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  1. thank you to @Victor and @James.Johnson for your quick and helpful responses.
  2. I'm sure that this has been asked for before but I can;t for the life of me remember the outcome or find the thread. Is there a way to mark customers in Service Manager so that when teams/analysts are looking at the customer in as part of a request they can see that there is a note/symbol etc for signifying certain people require additional support.
  3. When you look at a CI in the portal if looks like this: When you click through it seems to capitalise the first letter This is the first form that we have where the text should display eRecords with a small 'e' like iPhone etc, can this respect the formatting of the CI when it is set up e.g.
  4. @James Ainsworth with our problem process we are looking to remind our team on a weekly basis to check for updates on requests via BPM tasks. We thought about achieving this via scheduled tasks created at the beginning of the BPM which repeat, we can then either remove the scheduled tasks once the Problem is resolved or remove them via a BPM if possible.
  5. When you create manual task there is the option to schedule the task to run every day/week/month etc with options (as below), however when creating a human task in the BPM these options are not allowed. Is there a way to perform these or will this be feature request?
  6. Thanks @Miro using the contains has worked, we always wondered the different between == and contains was in the PCFs etc.
  7. I am creating a new form for our Marketing Dept and have found a limitation, when creating a list they want to show further conditional answers to questions. This works when you choose each answer individually, but when you choose more than one the further questions disappear, it's a bit like a two positives make a negative. These are the questions: One option chosen when two are ticked They disappear, in the conditions of the questions they are supposed to appear if the option is chosen. Is there a way around this issue?
  8. I have been using the Integration call to format the dates selected in the PCF and the below happens....they are not honouring the 'summer time' time or the 24 hour clock. Below is the Questions and then the responses in the descriptions... Here is the integration call settings....
  9. When a BPM goes through the nodes it seems to perform the actions as the customer (initially) or analyst (as soon as it gets an owner) dependant on who 'logged or owned' the requests see below: These actions should be performed by the System BPM not a person surely.....
  10. @Steve G this is the issue, we do not know the row number. The only information that is the same is the job reference number that we include in the sheet, is there a way to return in the first integration call the row that was created? Then we can reference this as a variable in the update Row parameter?
  11. Is there a way once a spreadsheet has been updated that you can add further data to the end of a row? e.g. if we add data to a sheet from column A to E on one row as part of the BPM and then later want to add more data to column F & G later in the same row as part of the BPM...Is this possible?
  12. +1 from us too, to prevent updates being applied to closed requests especially via the portal.
  13. On Friday and over the weekend we have noticed that some (not all) requests that have integration calls were failing the integration type that we are using is: *Utilities/Experimental/HTTP Request - Basic Auth When they fail, we can restart the BPM once or twice and this then works. Have there been any issues at the Hornbill end? As we cannot immediately see any issues from our side....
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