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  1. Hi. I tried to find if someone already suggested this, but didn't found. Wouldn't it be nice if the customer feedback answers could include an icon? We have often customers making mistakes on the feedback answers and I believe that using icons in the answers - like the ones in the image - could be easier and more comfortable for the customers and could prevent a lot of wrong answers. Thanks and regards, Alberto
  2. @Martyn Houghton, thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking about using a parallel process and testing it once I have some time available. Path 1 - Suspend -> Await Expiry only to send the reminder after 2 days and send the reminder email if the feedback field has no feedback; Path 2 - Suspend -> Await for Customer Feedback to trigger the email notification of bad feedback once feedback is provided. Should this work? Regards, Alberto
  3. @Steve Giller, hi. I've tested with this approach and it works... except that, as we want to notify the service owner as soon as the request receives a bad feedback, if the customer provides the feedback before the reminder, the service owner doesn't receive the email notification until the two days for reminder happens, which doesn't help. The first suspend is set with Suspend -> Await Expiry and the second suspend, after the reminder is set with Suspend -> Await for Customer Feedback. I'm checking the decisions for existing feedback. regards, Alberto
  4. @SamS, that's what I was expecting, but possibly it could need something else... Let me gather more details from our developers about what is going wrong. Thanks and regards, Alberto
  5. Hi. We have an user created that is being used as test for some external automation where we use APIs. The user has the necessary roles we need to perform the normal operations our analysts do and is assigned to the necessary groups. I've created an API key in this user so tests can be made externally using APIs. We are getting problems to get some data using the APIs with this API key. So I need to set something else in the user, or any special permission? Thanks and regards, Alberto
  6. @Steve Giller, oh... thanks for the explanation. I'll give this a look.
  7. @Steve Giller, thanks for the suggestion, however, I don't think we want the request "contaminated" by an additional on hold event, as the on hold event, for us, means that we had to set the request on hold for some reason and we do some analysis on on hold requests. I'll check this with our team but it worth having the possibility to send the feedback reminder after a couple of days.
  8. @Steven Boardman, it's that, yes. We have set several days for feedback expiry. What we would like to achieve is to get more feedback from our users by sending them a reminder after a couple of days because we think a lot of the expiring feedback are caused by the user receiving the resolve email asking for feedback and thinking "Errr... not now, that I'm busy", and then forgetting to provide feedback.
  9. @Steven Boardman, hi. I'm trying to set an email to be sent to the customer two days after the request has been closed and the suspend await feedback has been reached. I've set two days in the suspend await feedback node and, if the stage expires, I send the email to the customer but then, setting an additional suspend await feedback node after the email has been sent seems not to be the solution - as the stage has already expired - right? Any suggestion on how to deal with this? Many thanks. Alberto
  10. FYI: I don't get any error, but, when clicking the "close" button, it flashes, the "close section" of the page refreshes and does nothing.
  11. @Steven Boardman Thanks so much. Next week I'll give this a try. have a nice weekend.
  12. @Steven Boardman. We don't have a "resolve" and a "close" nodes; we wait for both actions to be done by someone. Would this work if we add the "Suspend await Customer Feedback" node and the (following rating notification nodes afterwards) after the "Closed" Set Check List Item Node int this example? Regards, Alberto
  13. Thanks, @Steven Boardman. I'll give this a check and, if needed, I'll come back for further help.
  14. Thanks, @Steven Boardman. I'll check this in more detail tomorrow. Meanwhile, without checking this in detail, does this works if the customer provides the feedback only after several days of request closure? In our resolution step, we send an email to the customer notifying about the resolution and suggesting the user to provide feedback. Our feedback expiry are set to several days and the user can provide the feedback even when the request is already closed. Regards.
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