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  1. @Victor can someone have a look at this please?
  2. @Victor can someone have a look into this please?
  3. @Daniel Dekel ok, I was a basic user who went to My Services got a Good Morning/Afternoon... Can you tell me where the '0' is being pulled from on My Services then?
  4. Hi all, I have noticed that the 'My Services' view is missing the 'Good Afternoon Dan' text and it has been replaced by a 0 However, basic users seem to still have the 'Good afternoon, <Name>' Any ideas?
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to link an existing FAQ in the FAQ library in document manager to a service rather than having to copy and paste the whole thing as an FAQ per service? This way seems counter productive and will result in us manually maintaining multiple versions of the same document. We want to start using the Knowledge Centre functionality on our portal but I cant see a way to do this without causing loads of work for someone (read: me) Am I missing something? Thanks Dan
  6. Hi all, I had a BPM where it looked up the customers manager to create an authorisation task. This worked ok all through testing looking at the variable at Get Customer Details > Manager Name (variable &[global["flowcode"]["managerName"]] ) Suddenly this has stopped working so I have had to change a load of BPM variables to the variable at Get Request Information > Customers Manager (variable &[global["flowcode"]["customerManager"]] ) Any idea what has happened here? Are these supposed to return the same value? The error I get is: the specified user <insert managers name here> does not exist.
  7. @Chaz I have raised an incident ticket already. My issue is this: On the service that this CI resides in I have two lists; All Staff and the team. The All Staff list is excluded from this CI but can use all other CIs within the service. The team can use this and all other CIs within the service. This used to work fine until today. Now, because the users in the team are also within the All Staff list, they are denied access to the CI. This has impacted almost all of our services and as such has generated a large number of calls. If possible can you roll back the update on my instance until this has been resolved?
  8. @ArmandoDM still the same issue. I have logged off and back on, cleared cache and refreshed (not necessarily in that order) and no change.
  9. @Chaz any update on this please? This is causing a lot of issues today.
  10. @James Ainsworthdid this ever make it to the list?
  11. @Chaz I havent changed any settings. I performed the update last night (this morning maybe 0100 ish) and when I came in this morning was told a number of CIs had disappeared. The defect was reported by myself in Nov, and accepted as a defect so I don't know what has changed since then. We have now built a number of services which rely on this functionality working the way it did in Nov after the fix was released.
  12. Hi all, Since the update yesterday the way CI permissions are dealt with has changed. Allow used to take precedence (and I raised an issue around this previously) but now Deny seems to take precedence which means that many of our CIs are now not visible to anyone. I have a team with all our staff in so that we can make use of the visibility functionality. This team is allowed on most of the CIs, but CIs which are only for certain teams have All Staff set to deny. The team is then set to allow and this has worked fine until yesterday. Now the only way I can make the CIs visible is to set the All Staff list to allow which I cant do as it will show all CIs which we dont want. Can this be looked at and fixed as a matter of urgency please? @Victor @Steven Boardman @Ehsan
  13. @Victor well from the last task being completed to the key turning up to the party, through multiple F5 / Ctrl F5s / browser restarts / clearing caches it took 32 mins. And it appeared on for all users at roughly the same time no matter what actions from the list had been taken. I will keep an eye on it and raise an IN ticket if it happens again. Thanks (as usual)
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