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  1. Hi all, Is it possible to import assets from Azure AD or scripting out an upload from csv with an importer/scheduled task? Obviously the Azure import will be preferred. I haven't looked much at CM or assets etc but we need to start being a little better at management with the current climate. Thanks, Dan
  2. @AlexTumber I am assuming this:
  3. @AlexTumber Not that I can see. There does seem to be alot of noise around roles though for some reason:
  4. Anyone else having issues accessing the supplier catalog? I just get a constant loading icon... Chrome, Vivaldi and IE11. Cleared cache and still the same. Just updated the app if that helps.
  5. @Adnan Zamurred try this: ^(?:\b\w+\b[\n\r\s\W]*){1,100}$ I missed the \W on the last one to account for special characters.
  6. Thanks @James Ainsworth I know this is a no-no question, but any idea when? Thanks, Dan
  7. @Jeremy is asked for this also: The response was basically; No, because IE 11 wont support it.
  8. Hi all, How can I get a user (who isn't the customers) manager? I have a form where the originator puts a staff members name in a field and I need to send a notification to that users line manager but I cant work out how to get the info. It isnt for anything sinister, I am trying to replicate our current eThank You card process and replace (yet another) horrible SP form. I also get the feeling I will need to do this for more of our HR processes. Help please!
  9. For the word count you could try this: ^(?:\b\w+\b[\n\r\s]*){1,100}$ They may hit the character limit before the word limit though depending on the field used. You could add the text into the validation message "Max word limit reached" and add to the description of the field "Max 100 words" For addresses it is simply (.*@hotmail.com)
  10. Ok, I got this working now. If you write a load of text, then save it, then go back and add the markup it doesnt work maybe 50% of the time. Sometimes it shows the markup code, other times it just doesnt save at all. Ctrl+F5 after publishing and before making any changes seems to stop this happening. Vivaldi browser ver 2.10.1745.23 & Chrome browser ver 80.0.3987.122
  11. Hi, Can we have the ability to use the bulletins as hyperlinks? We currently have a carousel on our main page and all the images link back to news articles. I think we are going to end up with a generic landing page with the same content but I can link back to anything other than the originating service. I know that this is not what the bulletins were designed for but dont ask, dont get!
  12. @Daniel Dekel Ah ok, still my fault then
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