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  1. @Victor fair enough, I configured this initially in June 2019.... I Just had to copy the URL from Hornbill and paste here..
  2. @Victor This is what I was trying to explain earlier... When I initially configured this SAML for Hornbill I did "not" have to upload the medadata file, it was just a matter of copying the URL from Hornbill Azure config into SAML in Azure....
  3. @yelyah.nodrog yes I am very surprised more people are not reporting this issue or having similar issues. At least I still have access to what we need and has put me off updating. @Victor judging by Yelyah actions and issue I think I will hold off on updating for now until we see a more reliable approach... Thanks
  4. @Victor thank you for your prompt reply as always... Seeing that this change was implemented by Hornbill without prior warning I am just asking if indeed after downloading the XML's they are then uploaded to the existing SAML connections we have in Azure for Hornbill (Service), Hornbill (Live) and Hornbill (Admin), see screenshots below. Also, when does this change have to be implemented for before it stops working? Thanks
  5. @TrevorHarris yes I know were the instructions are however I am finding them quite confusing... When I initially configured SSO for Hornbill, (over two years ago) it was a totally different setup, not like now re downloading the files from Hornbill it was actually the other way round, import to Hornbill from Azure.... When does this change have to be made for? Perhaps @Victor or @Bob Dickinson can advise? Thanks
  6. @TrevorHarris sorry, i think I had the wrong option, is this correct? This is the basic Hornbill app, so I should upload user here?
  7. Thanks again Trevor. Once downloaded, is it the "SAML Signing Certificate" in Azure I edit for each application as below?
  8. @TrevorHarris thank you for your update, however if I do that is saves it as a mcatalog.xml file, is that correct?
  9. Morning ALL, While trying to download the necessary files re the meta data I receive the below error for each. Can someone assist please? @Victor
  10. @Victor thanks again... Re "allocating a product specialist to provide the answer you need" this comes at a cost?
  11. @Victor thank you for your response as always, if you are on hols this can wait, one would think another member of Hornbill could of responded. I logged the below on July 23rd and heard nothing back re it....don't think this goes to a queue as I do not have that level of support and have to log via this way!?
  12. @Steve Giller any chance of an update on this and the other ticket I logged three weeks ago tomorrow?
  13. @Steve Giller this is exactly what I was talking about previously re tagging people... Still no correspondence or update and it's been exactly "two" weeks!?
  14. @Steve Giller this is the one nobody has come back to me about......
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