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  1. Around 14:33 today we have noticed internet traffic being affected to and from our data center. This is due to an issue with a switch in central London that is not controlled by Hornbill. We do not expect customer instances to be affected but depending on how the instance is accessed some users might report disruptions. We are monitoring the issue.
  2. @stevebissex - in addition to Armando's advice, you need to ensure the summary and description are correctly mapped to request details. The assignment bit looks to me more like a BP design issue rather than PC...
  3. @carlt fix won't be available in the next SM app update, but the one after. We're looking at maybe 2-3 weeks or so.
  4. The fix for this defect will be available in the next Service Manager update. This update is almost ready for deployment so it won't be too long before is deployed.
  5. @HGrigsby - raise a support request with us and we'll have a look...
  6. @Jeremy They are ...performed by the BP. Everything that happens in Hornbill happens in a user context. Everything. BPE does not have "a user", as such any actions performed by workflow have to use something else. The above request was raised by Jeremy. When a request is raised it will also spawn a workflow. This is part of the raising a request mechanism. When the workflow spawns the BPE needs a user to perform the designed actions as such it will use the context of the user that raised the request, therefore you see the assignment, prioritisation (all performed by the BP) having Jeremy user context. You may see actions performed by the workflow in other users context, depending on what user progressed the workflow. For example, if a workflow is suspended waiting for... I don't know... let's say waiting for request owner. If another user assigns the request which resumes the workflow which does a bunch of other actions, all other actions will be in the context of the user that did the assignment because it was that user who performed an action that triggered the process to do a bunch of other stuff... Even when there is no user that triggers the workflow do do something, like for example when having a node that expires, it will still be a user context when the expiry is reached, in this case a "System Internal Context" user...
  7. Is a know defect. I'll check to see if the fix is available in the next SM update.
  8. @Steven Cotterell so basically this seems to be the issue, right? And this is on request details on a request with no service, correct?
  9. @nasimg nothing unusual reported in our infrastructure for that period of time (or any other time)... as far as we are aware all was ok with the instance...
  10. @JO_7001 @Steven Cotterell Your instances should be on the latest ESP build since Friday and the issue resolved. Let me know if otherwise.
  11. Victor

    BPM Error

    @DFarran ok, had a look at the process and request and is not often when I say this but I don't know why the error occurs. I've asked dev team to look into this. I see the request is in resolved state but I have cleared the error on that request though so the workflow can be progressed.
  12. Victor

    BPM Error

    @DFarran - PM me an API key for your instance and I'll have look. Ideally the API key would be for the admin account. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/API_keys
  13. Just to confirm we haven't added this in Hornbill, we (support team) simply have a NiceReply link that we put in the email template that is sent out on closure, nothing more... there is no integration with Hornbill... Feedback responses and configuration is done via the NiceReply account...
  14. @David Longley - I have no idea, I don't have access to the NiceReply account, it was set up by our managers. But that's a 3rd party tool, we don't have any guidelines for it, best place would be their website I would think...
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