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  1. @Victor, yep that was it. Missed one I was going mad trying to find it lol. Now the only issue I have is when the workflow jumps a phase, the stage checkpoints don't line up with the phases: So in the screen shots 'Assessment' has been skipped but the stage checkpoints remain under 'Implementation' 'Implementation's checkpoints are under 'Review' and the ones for 'Review' are missing altogether... I have refreshed the page (and the cache) with no fix
  2. Hi all, I am trying to add a change to the calendar using variables from a task but keep coming up against this error: The BPM looks like this: And the task setup like this: Add to calendar node looks like this: I am supposed to be presenting this this afternoon so any help to resolve will be greatly appreciated (as always) Edit: I added the 'Get request info' after the first failure in the wild hope it would work. There was no change (to be fair I didn't expect there to be) Cheeky tag: @Victor
  3. Hi, Can we have the ability to set an auto save timer on both PC and BPMs please? And also to utilise the browser function to confirm you want to leave the page. So many times I have been working on something and click back on my mouse by accident/have someone showing me something and just left click a bookmark rather than middle click/had the browser crash/random error/network issue and ended up losing a load of config. I do try to save little and often but sometimes when I am 'in the zone' I forget or I get caught up in something else and forget. Today losing about 40 minutes of work due to a browser issue and being 'in the zone' was the last straw I cant even remember all the changes I had made so no doubt this new iteration will be unique again. I know that some of these issues are self inflicted but auto save/browser confirmation would stop me throwing my laptop out of a window as least (maybe)....
  4. I would recommend greenshot for this. It is a free tool and if you select 'Open in image editor' when you do your capture you there are options to allow you to obfuscate data/highlight/add step counters very easily. One of the best tools I have used for grabbing screenshots and using them for forums or how to documentation
  5. Hi, I have noticed that since the last update I randomly get errors such as this one: Doesnt seem to be related to a particular type of request that I can see. I also get a random error about "Unable to complete query" sometimes as well. Anything I can do to remove them? Doesnt seem to impact the ticket at all, just a pain explaining this to users.
  6. Nighteye is another (https://nighteye.app/). I found that DarkReader caused issues with a few sites (including Hornbill, browser developer console will show you any issues. It even blocked a couple of websites from allowing me to log in) so I (sadly) had to replace it. Nighteye says there is a paid version and the 'free trial' expires after so long, but here I am using it for 6 months and no loss of functionality due to lack of payment. It also is a lot nicer to the BPM GUI than DarkReader (totally dark background makes reading things a nightmare, especially with the grid enabled, Nighteye just changes the colour temp of the white to make it easier on the eye.)
  7. Hi, I know we can skip un-used stages in the BPM and it sets them hidden, I however would like to go one step further and add a node which you can set the visible stages manually. I am combining a number of our IT Change Control processes into a single form and BPM but I dont want to have a lot of un-used stages shown until the very end. If the user selects Normal Change in the PC it would be useful to use a node to only show the Normal Change stages right at the very beginning. We have a process for emergency/normal/standard changes (same stages) but also for scripts/server decommissioning/firewall changes/server builds/logging changes with 3rd parties Although they all fall into the emergency/normal/standard change types the actual work behind each type is vastly different so being able to show/hide stages in this way would greatly help.
  8. Hi, I have a request which I am unable to assign to anyone. The BPM is sat on a suspend-wait request owner node but if I assign it there is no timeline update and after 5 minutes or so the team assignment reverts back to the original team and no owner. I have tried restarting the BPM with no success and looking in the database the team/owner is never updated even though it shows on the actual request (all be it for 5 minutes) Any ideas?
  9. @Gerry I am sure I am no where near winning that!
  10. @Gerry yeah, saves on human error (mostly, there is always one or two who somehow manage to get through) Automate everything! Though the other stages look a little weak in comparison. One is literally 4 nodes lol
  11. Oh @Victor Welcome to my "What SLA does this request need?" phase of one of my BPMs. It wont all fit on the screen at 50% zoom and the next step down is waaaaay too small (33%). I had fun building this /s I built it like this to make it easier to manage going forward. Adding/removing sections isn't too bad. I am sure there is probably a better way doing doing this, but for setting SLA based on category which goes 3 levels deep depending on what the requestor selects from the PC it works ok and is quite quick (the analysts don't see the ticket until all this has been done anyway) Edit: I think approx 180 nodes here....
  12. Thanks @Gerry I will keep it in Prod for now and if I get any issues I will manage them as and when. Good to know a perm fix is coming though
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