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  1. so the start and end times will need to be pointed to either your form where you ask the times or to the scheduled times of the change are done manually. take a look at this, scroll down to Change Requests and the update request section https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow
  2. just leave it as auto @Dave Longley then it will apply to any change that has been raised and goes down that path
  3. this is what happened on the portal @Steven Boardman When I added an update myself it then moved to the next step but the one via the portal doesn't seem to have triggered it.
  4. I have a Suspend node waiting for the connection to add an update via the portal, but although they are adding an update it isn't moving to the next node once the update is applied. I am having a brain blank and can't work out why....it will be something simple I know! Node setup
  5. We are having problems in opening tasks that have been assigned to an analyst via the mobile app, it just doesn't seem to open/view any of them screen capture below of issue. The app is up to date and I re-installed to make sure it wasn't something in my settings.
  6. @Daniel Dekel thank you, that is why we have so many issues with people filling out longer forms then as this is 15 minutes! Thanks for the quick response.
  7. Could you let me know where the setting is for altering the timeout of basic users on the employee portal please? I cannot find it for the life of me.... Thanks in advance
  8. @Mohamed we have the add attachments node in our set up in the pro cap
  9. @Ehsan I have tried in a new browser that I have not logged into Service Manager before and in incognito windows and this still appears. It seems to be the only one that we can find so far.... just seems strange.
  10. I have noticed that a CI is appearing in the portal and I am not sure why, I have recorded the settings etc to better see the issue. Is there something that we have done wrong or is this a system issue?
  11. @Steven Boardman thanks for this, it worked. My only issue is how to get the specific information that we need into the resolve text, ideally I guess a text box should appear to ask for the resolution text... I also believe that these auto tasks can't have human tasks in them in this correct?
  12. @Adrian Simpkins glad to know that it is not just us! @Mohamed
  13. @Steven Boardman so we are trying to achieve this with an 'auto task' not as part of a standard BPM
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