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  1. @Ann unfortunately we cannot troubleshoot issues that require instance access for a Premier Success customer without an active support request in this regard. Support requests can be raised via our support webform located on our main website by the supported contacts for the instance. Upon checking this information, I can see you are not one of the designated support contacts. To raise a support request I would advise liaising with your instance admins to have a supported contact raise this request for you or on your behalf.
  2. I've asked development to look into this.
  3. @Anthony Albon there are also other settings that come into play with notifications... check "Email Notification Prerequisites" and "User Defined Notification Settings" sections on the wiki article.
  4. Obfuscated all but the last screenshot Ok, I'll have a look...
  5. @Paul Alexander this functionality was delivered in Core UI 1369 update (11/11/2020): "Co-Workers List - User Type filter is now persistent" Are you saying this functionality is not working for your users?
  6. @Alisha this is a or one of the common occurrences when you have a variable in your workflow that is using a PCF custom field question/answer. It is possible the PCF was changed since the workflow was created and the custom field (used by the workflow) was changed (edited or removed). In this case the workflow can no longer locate that custom field in PCf and displays this message.
  7. @Adam Toms Get PCF Answer Pro: less resource intensive workflow and PCF as you don't have to store data in a custom field just for the purpose of evaluating a value Cons: less flexibility as workflow and PCF are tied together, changes in PCF needs to be reflected in workflow (i.e. if the custom forms/fields are changed) Get Request Details -> Custom Field Pro: more flexibility as workflow and PCF are independent apart from the mapping, as long as the mapping to custom field is preserved, the PCF can be changed in any way without having to amend the workflow
  8. Hi @James Ainsworth I realised I should have updated you internally, sorry! The issue was caused by a file in Hornbill, it was resolved this afternoon.
  9. @James Gallally not sure I follow ... could be that is Friday... best raise a support request then we can have a better look...
  10. @Jeremy unfortunately, if there is a failure inside parallel processing there is nothing that can be done to restart that workflow. If the workflow is really needed, you can ask a Product Specialist to force a restart but this would require changing the workflow state definition in the DB itself (is not just changing a value from 0 to 1 or true to false unfortunately). In BPE 2.0 all these scenarios are handled much better.
  11. Both https://github.com/hornbill/goCSVAssetImport and https://github.com/hornbill/goDBAssetImport allows asset update on asset import. There is no functionality in the UI to perform a bulk update in Hornbill itself, only using a stand alone tool (such as the one I linked). If you like you can also request an expert service exercise for a product specialist to perform this mass update, you can request more info on this with Customer Success team: https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/20/
  12. ... and just seen there is already an existing topic where this was discussed: In this case I will lock this one to avoid duplicate posts.
  13. h_cmdb_assets is the table where all the assets are stored. The report should also filter on h_column = "h_name" Basically your filter should say: Table = h_cmdb_assets Action Type = Delete Column = h_name In the report column you can have something like: Action Type - which would be 'Delete' Action By - the user who performed the Action Type (e.g. Delete) Old Value - the value that was changed - in our scenario this will store the name of the asset (since we filter on h_name) Timestamp - date/time when the Action was performed
  14. h_custom_22 is a DATETIME type of field. Because of this it will always display a time, regardless if you have a value with time or not. Also, not this is not a Business Process Automation topic. I have moved it to Service Manager.
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