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  1. Hi, It seems that I can no longer add basic users to groups. I am missing almost all tabs in the user admin area until I make them a user and then all tabs return and I can add them. I obviously dont want to have to add users if I dont need to. As soon as I set them back to basic it removes all groups from the user account. It also seems that some of the new default roles for docmanager portal dont work if added in LDAP import. And I cannot seem to set users home company from the admin page either. I have all required roles to manager users.
  2. Could Hornbill not set this to auto navigate to the splash screen page if SSO fails rather than every single time?
  3. SSO passthrough wont bypass the Hornbill splash screen from what I know. We use Azure for SSO and when the user is in an office SSO used to be completely transparent. If they are logging in from home, the first time they will get the Azure splash screen to complete 2FA, they can then set Azure to remember this location and wont get it again. It seems that now they get the Hornbill splash screen which sometimes triggers the Azure splash screen even if they have set 'remember me' previously, although they dont have to complete the 2FA again.
  4. I agree with @themingsen. All of our SSO is completely transparent to the user. I have had a lot of questions raised about this.
  5. Hi @Deen that is correct. I have specified my address and a subject of 'Test Report'
  6. Hi all, I have set up a report to email me every day but when I tested it I fail to receive the email. I have checked our email system and it appears the email just wasnt sent. I can see the report generated in the report manager. I assume that I am missing something. Any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  7. Hi all, I need to create a report for one of our teams that shows all requests that have their cost centre in a custom PC field. However I cant for the life of me work out the table joins required. Data needed will be like 'IF custom PC field ID '1234' VALUE LIKE '5678'' then it needs to show in the report. Any help please?
  8. @James Ainsworth If I can set it on a service by service basis then all the better. So all our IT Sec tickets come from the group (as we have a 'central' IT Sec function) so we would only have a single template set up under that service. But for services which are used by multiple businesses, have 3/4 templates setup and make it send on the template with the correct logo based on the user primary business (or some other field). Maybe a drop down when selecting the templates to show which business will use which template. If I can help it I dont really want to have to add in
  9. @James Ainsworthan example would be our Marketing workflow. It is a single workflow but is supported by 3 different Marketing teams. When we move to the new portal I have set up pages that show individual business logos depending on the users home business. Being able to do the same with email templates would be useful. Other wise I have to build in logic to work out what template to use based on user profiles, and I have enough BPMs that that will be a few days work.
  10. @Victor it is not! I meant more like per business templates rather than a global one. So I can have the group logo on emails to ExCo and individual headers and footers based on what business the user is working under. Probably didnt explain it very well, I was writing this post and an email whilst on a Teams call so my brain was doing too many things at once. To be fair I think one thing at once is too many sometimes Looking at it, it should have read I literally started to write it and then my brain gave up after "to be". Doesnt even make sense without the red text lo
  11. Hi all, I am sure this has been mentioned before somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Can we have default email templates where we can set a header and footer to be and then add our text in the centre? We are now using Service Manager across the group (3 businesses) and at the moment I am copying a template and then amending it but never seem to get the layout exactly the same and messing around with the fonts drives me nuts. Being able to have a header with the relevant logo and variables for all emails and a footer with the same would make my life (and I am sure a few others
  12. @Ehsan when searching co-workers here: The resulting list shows all users as 'On Lunch'
  13. If this could link into Teams/O365 it would be great @Gerry as above: it would appear that all users are also set to (At Lunch) somewhere. This is from a search under co-workers from the request list:
  14. I suppose it depends on how people use it. If staff feel that they are 'being watched' then they will just stop using it and be 'available' all the time. I did notice however that although I can see my time I dont seem to be able to see other peoples. I suppose it will need a little time to see how people react. I am just preempting the complaints about it. Any ideas on the 'At Lunch' issue?
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