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  1. @Joyce - ok then use LEFT JOIN instead on pure JOIN on all ... it should bring back all requests
  2. Victor

    Variables - Email Template

    @StokoE - if you tell me why you need a list of these perhaps I can help with this?
  3. Victor

    Change Swim Lanes in Portal

    @Jeremy - unfortunately you cannot. Is a Hornbill customisation on the portal to allow us to present the board. It will be implemented at some point in live instances as well...
  4. @Joyce - well, you never told me what you need this report for... what information you need to get from it... so I just built the JOINs... However it might be the case that you need to use LEFT JOIN or RIGHT JOIN on some JOINs depending on what records you need returned...so, tell me what records and what information you need returned and I'll tell you how you need to have these JOINs...
  5. Victor

    Variables - Email Template

    @StokoE - all available variables to use in an email template are available in this list. Just select the one you need: There is more information about these variables on our wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Templates
  6. @davidrb84 Which thread is this? Sorry, I know is right there but can't find it ... it been a long week Is this the same thread/post as above or different?
  7. Victor

    Auditor - Role configuration

    @Dan Munns - so they will need all the "view" roles for each request type. However, you will still have the "issue" of visibility based on teams supporting services. So they really need to be in a team... so, why not create a temporary team ("Audit Team") where you make all auditors members. Set up this team to disable request assignment to any of its members. Then subscribe this team to each service. I think this is a simpler approach than making the auditors member of each team...
  8. Victor

    Request Message Email - Template selection

    The new email action view cannot be turned off
  9. Victor

    Request Message Email - Template selection

    Email templates are part of platform/admin ... snippets are part of an application (Service Manager) ... different areas of the product...
  10. @Paul Alexander - we would like to see this from a different perspective... so you're not behind everyone else is just that we are ahead of everyone else...
  11. Victor

    Request Message Email - Template selection

    @Keith - these variables (the ones I mentioned) are available in the template itself, the email template used when the email is being sent. They are not available in snippets. The snippets and email templates use a different set of variables...
  12. Victor

    Auditor - Role configuration

    @Dan Munns can you define the "access to everything" above?
  13. Victor

    Missing Tickets from User View

    @Michael Sharp - the requests displayed on user's profile, in Service Manager tab, could not be the same request displayed using a custom filter... if you can tell me or show me the criteria you used in the custom filter then I can explain to you why there are differences... The first screenshot, on the user profile, will show you all requests where Ged is a customer on the request (not the request owner). The second screenshot, depending on the filter used and especially when using the quick filter search on a filtered view, could return requests where Ged is not necessarily the customer on the request ...
  14. @Dave Stewart - request visibility as a concept in Hornbill Service Manager revolves around services, specifically around team supporting a service. For example, let's say we have a Service 1 which is configured to have Team A and Team B supporting the service. If a user (an analyst) is a member of any of these teams then the user will have visibility to any requests raised against Service 1. Even if the user is only member of Team A and the request is assigned to Team B, the user will still have visibility of the request because one of the teams the user is a member of (Team A) is supporting the service. If Service 1 would be configured to have only Team B supporting the service then the user as a member of Team A will not have visibility of the request because none of the team that the user is a member of is supporting the service. To answer your query, no, there is no setting to prevent visibility of requests assigned to a Team that you are not a member of. Visibility can be prevented via configuration of supporting teams on a service.
  15. Victor

    Some variables not filling on new email

    If it helps, on our service desk I have a "Request Update" template, it looks like this: The [message_here] part does not mean anything from Hornbill perspective. It is simply a visual indicator for me to know to select this text then with the text selected, simply use a snippet to overwrite it and insert a standard text between "Dear ... " and "Hornbill Customer Success Team" ... It works for me