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  1. Victor

    Archived Team still showing

    @Kelvin ok, I'll have a look... this is really odd, it should not be doing this ..
  2. Victor

    Archived Team still showing

    @Kelvin hmm... that's odd... so, when this team appears in the drop down list during assignment, if you select it and then you select the analyst field, do you get an analysts list you could choose from?
  3. Victor

    Archived Team still showing

    @Kelvin may I ask how you have "stopped using" it? From the screenshot you posted it looks like you suggest that you tried to do this by disabling "Allow Task Assignment"? If my assumption is correct then there is a misunderstanding here... disabling "Allow Task Assignment" does not mean the team will not be available in the assignment drop down list... You can do this however from the Service Desk configuration (edit the team): You can disable assignment for all members in the team one by one or using the "Disable All" button.
  4. Victor

    Stack Authorisation Tasks

    @AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT just to make sure I haven't set a wrong expectation here, my idea of a "new list of authorisers node" was just an idea to explain how this could work but is up to James and dev team to implement the functionality as a whole which might be something else that the "new list" node but to achieve the same result
  5. Victor

    Site Selection in new assets

    Now, I would never.... So, it does not work in IE... fantastic!... err.. I mean nothing for me to look into, back to @ArmandoDM
  6. @Stuart Riddell apologies, my Inbox was full... I cleared some of it so it should be working now...
  7. @Stuart Riddell can you please PM me some examples of organisations and contacts that have the issue and some that don't? I'll have a look at them see if I can spot anything...
  8. Victor

    Support portal not working on IE

    @FernK I need some screenshots of the issue please...
  9. Just to make sure I understand this right ... the issue is with the task completer role not being available/visible in the list so it can be associated to users?
  10. Victor

    Maximum step count error

    @Paul Alexander I’ll have a look this morning...
  11. Victor

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    Yes, there is a Service Manager app setting designed for this purpose: servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.catalogRequired Not exactly but you can prevent request resolution/closure if the request has no owner using this Service manager app setting: app.request.allowResolveCloseWithoutAnalyst
  12. Victor

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    @lee mcdermott ok, I had a look through all 58 requests. Requests that have a process against them (see below which don't) have the "Incident BP v2" process associated to them, here is the breakdown: 11 requests have not been raised via a catalog item meaning they don't have a process; 42 requests do not have an owner; 5 requests raised between Sep 2017 and Feb 2018 do not have an SLA most likely because there was no SLA rule for them at the time they were raised. Besides the last 5, for which nothing can be done, there is some configuration that needs to be looked at, especial for the majority of these which do not have an owner. Due to how the process is configured right now, the resolution timer is only started after the request has been assigned and categorised but for those 42 this logic was bypassed as the request was resolved without having the owner meaning the process has never progressed past this point. For the 11 requests raised without going via a catalog item you would need to either ensure a catalog item is selected when the request is raised and/or ensure the service itself has a process configured against it. Note: the 58 requests I mentioned here are requests, incidents, which are either resolved or closed, having a resolved date between 01/06/2018 and 30/06/2018 (tried to mimic the measure behind the "Incidents - service level success for last month" widget). I can give you the list if you want. I haven't looked at "Service requests - service level success for last month" widget but I'm fairly confident the same above reasons apply there as well...
  13. Victor

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    @lee mcdermott upon looking at some of requests it seems there is a mix of reasons why there are 58 requests showing as "Service Level Target not set" because within fix record does not have a value and this is due to a missing resolution timer. I'll have a look at these requests and give you a list of things/configurations that would need to be looked at...
  14. Victor

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    @lee mcdermott it might be that all services are linked or have an SLA but this does not necesrarily mean the request actually has a target timer (for response and/or resolution)... Let me know what widget is that and I’ll have a look on Mon...