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  1. @Adrian Simpkins ask that user when he sends an email, look a the bottom section of the email interface. There is a timesheet plugin there which allows you to record the time. Click on the arrow, it should open the selected category for the action. Are there any categories active there?
  2. You can find details how to do this here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Designer (Switch Capture section) On the Switch Capture node, you can configure this to link to a specific new process, or use a Variable to link to the progressive capture linked to the request catalog item which has been chosen. In this example this is what we will do and the Variable to use would be Service details -> catalogProgressiveCaptureId In the above, "process" refers to the PCF. To activate the PCF associated to the catalog item (which has the specific questions) then in your main PCF you need to use a Switch Capture node after the "Service Details" form. For this node simply have the switch to Service details -> catalogProgressiveCaptureId, the system will know which PCF to activated based on catalog item configuration.
  3. Aaaaaa..... 29th of Jan!! .... in Hornbill time this is like Jurassic !!! In this case I don't think there is an issue with the expiry configuration, more like a number of defects regarding how "suspend" nodes handle the expiry outcomes, meaning there were scenarios when the expiry was not set correctly which means that particular section is now in a continuous loop. Each loop lasts 50 hours. I do see how one might think it has not expired but I am quite certain it did, but it just looped back to wait for another 50 hours because of broken expiry and so on... The defects I mentioned were fixed in subsequent SM updates, I don't expect to have this scenario on any recent requests...
  4. @David Longley looking at the screenshot my understanding is a this: eSP Support and SDC Support are services Web Connectivity (WLC) ... is a catalog item which resides under eSP Support service Which means the eSP service has two (or possibly more) catalog items which should be available for selection. There is a number of reasons why they might not be visible during PCF: the catalog item has not been published, it's either in Draft or Retired stage the catalog item is configured to only be visible on portal but you raise a request from service desk the catalog item is configured to only be visible on service desk but you raise a request from portal the catalog item is configured for a request type that has not been enabled the customer raising the is not subscribed to the catalog item There is more information about this on our wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Services_Request_Configuration and here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_Catalog
  5. It should work... what if you put 1 hour there for testing purposes?
  6. You don't need to put zeros.... What node is that?
  7. PM me the source for both templates please and I’ll have a look
  8. @Alberto M if any of those details gets included in the SAML response then there is a possibility it will generate the error
  9. @Alberto M is this only for one user, everyone else login fine? Looks to me that you are using SSO (this is an SSO specific error message) and for some reason there is a problem during SSO authentication. It needs some investigation by support and exchange of information that is not suited for forums. May I ask you to raise a support request in this regard please?
  10. I think our product specialists are the best positioned to advise on this. You can raise a request in this regard with them using the services available on our customer success portal: https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/20/catalogs/
  11. No worries, and yes, all good , still alive
  12. @Brhow that is a Hornbill email account. When did we provide this mail account. Was it during switch on? Looks like there is some incorrect configuration there... NOTE: I would like to remind everyone that Hornbill forums are publicly accessible so one might need to be careful when posting sensitive/confidential information, such as email addresses.
  13. No You're not doing anything wrong. You can't browse a workspace if is not public or if you are not a member of, is it's private
  14. @samwoo one thing I would say to be mindful of how search is performed using entity browse.. specifically MatchType in SearchFilter param: https://api.hornbill.com/_types/searchColumnType. So, alongside Column and Value params you can have a third param, MatchType. If you don't specify this param it will assume default value as "wildcard" meaning the searches will be performed using a LIKE operator. E.g. It means "Intel" will match "Intelligent" for example... just FYI
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