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  1. Show handle rather than user id

    Hi @James Ainsworth is there any update on this please?
  2. Thanks @Steven Boardman to be fair I have been waiting for the subscribers per CI for a while and that will allow another of my projects to progress so all progress is good progress.
  3. @Joyce try this (with your filters): h_requesttype = 'incident' AND DATE(h_fixby) BETWEEN DATE (CURDATE()) AND (CURDATE() +2)
  4. @Steve G apologies for the last reply but I have now tested this and all works like a charm. Many thanks
  5. @Gerry a 'General Hardware' class would be fine. If we could also have the merging report columns linked above added then all my needs would be met
  6. @ArmandoDM yes please. We use the General asset class for things like backup tapes / UPS batteries etc which are serialised. Ideally I would like a serial number field for all asset classes under General Asset Information which would remove the reason for this: Thanks
  7. Hi, Could we have the option to set the category levels per CI. We have a number of CIs within services that need a more restricted category list which we currently cannot provide. Thanks P.S. Hopefully this will be the last enhancement request for today (no promises though)
  8. Hi, It would be useful to have a general 'Serial Number' field in the 'General Information' field for general assets. Assets which may not fall under the current serialised types (computers, computer peripheral etc) or have a network property currently do not have the option to add a serial number.
  9. Hi, It would be useful to be able to merge columns with the same alias in a report. This will allow us to view the same field across different tables in one column rather than it seperating the columns (as per the top screenshot)
  10. Combine Columns in Report

    @Victor indeed I do (usually) Right well I am off to write an enhancement request then
  11. Combine Columns in Report

    @Victor well if we had the enhancement request section I asked for...... So I need to create another post to raise it and cannot raise it within this post?
  12. Combine Columns in Report

    @Bob Dickinson can we raise the enhancement request to either merge columns with the same name in reporting or add a serial number field to the general tab in asset manager (or both )
  13. Undefined in Email

    In the email template what is the variable 'undefined' supposed to be? I would check the SR in db direct and make sure that all custom field mappings are correct (If it is a custom field (more than once I have selected the wrong custom field and only realised when something doesn't work!)) Unanswered PC questions don't show as undefined anymore (tested by adding 26 variables into a single line in a custom field to extract the one answer a user could have provided) so must be a blank field somewhere else.