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Found 18 results

  1. We are trying to get a list of our teams in Service Manager and the users that are attached to that team, is this something that is simple to achieve?
  2. Is there a way to mark a team as the default team in Service Manager? We have people that are in several teams and when assigning automatically etc it assigns to the team that is higher alphabetically and we would like to choose a default team and then have the requests default to being assigned there. Hope that this make sense?
  3. We have noticed that when people have apostrophe in their names it shows incorrectly in a user selector list in the PCF, please can this be fixed.
  4. Hi, I am seeing some strange user account appear when I am raising incidents on behalf of other people. Without wanting to paste in live user details, I am getting this happen: I have checked the user and there are no Paul's set with no last name within Hornbill, I have checked my Azure AD settings, and the users there are correct, so I am not sure where this is coming from. Anyone got any ideas on how I fix this or is it a support question? Thanks James
  5. Hi, Here at Milton Keynes Council its been requested that we try to implement a mechanism to priortise certain 'VIP' officers (CEO, Councillors etc.) and the their requests. I've found details about the enhancement applied in Q3 2020 - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Quarterly_Update_2020_Q3 - whereby banners can be applied for VIPP requests. 1. Has anyone implemented this and does it require updating all the BPMs linked to Progressive Captures? 2. Is there a way to highlight the request, using colour, once it arrives in the Service Manager request queue for further visibility ? 3. Are there any other alternatives to prioritise these type of VIP customers? Many thanks Rashid Milton Keynes Council
  6. We want to able to utilise the option in the PCF to allow customer to choose another user as affected which we can do very nicely with a Dynamic Drop Down box linking this to users. However, as this list has all users this is causing us issues, for example we have all students and staff in this list and need a way of restricting this list by department/organisation or a query. To be able to define this list would help us as we have approaching 57,000 users and the vast majority of these are students and when completing these forms we are asking for other affected staff members, this would also make the list faster and easier to use and cut down on the potential risk of having duplicate names and choosing the wrong affected user.
  7. We are trying to use the form to allow people to choose their manager etc via the below method, however, we have lots of users in our instance and wonder how we can limit this presented list to our customers to certain departments or buildings.... Are there examples of what queries you can enter to return specific lists of users etc.
  8. Hello, We had this very unusual number showing the number of users who have "admin" access to Hornbill. Look below and you would see the difference between Application Subscription Users and System Users numbers: 50/55 & 49/55: I went through the list literally like 5 times and twice with @samwoo but we could not see any missing member. I have never ever scratch my head that hard thinking if there is something wrong with my brain or my eyesight! Can anyone help please? Thanks, Aaron P.S. Can you elaborate the difference between these two (I know roughly but want to get properly explanation so I can relay toward my manager and department) this is also another opportunity for me to speak to my senior manager about giving few users access to HR to try and bring them into Hornbill.
  9. As in the wiki, we can Associate a group to Hornbill user accounts, but can we associate multiple groups? For example, if we want to assign a service to IT Services, but another specifically to IT Infrastructure could we look at [department] for their department (IT Services) and [extensionAttribute11] for the team (IT Infrastructure) and have both assigned at import time? If so, is it as simple as: "OrgLookup":{ "Action":"Both", "Enabled":false, "Attribute":"[department]", "Type":2, "Membership":"member", "TasksView":true, "TasksAction":true, "OnlyOneGroupAssignment":false "Action":"Both", "Enabled":false, "Attribute":"[extensionAttribute11]", "Type":1, "Membership":"member", "TasksView":true, "TasksAction":true, "OnlyOneGroupAssignment":false }
  10. So my company is working to a go live, at this time it appears that we decided that we only needed 10 licenses. However what will this do when we go actually live? does this mean only 10 can be logged in at anytime? Thanks for any assistance.
  11. Is it possible to automatically assign each user to a team when importing them through CSV upload for example by adding an organzation ID column? The wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Users doesn't say anything but if this is possible what should the name of the column to be imported be and how should the format be for the organization? Organization ID in organizations is in the format company/department/team, could this be used here as well?
  12. When attempting to sort the list of users by the Online column in the Organisational Data > Users section in the Admin Tool, the list is not sorted correctly. Cheers Martyn
  13. Are there any plans to allow tagging of Collaboration Users in workspaces as you type, so that they get a notification that they have been mentioned in a Workspace post? Cheers Martyn
  14. We are in the process of importing (via LDAP) around 800 users into the system as basic users with access to SelfService, so that they can login using single sign on into the Service Portal. It would be really useful to have a textual filter like those provided on other area such as Settings->Advanced so that you can start typing a users name and the list will be filtered down. Even applying the current filters to limit the list by type, still means we have to page through or try guess which page a specific user will be on. Thanks. Martyn
  15. The sort order on the user screen in the Admin Tool does not appear to be working as expected and does not display the record in the correct order when you click on the column to sort by it. Cheers Martyn
  16. Hello, We have an IMT group which contains no users, but whenever we try to delete it we get the following message: Can someone assist? Thanks, Samuel
  17. If I add a new organisation and want to assign users is there an easy way to add all users as currently I am doing this manually.
  18. Search under "users, roles and organisation" doesn't work for our instance. It generally returns no value, although a couple of users can be found (common thing about them is they have status 0) Is this a known issue or should I log a defect?
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