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  1. This may have been asked for before.... So we want to use the knowledge base features in Service Manager more extensively, for example when raising a new request can the FAQ 'solutions' be active so that we can select the solution and this resolves the request to the customer with the given information? Currently, the options are not working as designed as we can type in specific titles that match FAQ's exactly and they do not appear and if they do appear they are correct. Also when you get to the option of choosing a service these icons disappear, rather than showing you the service-specific FAQ's
  2. So we would have to put this in the handle? Why is there not an actual field in the user details (Service Manager config... Home>System>Organisational Data>Users)
  3. Is there a way of including title prefixes in user accounts as part of the import process?
  4. We use this sometimes... https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Bulletins
  5. Enhancement Request - when raising requests and adding customers or contact can we search by email address as well as a name?
  6. When you get the authorisation email (as below), when you click authorise can the behaviour be changed to say something like 'This change has now been authorised' as currently, it takes you to the task where it just shows you the details again...suggesting that you need to complete the task as well as click the button in the email? For us, if they choose to Reject then it should go to the task as they need to input why it is being rejected.
  7. When printing requests, please can the bottom highlighted Name and Email say Created By or Creator Name/Email as this gets confusing as some of our requests are raised via the portal so the details are the same as the customer and if an analyst raises the request then it is the analyst details.
  8. I remember at some point that this idea of more granular notifications was actually scheduled for a change release at some point soon? Just wondered if you are any closer to getting this released?
  9. May I ask how you added this right to the role?
  10. thanks @Victor for the update, we are sure that you are all working hard for us and dealing with our long list of demands!
  11. So today we are experiencing the issue in the image below on several peoples logins to various applications, there are also reports of slowness and 'cannot connect to database' errors.... is there something that is going on that we need to be aware of?
  12. @Chaz This is fine although we do not allow many of our analysts to have access to these roles as they can do things like cancel requests etc, that we do not want them to have access to.
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