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  1. @Steven Boardman OK thanks, I was confused as I would wrongly assumed that they should be altogether I will look more carefully next time
  2. We are about to embark on a course of action, but I wanted some clarity around what others so to get around the issue of linking incidents to problem requests. My current plan is to place a node in the problem bpm when raised to pass details of the PB number and the description to some code via the API to update a simple list called Problem Requests. This list is then going to be added to the Raise Request PCF so that when jobs are raised we can get our analysts to choose from the simple list the correct problem record to link the new incident too. Once the incident is then logged, I will then add a node which will pass (again via API call) the incident number of the new request and the problem number selected from the simple list and link the two via an API call. Obviously this is basically creating a mini knowledge management system for problem records but I wondered how others where approaching this issue and their working practices, as we have found the the Knowledge Centre in beta is not useful to for linking any requests. Also there is no functionality in the BPM designer to allow us to link requests even through we have two valid request numbers which would be 'relatively straight forward' (in my mind) to be able to do this as part of the BPM. Any help or insights gladly received.
  3. So I was wondering why in the email templates the custom fields only go up to 30 and don't go up to and including custom 40?
  4. This will give you the contents of the last email...not sure about the information if the customer updates via the portal. {{emailContent|empty}}
  5. We are getting these errors too, it looks like something relating to activities.... We also can't open activities or view them.
  6. @Lee Jones you will need to change this highlighted but to Manual rather than Auto and then choose the team that you are assigning too.
  7. @Adam Toms this is what some of our analysts do, but as it does not appear on the timeline you have no idea if some has emailed or not, which leads to confusion about what stage the request is at.
  8. @James Ainsworth this won't work very well for us as we would expect this request to be in the main queue/request list
  9. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on these system settings to see if there are what we are expecting and if we can use them to help in our work flows etc? experimental.feature.bpm.enableundofeature experimental.feature.pcf.allowfieldbinding experimental.feature.pcf.enableVersion2
  10. @James Ainsworth this would be a great starting place. I guess this request would then appear in their request list for them to action.... as any other normal request?
  11. @James Ainsworth the problem that we would have with this approach is that we do not normally assign to individuals, we assign to a team and then they choose the requests. Also would this allow people that are in non-supporting teams permissions to interact with the request? Personally I think that have the linked services would be a better option, also this then gives scope for other enhancements like allowing the FAQs to be bought into the request from for both linked services etc.
  12. @James Ainsworth exactly how @nasimg suggests if the request is linked via services then I would expect those analysts in the supporting service to be able to update/close/hand the request in the same way as the service that it logged against. From our side we cannot see that many complexities but we don't understand the Service Manager application as you guys do.
  13. Is it possible to add attachments via the BPM onto the timeline? As this then allows you to open the attachment in the browser window rather than having to download it and then open it as this is long winded and means we have analysts downloading files multiple times and potentially storing senstive screenshots etc of things that shouldn't be kept on their local devices.
  14. @Steve Giller also apart from the above comment can you utilise the templates etc that are available in the normal email sending action?
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