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  1. I've been asked to produce a report on the times between updates on a number of requests I need to the report to show the length of time requests were sitting with a particular team before being updated, after being assigned over to that team - i.e. length of time that passed between the request being passed to that team and the request being next updated. I can't figure out any way to do this, and I'm not even sure if it's possible - has anyone any ideas?
  2. Thanks all - apologies, I've just realised I'd not replied back! I've managed to figure it out - what I've done is subscribe the overall company to the service, which makes the visibility restriction option available on the Service Catalog items. Within the catalog item though, only the overall company is shown in the visibility Include/Exclude list (rather than the members of the company) so I've hidden the catalog item from the entire company and then added the individual users I need to have access in as separate subscribers to the Service, which then allows me to make the catalog item visible to them so far, this seems to work! Many thanks to everyone for your assistance
  3. I've been trying to figure this one out, but I've drawn a bit of a blank I have a requirement for a Service to be setup which is available to all users (i.e. there are no specific Subscribers listed against the service, it's available to everyone) via the Portal Within this service there needs to be mulitple Service Catalog items, but I need to restrict some of them so that they are only visible to certain users (I basically need everyone to be able to be set as a customer against any request raised against the catalog item, but only certain people to be able to actually raise the request in the portal - the service desk analysts/BPM workflows will change the customer on the request later as/when needed) I've noticed that there is a Restrict visibility option available on Service Catalog Items, but only when specific Subscribers are listed against the service, it disappears when the service is available to everyone Is there any way to do this when the Service is available to everyone (i.e. no specifically listed subscribers?)
  4. We've just noticed the same issue occurring, although we've only started to see it this morning - is there an update on the patch rollout?
  5. Just by way of update, the issue I reported this morning has now been resolved, I don't if you want to check and see if this issue has also been resolved
  6. All looking good here now as well, many thanks!
  7. That's exactly what we use this service for as well, quicklogging - if you turn portal visibility on in the Service setup it will come back for you, but it will also appear on the portal which is no good as anyone can then access it! Definitely feeling that this is related to the Service Manager update
  8. We've come in this morning to find that one of our Services is no longer visible to the Service Desk team We have a service which is only for use by our Service Desk Team - it's set up with all users as subscribers (as tickets/requests will be logged against customers), but Portal Visibility is set to hidden, as I don't want it available on the portal for everyone to see. It is however available to the SD team when they raise a ticket from within Service Manager This morning though it's now gone missing for the SD team - the only way I can get it to reappear in the Services list for them is to change the Portal setting to visible, but this obviously also puts the Service on the portal front page for everyone, which I don't want. I have set the individual Catalog items within the Service to Service Desk only (rather than Portal or Both), but I still don't want the service showing at all on the Portal Is anyone able to shed any light on the issue? The issue has only occurred since the last Service Manager Update, so I'm guessing it's related as nothing else has been changed
  9. That's great, thank you! I shall enable the option and see how we get on Thank you for your help
  10. We're trying to work out if it's possible to send notification emails to customers whenever one of our analysts updates a request (via adding a comment or note, rather than by using the email option) - we get emails sent to us whenever a customer updates the request via the portal, does anyone know if it's possible for this to work the other way round, and customers get email notifications when we update requests? Many Thanks
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