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  1. @Martyn Houghton, did you tried the same format as I (we?) use in the SQL Database Direct? 2020-07-01
  2. @jeffreysmith, thanks for the explanation. After a quick investigation in our sent messages folder for this mailbox, it seems that, from time to time, we break this threshold, which should be normal for the thousands of users we have.
  3. @Victor, so, it seems that, when there is a large number of outbound messages retrying one after another, it generates "a large burst within a short time period", even if you tweak the current existing setting in Hornbill.
  4. @Victor As this seems not to work with O365, we believe Hornbill should think about a setting to manage this. The error described here:https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/troubleshoot/send-emails/smtp-submission-improvements"554 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Submission.Exception:SubmissionQuotaExceededExceptionThis change for concurrent connections will better protect the service from large bursts of email messages that are sent by automated systems within a short time period."We believe that MS O365 is being widely used worldwide and email services that use it should be prepared to avoid "large bursts of email messages that are sent by automated systems within a short time period". If Hornbill is interested in his large customers to not have this problem, this feature should exist in Hornbill.
  5. @Victor, thanks for the suggestion, but we have those settings as you show here and we had a lot - really a lot! - of emails not being sent when this issue appeared after we tried to set O365 as outbound email server. So, apparently this way is not solving this issue.
  6. @chrisnutt, no, that didn't happened to me, although sometimes it seemed that the "apply changes" didn't applied it but, as I was already at the end of a two days task on doing the same repetitive thing in +80 new request sub type catalog items, I just thought the problem was me, already desperate to finish that task. I have, however the feeling that what you described happened to me once or twice, but it could be me almost hallucinating
  7. Both categories and sub categories are stored in the same table: h_timesheet_category
  8. Try this one, importing it into a new report. extract---service-catalogue-example.report.txt
  9. Hi @AlexTumber, we use it in the same way as @Martin.bowman described.
  10. Hi. We have that done with a report. Give it a try.
  11. @chrisnutt, lucky you. I had to make it to +80 services last week
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