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  1. Ermm... you don't have to but why won't you? You don't like us...
  2. Text box bug

    @anitguy much progress I have to say, part of it was fixed, it just needs some minor touches (from my understanding) so it won't be long now...
  3. Breach emails - continuing on hold?

    @yelyah.nodrog is still being worked on. May I ask, when you have a chance, to raise this as a support request so we can track and monitor the progress? Thanks!
  4. @HGrigsby can you PM me the process definition please?
  5. Closing a call

    @Prathmesh Patel we have now fixed ticket Ref: IN00052334. You should be able to access it and progress it.
  6. Undefined in Email

    I looked at the template ... After "Claim Details" line you have a bunch of variables on each line. Then I matched the lines in your email examples with the lines in the template: - the first line in the template (after "Claim Details" line) is {{.H_custom_l}} and matches the first line in the email 23-04-2018 23:00; - the second line in the template (after {{.H_custom_l}}) is {{.H_custom_d}} and matches the second line in the email 1 hours; - etc. - until I reached the {{.H_custom_n}} line in the template which matched the "undefined" line in the email. I highlighted this in the screenshot as well...
  7. Combine Columns in Report

    @Dan Munns right... well, we did discuss your request for such a section (afaik it was posted in non product discussions) and the outcome was to use "tags" for such requests (no section). So, until we have a formal "tags" system in place, may I ask when such request is raised to tag it as such? I think you already do... Apologies, I should have updated your post where you requested the enhancement section....
  8. Undefined in Email

    @SJEaton it looks like in your first example (SR00032731), the Custom N variable has an "undefined" value... any idea why it could have such value in that scenario?
  9. Combine Columns in Report

    "We" in this scenario means "You" ... Only customers can raise such requests, we can't do this on behalf of our customers I'm afraid
  10. Undefined in Email

    Not that I don't believe you but the "undefined" at the bottom of the email suggests there might be a variable there. Just to clarify this, may I as if you can post a screenshot of the current template configuration, the template used to send that email?
  11. Undefined in Email

    @SJEaton the template used to send the email should show what variable is used where "undefined" appears...
  12. Combine Columns in Report

    I thought you would never ask ...
  13. Combine Columns in Report

    I assume you will only have one serial number across all related tables (computer, computer peripheral, etc.). Because that asset is of one type only - i.e. Asset X can only be a "computer", not a "computer" and some other type... so you could theoretically use CONCAT function here. But since you don't have this function in reporting UI, you can't do it in a report Using DB direct though, you could use something like this (following the example in your screenshot): SELECT <list of various fields here>, CONCAT(h_cmdb_assets_computer.serial_number, h_cmdb_assets_computer_peripheral.serial_number) AS asset_serial_number FROM ... etc.
  14. Can't Load next flow.

    https://community.hornbill.com/topic/12710-new-update-hornbill-collaboration-822/ But I don't think is related... Why do you say it was user error? Seems there are some issues with the PCF (the error, the crashing) that I would like to investigate... Can I access your instance to look at this? If so pleas let me know which PCFs are causing trouble?
  15. @Gary@ADL CH00119059 is now fixed. I have restarted the process which means the authorisation task was created excluding the archived/deleted user. The CH can be continued from here.