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  1. Hi Victor

    I'm quite new to Hornbill and just wanted to see if it is possible to output several stats from our database to a web page or any application that will support this.

    I will need this to be live, so any calls closed / opened will reflect / refresh at set intervals.

    Just wanted to know how this is done and what application I will need to output the stats to?

    Many thanks

  2. Er...no. Hornbill platform and its applications (Service Manager is an application) do not work like this... there is no concept of "roll back" and no concept of "incremental update"... From what I can see now, only the Knowledge Centre searching is affected, searching for requests using Global Search should work fine...
  3. Victor

    Advanced Analytics, 1st Line Support Status

    @Josh Bridgens - sorry, just catching up on forums now, sorry I missed this. Happy to hear you figured it out though
  4. @Ann-MarieJones - apologies for the late reply... Updating to latest build would have not resolved this. Firstly, the update only fixed a specific issue in the business process, second, there is platform-application investigation carried out by dev team to see how we can sort this out. It is still being investigated. I am really sorry for the troubles this causes...
  5. Yes, there were some changes to the suspend nodes. Anyway, we fixed this issue please deploy the latest update at your earliest convenience:
  6. Victor

    No matching gotoIf error

    @JO_7001 actually this one fixes the issue:
  7. @Aaron Summers @samwoo @lokent @Jeremy I have investigated this on the support request raised by Aaron and although I was unable to establish why this is happening I can clearly see it happening when it should not. I do not see any misconfiguration and as far as the process is designed, it should work... I have gathered all the info I could find about this and I have asked our dev teams to look into this with priority. I will come back to this with more updates once I have their feedback. @lokent FYI - forum topics that you created about reopened requests not closing and multiple resolution emails being sent to customers were merged into this one as it is the same issue and is better to be discussed in one place.
  8. This is now being investigated by support. I'll update this as soon as I have more info.
  9. Victor

    Analyst Performance Widgets

    I am not sure, I need to look into it... I'll get back to you on this.
  10. Yes because searching is affected... dev team still looking into this...
  11. @Ann-MarieJones - I have asked our infrastructure and platform dev teams to look into this. Will get back to you ASAP.
  12. Victor

    No matching gotoIf error

    @JO_7001 deploy the latest SM update (build 1393) to fix this.
  13. @JO_7001 - thanks for the API key. As suspected the error occurs because the process has a human task configured to assign the task to ["owner"]. I can see you posted a screenshot where the task is assigned to ["ownerId"] so I think there is a misunderstanding of where the error actually occurs. The error did not occur when "Perform the Change" task was created (this one is configured correctly) but on the next task, "Update Documentation". This task is configured incorrectly to assign the task to ["owner"] instead of ["ownerId"].
  14. @JO_7001 - I need to have a look at this in your instance... can please create and send me (via PM) an API key I can use to investigate this, please? There is a guide for creating API keys here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/API_keys
  15. The short answer is no I'm afraid... amendments to each individual service BPM will be the way to do it ...