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  1. @Will J Douglas, did you tried this date format?
  2. @Paul Alexander, we don't have this activated but, to check it, I've activated the setting for a moment, refreshed the request page, and it allowed me to select a template. Did you tried to clear the browser cache?
  3. The same happens if you change the table join type.
  4. Hi. I noticed that, if you edit a report only changing the position of the fields in the report columns, the "save report" button is not enabled so we can save the report. You need to make an additional change somewhere else to make it enabled. Regards, A.
  5. Hi all. The charts that now we can get in the service portfolio are nice and useful. However, two remarks about it: 1 - Error: this is intermittent, but it happens often to get an error while navigating and making changes in the charts (see image below). 2 - Enhancement suggestion: we use mainly the services demand chart and it would be really useful if the chart showed us real-time data, i.e.: including current month to understand backlog variation within the month. Regards, Alberto
  6. Hi @Ehsan, apparently it's not 100% fixed, as reported by one of my colleagues: "Whilst they have fixed this issue, there is now the issue where if someone else updates your call and you go in to the call to look at it, it changes the last updated by to me and changes the last updated date/time too" Regards, Alberto
  7. Thanks, @Lyonel! I'll give this a look more carefully later. (this platform misses you too so much )
  8. Hi all. Tried to find this, but no success. How can I filter a report by the current user - the user that is navigating Hornbill? I wanted to list the scheduled jobs but I don't want people to list scheduled jobs not owned by her/him. Thanks, Alberto
  9. @BobbyB, I'm not sure if this have any impact, but I've designed the reports in the Timesheet app. Are you doing the same?
  10. @BobbyB, I got the requests joined to categories through the timesheet values table. Joining the requests table with the timesheet values table and then joining the timesheet values with the categories. Will this be useful for you?
  11. @Steve Giller, we are experiencing this same issue with some users. At least, one user is not able to download attachments from a request in the portal. And yes, if I mouse-over the attachment link, there's nothing shown in the browser bar, like reported by @Dan Munns . The strange thing is that I'm able to download, but the user reported that he isn't.
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