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  1. @Alberto M - I have changed the post title and moved it to the relevant section of the forums
  2. @Alberto M basically the place to discuss these things is right here, on our forums. If you need to run UPDATE and/or INSERT then it mees somewhere there is some functionality missing. It can possibly mean that something is actually broken.
  3. @clampj oops, apologies, I got the entity name wrong RelatedRequests is the old entity used to store request relation but it was some time ago replaced with RelationshipEntities. Sorry for teh confusion. I have asked our dev team if they can remove the old entity as is no longer in use in any instance.
  4. @Dan Munns possibly a defect... raise it with support so they can have a look
  5. Did you copy/past some nodes form one place to another? If yes then you need to recreate references...
  6. @clampj most likely you need the info stored in h_sm_relationship_entities table (it's called RelatedTequests as entity). This is where all relations are stored.
  7. @Gareth Watkins ok, did you make any service subscription changes recently? I am thinking this contact was subscribed to the service on that call but isn’t anymore?
  8. @Joshua T M you mentioned a script. I assume/hope it does more than just the plain SQL update. Amend the script to retrieve the emails you need to move with a SELECT statement to retrieve the IDs of the messages that needs to be moved and the destination folder. Then make use of the https://api.hornbill.com/mail/?op=moveMessage API to move these messages. EDIT: Probably you have noticed, I have created a separate thread for this: https://community.hornbill.com/topic/17518-unable-to-execute-the-specified-sql-query/
  9. @Gareth Watkins the "All My Requests" option does not show closed requests by default, only active ones. To see closed request this needs to be selected from the drop down box...
  10. @Anthony Albon perhaps the workflow is overwriting the summary with that text once the request is raised? Have a look in the associated process configuration if there is any node that would do this...
  11. Oh, I could have sworn I posted an update here... I didn't .. sorry @Adrian Simpkins Yes, it was fixed in this update (although this fix is not specifically mentioned, but it's in there)
  12. @Adrian Simpkins is there a mailbox configured on the service or a mailbox configured on guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox app setting? The email to customer for request updates will use either the mailbox configured on teh service or, if non there, will use the one configured on the app setting.
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