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  1. Ehsan

    Dashboards Error

    Hi @SJEaton, I have messaged you directly to get more details on this. Hopefully we can progress this today. Thanks, Ehsan
  2. Ehsan

    Dashboards Error

    @SJEaton Could you expand the state attribute?
  3. Ehsan

    Changing snippet owner

    Hi @Lyonel, Unfortunately there is no User Interface to provide this option. Snippets are held in h_itsm_snippet table, where h_ownerid column stores the Id of the owner - Could perhaps achieve this through a SQL update. We could introduce an option in the Snippets for an admin to see all Snippets in the system and make ownership changes as required. Ehsan
  4. Hi @Alisha, You can add a custom field on a Service by Service basis. You can achieve this through View Details Form option in Service > Request Config tab > [Request Type] tab. Below I've added a custom field (Initial Analysis in the screen-shot below). In my example, this field will only be visible when viewing an Incident that was raised against General Support Service, as per my Service's configuration. You could also disable Show the field in view mode even if the value is blank option when editing the field in question. When viewing the Details section of a Request, the field will be hidden, until a value is provided. I hope this helps. Ehsan
  5. Hi @Lauren, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This will be rectified in the today's Service Manager build, which will be made available shortly! Thanks, Ehsan
  6. Hi @Dan Munns, After a Request is assigned to an owner, you'll need to reload the Owner Id. You'll have to add an automated task (Entity > Requests > Get Request Information > Request Details) after Suspend - Wait Request Owner node. I think this should then address the problem? You can look up an active instance of a Business Process as below, by providing the BPM Id. This gives you an indication of where the BPM has failed. You can also correct the instance of the Business Process so that the Request flows. In this example, I would suggest that you edit the Accounts Payable Tasks node to manually assign the task to an owner and then resume the Process. Please do let me know if the adding the automated task as suggested, fixes the problem? Thanks, Ehsan
  7. Ehsan

    BPM errors generated

    @ShalilK, That's great to hear! more than happy to help. Thanks, Ehsan
  8. Ehsan

    BPM errors generated

    @ShalilK Great, sure.
  9. Ehsan

    BPM errors generated

    @ShalilK, I'm here to assist - I'm a member of the Development Team and I will look into this for you to get it resolved. So that I understand - A task is assigned to a Collaboration user (i.e. is only assigned the Collaboration Role). Once they've completed the task, the Request is automatically resolved (via an automated task in the BPM)?
  10. @Martyn Houghton, Take a look at the example below where I'm using a Template (RequestMessage) to send an email - The variables in the Template are pre-loaded into the email body and they'll not be parsed to show the actual values. As you can see, I'm presented with {{owner.H_first_name}} instead of Ehsan (for example). That is not the case with variables in a Snippet. Below, I've clicked on my Snippet (called General) and the actual values are added to the body of the email - I'm shown Frank instead of {{customerFirstName}}. We revamped the Email Action to allow you to use pre-defined Templates and the rich-text capabilities that comes with it. Have you tried switching from using a Snippet to using a Template? We envisioned that with revamping this functionality, our users would switch from using a Snippet to using Templates as it provides you with so much more functionality and flexibility (and a extensive list of variables!) than Snippets ever did.
  11. Ehsan

    SLA towards an agreed date

    Hi @HHH, Unfortunately it is not possible to create Service Level Targets on the fly (i.e. on a Request by Request basis). You'll have to define this within the Service Level Agreement. You can perhaps create a field where you provide a pick-list containing options such as: 2 Days 3 Days X Days, etc You can then update the Priority of the Request via the BPM (Hornbill Service Manager > Entity > Requests > Update Request > Priority automated task) based on the value that is provided (e.g. If "2 Days" is selected, then update the Priority to "High"). Thereafter, update your Service Level Agreement to create rules that will determine the Service Level Target based on a Request's Priority. For example, below, I have created a rule which will use the Gold Service Level if Priority is set to High. Then start the Request's response timer via the BPM (using Hornbill Service Manager > Application > Timer > Start Response Timer automated task). This may not work as well for you but that's what I can think of at this moment in time. Thanks, Ehsan
  12. Ehsan

    Dashboards Error

    @dwalby Glad to hear it's all working again.
  13. Shalesh, I created a Snippet as below: I then selected my Snippet within the Email Action tab and as you can see below, both variables are populated. I tried this with a Co-Worker and a Contact and I can confirm that the variables were populated on both occasions. Does the Request have a customer? Have you tried to clear your browser cache, re-login and give it another try? Thanks, Ehsan
  14. Ehsan

    Dashboards Error

    Hi @dwalby, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you - I'm here to help When making a copy of a View, the charts are not copied over - Although this capability is currently in development and should be available soon To begin with, I have noticed that the Service Manager App on your instance is on an older version. We've since released 2 new builds of the Service Manager App. Could you please update the Service Manager App on your instance? After you've done that, could you kindly provide us with the content of the Response tab in Chrome Console for smGetChartFilters operation when you click on Switch to My Dashboards? I know you've provided this to us previously but we wanted to cross reference this once again. Thanks, Ehsan