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  1. Hi Hayley, Custom fields of type LONGTEXT are not included in the Requests List. Fields of type LONGTEXT can hold up to 4GB (or 4,294,967,295 characters) hence displaying those fields will cause massive performance issues when loading a bulk of Requests. I take it you've used up custom fields A to O? Ehsan
  2. @Keith Yeah I was surprised not to see you this year! Hopefully see you whenever the next event is
  3. @Keith, There are features which are still work in progress - Service Catalog and ITOM were both discussed at Insights. You won't be able to see them yet but watch out for those announcements
  4. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone, You can manage cancellation reasons via Simple Lists in the Admin Tool. Here's a shortcut to cancellationReasons Simple List (Please edit [YOUR INSTANCE ID] in the URL): https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR INSTANCE ID]/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/simplelists/CancellationReasons/ Ehsan
  5. @John C, You can lock down changes to a Service by changing it's access to Private. In the example below, I own a Service and I've updated it's access level. Now I've logged in as a user who is granted the Services Manager role (i.e. can view Services list) but as you can see, apart from changing the Service's status, all other configuration options for the Service are locked.
  6. This issue will be fixed in Service Manager build 1554 or higher. Please look out for an announcement tomorrow.
  7. This issue will be fixed in Service Manager build 1554 or higher. Please look out for an announcement tomorrow.
  8. @Dan Munns, In relation to providing the ability to use Display Value and Raw Value for a Task Custom Field, I'll raise this with the team and we will get back to you. Ehsan
  9. @Dan Munns, We have identified the reason why those Dynamic options are missing. This will be addressed in the next Administration Tool build which is due to be deployed automatically tomorrow.
  10. Hello Everyone, The latest build of Service Manager (1554) has been released to live. What's Changed KE00156494 - Custom 31 to 40 options now appear as a multiline editor in "Requests > Update Request > Custom Fields" Hornbill Automation within the BPM What's Fixed PM00156619 - Unable to create an Asset with Computer System type when some date fields are not set PM00156623 - Asset Class picker in Upload new Assets area does not show the types available in the system PM00156623 - An issue with visibility of tabs within the Asset form in Progressive Capture
  11. @John C, To see the date when the status was changed, edit the SQL statement to include h_transition_date in the SELECT statement, as below: SELECT h_status_from, h_status_to, h_transition_date, h_transition_by_id, h_transition_by_name FROM h_itsm_servicestatus_history WHERE h_service_id = 1 Once again please do remember to replace 1 (in h_service_id = 1) in the SQL statement with the Id of your Service. Ehsan
  12. @Dan Munns, Apologies for the inconvenience that this is causing. We have addressed this problem. This will be rectified in the next Service Manager build, which is expected to be available tomorrow. Ehsan
  13. @John C, From what I can see, the Business Process that you had sent us does not update the status of a Service. We can look in the database to see which user performed the action. You'll need the Id of your Service. This can be found in the URL, when you open your Service. In the example below, the Id of my Service is 1 - Which is located between the two slashes after "view" (i.e. /view/1/). Now - Login to the Admin Tool (https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR INSTANCE ID]/settings/advanced) and enable security.database.allowSqlQueryOperation setting, as below. Refresh your browser. You now need to access the Database Direct Tile - You can use the search option in the Admin Tool to find this Tile. Alternatively, navigate to https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR INSTANCE ID]/data/db/). Type in the SQL statement as below within the designated box - PLEASE note that in my example, you'll need to replace 1 (in h_service_id = 1) with the Id of your Service in my 1st screenshot. Click on the blue (with an arrow icon) button to run the statement. Within the results section, you should see a similar view to mine, as below. Notice that the User name contains the name of the person who performed the action. Could you then speak to the person who has changed the status to Impacted (Where Status To is Impacted) and find out whether they had manually performed the action? Hope this helps. Ehsan
  14. @Dan Munns Interesting, I'll find out for you. The only difference between mine and yours is that Group picker and User picker options have been renamed. This will perhaps be released with the next Administration Tool build.
  15. Hi @John C, Is it possible that the status of your Service is updated through a Hornbill Automation node in a Business Process? In the example below, I have a node in my Business Process to update the status of the Request's Service to impacted. To determine whether this is indeed the case - Within the Service, click on Config tab and check which Workflow is assigned to your Request types. In the example below, the Workflow for Incidents against my Service use an OOTB example BPM. Once you've noted down the name of the Workflow, navigate to Business Processes Tile for the Service Manager App via the Admin Tool (https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR INSTANCE ID]/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/workflow/bpm/) and look for the name of the Workflow. Open the Business Process and look for a Hornbill Automation as per my 1st screenshot. In relation to responding to forum posts - Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately, there is no SLA in responding to forum posts but the Hornbill community do attend to forum posts as regularly as possible. I can see that your Organisation is subscribed to the Essential Success Plan (Free service). You can subscribe to one of our advanced Success Plans which give you direct access to our Support function as well as guarantee immediate attention to your enquiries. For more details, please have a look on the Wiki document below: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Success_Plans Hope this helps. Ehsan
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