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  1. HI All, @Steven Boardman I totally agree with Lee in his initial mail regarding the lack of info provided to this migration, I've only found out due to the mail sent just now from marketing. After Steven's reponse, I am still confused. Do we have to do anything in the build up to this, as in will our current service portal be migrated over automatically or? I see Steven says the current service manager for agents etc will stay the same, which is good, so again, do we as a company need to prepare any changes for future proofing or will this all be migrated on the switch over day etc? Thanks
  2. Thanks David, don't like it at all I have to say, is there a way to revert to the original template?
  3. Hello, It seems that since I updated to the latest version of Service Manager, the view for category is not listed in tickets anymore, please see below: Can someone look into this ASAP please, thank you.
  4. Service and LIVE both down...
  5. Hornbill not working for us here....unable to connect etc, down about 10 mins now, status site stated all OK, LOL....
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth This is one of the default reports within the home-applications-hornbill service manager-reports section and is called Resolved in Date Range Grouped On Resolved By Individuals
  7. Hi Everyone, Quick query, I am running my monthly reports and all is good bar the date being outputted to US, all other areas have standard time in tickets etc. Anyone know how to change this to reflect same in the report? Thanks
  8. @Martyn Houghton Thank you Martyn, never thought of that, small bit messy though having to create a folder in mailbox etc etc, was hoping there might be an off switch somewhere
  9. Hi All, Quick query, I have spotted that one of my analyst's OoO message attaches itself to every ticket that's logged because they are part of the team. Obviously removing them from the team resolves the issue but is there another way around this so they don't have to be removed? Thanks
  10. John C


    Is it possible to change the actual text colour on bulletins? I cannot see this setting anywhere....? Thanks
  11. Same as with the on hold function...........
  12. Paul, Browse to the below path, you can change the colour but they are still greyed out so to speak.. Home Applications Hornbill Service Manager Application Settings
  13. Paul, Just logged on to log same issue, would prefer on holds tickets not to be greyed out etc, I know we can change the colour of the fade but this doesn't suit, can we turn off the feature in its entirety guys? Thanks
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