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  1. @AndyHill, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have raised a request to tighten the Assign action tab to respect the system setting. This has been assigned directly to development and will be addressed very soon. Ehsan
  2. @Paul Alexander, I've had a chance to investigate this scenario. The first time around when the "Requests > Suspend > Wait for Request Off Hold" Hornbill Automation has completed, the 'Stage Expired' value is set to 'true'. The second time around (i.e. in the loop) when the Hornbill Automation is run, the 'Stage Expired' value is NOT set because a expiry period has not been set up and hence, the old 'Stage Expired' value of 'true' is maintained in memory - This is by design to allow you to use the value later in the stage but I can understand that in a loop, this is not particularly
  3. @Paul Alexander, Could you please share a screenshot of the "Put on hold" Hornbill Automation so I can try and recreate with the same configuration. Ehsan
  4. @Dave Longley, The only solution we have now is to append the additional information to the Request's summary (manually or via the BPM), which is not a great workaround but the card will automatically be synchronised with the data in the Request. We have an enhancement request in our backlog to turn off automatic synchronisation, that way you could append information to the card via the designated Hornbill Automation in the BPM, without having to store the information in the Request's summary. Ehsan
  5. @Dave Longley, You can share a board with a team and control the actions that each individual member can perform. You have the option to drag a user's icon onto a card, which will assign the Request to the individual. In the example below, I've assigned the Request to Graham and as you can see, the user's icon is visible on the board. I hope this helps. Ehsan
  6. @Martyn Houghton, The Auto Assign operation will not use the new availability states. We had initially released a version that respected the new availability states (i.e. Present At Work, Is Working Time etc.) but it was requested by @sprasad and others to revert the behaviour back to only assign Requests when the users' status is set to "Available". We have not incorporated the availability states into Service Manager yet and based on the feedback we received, this certainly needs to be controlled at the Service Manager level rather than the System level. Currently it is not possibl
  7. @Adrian Simpkins, The Co-workers list is getting a new look and feel. As part of it, this issue is being addressed. We're currently testing the implementation and we hope to make it available in the coming days.
  8. @Adrian Simpkins, I will get in touch with the collaboration team to see where we're at with reflecting the statuses in the Co-workers list. Ehsan
  9. @sprasad All, The Hornbill Automation tasks "Requests > Assignment > Assign to Most Available Analyst" and "Requests > Assignment > Assign on Round Robin Basis" have been reverted back to only assign Requests to users who have set their status is set to "Available". This has been applied to all instances. Ehsan
  10. @sprasad, I would like to apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused and I apprehend the frustration. Ofcourse if you were able to access the Availability States, you could've easily adjusted the states to your needs. I can make a change to that affect to address the concern. The change will be as below, unless otherwise indicated: A user is available if they're present at work and are not "On Call" and don't have "Do Not Disturb" ticked. With the default states in the system, this translates to "Available" status only. A user is not available if they're not at work
  11. @Jack_Podmore, I just wanted to add to Gerry's response and to address your concern. The option "Include Offline Users" in Requests > Assignment > Assign to Most Available Analyst or Requests > Assignment > Assign on Round Robin Basis have been in play for many years and they're documented on the wiki also https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow. There has been no change in behaviour to these Hornbill Automations. The enhancements to availability status did create confusion on how the enhancement correlates with the various applications on
  12. @Dan Munns Thanks, that's the same issue that @Jeremyis also experiencing. This is being looked into, please look out for an update to the Hornbill Collaboration application.
  13. @Dan Munns if you're experiencing the same issue as @Jeremy regarding "At Lunch" status in Co-workers list - I have reported this internally, we'll get back to you as soon as we have more information.
  14. @Dan Munns, I can't quite workout where "Co-workers from the request list" is? Are you referring to Main Menu > Home > Co-workers list?
  15. All, There seems to be some confusion here. The Hornbill Automation in Service Manager provides the option to include or exclude Offline users. A user who's availability status is set to "Do Not Disturb" or "At Lunch" is still considered as online, or to align it with new terminology, they're considered as "Present At Work". A user who's status is set to "Out Of Office" or "On Holiday" for example is Offline. Gerry shared a screenshot above which shows the statuses that enables the "Present At Work" flag.
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