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  1. Thread is now closed as we did not have any more reports or of this issue. Our monitoring tools also show instances can be accessed without issues.
  2. @Gary@ADL you don’t use operators within variables, there is no such concept in HB (yet anyway). Use a decision node with two paths where you check for change type. Each of the two paths then will continue with a separate/distinct node, one for each path, nodes which are identically configured with one difference in setup for each of the nodes being the colour parameter.
  3. @Jeremy that's for the developers to figure out, there is an ongoing conversation regarding this issue. I was merely offering assistance to "fix" the ones that are "stuck" until the issue is fully addressed.
  4. @Jeremy you can but you need to be familiar with all the APIs behind the scene and you build a tool to invoke specific APIs with specific params. Even so, given the nature of the fix I would never advise a customer to perform it themselves and leave this to HB staff.
  5. @all We are aware of the issue occurring even if after the fixes we put in place. @TrevorHarris and his team are currently refactoring the SAML authentication code in HB. As part of this refactoring issues such as this one should be addressed. Unfortunately there won't be any fix in the current code but we aim to finish the new code as soon as possible.
  6. @Jeremy if you need to "unstuck" any of your current running workflows having this issue please let me know.
  7. We didn't have any further reports of connection issues however we will keep this thread open for today to confirm the issue being fully resolved. As usual if you experience any issues please let us know.
  8. We still have occasional reports of issues/errors/timeouts connecting to Hornbill instances. It appears the routing issues experienced by Virgin Media are not yet fully resolved, even if last night reports did not indicate any more major ongoing issues. We have reactivated this thread and we monitor the issue. We will post more updates as soon as we have more information.
  9. There are still some localised routing issues with Virgin but instances should be accessible by most users now. I will close off this thread now as we believe the issue is mostly resolved. If by any chance your user base still has issues connecting to the instance please do a Status Check on the support webform and let us know the outcome.
  10. This is a Virgin outage map at 15:00. If you are using Virgin to route your connection and you are located in any of the hotspots you might still experience connectivity issues. Virgin are working to have all the issues resolved as soon as possible.
  11. There are some ongoing issues with routing for Virgin Media especially in the London and Manchester areas. You might experience connection issues if you route through Virgin until they resolve this. We will continue to monitor the issue and post any relevant updates.
  12. As per title you might experience connection issues to your instance due to issues with Virgin Media. Will post updates as soon as we know more.
  13. Assuming you would need this is asset list view then no, not possible. You can create custom views and/or reports that will show you this data.
  14. Correct. No, the "do-not-reply" is for testing the connection only. And most likely won't work (the test) if you encounter the "SendAsDenied" error. But this only affects the test, if you know the SMTP connector works otherwise, you can set it as is, ignore the test, and it should be working. Basically, in "SendAsDenied" circumstances, the test is not relevant. There isn't much to say here, we basically use the connector you have configured to connect to the SMTP server. We connect to it then, we instruct it to send the email and we wait to see what the SMTP did. In this case t
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