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  1. You guys are amazing. Thank you
  2. I found that on another post but I don't get that view so assumed it was an old one and things had changed. I cant put a screen shot on as our security blocks me but this is what I get under settings and notifications. I have no "service manager app" Notification Type Is Enabled Desktop Activity Stream and Timeline Post Comment Comment Change Like Unlike Wall Follower Change Workspace Member Change Owner Change Delete Document Follower Change Status Change Owner Change Lock Share Update Conversation Participant Change Start Post Task Assign Reminder Email New
  3. Hi I have some teams who want to be emailed when a job is assigned to their team and some teams who don't. I have found the settings to turn notifications on for assignment but this seems to be a all or nothing. Is there a way I can bespoke this for individual teams? If not can it be added as an enchantment please. Thanks Laura
  4. Thanks Trevor It is really important for us to be able to do this.
  5. Tried it and I dont think that works either. Thanks for you reply Adrian.
  6. Is that not the team its assigned to rather than the team who's looking at the ticket?
  7. I have a chase button and a create master which I would ideally like only available to our Service Desk. I dont belive this is possible now but making it so would give a lot more functionality for me.
  8. Thanks @Ehsan It is set as visible to customer. My library is shared with docmanager portal I want them to appear on the users view of the ticket.
  9. Thanks Martyn Just tried that but still cant see the linked document. Laura
  10. Hi All In the action bar on a ticket I can link a document in a library. It links and shows on the analyst view. On the users portal view in the time line it just says Document Linked: Recovery of Files But nothing to click on. Am I missing something? My library is shared with docmanager portal and basic user. All users have document manager portal The document has been published Perhaps I am expecting something that shouldn't be there? All help would be gratefully received.
  11. Some of our Analysts would like to stay anonymous to save being called directly. I have looked on the wiki and settings but cant seem to find anything.
  12. Thank you Daniel that would be great. Look forward to the update Laura
  13. So when you search for something from the bar there are a few categorys All - Service - FAQ - Service Request - Known Issue - My Requests Is there a way to remove / hide some of these? I want to hide "Service" and "Service request" I have found when serching for an FAQ, for example "password", it brings the FAQs but also the process with that word in. I dont want people to use that route to access process and also I want to keep the search tidy and easy to use. Is there a way? Thanks
  14. Hi there I would like to be able to create a shopping basket for our hardware requests, I think this was mentioned by someone else before (see below) but I cant find any other requests or solutions Is this something on the road map at all? Thanks
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