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Enhancement request: User ID

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Admins need the ability to change the User ID of a customer, without having to delete the user from Users within the platform configuration area. 

Whilst the first and last name successfully changed when the import job ran, the user ID did not - I logged a support request and was advised 'The User ID unfortunately cannot be updated in Hornbill. There are many reasons why this is not possible but one of the main reasons is because the User ID maps or connects to tasks, requests, schedules and a load of other data and would require that all these connected entities are removed from the User ID before changing it and then would need to be re-assigned in similar way to archiving users and having to move or shift their responsibilities and requests to someone else before being completed.' 


Whilst I understand the above, the reason for this is extremely sensitive, and I would rather speak to a developer directly as this is a need of many people not just a single person.  



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@katy_palmer happy to hear what is this extremely sensitive reason (you can send me a private message here if you like). More often than not the solution to the issue you are trying to address here can be solved by other means, and not by having user IDs changed.


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