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  1. @Steven Boardman we are copying these from the analyst side of the software from the questions section and we have Google spreadsheets that we update with relevant information from our commissioning/decommissioning server request.
  2. Also, we are finding that when putting requests on hold when you are choosing the time, you select the hours and then the drop down disappears and you then have to click back into it to choose the minutes. Can the picker be kept up until you have chosen the hour and minutes so when you click off it disappears?
  3. We have some circumstances that mean that questions from the Portal are copied and pasted into cells in Google sheets and the text is copied but with coloured backgrounds, is this expected behaviour? This is the questions section: Here is the copied text:
  4. @Victor we have an example of IN00839102 where it did not take the request off hold when it updated.
  5. When a request is updated via email and the System AutoResponder adds the email to the request, is there a way of taking the request off hold automatically. We have this when we updated a request manually via email and an analyst applies an email to it then it auto takes the request off hold.
  6. Please see the image of the questions section where the text is not displaying correctly... Ironically when booking to come to Insights!
  7. @Victor I feel that I have left you in the dark about this, after being all alone! This has reared its head again, so an example that we have today is that during changes we add the relevant authorisors, but sometimes the analyst has entered these incorrectly or there needs to be more added. Currently, in the BPM we have a task that says 'Let me add an authorisor' after this task the key symbol appears where we can add authorisors, but once this is done the key disappears and we cannot change/add authorisors. We would like a way to turn this 'on' in the Actions section in the Services for all request types (see highlighted image below)
  8. @Victor this one was raised today... IN00836586 you should still have access to our instance
  9. @Steven Boardman we only have the one node in the PCF
  10. @Steven Boardman I have checked several jobs that have been logged and the attachments are not adding when they are being raised via emails.
  11. When using the user picker there is the option of a query string, is there any documentation to describe what you can use this for? Ideally, we would like to just display certain people in the list either via a role or by a field that is against a basic user like building, for example, we have students and staff in our system so we would like to just show staff by not showing those who have Student or Unknown in their site.
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