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  1. Cheers @Steve G we will have a look and see what we can do with this. Is there a document anywhere that lists all the flowcode .substring / .match etc. stuff we can use?
  2. Hi all, We have a number of auto logged tickets which reference a hostname in the details and I was wondering if there was a way of capturing that info and adding it to the summary. The calls are logged from email and I have no control over the formatting of the email or subject line. Somewhere in the body of the email is the hostname which I can pick out with regex but I cant seem to see a way of copying that into the summary. Any ideas if this is even possible? @Steve G don't suppose you know?
  3. @Michael Sharp we use a Hornbill only account called 'IT Wallboard' to display all our wallboards. Credentials are saved in Chrome / Password manager and it uses the 'backdoor' url to access the dashboards without the need for SSO so the machines can be on or off domain depending what else they are displaying. We just give it access to the required dashboards to display them around the business. Currently we have 6 wallboards using this account with no issues.
  4. Hi, I have turned on email notifications at the request of a couple of our teams and it seems that it is trying to send the notification to team members who have left the business and have archived accounts. This is causing undeliverable messages to be attached to all requests assigned to a team with a team member who has left. Other than going through and finding all the affected accounts and removing them from the teams, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?
  5. @Daniel Dekel If I remove the size it sets the image to a tiny size. The original image is 402x99 but the 'no settings' image is displayed at 115x30 I have resized the image to 80px and that seems to be better. What is the upper limit on size before the image is trimmed? Might be worth adding the dimensions to the tooltip of the setting.
  6. Hi all, Our company logo image seems to be being trimmed on the service portal. Our Marketing team have provided me with an updated .png of our new logo with some padding (15px I think) and when I open the image it looks ok. When the image is shown on the portal the top of the logo touches the top of the browser window as if the padding wasnt there. This happens in Chrome, IE and Edge.
  7. Hi @Aaron Summers I just have a QNAP TS-651. Its a 6 bay NAS enclosure with 8GB DDR3 RAM. I think the 4GB version is about £420 (2x2GB RAM) and the upgrade RAM should be fairly reasonable. I tend to use it for VM Labs and backups of my main PCs. Gaming stuff is kept to my main rig.
  8. Could you put some logic in around the domain the customer is using? So a decision node following a Get Request Info with 3 outputs for the three mailboxes. You would need to set the decision branches like this: And the whole thing would look like: Bit of a pain I know but I think it is probably the best way to ensure the correct mailbox is used. If you merge you 1 and 2 together before 3 for example you could just leave the logic for domain 3 and then have a No Match for the other 2
  9. @HGrigsby this should work: ^.{0,30}$ Just change the second number to the max characters you want to allow. It wont catch white space if it is at the beginning or end of the string though so you might need to make some adjustments for that if you are sailing close to the field character limit.
  10. This is what I asked for a few days ago.
  11. @Nick Brailsford you have to use a full licence unfortunately but as we allow multiple log ons we only use one account to display around 10 wallboards around the business. If you are only using the wallboard for Service Desk stuff we have 4 pages on the slide show (though some widgets are mirrored on other pages) showing things like (in no particular order): Unread emails in Service Desk inbox Total number of SRs logged this week (and another widget to show closed this week) Total number IN logged this week (and another widget to show closed this week) Number of requests assigned per analyst Number of requests open and breached Total number of all requests in queue Total number of all requests closed this week Total number of requests unassigned Requests assigned per analyst IT Security show things like: Number of Security bulletins per month Number of SOC alerts per month Total number of open requests Number of requests open by anayst I think you just need to work out what info will be useful for the SD team leader / manager to have without having to navigate to a dashboard they have set up from views. Requests per analyst helps here as they just have to look up to see the most available analyst rather than go to an analysts stack or create a view etc. We also use some of the wallboard info in a separate dashboard to cut and paste into the monthly SLT report to make the reporting a lot easier as well.
  12. I think by the sounds of it connections by group will be the way to go. Or a third party platform. Only about a third of our main business users are collaboration users and I doubt I will get approval to add another 800 licences. That isnt including the other businesses in the group. We kind of want everything in one place for the users and the portal makes sense for this. Hopefully I can leverage some new functionality when it is released but for us that will likely be a long way off (maybe early next year) I fear. As for using KEs, we use them exclusively for IT issues and I doubt that I will have any uptake if I suggest to change that sadly. I may have to look at something like Trello boards to show a Logged, Working on, Complete type board. Oh well, I suppose I cant use Hornbill stuff for everything.
  13. @Steven Boardman so at the moment I have a few cases. 1. I have a request in my stack for all users to be able to see all the current open calls in the Facilities stack to reduce duplicate requests from people reporting the same issues. My plan was to add the All Staff group to the connections to allow this whenever a request is logged. I want to keep them as SRs or INs and not go down the KE route. 2. SRs and CHs which relate to a project will need to notify a group of people when they are completed. (PM, Sponsor, other teams) but the staff working on the project may change a number of times a month. 3. Escalations can go to a number of different groups depending on what they are about. These groups can change quite often as people gain / lose responsibility for certain things due to job changes / promotions / moves etc. If there is a better way of doing what we need then please let me know. I was thinking maybe a setting per CI for portal visibility (much like the service one) that I can add groups into to allow the requests to be visible only (no comments or other actions taken) if not add connections by group. As even more teams outside IT are using the software I keep coming up against "We were able to do this at A N Other place I worked" (though I am sure this was all done via sharepoint). Or maybe the ability to show widgets from advanced analytics on the portal? Or a board? I am sure some of these things will come with the new portal but I am not sure the business will be willing to wait too long for these things. Otherwise is there an integration you can think of that will allow me to post to / delete from a board or similar that I can hyperlink to from the request page? Apologies if I am being a pain
  14. @Steven Boardman dont suppose you know if this is possible? If not could it be raised as a requirement ASAP please?
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