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  1. Widget Chart Advice

    If you are trying to show them per team then you will need to do something like: (h_status = 'status.open' OR h_status = 'status.new' OR h_status = 'status.onhold') AND h_fk_team_name = 'it service desk' AND h_withinfix = 0 You can also show them per analyst by adding h_ownerid = 'ANALYST NAME' The two measures you are trying to create in your post will be duplicates as you are asking the same thing. How many tickets are open within SLA. How many tickets are not resolved within SLA. They are the same measure.
  2. Email Formatting

    @Victor ‘Request Message’ is there but has been over written. Any chance you can revert it. And let me know who over wrote it? (As lon as it wasn’t me lol)
  3. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Lyonel yes the analysts chunk is mainly password resets for NT accounts. If a user calls to log an SR over the phone though they get told they HAVE to use the portal. The above chart is over a 6 month period from July to Dec 2017. Looking at our monthly stats almost (sometimes over) half of all our calls are password resets taken over the phone The amount of email logged calls should drop even further as quite a lot of those above were logged from monitoring sources and we have a project to determine which emails are useful (ie warrant a ticket) so we can auto log them and get rid of the rest.
  4. Email Formatting

    @Victor Ok so the template is set to Default(undefined). I am sure that this used to work though with the default template. (our users would be quick to point it out if they thought it looked less than brilliant, and my manager would be ever quicker than that.) I have created a new template and added the correct variable to show the text written by the analysts. (is there a way of removing the "emailto<emailaddress>" line from {{RequestLastActivity.H_content}}? Also what is the drop down menu for at the top of the templates window? No matter what I select (other than Requests) I get a really complicated looking error message....
  5. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    We use the old 'for audit purposes' to make users log tickets via the portal. "For audit purposes all Service Requests need to be logged via the portal, so that all relevant information is captured and logged correctly against the ticket" In fact the only ticket type will accept via email is an incident and unless it is a password reset (which most are) even then it is done grudgingly. All of our 'New Ticket Logged' email templates say 'ticket updates will be provided via the Support Portal, available here <LINK>' to get users used to going there in the first instance. We put bulletins for new services a couple of weeks before they actually go live and a lot of work has gone (is going?) into pushing the portal as the best thing for the user since dress down Fridays. Our results have been promising to far. That being said having the ability to resolve a service request with an FAQ would benefit us from another angle. User is added to shared mailbox and FAQ instructions on how to add said mailbox is included in the resolution. User logs a request to have an address added to the spam filter and FAQ on adding email to users spam filter included in resolution. User logs a request to have a network location mapped, FAQ included in resolution These are just a few examples of where the SR FAQ resolution would be a great help to us as well.
  6. Email Formatting

    Hi all, When sending email to customers from Service Manager we have noticed that formatting is dropped. Is there a way around this?
  7. Resolution Text not picked up

    I think we need the same changes to the custom fields as we had to the description field.... @Steven Boardman / @Victor can this be raised as an enhancement please?
  8. Resolution Text not picked up

    @DeadMeatGF will this help? Untested by me in the custom fields though....
  9. Resolution Text not picked up

    Doesn't look like it though. I just wondered if you had fallen foul of the same thing I sometimes do where I get too focused on trying to make something work the way I think it should rather than looking at other ways to do it. At least you can work around it for now
  10. Resolution Text not picked up

    @DeadMeatGF Could you not stick all of the actions into a custom field (which has an 'Append Text' option) and then at the end of the process update your resolution text with a variable pointing at the custom field (or now at least)
  11. @dwalby Could you not add the documents to collections? So all your installation documents get added to the 'Installs' collection. Use a naming convention that is the same for all documents (and enforced) and tag the document with the software name only. So... Install - Client - Kypera.doc Install - Server - Exchange.doc Install - Client - <SOFTWARE>.doc Office - Outlook - Out of Office.doc Office - Excel - VLOOKUPs.doc for examples. You just need to make sure you have the fields for your naming convention set out to cover most things before you start. Otherwise you may end up with Microsoft - Client - Office 2016 - Outlook - Shared Mailboxes - Adding a shared mailbox.doc Previous places I have worked also wanted version and dates added to file names so it can get complicated but if the fields are sorted out from the get go and don't change it can work really well. Or we might get Hornbill to add boolean operators to the filter field (if we ask very nicely ) as a search of 'Kypera AND install' would have returned the correct result.
  12. Changes logged with no catalog

    Thanks @Steven Boardman
  13. Changes logged with no catalog

    Ok @Steven Boardman thanks for the update.
  14. Changes logged with no catalog

    Hi @James Ainsworth This is currently set to off. I assume this being set to on will only allow analysts who support the service to log tickets against it?
  15. Icons - The lost Scroll

    Thanks @Lyonel