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Co-worker Search form on progressive captures


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We often have to send e-mails to a customer’s manager and we were hoping to automate this in the Business Process if certain criteria are met. This works fine if the customer is raising the issue themselves.

If the customer is raising the issue on behalf of a colleague, we would need the e-mail to be sent to the colleague's manager automatically. I have used the Co-Worker Search form on a progressive capture. However, this form is skipped when logging a request on the portal. Is there a way around this please?
Many thanks,
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Hi Alisha,

Thanks for your post.

The Co-worker Search form on progressive capture is not displayed when a user is raising a request from the portal as it automatically uses the name of the user that is logged into the portal, preventing that user from having to type in their name each time they raise a request.

We do have some plans to add a User Picker to the custom forms in progressive capture.  This would be similar to the existing Group Pickers.  This may allow you to create a custom progressive capture form for where the user can search for their co-worker and add them to the request.


We are also have another Progressive Capture form for adding Connections to a request.  Similar to the Co-worker Search, the Connections form is only available to Service Manager users, but we are also looking at options to make this available to the portal users.



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Hi James,

Thanks for your reply.

Having a User Picker would be very helpful. Would we then be able to send an e-mail to the Manager of the person chosen on the User Picker?

Many thanks,

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9 hours ago, Alisha said:

Would we then be able to send an e-mail to the Manager of the person chosen on the User Picker?

This might be possible, but it might be that after capturing the person it is being raise on behalf of, you would need to change them to being the customer of the request.

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Is there any update on this one? 

Now that we have started using Hornbill for HR processes, there are more scenarios where people work for us but do not necessarily have a computer, and therefore managers need to make requests on their behalf. Our cleaning workforce is a good example of this, as they don't have access to computers, but managers will be logging requests with HR on their behalf


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So we already use this in many processes for indicating managers and the actual customer etc and is quite straightforward.

In the PCF just add a dyanmic drop down and choose:


Other options are available then in the BPM there is a node for changing customer and this can be set up as per this:


Bear in mind that in the variable chose the relevant field from the PCF and choose the username which will be the Raw Value, but you can also integrate the field as they are as below:

Raw Value - Username
Display Value - Name

Hope this makes sense... this then changes the customer so then all future emails etc are sent to the 'new' customer.

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