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  1. This is the raw outputted field and then the question from the form that has been filled in:
  2. would anyone be able to help with the correct input for this date formatter node from the date: 2021-02-23T21:00:00.000Z
  3. We had a forum event yesterday and this issue was raised again, is this on the road map for Service Manager?
  4. @Steve Giller this is the output: 2021-02-23T21:00:00.000Z
  5. Does anyone know what the correct date input for this node should be so that I can test to see if I can fix this issue?
  6. @Mary thanks I have updated and this shows 206 results, I have now been through all the requests that are not in the view and there is no reason why they shouldn't show in the view. I have exported the data and compared it and there are no differences to other requests that are returned that I can see, these 22 requests seem to be missing when creating this view.
  7. There are no security models that would prevent us from seeing these other requests against these services and i have checked there are no cancelled requests. I have updated the sql to this: SELECT * FROM h_itsm_requests where h_resolution like '%After clicking on the option Login into the Applicant View you will be able to login with the below credentials:%' and h_datelogged >= '2021-01-01 00:00:00' and h_requesttype = 'Incident' and h_status in ('status.closed', 'status.open', 'status.onhold') and now there are 192 records.
  8. @alberto thanks so if I update the SQL it changes to 208 requests and the view is 184 so still not right?
  9. @Alberto M if I use <= or < it doesn't seem to make a difference also we were closed on the 1st so there would have been no jobs logged regarding this.
  10. So when we create a view to search for data verses the database we get different results which is confusing us as to which is the correct information, can anyone shed any light as to what we are doing wrong? View The resolution text in the box is 'After clicking on the option Login into the Applicant View you will be able to login with the below credentials:', this gives184 results Database When we do the same in the database we get 153 results: This is the database search: SELECT * FROM h_itsm_requests where h_resolution like '%After clicking on the op
  11. @Steve Giller what should be the correct input for this node?
  12. We have noticed that when people have apostrophe in their names it shows incorrectly in a user selector list in the PCF, please can this be fixed.
  13. So from the ProCap: We take the date and make it more useable: And then inject this into a custom field to use in an email template and a timeline update the Questions show the ProCap as correct, but when using the Date Formatter it seems to account for something which we don't want. Do I need to change something in the Output Format to make it show the same as the ProCap?
  14. @Hornbill Support Team anyone know why this is happening? We are struggling at the moment with one of our departments which uses Service Manager to book appointments etc and these emails are confusing our customers.
  15. @Kelvin You add global system sub-statuses here, either for all request types or for incidents, service requests etc:
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