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  1. +1 for as as well please. We would also like Auto Tasks to be able to trigger an email pop up so we can edit the text in the email before sending it.
  2. Thank you @Steve Giller. I have changed it to: BETWEEN CURRENT_DATE() + INTERVAL -7 DAY AND CURRENT_DATE() + INTERVAL -1 DAY
  3. Thanks @Steve Giller. That works but also gives me today's data. Is there a way to not include today please?
  4. Hi @Daniel Dekel, Would this be possible please? We have tried to use an External Frame to display the advanced analytics widget but this hasn't worked. Many thanks, Alisha
  5. Hello, What's the correct SQL to display information from the past 7 days please? I'm trying to create a List of Data widget. I have used BETWEEN CURRENT_DATE -7 AND CURRENT_DATE but this has given me results from last year as well as this year. When I used >=CURRENT_DATE -7 that gave me today's information as well as the previous 7 days. Many thanks, Alisha
  6. Hi @Daniel Dekel, We'd like to use this in text widgets on a Domain sub-page. We have a lot of information to display and customers could just click on the section they're interested in reading and expand that. This would be easier to manage than having lots of sub-pages and linking to them. Many thanks, Alisha
  7. Hi @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman, Is there any update on customers being able to add their own Connections please? We would like to use this when our Employee Portal goes live. Many thanks, Alisha
  8. Hi @Steve Giller, We would like the Business Process to add specific assets to the Request, based on what was selected in the Progressive Capture. In one of our Captures, we have a decision node to split it between Analysts and Customers. If the Request is logged by: Analyst - The 'Asset details' form appears so the analyst can pick the correct asset to Link. Self-service - There is no 'Asset details' form as we would not expect our customers to Link third party assets. It would be helpful if the Business Process could add the asset automatically once the Request is logged. For example, if Capture answer = mobile phone, then in the BPM, add Asset = Vodafone. This is similar to my request below. Many thanks, Alisha
  9. Hi @James Ainsworth, Thanks for the update. We'd like to add an asset to a request via the BPM workflow rather than create one. Could this be considered as an enhancement as well please? Many thanks, Alisha
  10. Thanks @Daniel Dekel, would this, or something similar, be a possibility in the future?
  11. Hi Adrian, We are using the Assets form in the capture, which is fine when the analysts are logging the request as they can link the relevant third party asset. However, if the customer logs the request we haven't used the form - we wouldn't expect them to link third party assets to the request. We would prefer if this could be done automatically via the Business Process. Many thanks, Alisha
  12. Hello, I would like to add assets to a request via the Business Process based on what has been selected in the capture. Is this possible please? Many thanks, Alisha
  13. @Steve Giller Please could this be considered as an enhancement? It would be helpful if customers had the ability to add their own 'Interested' parties. Using the existing Connections form seems like a simpler way of doing this rather than using a Data Query drop down list in a capture, which does not allow for multiple people to be added at a time.
  14. Hello, We have quite a lot of text that we'd like to display on a page and keeping it all on one page would be preferable. Could we have some Wikitext to collapse and expand the text please? This page gives some examples of what we'd like to do: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Collapsing Many thanks, Alisha
  15. @Victor Please could you let me know when we need to update the SSO SAML Metadata Configuration by? We were also seeing the appStrings... text but it has disappeared now.
  16. +1 for us please, we'd like to be able to do this as well.
  17. @Giuseppe Iannacone Thank you for the workaround. Our custom field is a checkbox, so we would like the tick to disappear at the end of the Auto Task.
  18. +1 We would also like a custom field to be empty at the end of an Auto Task (clearing a checkbox). @Victor Is this something that could be considered as an enhancement please?
  19. Hello, We would like to create measures to show data by hour. Please could we request the addition of an 'Hourly' frequency for the Measures? Many thanks, Alisha
  20. +1 for us please. We would also like to restrict the use of Custom Buttons based on the analyst's User Role.
  21. +1 for us as well please. We would rather our customers only see the domain pages that we created.
  22. +1 We would also find it useful to have Snippets in the updates.
  23. Hello, We would like to have a pop up information box when certain captures load so that we can inform customers of important information before they start completing the capture. For example, informing customers of any supply-chain issues. I know we could use a label or multi-line text within captures, but we find that this information can often be missed. If it's a pop up box, the customer would have to read and close the box before continuing with the capture. Please could this be considered as an enhancement? Many thanks, Alisha
  24. Hi @Bob Dickinson, We like the visual aspect of this widget - but no worries, I'll create a Measure to do the SUM and try to put that in a Widget. Thanks for all your help, Alisha
  25. Hello, We can currently search for requests using the 'Details' and 'Timeline' drop-downs. Please could we have the option to search our Questions screen as well? Many thanks, Alisha
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