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  1. It was a question that was raised as we wanted to be able to pre-fill some of the options e.g. service, priority etc but I will go back to the drawing board.
  2. also with information that is within tasks when added to the timeline we can't seem to search for answers etc
  3. We have noticed that when searching for some information the system does not return all the data, we have serial numbers of new equipment in our system and when searching something these appear and other they do not... I wonder if someone could let me know if there is something wrong or if it's something we are doing? When searching for this serial number nothing appears in the search but it's in the timeline of a request: But some do appear and return in the search:
  4. We have a process that we thought worked but it appears that the timers are not expiring, we have a node (see below) that places the call on hold for a year but it hasn't come off hold. These are the details of the request showing when it was logged: Is there something that has not worked or we have done wrong as we used the spreadsheet calculator that was provided by Hornbill to work out the hours etc.
  5. So we have been exploring the 'Quick Request' logging and it appears that it doesn't work that well. Although you can set the parameters, when you actually come to use it it gets stuck at the 'Service Picker List'. I know that this is in 'Beta' but can this be looked into as this is something that could potentially save us a lot of time if it works as expected.
  6. So we have a field that we have in the portal and in the analysts section when raising requests and the field acts differently e.g. in the portal we present a simple list and you can search: But analysts raising a request get the same box but cannot search Can this be updated so the analysts can search this box as this is very handy when presenting long lists of information.
  7. We have been noticing this for a while we are trying to get logs to pass to Hornbill but that is proving problematic at the moment for us for a variety of reasons. But we have issues with any updates to accounts, as once the account is created when the system next does a sync it sees the existing account and decides that there is nothing to update. We are missing updates to email address, name changes and also we changed the import to include some extra information but this does not seem to be updating the new information.
  8. Is there any further updates to extra field types in the PCF builder? We would like the slider, star rating, multiple choice grid to be options as we are using forms more often now to capture feedback regarding requests/services. I know that there is the feedback options via services that is in-built but this does not work well for us and would like the option of a more expansive selection of question types. The other one that I think has been mentioned before is the option to add time separately from the date function.
  9. @Berto2002 we pass to a local server where we run code to allow this transformation to happen then pass back into a custom field within the request. But I'm sure that a cloud based server would work just as well, it's just a case of telling the Cloud Automation node where to point.
  10. @Berto2002 we have this same issue, unfortunately we have resorted to passing the date/time out of Service Manager via the API and returning in a format that is correct and caters for the changing clocks.
  11. bump, any news on the updated Problem and Known Error facilities within Service Manager?
  12. @James Ainsworthsorry I have just noticed this response, no we can't raise with Support as our account is not able to do this (at least that is my understanding)
  13. I believe 'Services Manager' is the role you need, but they will also need to be listed as the 'Owner' of service as well. The explanation of the role is:
  14. Yes this is only way currently, you cannot create these via the BPM although this has been requested.
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