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  1. Sorry @James Ainsworth, forgot to tag you in the last reply.
  2. Hi James, So for an example, at the moment we are in the process of rolling out O365 to all users. As part of that process we are removing the Office GPOs and moving to App Config. Currently there are 50 users in the group for O365 policy. I need to know which users they are if they log an issue with O365 (unable to open a file they used to be able to open in Office 2016 for example). We have more O365 users than are in the test group (they are still using GPOs) so just them having O365 installed doesnt mean I need to know about it. At the moment I have to look into the Azure group to
  3. Hi all, We are rolling out some new software and it would be very useful to be able to flag certain users as testers for different software whenever they log a ticket so that these issues can be grouped together/reported on/assigned to the correct resource for resolution. I cant seem to find a way to do this without changing the BPMs though. As these rollouts are quite quick (completed within a couple of months) and the test users change a lot (different groups for different rollouts and additional users added at different stages of testing) changing all the BPMs they may log issues
  4. Do we have a hard date for this? I am trying to get everyone on board with changing the portal over but our change freeze hits on Friday and I dont think we are going to make it as gracefully as I would like.
  5. @Victor looks like a support request will be incoming. Mail doesn't get generated that I can see in the direct outbound queue. Action required/update emails are all there. Users have setup the notifications correctly in the user app and have rights on the mailbox. *sigh* it is going to be one of those Mondays I feel.
  6. Hi all, I have had reports that email notifications are not being sent when requests are assigned. It seems that the first time a request is assigned the user gets the email notification, after that no notifications are sent. Notification settings are correct in the users profiles. Other email notifications seem to be fine (request updated etc) Any ideas?
  7. @Paul Alexander it would seem to be. Selected white as the stripe colour and all is good again. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I have noticed this behaviour today (not sure how long it has been like this as I only picked this up again today) When a button is selected for the service domain, the text colour doesn't change, making it impossible to read: Happens in Chrome/Vivaldi/Edge (all latest versions)
  9. Hi @Ricky Still dont have ITOM on the admin portal or as an app to install from the store. Thanks, Dan
  10. Hi all, I have probably missed a notice or something somewhere but I have noticed today that ITOM is missing from the admin portal. Now, it could have missing for ages but (sods law) I was looking to start messing around with creating user accounts with it and its no longer there. Cant see it on the beta store or the main store either.
  11. OK thanks @Bob Dickinson Thanks for the report anyway
  12. Hi @Bob Dickinson Almost what I need, thanks! I just need the column h_sys_tasks->Outcome Answers to only show the display data of the answer selected. At the moment is shows like this: Any way to only show the display value? Thanks, Dan
  13. Hi, I need to create a report which shows the outcome of a task as one of the columns but I cant work out the table joins required to show the tasks. Can anyone help me out?
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