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  1. Victor

    Emails reopening resolved tickets

    Mkay... so, broadly: In this 7 day grace period... have a parallel branch in the process waiting for a request update. If the update is an email then process reopen the request... P.S. This is just in theory, I never tried it in a process myself...
  2. Victor

    Emails reopening resolved tickets

    @HHH possibly, but you need to have the process active for as long as an email is expected on that request...
  3. @Dan Munns no updates ... I think Samrai or Customer Success will get in touch with you to discuss this further, however, I do not know their plans how...when...
  4. Victor

    Email isn't sent to linked requests

    @Jamie Talbot ok, let me have a look in the event logs and see what I can find...
  5. Victor

    Email isn't sent to linked requests

    @Jamie Talbot - can you give me a request reference from where the email should have sent ( the source and the links) and tell me when you tried this and noticed it does not work (date/time)
  6. Victor

    Unable to delete catalog item

    @RobW - can you please create an API key for the admin account (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/API_keys) and send it to me via PM so I can have a look. Also, I would need to know what service and what CI are having this issue...
  7. Victor

    Catalog Items not visible on portal

    @SJEaton - Is not gone....! You can find it by looking you your activity...
  8. @Lauren - I have discussed the situation of the Premier Success plan internally and I understand my colleagues from Customer Success team are dealing with this. Until this is fully clarified we have extended you plan until next Monday. It might take up to 15 min for all options to appear on the webform.
  9. Victor

    Catalog Items not visible on portal

    I have also created a new topic for this as the original one was discussing something completely different...
  10. Victor

    Catalog Items not visible on portal

    @SJEaton yes, I understand, I am looking into this, will get back to you as soon as possible...
  11. @Lauren @Gemma Morrison 1. Please, do not use direct emailing to raise a support request, it is not an available channel to request support. Always use the webform. 2. Your Hornbill Premier Success plan expired today. I am not sure if this is the case if you renewed or not, I am just stating what our current record says. I will ask internally about this and will get back to you. 3. We are experiencing issues receiving emails to our support mailbox. I have posted an announcement in this regard here:
  12. Victor

    Asset import not working as expected

    @Giuseppe Iannacone - I understand from @Steve G that you confirmed yesterday morning that duplicates no longer occur. Is this no longer the case? Are you getting duplicates again since yesterday morning?
  13. @Ann-MarieJones - right, so, I have fixed all recently raised Change Requests having this workflow error (raised since 30/01), except the ones that have been cancelled. Also, the following CH have the same error but I have not corrected it because: CH00017605 - has been progressed to a certain degree CH00015270 and CH00015269 - raised on 10/01 (so a bit old) If you like me to fix the error on these and restart the failed workflow as well, please let me know.
  14. @Ann-MarieJones - yes, one of the "new" roles used by the BP engine to progress the workflow on requests was missing a right to access the table that stores the users in order to retrieve the list of users for the authorisation stage/node... I say "new" because in the latest platform update we made some improvements in the process engine but sadly we overlooked this particular right for the particular node (Retrieve List of Authorisers). I have fixed CH00019360 but looking through other change requests I can see a few others having the same issue. I am working to have them all fixed, please bear with me...
  15. @Ann-MarieJones - ok, the underlying issue is fixed, there was an issue accessing a system table (ones that store the users) which the node would need in order to retrieve the list of approvers. I will now look into having that CH fixed as simply restarting the process won't suffice. I'll also have a look to see if there are any other CH with the same issue and fixe them if they are...