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  1. This has also been reported to us too
  2. @David Hall thank you, we look forward to the update.
  3. Is there an estimated fix time for this, as we have found that analysts cannot forward on emails either currently.
  4. @Steve Giller we do not want our analysts to see the mailbox at all as there is information that could potentially be in there that they should not see. We will await the fix for being able to see the email only.
  5. We have a role to allow people to view and send emails only, however, today after the update when you click the 3 dots and go to view email you cannot see the email as it seems to default to the actual mailbox rather than a view of the email itself. Can this be changed to allow our analysts to be view these emails, as we do not want to give them access to the mailbox. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can someone please let me know if this is possible to get this to work as we expect?
  7. @Steve Giller that is what we want, please can you explain how the Date Range Start/End work?
  8. Further to these enhancements, is there a way to have a date selector but then to blank out some dates i.e. with a date control field to define a period of weeks from today that they cannot choose..... maybe even we can utilise a regex function on date if provided.
  9. @James Ainsworth this is a starting point, however, we would like add an owner but for them not to be able to edit/modify the service as this is done centrally. The benefit that we can see from this is that if we can add one or more owners then it allows us to use these people as authorisors on Changes etc.
  10. @James Ainsworth are there any more thoughts about us being able to remove data from Service Manager (even the ability to strip out the Question/Answers section)? Maybe even set a visabilty of the questions section to something like private or owner?
  11. We have Business Owners listed in the Owner section of the Service, however we are realising that by giving these people the 'role' of Services Manager it allows for them to potentially cause a lot of damage in the system. Is there a way to create a new role that allows us to choose then as a Service Owner so that we can pull them through for Change Requests etc but not to allow them so many privileges? Also the ability to select more that one person would getting towards Utopia!
  12. @TrevorHarris thank you so much our analysts will be 'happier'!
  13. @Victor I have just realised that this is order by function, I thought that in the past we had the option to choose which column to display on the PCF...maybe I am wrong
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