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  1. Hi Everyone, Happy to announce that the latest build of Service Manager (1727) has been released to live: What's New CH00153357 - As a Service owner, you can now configure Catalog Items for Problem, Known Error and Release types in a Service Portfolio. Catalog Items for these Request types will not be visible in Self Service. CH00156958 - Activities can now be added to a Service Portfolio. CH00154482 - 'Authorisation' and 'First Time Fix' columns are now available as conditions when configuring Views in the Requests List. CH00149659 - You can now disable 'Reason' prompt when changing Sub-statuses. This can be configured within a Sub-status's definition. To improve a user's Self Service experience, we have now added a Search bar to the landing page in the My Services area (i.e. Home > My Services menu). This can be controlled via 'guest.servicemanager.portal.myservices.displaySearchBar' application setting. If needed, please adjust 'Home Page Image Height' and 'Home Page Image Placement' customisations (in Admin tool > System > Manage Portals > Customise Service Portal) accordingly to correct the position of the Search bar. What's Changed CH00157006 - An Administrator can now control the format of the Owner column that is presented in the 'Information' pane within a Request. This can be controlled via 'app.request.informationPane.ownerDisplayOptions' application setting. CH00156955 - When an email is applied to a Request, the CC recipients are now shown in the corresponding Timeline update. Extended 'Requests > Get Request Information > Organisation Details' Hornbill Automation to return Timezone, Region, Language and missing custom columns. You can now add multiple attachments via the Progressive Capture when raising a Request. What's Fixed PM00157147 - When a contact is private, their Requests are not loaded when viewing the contact via the Customer Manager. PM00157322 - A Service Desk Admin is not able to configure a user's assignment permission via the Admin Tool. PM00157495 - In Progressive Capture, Customer's Assets are not shown when Customer / Co-Worker Search forms are used. PM00157858 - Views menu is not visible when accessing the Requests List on a mobile phone browser. PM00157898 - Service Manager settings in 'My Profile' area are not automatically refreshed. PM00157730 - Error when downloading a grouped Report into a PDF document. PM00157889 - In Views, the Catalog Item selector failed to return the default Catalog name if a translation did not exist. PM00157693 - Customer field is blank when viewing a connection Request in My Services. PM00157902 - In Assets form via Progressive Capture, the Asset class and type drop-downs are disabled in a specific scenario.
  2. @Martyn Houghton, I have added these options to the "Organisation Details" Node. This will be available in the next Service Manager build.
  3. @Martyn Houghton The Node will not expire based on "Expire Period", as there isn't a value set. With this particular Suspend operation, if a Feedback is not submitted and the "Feedback Expiry (in Days)" is reached, then the Feedback status against the Request will be set to 2 (i.e. Feedback expired), so the BPM will progress.
  4. @Martyn Houghton, The Auto option through the Business Process Engine checks whether a parameter by the same name is returned by a Hornbill Automation or Cloud Automation node within the stage. For example, if we had a Hornbill Automation node that returned a parameter called "expirePeriod", this value will be available throughout the stage and the Auto option for "Expire Period" would automatically pick this up. Of the top of my head, there is no Hornbill Automation node that would return a parameter called "expirePeriod", hence in this case, the option will be ignored.
  5. @Martyn Houghton, Expire Period is an option that is available to all Suspend nodes and this option has no correlation with the Feedback Expiry that is defined within the Service's configuration. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow
  6. Hi @Tina.Lapere, @HHH, We have identified the cause, this will be addressed in the next Service Manager build, due to be available in the week commencing 14th October. Thanks
  7. @neilcg, To access the Service Manager Reports, you'll need to: Enable "app.experimental.inAppReporting" application setting (Admin Tool > Applications > Hornbill Service Manager > Application Settings Tile). Assign "Service Manager In-App Reporting" role to your user, then login again to see the changes. There is some documentation on this here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Experimental_Features I hope this helps? Ehsan
  8. @AndyGilly, I see your point here - You would like the ability to hide Questions' entries that are not visible on the form. I will speak to the team and get back to you. Thanks, Ehsan
  9. @Jeremy @davidrb84, This issue has been addressed in the latest Service Manager build. Ehsan
  10. @Jack_Podmore, Within a Request with a failed BPM, you can choose to restart the last step. For details and prerequisites, please refer to "How to restart a failed workflow" section in the document below: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Designer Ehsan
  11. @Jack_Podmore @Steven Cotterell @Paul Alexander @Dan Munns, A new build of the Service Manager application is now available. Please update to this version. Ehsan
  12. What's Fixed PM00157747 - When taking a Request off-hold, an error is shown when the Last Modified Date hasn't changed. PM00157785 - Error when reordering Catalog Items while designing a Service Portfolio. PM00157488 - In some scenarios, dates in the Questions section of a Request do not adhere to the user's Time Zone.
  13. @Jeremy, I'm not entirely clear on this particular issue that you're experiencing. I have an FAQ with the title "How to print using only the colour cartridge?". If I type in "print" or "colour" or "colour cartridge" in the Summary box while raising a new Request, the FAQ icon is activated and I can drill into the FAQ by clicking into it. You currently cannot drill into a Service's FAQs through the Knowledge Base but I can see how this would be useful. I will feed this back to the team. The Knowledge Base engine gathers information while the Analyst progressively provides/inputs information through various forms. This includes, FAQs, Services and Requests that may relate to the information provided. Once the Request is raised, the existing FAQs are already shown in the Solutions tab as you've demonstrated. If the FAQ of another Service is relevant to the resolution of a Request, then isn't it perhaps the case that the Request is either raised against the wrong Service or the FAQ is generic hence it should be associated to a library as a document in the Document Manager? You can then search and associate the Document to the Request.
  14. Hi @AndyGilly, Could you please confirm - By hidden, are you referring to "This field will be visible on the form" option within the Field configuration of the Progressive Capture? Is it un-checked, as per the example below? Is it a Conditional Question (i.e. Override Flags tab determines whether or not the field is visible)? Ehsan
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