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  1. Dan Munns

    Bullet points not showing in labels

    @Mohamed, yes sorry, in PC. In the description: On the form: This is in the top description field for labels. If I add the text to the bottom description field the * are shown rather than the markup.
  2. Hi all, I have noticed that bullet points do not show in label description fields. It does indent if you use multiple *'s as if the bullet points are there, but the bullet points themselves are not rendered. If this is a browser issue, I am using Chrome Version 66.0.3359.170 (Official Build) (32-bit) Thanks
  3. Dan Munns

    More Custom Fields

  4. @Victor could this be the issue?
  5. Normally the only reason they won't show by searching is if the role is assigned to the user already.... @Victor to the rescue(?)
  6. Dan Munns

    More Custom Fields

    Hi, Could I ask that we can have some more custom fields please? I am currently trying to recreate a 3rd party change form in our portal so that the change is logged with us and the questions are mapped into their change form and submitted to them via email. The form has 34 fields (in a Word document) which actually translates as 77 when converting to variables to inject into the email (due to a lot of 'Please provide more information' boxes), but I could trim that down a little. Minus 5 that I have mapped as h_summary, h_description, h_datelogged and raisedby.h_name (x2), I am 29 short. I am currently using all the h_custom_a - t fields and two date fields. As the other fields are intergers or dates they are of no use to me here.
  7. @lokent is the setting switched on? I believe that the setting must be switched on first before the role will be available to select. If you have switched the setting on you will probably need to refresh the browser if it isn't showing.
  8. If you add the role 'Advanced Request Task Completer' to the analysts and turn on the setting app.experimental.advancedRequestTaskCompleter under Home > Hornbill Service Manager > Application Settings in the admin console then they analysts will be able to complete tasks not assigned to them. We have a get request details node before each human task to try and keep the assignment as up to date as possible but the above setting is a good catch all.
  9. Dan Munns

    Visibility Issue

    @James Ainsworth thanks for the clarification. Am I right in thinking that owner is the request owner only and not the owning team.
  10. Dan Munns

    Visibility Issue

    @Victor @Josh Bridgens all I can find on the Wiki is from the 'Assign Action Item' page: This seems to indicate that team is the current team working on the request. Visibility Decide if the assign action post on the timeline of the request will be customer facing or private to the team working on the request. This seems to indicate that team is the current team working on the request, which was my understanding of it. I thought it was so that notes could be added on a request that may have a member from another team without fear of data leakage. As I said I can't seem to find a page on the wiki that states the exact usage of the visibilities (although that may well be my search-foo skills lacking today)
  11. Hi, Would it be possible to add a context pop up which would pull info from a description field for teams? When assigning calls each teams responsibilities aren't always clear. Due to the amount of new staff we have tickets are often assigned to the incorrect team. If we could have a popup when hovering over a team in the assign list it would make things a little easier. Something like this maybe:
  12. Dan Munns

    Visibility Issue

    @Victor any ideas?
  13. Dan Munns

    Best way to deal with authorisers

    @Steven Boardman the issue I have is that they need to approve Marketing material which is attached to the request. The old system of working was using Sharepoint where the authorisers could follow a link to the documents held on a network share and review and approve / reject as necessary. As I am trying to move teams / departments away from Sharepoint as a service tool I need a way of the authorisers seeing the actual documents without emails / network storage etc. Plus the fact that the marketing folder on the network share is multiple folders deep and a nightmare to manage (so they will soon not be able to use it in its current form due to internal changes to the network shares) I did look at document manager but the amount of changes to a document (which they need visibility of all versions) and the amount of documents per request made it unreasonable to manage. If I add a user to a group and then add that group to the supporting teams list, with the only difference in roles being a collaboration licence, they can view the attachments as required and then approve / reject.
  14. Hi all, What is the best way to deal with authorisers? I have assigned collaboration licences to approx 180 users to allow them to authorise on certain requests. Do they all need to be added as supporting members to see tickets they have been asked to authorise? I had a user that is an authoriser (for testing) and couldn't get anything to work unless they were a member of a supporting team but this seems like a poor way of managing, especially as authorisers are added via variable and therefore I dont know who will be needed. Do I add them all to a group and then add said group to all services as supporting members or is there a better way? Thanks
  15. Dan Munns

    Visibility Issue

    Hi all, When I set attachments to 'Team' under visibility I have noticed that other users outside of the owning team can still see them. The user is in a supporting team for the request but surely shouldn't be able to see items set to team visibility when she is not a member of the owning team. Am I missing something somewhere? Also could we have the visibility option of 'Authoriser' added whereby they can only see the items if they are named in one of the authorisation nodes within the BPM for the request?