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Tickets showing as assigned to Owner when they are not

Mike Hillman

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Could you please follow the instructions and confirm whether you are still able to recreate the issue?

In the Chrome browser:

  • Press F12
  • Right-click on the reload icon next to the browser URL
  • Select the "Empty cache and hard reload" option


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I have this  issue in private browser and trying a different browser @Ehsan. I can confirm for us at least owners appear to be assigned when no owner has been selected. I have raised a support ticket for this issue. We didn't appear to be impacted at the same time as other but we are getting a flurry of reports since 12:45pm 

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1 hour ago, AlexOnTheHill said:

After assigning to a different team I was then able to assign to myself/colleagues/another team.

Colleagues are now reporting things appear to be ok.

Sadly after further testing more people are saying they cannot assign calls. I have confirmed they have done a force refresh.

I have asked that they try to assign elsewhere then assign back to themselves but have not had any success.

I think the issue is ongoing.

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Hi @Ehsan, I can confirm I've tried both I.E and Edge Chromium, same issues occur.

I can also confirm we're getting these reports across multiple machines from our Service Desk. So if it was a cache related issue I would of thought this would machine specific. 

I'm being pinged constantly by our support teams here but this is the latest information that I have at the moment. I'll Private message you a support code an a reference as an example


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Just noticed when looking at a request where it has indicates it has been assigned to me, the team it indicates I am not a member of so would not expect it to show that I am. The screen shot below shows our Lorenzo BAU Team and I am inserted as the owner / member of team. However when you look at the timeline and HUD it seems to indicate it is still awaiting assignment / awaiting owner




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