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  1. All good now again Victor it seems! Both service manager and end user portal, thank you
  2. OK - Just thought you were concentrating on Service Manager- Request List only...
  3. It is affecting our end users too, they cannot log tickets...
  4. @Victoralso I cannot access the Service Porfolio!?
  5. Hello, @Victor all of our settings seen to have disappeared after yesterday's update? Also in service manager, some of the calls are in yellow!? I am the only admin and have not made any changes, can you assist please? Perhaps this is a general issue even though I have not see it on the forums?
  6. The customer is Dermot O'Donnell, not me, I know that much Victor
  7. @Victor thank you for your prompt response, firstly I have the necessary roles, see below, no mail in sent items either...
  8. Hello All, I have reported this issue to Hornbill several times in the past two months, however still no fix issued or applied. When an analyst updates a ticket, our settings is that the customer receives an email stating the ticket has been updated however no such email is sent, therefore customer does not know of the update.. All of our settings are correct and checked 10 times over, perhaps someone can help? See attachment below: Thank you @dan @Victor
  9. @Joe I updated our instance to the new employee portal prior to Xmas and this seems to have resolved it, so if your using the original instance and haven't moved over to the new employee perhaps this is why it's still happening for you!?
  10. John C


    @Steve Gillercan I have an update re the roles please , which to remove so my analysts do not have rights to manage services please? Also how come the report I ran above shows nothing new since 21/8/19?
  11. John C


    @Steve Gillerwould any of the below roles give the access you are talking about? I thought incident management full access and service request full access had to be assigned so my team could create these and edit etc? Should I assign them a different role like "incident manger" instead or?
  12. John C


    @Steve Gillerthank you, but I am the only person with managed access and did not change this, I did change it back however!? See also the report I ran previously...
  13. John C


    @Victorit's OK IO got it, I ran the below report and it doesn't show who changed this or when as it was only changed either today or yesterday!? Last change by report is 21/08/19...can you shed any light on this? Thanks
  14. @Victor hello, our service seems to be impacted, do you know how I can rectify this please?
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