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  1. Just to confirm @Jeremy has kindly forwarded me the details to access the Sandbox environment Many thanks Jeremy
  2. Hi All, I was looking to see how do we access the Sandbox environment please? It is not something I have dabbled with previously - I presume there is a link and password / username to utilise for this? Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Many thanks Adrian
  3. Hi, Some of my teams have a large amount of snippets. However, the list is hard to navigate as it extends off the bottom of the displayed screen, so the only way to access snippets further down the list is to either search or scroll the whole screen. Is it possible to limit the number shown with a scroll bar within the snippet list window itself to save having to scroll the whole screen? Screen shot below shows the view, the 1st arrow is the browser window scroll bar, and as you can see we have to scroll down the list to find the snippet if the name is not known. Many thanks
  4. Hi Victor, Just looking at the process and your suggestion would work as I could make the expired / rejected decision on the initial node, and then just have to cater for the authorised / no match on the next Stage, - thank you for the pointer UPDATE just saw you posted the above with the values so I will try this initially, and if need be i will move the reject / expired outcome onto the Stage where we make the authorisation call. Many thanks as always ! Adrian
  5. Hi Victor, The BPM has this decision on the next Stage so I am unable to just use the outcomes on the original authorisation node outcome. I also have 4 potential outcomes in the process 1 request does not need authorisation so can just be actioned by team / there will be no authorisation decision to branch on 2 request needs authorisation / this is authorised - currently works on the decision node using Hornbill Automations->Get Request Information->Authorisation (Approved/Rejected)==1 3 request needs authorisation / this is rejected - currently have this setup as Hornbill Automations->Get Request Information->Authorisation (Approved/Rejected)==0 but unsure if rejected authorisations are stored as 0? 4 request needs authorisation / this has expired - unsure where I would get this value on the following stage through a get request node So on the following stage I have utilised the No Match option for option 1, so need to know how to identify the expired and rejected authorisations at that point in the process. So I was hoping like authorised has a value of 1, that both rejected and expired are also stored with a value Many thanks
  6. Hi All, We are introducing / making use of the inbuilt authorisation's process in Hornbill for the first time. I have setup the BPM to cater for 3 potential outcomes of the authorisation: Authorised / Rejected / Expired. I believe the value to check for authorised is 1, and a 0 would indicate rejection (I think) - however I am unsure of the value to check for in the decision node to offer a specific task for the expired outcome - can anyone confirm the below is correct / fill the blank at all please? NB this is on a Service Request automated authorisation rather than a manually initiated authorisation in the request itself. Authorised: 1 Rejected: 0 ? Expired: ? Many thanks
  7. Hi @samwoo Much the same as Paul never really found a solution so I am still maintaining management of our templates via a spreadsheet. Would be great to have another method in the system to manage these Many thanks Adrian
  8. Hi Alisha, We add our assets to the request at the time of capture in the PC questions - are you capturing the asset then, or once the request is raised into Service Manager? Thanks
  9. Hi Steve, This issue is now fixed as the setting is now off - however I was sure this was set to on previously. When viewing the setting the text below seems to indicate it needs to be on to work, rather than off: app.request.allowResolveCloseWithoutAnalyst : this indicates if turned on this will allow resolution without analystThis setting prevents resolving or closing a Request that does not have an owner. This setting is not enforced in Business Processes. : this text seems to indicate if this is on it prevents resolution without an owner. I am almost 100% sure this was always On which is why I was confused as to why I was seeing resolved requests without an owner this week. I certainly would have picked up this issue before this week if this was always the way this setting worked. However, I have been working on collating global settings into a document this week so it is possible I may have clicked this setting to On in error when working on this document - Ill be honest and say I cant recall ! Either way all fixed now - thanks
