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  1. Dan Munns

    'My Services' View

    Are we going to see any further customisations in this area soon? Also could we have the option to remove the 'Preview' texts. I am wanting to pull the trigger on this with our portal soon but having the 'Preview' text will raise all kinds of questions.
  2. @James Ainsworth pretty much. Maybe a little more in depth though, so I would need to be able to create logic based on: Roles Departments / Teams Custom fields Job title There are some departments who have a single service on our catalog, but need to be able to present various different options to users based on one or more of the above. As some users will have multiple of the above it would be a challenge at the best to create CIs for each possible outcome as some users would have multiple CIs for the same thing.
  3. Thanks @Steven Boardman
  4. @Steven Boardman did this ever get anywhere?
  5. @Steven Boardman any update please?
  6. @Cassie thats cool. I'll just need a little time to sanitise it.
  7. @Cassie the only videos I know of are on Hornbill youtube channel here There should be other useful stuff on the wiki page here If you are desperate I have some documentation I created for use with training our teams but I think the last one was updated around June time. It is just a word document with screen shots of where buttons are and what they do so shouldn't have changed too much....
  8. With the further expansion of SM into our business it would be very useful to be able to set the resolve by date with a variable from a PC. Other departments which are currently using SM don't really have SLAs and tend to work to a 'required by' date. This could be days, weeks or months in the future and are totally fluid. Setting a resolution timer to this has proven difficult to the point that most teams outside IT don't bother, which means they are losing a valuable measure of service improvement. Allowing us to set the resolve by date with a variable would allow a timer to be used in these cases.
  9. Dan Munns

    'My Services' View

    I have noticed that with catalogLayouts setting enabled, the creeping icons have returned, again no rhyme or reason, with the same icon not always creeping if shown in different services. Also would it be possible to format the spacing to be centered rather than justified as the huge gap if only two CIs are visible looks (in my opinion) awful. Finally, maybe add an option to colour the CIs based on request type, with us being able to select the colour for each request type somewhere? Thanks
  10. Dan Munns

    Enhancement: Add to change calendar

    @Steven Boardman exactly like this! Good stuff, that will make our lives a little easier, especially when we move Central Change Team to SM instead of JIRA!!
  11. Dan Munns

    Enhancement: Add to change calendar

    @Steven Boardman any update on this please?
  12. Dan Munns

    Burn Rate Stat on Wallboard

    @Michael Sharp sorry I don’t understand what you mean by the daily run rate for the week. You want to have a list of counters widget with Monday to Friday as a list? The widget will have to be a custom sql widget as you are using aliases and the drop down list way of making widgets won’t allow you to do that. Realistically I think you are going to be looking at a ‘burn rate for today’ widget and then a ‘burn rate for the week’ widget using the different date values above.
  13. Dan Munns

    File Attachment Issue