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  1. Hi @Ricky Still dont have ITOM on the admin portal or as an app to install from the store. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi all, I have probably missed a notice or something somewhere but I have noticed today that ITOM is missing from the admin portal. Now, it could have missing for ages but (sods law) I was looking to start messing around with creating user accounts with it and its no longer there. Cant see it on the beta store or the main store either.
  3. OK thanks @Bob Dickinson Thanks for the report anyway
  4. Hi @Bob Dickinson Almost what I need, thanks! I just need the column h_sys_tasks->Outcome Answers to only show the display data of the answer selected. At the moment is shows like this: Any way to only show the display value? Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi, I need to create a report which shows the outcome of a task as one of the columns but I cant work out the table joins required to show the tasks. Can anyone help me out?
  6. @Victor will do I am sure support are sick of me at the moment lol
  7. Nope. And Ctrl + F5 doesnt work either. Tried just deleting text, adding text, deleting and adding text. Still no joy. All other fields are set up like this:
  8. @Victor sorry, I should have provided a little better info. I have the edit button and can edit all the fields, but I cannot save anything. I just get the no entry sign. Clicking on save regardless does nothing.
  9. Hi, I have noticed this morning that I am unable to edit request details on a few requests. There are no fields which require input before saving. I have all required roles. Doesnt seem to have any linking factors for ones I can/cant edit. Any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  10. Thanks @Steve G I'll be back here when I break it
  11. Thanks @Steve G Am I correct in thinking then that is would be like this, with the custom field variable being the &[global["flowcoderefs"]["resultRef"]["customFieldA"]] bit?
  12. Hi, I am looking at ITOM to automate our user creation processes. I have looked at the Hornbill provided libraries but as we use a hybrid Azure AD setup, they don't look to be what we would need. We use the PShell command New-RemoteMailbox on our on prem exchange server to create the user and mailbox account as this creates the user on-prem AD account and mailbox as well as the associated mailbox in exchange on-line. As such I would need to be able to take PC answers from the request and use them as variables in a powershell script. I have looked on the wiki to no avail.
  13. @Joy @Foley Coker on the second suspend>list of authorisers you need to set this variable:
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