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  1. @LifeOfJonny, As you've mentioned, "additionalProperties" should include attributes for the Asset class. For example, the "Computer" Asset class includes attributes such as h_bios_manufacturer, h_bios_name, h_bios_release_date, h_bios_serial_number and h_bios_version. The "Mobile" Asset class includes attributes such as h_device_name, h_device_id, h_device_registration_state and h_phone_number. Below, I've listed all the general properties. { "h_acq_method": "", "h_actual_retired_date": "", "h_annual_maintenance_review_date": "", "h_asset_tag": "", "h_beneficiary": "", "h_booking": "", "h_building": "", "h_class": "class", "h_company_id": "", "h_company_name": "", "h_cost": "", "h_cost_center": "", "h_country": "", "h_department_id": "", "h_department_name": "", "h_deprec_method": "", "h_deprec_start": "", "h_deprec_value": "", "h_description": "", "h_disposal_code": "", "h_disposal_price": "", "h_disposal_reason": "", "h_floor": "", "h_geo_location": "", "h_invoice_number": "", "h_location": "", "h_location_type": "", "h_maintenance_cost": "", "h_maintenance_notice_period": "", "h_maintenance_termination_period": "", "h_maintenance_ref": "", "h_name": "", "h_notes": "", "h_operational_state": "", "h_order_date": "", "h_order_number": "", "h_product_id": "", "h_purpose": "", "h_rack": "", "h_received_date": "", "h_record_state": "", "h_residual_value": "", "h_room": "", "h_scheduled_retire_date": "", "h_site_id": "", "h_site": "", "h_static": "", "h_substate_id": "", "h_substate_name": "", "h_supplier_contract": "", "h_supplier_id": "", "h_supported_by": "", "h_type": "", "h_u_height": "", "h_u_position": "", "h_version": "", "h_warranty_expires": "", "h_warranty_start": "" } I hope this helps. Ehsan
  2. Ehsan


    Hi @JamieMews, Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the Timesheet Manager application. We have not had this error reported to us before. Could you uninstall and then re-install the application and confirm whether you're still seeing the issue? Ehsan
  3. What's New The owner and content of all Snippets can now be edited. This option is available to those granted the 'Service Desk Admin' role. - See more on the wiki What's Changed The 'Raise Request' button in a Chat session will now open in a new tab. - See more on the Live Chat application on the wiki Assets will be displayed in alphabetical order when using a data provider for a form field in Progressive Capture. What's Fixed PM00162656 - Team without any members are shown in the assignment action tab. PM00162963 - Label is duplicated in the Questions section. PM00163010 - Optional chart title becomes mandatory after saving the Custom View chart. Dashboard menu options are also under lapped. PM00163164 - Creating new contact when raising a Request no longer auto-populates the customer's name. PM00163159 - Owned By, Used By and Site attributes in the Assets list are not reflected when site name or the user's handle changes. PM00163179 - Error in the Asset form in the Employee Portal when there is no valid Site Id. PM00163217 - Asset Summary Notes field not supporting wiki-text. PM00163230 - No results found when searching in the Employee Portal. PM00163231 - Pipeline services should not be shown in Service form in Progressive Capture. PM00163258 - Blank Bulletin images were being displayed in the Employee Portal if there was no image set. PM00163255 - Request owner is not notified when a Request is updated via the Employee Portal. PM00163291 - Raising a Request from email would not add the attachments to the Request. PM00163283 - The quick filter on the Assets list does not filter by Invoice Number.
  4. @Adrian Simpkins, We're currently implementing a feature that provides the option to add Notices to a Request, this can be achieved automatically (i.e. via the BPM) or manually. This is on our 90-day development window and we're hoping to make it available in the coming weeks. Ehsan
  5. @Jeremy We had a look and looks like the patch was correctly applied to your instance. Could you do a Application Cache Reload on the Service Manager application via the Admin Tool again and give it another try?
  6. @Jeremy Thanks. We'll continue to investigate this.
  7. @Jeremy, Thank you for the screenshot. I am still not able to recreate this issue. I have been monitoring 3 instances in order to recreate and identify the cause but I have had no luck so far. Is this still an issue? Through the timeline, are you able to work out who last updated the Request? Is it a user (Co-worker)? A Self Service user (contact or Co-worker in the Employee Portal)? An automated message?
  8. @Jeremy Thanks. As per the other post, following the patch, are you still seeing "Pipeline" services, even after a browser refresh? Sorry if you've already checked but wanted to narrow down the issue, to confirm that those services are indeed "Pipeline" services? Also could I ask, is the setting "servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.enableSupportVisibility" turned on or off on your instance? As you've mentioned, this only happens when the customer is a Contact, so that will also help us in our investigation.
  9. Thanks @Jeremy Sorry about the inconvenience.
  10. @Jeremy Could you please confirm whether you're still shown "Pipeline" services in the Service form? Have you tried refreshing the browser (Apologies if you have already tried this)? For future reference, could you please raise a separate post for any other issues that you may have come across - The title of this post is "Search in the Employee Portal" but we've now moved on to an issue with Service form in Progressive Capture. Doing so will allow different members of Team Hornbill to pick up or comment on any other issues that are raised and it'll also help the audience understand where to report an issue that's already been discussed within the community. Thank you in advance.
  11. @Jeremy @Paul Alexander, We have applied a patch directly to your instance. In order for the change to take affect, could you please press the "Reload Application Cache" button in the Admin Tool > System > App Store > Hornbill Service Manager tile.
  12. @Jeremy @Paul Alexander, We have now addressed the issue with the search results in the Employee Portal. I will prepare a patch and apply directly to your instance. I will update this post as soon as the patch has been applied.
  13. @Jeremy, I can see that Services with the portfolio status of "Pipeline" are presented in the Services form in Progressive Capture. This has now been addressed and I will prepare a patch to apply directly to your instance. Apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused.
  14. @Jeremy @Paul Alexander All, Apologies for the inconvenience that this is causing. We're looking into it.
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