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  1. Dan Munns

    PCF autofill options

    You would need to do this with dynamic forms options. So a number of fields under the drop down one with the data ready and only visible when the drop down has been selected with the correct answer. 1st screen shot would be the 'hidden until whatever option is selected' field. 2nd screenshot is the conditions which will allow the field to be shown (obviously you just need to set it how you need)
  2. Hi, I need to log a request with a specific service and CI that has two questions (which will be answered in the scheduler app .json hopefully) so that the request will be created, log the start and end times on the change calendar and then close. This job will (hopefully) be run once at the beginning of the year, create 24 requests, add them to the calendar and then close. Any ideas / insights? First time trying something like this with APIs so total novice, but hey, every days a school day right?
  3. Dan Munns

    Authorisations: Need to see attached documents

    @Victor any update on this this week?
  4. Hi, Could we have a change to make the authorisation email with the approve/reject buttons send to the new user if the task is reassigned for any reason. I have had to reassign a few tasks due to people being on annual leave and the users are not aware they have anything waiting for them (or even how to get to it) if the authorisation task is reassigned to them. Thanks Dan
  5. Dan Munns

    LDAP: Set account type based on AD attribute

    Thanks @Conor I will have a look, I take it you are talking about the new in app LDAP import? Does the same thing apply to the old import tool? I did look for the types of filter I could use but could find anything.
  6. Dan Munns

    Authorisations: Need to see attached documents

    @Victor any ideas? I did raise a support request (as I have been told to do for urgent issues that haven't received a response via the forum) but was told to wait for the forum to respond
  7. Hi, I need to set accounts from basic to user based on AD Extension Attribute 1. The attribute is set to add an account to one of two groups to determine what services they have access to. I now need one of these groups to be made full accounts and not the other. Is this possible? Thanks, Dan
  8. Hi all, In our Marketing process we have a number of authorisation nodes. Currently the Marketing team manually email the relevant attachments to the authorisers after the node has kicked off but this is obviously a horrible process. What I need is a way for the authorisers to be able to view the attachments without having to email them separately. All the authorisers are collaboration users only. And there are about 250 users who could raise a request. Any ideas? Thanks Dan
  9. Dan Munns

    Role for database direct access

    @Victor I knew this would be your answer. I felt it in the force.... The entity viewer isn't the most user friendly thing in the world and to find out database column names rather than display names for quite a few tables means switching over to the database schema viewer, which always reverts to the top of the list rather than keeping the table you were looking at and is just more of a pain (especially as the names don't always match up.) Far easier to have read only access to the database, see what columns you need then pop over to entity viewer if you need a table join that you cant work out. The only really good schema viewer I have used was about 5 years ago with some software I cant even remember but you could select 2 - 3 tables and it would list all the columns for each table and colour code the fields where you could create the table joins.
  10. Dan Munns

    Role for database direct access

    I just want to create a read only user so that they can read the various tables and column names to create some reports. But having them have super user access is obviously a bad idea. Otherwise I am going to have to create a data dictionary in excel for them. Which will involve lots of work I don't fancy signing up to..... Did you miss me?
  11. Dan Munns

    Requirement: Workspace per Project

    @AlexTumber thats fine, I must have imagined it. Also would be good to be able to create document libraries from BPMs as well.
  12. Dan Munns

    Requirement: Costs/Financials

    Hi @AlexTumber, One more for you....