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  1. These are the settings for the jpeg
  2. This is ours, but as you say the screenshot doesn't do that much justice @Darren Rose
  3. @Darren Rose we have an image size of 1500x538 and it centres the image, ours seems to be ok.
  4. When you look up people within the Service Manager and get the view below where you can see their services, assets etc can there be an option added called 'Quercuslive's Connections' and so you see the requests that this person is listed as a connection? This is a enhancement that has come about with a new department that we are on-boarding as they want to be able to see the persons connections and to filter by connection e.g. Manager, Budget Holder, Interested, Impacted etc. I know this will probably take some time to implement so may have to look at the API to see if there is anything
  5. @Victor I hope that you are well this wonderful day, I have a stuck process that we would like unstuck if possible?
  6. @Steve Giller we currently have a landing page before the Employee Portal landing page, which houses our service status details and also we want to add a link to our remote support/chat pages as we cannot natively add our Bomgar popup to the Employee Portal landing page. We would ideally like this before people login as we deal with people with potential students that do not have usernames/password when they first contact us.
  7. would it be possible to allow wiki markup on this section of the landing page?
  8. @Steve G So I have tried this and there is nothing that is received. It just sits Waiting for event.....
  9. @Steve G that is what I thought but there seems to be no traffic coming from that IP address when we try to test this node. I have updated to send a json test, but we are not seeing anything in our firewall logs to indicate that refused connections, just seems to be silence.
  10. Does anyone know the IP address that Hornbill communicates from when sending these HTTP requests?
  11. Would it be possible for Hornbill to investigate and let us know what the outage was related to?
  12. System seems to be ok, but our browsers say differently...
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