @Frank Reay can you please raise a support request (since you're on Premier Success) and we can have a closer look?
  13. @carlt we're investigating the issue with the API key
  14. @carlt the API key is associated to a user. I would check if the user (that has the API keys for the integration) has a SM app subscription. Basically, check if that user is in this list. If is not, add it.
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