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  1. @Victor @Ehsan any chance someone could reply with a suggestion if it's a bug in the system re an upgrade or? Still happening, see below...
  2. @Victor morning, any chance of an update today please? Thank you.
  3. Hello @Victor Since yesterday, when a customer updates a ticket, we as in the analyst end up either getting two or three emails stating same as oppose to just the one as there is only one response...as in examples below
  4. @ArmandoDM Working finally, thanks...
  5. @Ehsan also that other setting you speak of is already correct, so I think the issue lies elsewhere..
  6. @Ehsan yes display name, see mails from yesterday as IT Service Desk, and today they show as noreply... If I change the noreply option you speak of, to IT Service Desk, we receive no emails at all.........
  7. @Ehsan we can't update the noreply as suggested by you and Victor as the minute i change this to say "IT Service Desk" we receive no mail notifications at all.... I have said this a few times now and it has happened to @Paul Alexander too, so we cannot revert....??
  8. @Ehsan thank you, someone finally understands what I was trying to say
  9. @ArmandoDM if the noreply is changed to whatever it was no emails come in etc...had to revert to noreply in order to receive emails as previously stated..
  10. @ArmandoDM if you read my original mails, I stated this already re not receiving then etc... A fix is needed as my instance is not the only one effected...
  11. @Gerry @Bob Dickinson @Victor (Offline) now we are receiving no emails at all about tickets being logged/assigned, can someone assist ASAP please? The tickets are still coming into the Service Manager but we are not receiving any emails.... JC
  12. Hello, Since the upgrade last night our new tickets come in from "noreply" as oppose to "IT service Desk" see below, can this be rectified immediately please? Please difference between yesterday and todays "From" @Victor (Offline) @Gerry
  13. @Victor (Offline) Hello, I have a user who cannot log onto Hornbill and never has, I have reset her password in her profile on hornbill too but to no avail, can you assist please? I logged in as her using below link: https://admin.hornbill.com/eieng/lib/saml/auth/simplesaml/module.php/core/loginuserpass.php?AuthState=_406f6a11514c167e29a231e38607959465bd907f42%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Fadmin.hornbill.com%2Feieng%2Flib%2Fsaml%2Fauth%2Fsimplesaml%2Fmodule.php%2Fcore%2Fas_login.php%3FAuthId%3DESP%26ReturnTo%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fadmin.hornbill.com%2Feieng%2F%3FESPBasic%3Dtrue Getting below er
  14. @Victor sorry, how you mean PM (private message?) do you need anything else from me re this?
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