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  1. LDAP Import - Managed By

    I am just in the middle of another test import. If it fails I will PM you the config. I tested the regex check and our CN path passed ok. I have a feeling that it is something to do with our end rather than the importer.
  2. LDAP Import - Managed By

    Hi all, @Victor @James Ainsworth (apologies for the name dropping) When importing managers from our AD (using the 'manager' attribute) it is pulling the CN distinguished name as is from our AD rather than looking up an actual user. When looking up the user in Service Manager I get the error "The value in element <userId> did not meet the required input pattern constraints. at location '/methodCall/params/userId'" Is there something I need to change on our config.json file? As the default syntax for 'manager' is distinguished name I really don't want to change it. Thanks Dan
  3. Adding New Category Profile

    @James Ainsworth I have done this for some teams but as you can imagine the Service Desk logging categories are wide and varied as the triage point for almost all tickets so I was trying to narrow the field for them more than anything. Thanks
  4. Creating A Read Only User

    @alecwa I think if you try adding 'Browse' to all the database rights that should fix it. As @Victor said though it can be a bit trial and error to get it working properly (and I have more than once had to come cap in hand to the forums to get an explanation as to why something isn't working as I expected) Looking at ours though it does has all the 'Browse' options ticked.
  5. Change process error

    @Stuart Torres-Catmur is this a new/edited process or has it just suddenly started happening? Have you tried restarting the BPM? Do you have any breadcrumbs / checkpoints set up in the BPM to narrow down exactly where it is failing? Can you attach the BPM to this forum post?
  6. Adding New Category Profile

    Hi all, I am adding a new team into our instance and don't want to have their category profiles in the current structure as it will start to get very messy. I have added a new profile for the team but when selecting 'Update Logging Category' in the BPM is only shows the old list. I can't see a way to set the new list as a logging category list and I can see a way to set the new list against a service etc. Any help? Thanks Dan P.S. If this currently cannot be done then can I raise it as an enhancement please.
  7. Creating A Read Only User

    @alecwa apologies. I misunderstood your requirement. To set up a role you need to set at up at Home > System > Organisational Data > Roles and then create new role. Add Hornbill Service Manager under Applications, privilege level will be user. You can then set application rights (the tab wont show up until you have saved the role). You can set 'View Service Requests' / 'View Incidents' / 'View Requests' then save it and assign users to it. You just need to make sure that the users don't have any roles which will elevate their permissions so you may need to add other permissions to the newly created role (view only on the mailbox for example) Our read only users have the following roles. 'Basic User Role', 'Self Service User', 'Collaboration Role' and 'Read Only Requests' (which only has the 'View Requests' permission mentioned above)
  8. Creating A Read Only User

    @alecwa If you add the users to a group and set 'Allow Task View' to yes and 'Allow Task Action' to no doesn't that stop them being able to edit calls but still see them? Under the administration screen: Home > System > Organisational Data > Organisation > Customer Support Team you can edit the users individually there rather than creating roles.
  9. @Victor is was under the impression (and our instance certainly seems to confirm this) that a 'Suspend - Wait Resolution' set to auto focus will focus on the resolution window rather than the update window. Indeed all suspend actions seem to auto focus on the relevant suspend window (apart from logging category which I have raised before)
  10. Icons - The lost Scroll

    No worries. I thought the title might draw people in. Mission accomplished!
  11. Icons - The lost Scroll

    Hi all, After an update it seems that we have lost the ability to scroll through the icons set when adding icons to a service. Applies to Chrome, IE and Edge. Thanks
  12. Multiple Domains for SSO

    @Gerry basically our group domain was set up way back when. We have since aquired businesses and although they are part of the group they also act as their own seperate businesses. I doubt that we will look to totally unify them to be honest as the work involved would take every minute of every day for months. I will have a look into the trust relationship setup and see what we can do. Thanks Dan
  13. Raising requests with no catalog item

    @James Ainsworth that would work (and probably be a bit neater) but if in the mean time we could have the already mentioned setting work by forcing the selection of a catalog item no matter what that would be a great help.
  14. Additional Snippet Variable

    +1 for snippets in the resolution area. There is only so many times you can type 'Your access has been changed as requested. Please log off and back on for changes to take effect' before you want to bang your head against your desk.
  15. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience using multiple domains and SSO with Service Manager? We currently have 3 domains in our business, 1 group domain and 2 child company domains. Obviously as our AD structures are separate I will have to set up the LDAP import across all three domains. However we are a little unsure as to how to configure our ADFS server to deal with the three domains. As we are moving towards our Hornbill portal being the one stop shop for all things and I am currently in the process of adding HR, Finance, Procurement and in the future, Facilities on to the portal, users from multiple business units will need access to the portal to raise requests. I don't really want to go down the Citrix route (which is what I have had to do as a stop gap for the time being) as it is quite messy / slow / labour intensive. We share a common intranet so the link to the portal is available to all but as we have not configured ADFS the SSO will not authenticate users from outside our group domain. Any help / guidance anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan