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  1. Good Morning I have been tasked with looking into how we can filter or report on Incidents / Service Requests which are in a particular Department i.e. Ward A. For example due to COVID we are wanting to escalate request on particular department such as a Ward to ensure they are completed as a priority... then we are wanting to report on Requests Resolved/closed. At the moment i can only filter on a particular site... which is entered on the user logging the request. Not sure how best to do this, do you do it in the business process or Progressive Capture? Like we have h_summary an
  2. Good Afternoon I have edited the conf.json file which is attached and ran it but still getting an error... i will attach log file, if anyone can point me in the right direction. thanks Joanne conf.json HornbillCleaner_20210107164007.721875.log
  3. Good Morning, i'm still getting an error, just wondering if I need to use the full details within the conf json file, just worried as we are using the system with incidents and service requests and dont want to loose anything.. Only want to delete test change requests HornbillCleaner_20210107094811.0362.log
  4. Fabulous, will add that now... thank you
  5. I have attached the log file HornbillCleaner_20210106160546.884263.log
  6. Good Afternoon If possible please can someone help, i have create a basic conf.json file to remove a couple of change requests, before attempting to removing them all, but receiving a error:
  7. Thank you very much for your help.. all sorted now..
  8. Good Afternoon, please can someone help, we are receiving the following error when following a change process
  9. Trying to run the Hornbill Clean Utility to remove Change Requests due to going live soon, but receiving an error when running from command prompt. I have run the utility previously prior to go live for service manager incident / service request, but over a year ago now.. I am nervous with the conf.json file as only want to remove changes, do i just leave the required fields in and remove others i.e. Request types "change request" "Requestreferences" The following details are in my conf.json file { "CleanRequests": true, "RequestReferences":[" CH0000667
  10. Thank you very much, will check these details now... Please can i ask, how do you see the full message?
  11. Within the Change Management Business Process we have used the Hornbill Automation to Add the Change Request automatically to Boards, and for them to move across to the appropriate Lanes, depending on the Stage it is at. Since testing the Business Process, by logging a Request we have found that the first part works as the request is shown on the Change Board within the triage lane, however once the request is triaged, it should then move to the next Lane and it is here were we are receiving the error ... I have added the error in the word document attach, along with screenshots of the B
  12. Good Afternoon, Is it possible to create a Business Process which will allow a request to be logged and resolved straight away. Reason: on the Service Desk, we are wanting to ensure all calls are logged and resolved, even the ones which are fixed immediately, for example providing the user with appropriate telephone number, so just wanting to make the logging / resolving process as quick as possible... Many thanks Jo
  13. Thank you so much Bob, all working, didn't realise the filters need to be in a more logical order - new to reporting...
  14. Thank you I will have a look now
  15. Good Morning, I am trying to create a reports to search for requests which have the word Covid in summary/description, which was resolved on the previous day. However on checking the reports it isn't showing a request which was resolved yesterday, so i am not sure where i am going wrong, please see below my filter, can anyone provide me with advice. Thank you Joanne
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