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  1. Can we have the icon open the service portal in a new tab please?(This was the behaviour on the old UI)
  2. It is Vivaldi. Chromium based. Guess it is just another Vivaldi-ism I will have to get used to lol
  3. I have noticed that if I click the button in the dropdown that it resets the admin page to the top level on the first admin window that was opened with it. Even if that window is on a separate browser, rather than open a new one. Just lost a bit of work due to that.
  4. Can we have some standard for font sizes? Seems to be 4 different font sizes on ticket view:
  5. Yeah I have tried to export the view about 15 times and it still wont show. Maybe connected? @Steve Giller can you shed any light?
  6. We have a new view where the custom field cannot be selected in the exportable fields at all. Help would be appreciated.
  7. @Daniel Dekel I have managed to replicate it at least 8 times this morning in Vivaldi. Click blue button Click 'Administration' tile Vivaldi auto focuses on newly opened tab Click back to original tab Crashed UI object happens maybe 1 time out of 8. Seems to happen more if there is not already an open admin tab (though that is not proven)
  8. Hi all, Sometimes when clicking a tile which opens in a new tab (either automatically or forced (middle clicked)) the panel errors and either compresses (see image) or seems to pop back in but is actually still there so clicking a ticket opens a random page (because you have actually clicked on another application tile/favourite) This happens in Chrome and Vivaldi (chromium based) at least. Click mode is enabled. Clicking outside the panel does nothing. I have to click the button to reopen it and then click off the panel to hide it properly.
  9. Hi @Steve Giller there is no link shown and no option in the context menu to copy the link.
  10. Hi, I have a couple of users that are unable to download any attachments from the portal. They click the link and nothing happens for them, no error messages or popups. This happens in Edge, Chrome and IE. Any ideas?
  11. Sorry @James Ainsworth, forgot to tag you in the last reply.
  12. Hi James, So for an example, at the moment we are in the process of rolling out O365 to all users. As part of that process we are removing the Office GPOs and moving to App Config. Currently there are 50 users in the group for O365 policy. I need to know which users they are if they log an issue with O365 (unable to open a file they used to be able to open in Office 2016 for example). We have more O365 users than are in the test group (they are still using GPOs) so just them having O365 installed doesnt mean I need to know about it. At the moment I have to look into the Azure group to see if the user having an issue is in the group. To be fair I only looked at adding fields into the user account and didnt really think of software assets so that could be useful (my fault, I havent been spending as much time doing Hornbill config as I used to so not really kept up with things like I used to either). There will, no doubt, be different groups running as test users for different deployments/projects/programmes etc. Rollouts for business infrastructure tend to be rolled out on a single change request, usually along the lines of "Deploy O365 to all users", the security config and everything else such as user groups, exceptions etc are all dealt with off the back of that one ticket and details logged in a central knowledge base if required. I am not a fan of it but it is what it is I'm afraid. I was hoping to be able to have a little popup (like a button) on a ticket show up automatically if criteria such as User Account>Custom Fields>Attribute 8=O365_Test I dont really want to have to add the details to a ticket manually, or edit a load of BPMs to capture it (if it can be helped). The main point of this is so that Service Desk open the ticket, see the flag and then assign the ticket to us (or any other owning team in the future) rather than trying to fault find something where the issue lies somewhere they dont have access. Edit: I should point out that most users in the test group dont know they are. I have spent many hours (in my much younger days) fault finding things that didnt actually exist because a user said "Since I have been moved to this group 'x' doesn't work" only to find out it never worked in the first place. I dont do that anymore
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