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  1. @James Ainsworth I had not thought of using a custom field for a flag, that is a great idea that I think we will introduce....now to find a free custom field
  2. We are using the functionality of when there are updates to requests they go blue (in our instance) but when you have read and caught up with everything we would like to unread the request and have the ability to turn the color on/off at the analyst choice if that makes sense. So if someone goes through a request and catches up on everything and then decides I need to come back to this later we would like to be able to turn the color back on.
  3. Has anymore work been done on this, to allow the links and rich text formatting to carry through from the FAQ to the Resolution Emails? This would greatly help our communications look more professional to our customers and cut down a lot of manual work copying and pasting details into the resolution box.
  4. @Mary did this happen last night as it appears that things are not much better this morning and when linking request we can't even generically search for Open Problems: Searching via the to Global Search also yields No Results.
  5. experimental.elasticsearch.enable does not seem to exist anymore? @Daniel
  6. @Mary is this something that you will do or us?
  7. this is linking within a request another request that the system can't find....but is in my queue
  8. @Mary we can't link requests together by searching (at the moment we have a problem record that we cannot find in the search) or use the search at the top of Service Manager it doesn't find some requests. These requests were logged several days/weeks ago but don't appear in the search: But if you press Ctrl, Shift and F and enter the numbers the system finds and opens them straight away
  9. So we are having issues in searching for requests and also linking requests together.....has there been any issues with Hornbill? or is it just us......
  10. @Steve Giller originally this was exported from the request list as this is where most users are able to export data in the short term I have created a report for them but ideally we would like the ability to export the full tree from the request list.
  11. @Steve Giller it appears that the full tree shows in Reporting module so I guess that it's stored somewhere.....
  12. @Steve Giller this is exporting a view and yes the heading has also changed from 'Request Category' to just 'Category' in the exported view as well as the data within This seems to have happened since the update where it mentions - No root categories have been set for services.
  13. in the settings we have this.... No one apart from me would change these and I have not done anything in relation to these for a very long time.
  14. @Anne K you should be able to add an image to the template(s) in the admin section.
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