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Found 17 results

  1. I'm putting together some new email templates and I can't seem to get the |empty modifier to behave itself. For example, on the template.... Service affected: {{.h_custom_c|empty}}{{.h_custom_d|empty}} ....results in this.. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Can we request an enhancement to the Email Template Variables, to include the default email address derived from the default mailbox specified under the Service. This way we can use the variable to create generic email templates which work based on the services default mailbox, rather than having to either use separate templates or complex ESP conditions. Cheers Martyn
  3. We would like to set up an email template and include an specific attachment as part of the email, is this possible? I have tried to think of ways around it but can't, I have thought to upload into document library but there is no way to include this in the email that we want to send as part of the BPM email template.
  4. If there any option when we create an email template that the template can contain an attachment automatically? This would save my team having to add default attachments to emails which we want to get sent out.
  5. Hi all, I've looked to see if there are other posts regarding this issue but haven't spotted any so apologies for any duplication. I'm trying to create a template to provide our customers with some instructions on how to access Microsoft Forms after and automated actvity to add the user into an AD group has taken place. We have been able to in the past copy content stored in Word, stored in SharePoint or One Drive, and use this to base our instructions on. When doing this, I get broken previews of the images stored Please see the screenshot below: Does anyone have any ideas how I best get round this? Many Thanks Adam
  6. Hello, We have an incident process which is set to pass on the ticket information to another Service Desk team at another company. Upon receiving the email from Hornbill, their system is set to auto-generate a new ticket and email back their new ticket reference. As we currently do not have an API connection between the two systems, we've created a manual tasks for our analysts to manually capture the this new reference and add it to our Hornbill ticket. What I would like to be able to do is to then use this reference number to add to the end of our email subject line for it to auto update the correct ticket on their system. Within the Human Task, the field requesting the new system's reference number has been configured in the following manner: I have come as far as having the Field ID for the entered reference number but not sure how to progress further. Do I need to map it to a custom field and then use it in the Subject Line? Or can i use the Field ID in the Subject Line of the email template? Thanks in advance. Aykut
  7. Hi, I'm trying to find the setting that allows me to specify the default template that is select when a User (technician) clicks email option for communicating with people. I've had a look and can't seem to find it, does anyone know the variable name and its location ? Thanks James
  8. So I was wondering why in the email templates the custom fields only go up to 30 and don't go up to and including custom 40?
  9. Are there any plans to add support the creation of Email Template Translations, i.e. you have one Email Templates, such as 'RequestMessage' one which has the option to hold translated versions in addition to the default one, with the correct one being selected based on the 'Customers' language? This would fit in with only being able to select a single default request message template on the service, where as at the moment we would have to create seperate templates for each lanuage and use separate services or only send emails via the BPM where we can determine which email template to use. Cheers Martyn
  10. With ESP Conditions in templates can you use logical operators such as 'OR' and 'AND', or is just a single value assessment condition? For example I wish to check if {{Customer Contact.H_language} is 'en' or 'en-US' or is not 'fr' or 'de' or 'pl'? Cheers Martyn
  11. Though you can specify a default email template to be using the request email action for the service, it would be useful to be able to select an alternative from a drop down box, i.e. you set a default email template as you do now for a service, but you can also link other email templates which can be used for request for said service. The analyst can then choose to select an alternative one, rather than the default. For us, this is related to use wanting to use a single service for a multi language support team, therefore the standard email templates which surrounds the message body needs to be language specific. At the moment as there are no translations for email templates (see post link below), we are having to set up multiple services for the same Service (aka product) which are language specific. With the restriction on not being able to change a request from one service to another this makes it problematic when the wrong language service is selected. Cheers Martyn
  12. Hello, There is an issue with the auto-email template the keeps adding an "A" to the beginning of the "£" figure when the auto-emails are sent. I've checked the template and the custom field that it pulls the information from and cant see any mistakes or why this is happening, is anyone able to assist?
  13. How do I edit, or remove, the default email template from emails sent from within a request? We have created snippets to show all of the information we want so don't need these extra lines. Also, it breaks when assigning to a team and then updating the request, as technically there isn't a call owner. Thanks Andy
  14. Hi - I'm v new to Hornbill, thought I would be able to set up an email notification to the customer in a BPM following an existing example, however it is erroring and I'd appreciate some advice. I attach a screenshot of the node configuration, one of the error message and one of the email template. (I have tried it with other email templates and get the same error, I have tried setting it to email a different address and also get the same error.) tia Siobhan
  15. Afternoon, I am trying to add a variable to my email template for our Printer supplier so that the email generated the linked Printer asset. However i cannot seem to find a variable for asset number? is there one? if not can we please have one?
  16. Is it currently possible to change the display format of dates when they are inserted into a email template? The reason being is that they default to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, which is not the most human readable format. I would prefer to be able to format them as HH:MM DD/MM/YYYY. If not possible to do on a template by template format, it would be good to have a system wide setting where you can specify the default format form email templates as a whole. Cheers Martyn
  17. I have created an email template, most variable work however I cant get it to pull over the Customers firstname and lastname Subject: New call logged, Call Reference IN00000312. {{.H_fk_user_name}} Dear {{Customer Contact.H_firstname}} {{Customer Contact.H_lastname}}, Thank you for contacting the IT Support Helpdesk. This message is a confirmation of your request taken on: 10:44:06 15-03-16 by: kesout Request Type:- sefsef
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