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  1. Yes. I have some analysts complaining about this too. And the missing link to open the the activity when the activity creation action is added to the timeline.
  2. Hi. Before this change in the activitystream component, when we clicked in the three dots button of an email activity in a timeline, we could then right-click and choose "Open in new tab" (or Ctrl-Click) in the "View Email" drop down option which was really helpful. Now this option is not available anymore. Is this something that could be set to be available again? Thanks, A.
  3. Please ignore this. It's due to some sort of issue in our network.
  4. Hi all. Is there anyone else getting this page when browsing the Hornbill admin main page (tried in more than one browser with the same result)? (if not, it could be something related to our proxy/firewall) Thanks, A
  5. @Steve Giller, I got an analyst telling me that, when placing a request on hold, he got the default action set to "Owner" even when we have the setting to "Team". In this situation, the analyst could change the visibility.
  6. @Steve Giller, cou you checked this? I keep on having analysts complaining that they don't see the "placed on hold" oction in the requests timeline. I've checked today's complain and the requests have the visibility code = 35.
  7. I've noticed that, while exporting requests, SLT data is being exported as blank. I already raised here a post about that.
  8. Hi all. While exporting the requests list, when choosing the SLA indicators "Within Response Time" and "Within Resolve Time", which should contain true or false, are being exported as blank. In the past, when exporting these fields, I got 0 or 1. Are you getting the same? What could be causing this? Thanks and regards, Alberto
  9. @Steve Giller this happened to me only once yesterday. It seems to happen randomly. I've tried to reproduce this several times but the wrong default option doesn't appear set to "Public". For instance from a query I've made in the "Database direct", it seems like, since the beginning of September, rogue visibility code 1 appeared 6 times and code 35 appeared 33 times. I detected the visibility code 35 because someone here told me to check a request that was on hold and no action placing on hold appeared in the timeline.
  10. @Jeremy , yes, could be something like that. Before posting this, I landed in your post, while searching in the forums, and now I've seen that you've answered a few minutes ago. In fact, while trying to investigate this in our instance, I've raised a request and played a bit with the "place on hold" in it. One of the times I've placed the request on hold, the default visibility appeared as "public" to me and was disabled in a way that I couldn't change it, which is strange.
  11. Hi. I have a colleague analyst that complained that she couldn't see the "placed on hold" entry in a request timeline. I also couldn't see the entry. After investigating using a Direct SQL to the h_buz_activities table, I found that, in some requests, the "place on hold" visibility is set to 35 - which I interpret as "Manager visibility". I have set the ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.popup.values setting to "customer, team, owner". and I also have the guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility.hold setting set to "team". Why am I getting some requests timeline entry for "place on hold" set to 35 - "Manager visibility" - instead of, for instance, 10, or 30? Thanks.
  12. @Gerry From our ADFS team: "We have done certain changes to AD account that was created. The account included certain unicode values and we force replicated to Azure AD as well." So, it seems that the account had unicode characters that have been replaced by non-unicode and now the user can login into Hornbill.
  13. @Gerry Yes, I'll update here any news I have. Meanwhile, we have our team that handle ADFS involved in it.
  14. @Gerry Yes, it's a new user. I'll try to get rid of all those characters in his account and test it. Thanks
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