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  1. New Status does not clear Sub Statuses

    @Martyn Houghton Yes, that's right, this only affects Requests that were raised between 1073 and 1074.
  2. New Status does not clear Sub Statuses

    @Martyn Houghton "Request Details > Get Request Information" automated task in BPM returns properties of a Request via Variable Picker. We added a new property called "Substatus" and we found out that this collided with a namesake option for any other automated tasks. In this example, "Substatus" that is returned from "Request Details > Get Request Information" automated task collides with "Substatus" option of "Update Request > Status" automated task. Ofcourse this behaviour is incorrect. As a result of this, we updated the property that is returned by "Request Details > Get Request Information" automated task to rectify this but the long-term solution is a complex change to the BPM engine - which is being investigated. You'll see this error for existing Requests, such as the example that you're looking to but this will not be a problem for Requests that are raised AFTER you applied 1074.
  3. New Status does not clear Sub Statuses

    @Martyn HoughtonThis has now been patched. Please refer to the following announcement: Thanks, Ehsan
  4. Prompt before leaving page with unsaved changes

    Please refer to my last post in the following thread. Is that the sort of scenario that you would like for us to cater for?
  5. Lock Record when being updated

    @Martyn Houghton, Just so that I understand this better... Which of the following scenarios do you've in mind? I have typed away some text in the Update Action Bar tab without clicking on the Update button. I then chose to click on the Assign Action Bar tab and perform an assignment. If I then click back on to Update Action Bar tab, I would like the text that I had previously written (without saving) to be pre-populated in the box. I have typed away some text in the Update Action Bar tab without clicking on the Update button. I may accidently click on the refresh button in the browser. I would like a prompt, to confirm that I do indeed intend to refresh the page.
  6. Raising Change Request from Portal

    Hi @Muneer, This behaviour is controlled via an Application Setting. You can enable visibility of Change Requests in the Portal through the Admin Tool (https://admin.hornbill.com/charnwoodbc/settings/application/com.hornbill.servicemanager/). Hope this helps. Thanks, Ehsan
  7. Guidance on Managing Emails

    Thanks for clarifying - This is not possible at the minute but I'll speak to the team about this and get back to you.
  8. Guidance on Managing Emails

    Hi @SJEaton, Are you referring to saving a message as Draft? The concept of Draft has not been introduced yet. Are you referring to moving a message to another folder? A checkbox is presented when you hover your mouse over an Email message. Doing so then activates the following action bar.
  9. Personal Snippets

    @SJEaton, Right, I was looking at the Snippets feature within the Email action in a Request The above screenshot relates to the Mailboxes feature. We will take a look and get back to you.
  10. Personal Snippets

    @SJEaton That makes sense! Is it possible to share the content of your Snippet? Perhaps there is a character or a pattern as such, that is causing the issue. Which browser are you using?
  11. Personal Snippets

    Hi @SJEaton, Could you please elaborate on the issue that you're experiencing? I created a Snippet as below and made it available to Myself only. In the Email action, I chose the option to use the Snippet that I had created. Doing so, then inserted the Snippet into the message area. This is another example where I already had some text in the message area and the Snippet content is appended to the message.
  12. Wrong Email Template being sent

    Great to hear, no worries
  13. Add/Remove Service Subscriber BPM Node

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, That sounds like an interesting concept and a reasonable requirement. It would sure be possible. I will speak to the team about this and get back to you. Thanks, Ehsan
  14. Guidance on Managing Emails

    Hi @SJEaton, Hope you're well. Great to hear that you'll be using the Mailboxes feature in our Hornbill Collaboration offering The following Wiki document should hopefully give you an insight into using mailboxes. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mailboxes There are a number of sections in this Wiki document, such as managing folders: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Folders I hope this helps. Ehsan
  15. Wrong Email Template being sent

    Hi @Paul Alexander, Is it possible that the email option is configured within your Business Process? In my example below, an email is sent using Email Customer Automated Task when a Request is raised. Notice that I have the option to set the Email Template. This can be found in the Admin Tool (https://admin.hornbill.com/vinci/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/workflow/bpm/). Through the Service form and the Workflow field, you can find the Business Process name that is initiated when a Request is raised against the Service. I hope this helps? Ehsan