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  1. We have a a form that is presenting this: But these are not mandatory fields but it is still asking for completion... This is the field set up: And the form settings... This was never an issue with the Customer Portal... Please can someone take a look please? Thanks
  2. Just to say thank you for all of your support @Hornbill Support Team we have gone live with this about an hour ago!
  3. Yes @Daniel Dekel, it is this that we think some users are going to struggle with and click on and wondered if the whole grey section could be a link? i.e.
  4. @Steven Boardman we have already implemented this to great success, it is saving so much time on certain requests! Thanks
  5. Further to this can you change the colour of the returned search box? as it blends in quite well to our colour scheme and sometimes it merges with the surrounding text too well! Oh, and another thing I remembered with the 'link' to the form or Service in the search can this be made more obvious? Some of our users are going to struggle to find the little link box to go to the form etc. Thanks in advance
  6. Is there a way to change the background of the search box but not all inputs in the system? The way that we have it at the moment changes the input boxes to the same colour in the forms as well, I have tried playing around with the widget but to no avail.
  7. @Daniel Dekel ah ok, are there instructions on how to create these sub-pages?
  8. @Daniel Dekel I thought that in the last Demo there was options to create pages not linked to domains.... I guess we set up a domain to put things in and then 'hide' from the portal view?
  9. How do you create pages that are not linked to domains so that you can have private links etc hidden but accessible via a dedicated link?
  10. I will forward to tomorrow then, also one hopefully last question for today... How do you create pages that are not linked to domains so that you can have private links etc hidden but accessible via a dedicated link?
  11. Please can we have some clarification, when we turn on the new portal, what happens to the 'old' links etc if we have links to the old portal that we have missed will they still work or will they die or be redirected to the new portal in someway or will they get an error message? e.g. Old Portal - https://live.hornbill.com/xxxx/servicemanager/selfservice2/raise/41/serviceRequest/1090/ Employee Portal - https://live.hornbill.com/xxxx/catalog/new-service-request/com.hornbill.servicemanager/41/1090/ And once we turn it on are the links to the pages going to stay as the above?
  12. @Steven Boardman can we hide them? If we can do this then we could create a series of links on the Homepage....
  13. I'm sure that there will be others with this issue but is there a way to include more Domain pages along to top of the site? As it looks a bit strange to have this 'more' option, also is there a way to reorder this list? Another option is to have a link box with all of the pages in I suppose but trying to use the functionality of the site....other people will surely have more than 6 Domains/Companies?
  14. @Martyn Houghton we are moving to the new employee portal in the next few days (hopefully) so only want to run one portal ideally. Also with the Catalog Subscriptions we struggle with this, as we have so many people in our system for us it would be easier if there was a don't allow option (for dept, site etc) rather than having to add in all the different departments etc....
  15. Please can we get some advice on this as we have some new processes that we would like to open up for people outside of our University to complete form in our portal. However, this is not something that we have done before and we are wondering what is involved and if there is any documentation on how you allow this, we currently use SSO to login into our portal and I guess that we would need some config changes to allow this? Also once this happens how to make certain forms only available to this subset of users?
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