  10. Hi Mark, Sure no problem - the first thing I would highlight though is I believe feedback only becomes 'enabled' on a request once it moves to a closed status, so until your request moves to a closed status no feedback is possible - this is the reason for the feedback nodes on our BPM being post closure. We have a Get request details node at the start of our closure tab, and from this we can ascertain if feedback has been received / not yet received / rejected - I can see you have a Get Request node just before closure so this should then give you the decision logic shown below for confirming if feedback has been received: Feedback received decision logic: Feedback rejected logic: For No feedback yet received we use the No Match option, then after another 5 days we just check if feedback has been received, then just close the request if none received after 10 days. If needed happy to do a meeting over Teams to show you it working on a test request Thanks
  11. Hi Mark, We have built in a process on the majority of our BPMs where once it moves to closed status, we send an initial email asking for feedback, then after 5 days if no feeedback received we then send a chaser - bpm is as below. Happy to talk through the configuration if required, although I can see you want to send a chaser for closure / feedback so I would presume you could insert this process prior to closure. Many thanks Adrian
  12. Hi Steve, These are requests being resolved with no owner - I will check the BPM's behind the catalogue items raised, but it is just strange that I have not had this issue arise for at least 18 months, but yesterday I had about 10 different requests where I had to assign the owner to complete the process. Normally on my daily checks I only pick up requests that have been resolved but then reassigned to another team for further action but were not reopened before reassignment, so no owner in the team assigned to. Many thanks
  13. Hi All, I have noted today that a number of requests resolved today are allowing Resolution without an Owner. The setting to control this is Active, and has been for a while, and before today I had not picked up any problems with this. The setting Under Request Settings 'This setting prevents resolving or closing a Request that does not have an owner. This setting is not enforced in Business Processes.' is marked as on. Has anyone else noticed this at all? Normally I would only pick up requests with no Owner where someone has assigned the request to another team but failed to reopen. This is the 1st time for a long time I have picked up requests Resolved with no Owner (These are just straight Resolved requests with no reassignment of team) Many thanks
  14. Hi All, Apologies but I thought I had raised this previously. Currently when creating a custom request list view we lose the totals (Total / New / Open / Resolved). I thought I had raised this previously to ask if this can be enhanced at all as these totals are extremely helpful on the basic request list view, but we do not get these on a custom view. Can anyone confirm if this is to be changed at all please? Many thanks Adrian
  15. Hiya, I have just made a test button and specified my Hornbill team only to see it, and from some initial checks through all the services I only see this button appear when I view it under that team's requests. It doesn't appear under other teams when checking there, so I would think it should be possible as you only want your service desk to see a button. Thanks
  16. Hi Steve, Thank you - I will have a little play around, I did suspect the value was available to refer back to Many thanks as always
  17. Hi, You should be able to specify who sees the custom button in the configuration as below. Under the Show Button If conditions you can select Team to limit who can see the button Many thanks
  18. Hi All, I have a new BPM I am working on where we have a requirement to reassign it back to the original owner. The basic process is: 1 Request Raised 2 Team member picks up request / validates and inputs data 3 Request then assigned back to team for another person to validate the data and input 4 If any data issues found in step 3 we want to assign the request back to the original owner from step 2 I can see we can ask the request owner in step 4 to assign it manually back to the original owner, but I wanted to improve this if possible by automating this part, and just get the BPM to assign back to the initial owner from step 2. Ideally I just want task for step 4 where the person validating it can just select Validated or Rejected and upon selection of Rejected it assigns back to the initial owner. Is it possible to configure this in the BPM? Many thanks
  19. Hi Steve Just to confirm I have now loaded these extended fields into the report builder by using the Join function then linking to the relevant data field. Many thanks Adrian
  20. Hi, I wanted to confirm and check if Hornbill / Service Manager are DSPT compliant (Data Security and Protection Toolkit). This is part of a review our internal Information Governance Team require, and just need confirmation if Hornbill is compliant with this or not please Many thanks !
  21. Hi James, thank you that worked perfectly ! Many thanks
  22. Hi All, I have a new full User of Service Manager who does not appear to be able to create his timesheet. I have logged onto his account and tried myself and neither of the buttons/icons at the top of the My Timesheet sidebar appear to do anything so although it says click the link at top of this panel to create timesheet, it does not appear to let me create a timesheet for him Many thanks
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