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  1. Hi @Daniel Dekel The user has Windows 7 and was accessing the conversations from the panel on the right. Tried on IE. Browser refresh, Ctrl + F5 refresh, logging out and closing all have no effect. Conversations work in IE if access via the Home panel but an error was received when trying to add a user to a conversation she started: Conversations work in Chrome.
  2. Hi all, I have at least one user who gets this error when trying to open conversations. They have been using it fine up to today. Thanks Dan
  3. @AlexTumber dont suppose you have any ideas on this?
  4. Ok thanks @Steve Giller I will add a resized image to our library.
  5. @Deen did you manage to have a look at this?
  6. Hi all, I have some (frankly awful I am sure) SQL for a widget we use for QA. SELECT h_pk_reference, h_summary, h_datelogged, h_resolvedby_username, h_source_type, h_fk_team_name, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY h_resolvedby_username) AS 'ANALYSTS' FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_pk_reference LIKE '%IN%' AND h_status = 'status.closed' AND (h_datelogged >= LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 2 MONTH) + INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND (h_datelogged < LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH)) AND (h_source_type <> 'Autoresponder' AND h_source_type <> 'Email' AND h_source_type <> 'Self Service') AND (h_summary NOT LIKE '%Password Reset%' AND h_summary NOT LIKE '%Account Unlocked%') AND (h_fk_team_name = 'IT Service Desk' OR h_fk_team_name = 'IT Infrastructure' OR h_fk_team_name = 'IT TEAM 3' OR h_fk_team_name = 'IT TEAM 4' OR h_fk_team_name = 'IT TEAM 5' OR h_fk_team_name = 'IT TEAM 6') ORDER BY ANALYSTS LIMIT 40 This produces the below list in a widget: This is better than what I did have (in that it shows a wider group of users), which was 30 completely random requests from within the filter but what I really want is a random list which only shows a max of say 5 entries per analyst. I am sure this is possible and that my SQL skills leave much to be desired but can anyone help me out with this? Thanks, Dan
  7. Hi, Can we have the permissions around service/CI creation looked at please? When adding a default mailbox to a service I can only see ones to which I have access, which means I have to go and add myself to the mailbox and then set up the default mailbox and then go and remove myself afterwards. Being able to add the mailbox as a default without having to do this would be much better from an ease of use and security point of view. Thanks, Dan
  8. Hi, Can we have the ability to add a linked request via the BPM using a variable? I am trying to have a user add the existing reference to a field in the PC and then get the BPM to add the request as a linked request. Thanks, Dan
  9. Hi @James Ainsworth, Are we waiting for anything else to make this live? I get this error when clicking the hyperlink to view the subscriptions:
  10. Thanks @James Ainsworth Very quick turn around there!
  11. Hi, I have recently been asked this question by quite a few people using the SM application: "Is there a way to make the on-hold requests text easier to read?" I am assuming no as I cant find a setting for it, so would it be possible to add a setting to change the level of greying out of the on hold requests in the request list please? Thanks, Dan
  12. Hi, Could we have it so that when you are looking at the subscriptions page, clicking on the link to the application takes you to a list of users for that application rather than the application store page. This would make it easier to manage users per application rather than trying to find that one user who has a Service Manager role and is taking up a licence because of it when they don't need to be. This is the screen I am looking at:
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