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  1. Also the 1070s are listed on nVidias site as being compatible. I think in the next iteration of the nVidia cards it may be worth it. When 4K / 8K, high refresh rate gaming monitors are the norm, even more so. Until then, on my 1080p, 240Hz monitor I couldnt stomach the cost increase for so little gain. As Steve says, unless you spend most of your gaming time wandering around slow moving, highly realistic worlds I don't see the point. Now RAID 10 I get and is something I need to look into a little more. I currently have a 4 disk setup configured for RAID 5. I either need to move to RAID 6 or 10 but cant find the time for all the messing about so might wait until I start to see some failures before looking at it too much. What mobo you running for the RAID 10 config?
  2. @Aaron Summers yeah my DSi plays everything from Gameboy OG to DSi games, and my RetroPi (Pi 3B+) plays all other old skool games like Atari and Amiga etc. The OG Xbox plays all old console games up to OG Xbox (including megadrive, snes etc) and obviously I use the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro for new stuff. I wouldn't bother with the 2080 (or any of the nVidia 2000 series cards for that matter) I have a 1080ti and have yet to find a game I cant play at highest settings. I cant justify the cost of the new cards to be honest and direct comparisons show that your not getting much extra performance for a lot more money.
  3. I know. But at the moment it takes around 30 - 50 seconds from kicking off the api to the call logging to complete. Then I have to invoke the BPM. If it could all be done at once it would just be...neater
  4. Would just mean that I didn't have to log a request, get the reference number then kick off the BPM. Lazy
  5. @Victor if the API could kick off a BP from either serviceId or catalogId (depending on lowest level set) that would be great. In the mean time we will look at logRequestBPM Thanks!
  6. PS4 Pro is awesome. As is my Xbox OG, Xbox One S, RetroPi, Nintendo DSi (patched) and Switch. Still mainly play my PC though. @Victor you finally upgrade that old GTX 770?
  7. Ah ok. I was confused by the API description of serviceId: No worries, I'll have a look at logRequestBPM then. Thanks @Victor
  8. Hi @Victor @Steve G Apologies for the tagging but I am having an issue with kicking of a BPM with an API So far I have this: It logs the request fine, against the correct service and CI, but there is no BPM assigned to it. The catalog item is set up with a BPM and the service has the same BPM set as the default under SRs Any ideas where we are going wrong?
  9. @James Ainsworth has there been any update to this since 2016.....
  10. Hi @Steven Boardman I did mention on another post just now that the option doesnt exist on the task capture. If this could be added ASAP it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan
  11. Hi @Steven Boardman I don't really want to add the person as a connection as this could muddy the waters with who is interested/impacted and who just needs certain information at a certain time which is what the email is for. Also the person will be selected on a human task and I cant see the option of anything other than a group picker on the task captures.
  12. Hi, Can we have a user picker in the capture options please? I need to be able to select a user from the collaboration users pool but at the moment there doesn't seem to be a way to do this from the PC or task captures (though I may be wrong, it is nearly midnight and I haven't had anywhere near enough coffee to still be working). Thanks, Dan
  13. Hi, Can we have the ability to add a co-worker email from a variable please. This is in the BPM > Email notifications > Email co-worker. I need to be able to add the co-worker from a variable but at the moment I only the a user picker. Thanks Dan
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