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  1. @Adrian Simpkins Having Can Send Message should be sufficient... do you have more than one mailbox in your system? When the issue occurs, does the analyst try to send an email from a mailbox they don't have the role set on? For example if there is a role with this configuration for the "helpdesk" mailbox but the analyst tries to send teh email from the "servicedesk" mailbox, then it won't work...
  2. @chriscorcoran - You're on premier Success, I would advise raising a support request for this. But no news yet I'm afraid...
  3. Automate everything.... Yep, Skynet is very happy to hear this... it has great plans!
  4. Just when you thought you've seen everything ... I had to count them... 132 nodes in the second screenshot alone... 132...
  5. @DFarran this is something we found recently as well and is currently looked into by development team
  6. You can add multiple certificates on one Hornbill SSO profile... it does not have to be only one certificate per SSO profile...
  7. Our infrastructure experienced an unusual high load for a brief period of time which affected several customer instances. Our infrastructure team addressed the issue and service should now be fully functional on all Hornbill instances. As usual, don't forget to follow: https://status.hornbill.com/
  8. Customer instances are currently affected by a service disruption. We are looking into what is causing this and will update you as soon as possible.
  9. @Alberto M ok then smGetRequests is not really the best API for this purpose... smGetRequests is specifically designed for request list view, it works with ...well... views which can be customised in any way... it also restricts the request returned based on visibility, meaning what requests can the user access.. which is the API key user.. anyway, shouldn't really be used for this purpose. A much more appropriate API would be entityBrowseRecords2 (https://api.hornbill.com/data/?op=entityBrowseRecords2). To return the data you need, you can the following payload for your API call: <methodCall service="data" method="entityBrowseRecords2"> <params> <application>com.hornbill.servicemanager</application> <entity>Requests</entity> <searchFilter> <column>...</column> <value>...</value> <matchType>exact</matchType> </searchFilter> </params> </methodCall> For the <searchFilter> param, it really depends on how you search for requests, what requests needs to be returned by the API. Can you detail on this please, then I will be able to show you the full payload XML
  10. @Alberto M why are you using smGetRequests? This API is for a specific purpose, for the request list view, should not be used to return request data... If yopu can tell me in what context you are using this API perhpas we can advise of using more appropriate APIs...
  11. @Ann-MarieHolloway in first instance, low do you manage staff leavers in AD/LDAP?
  12. @stuartmclennan this issue has been fixed in the latest SM update (build 1778) deployed to live instances this morning Please update the SM app in your instance to the latest build to have this fixed
  13. @Paul Alexander for some reason I was under the impression a support request existed for this... Yes, if you can, please raise a support request
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