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  1. Jeremy

    Portal Missing Search Function

    sorry this thread can be closed....found it!
  2. We have updated our instance and found that in the portal there is no longer a search function? Can this be bought back?
  3. Jeremy

    Sub Status - Colour Coding

    Is there any update on this? I noticed that in the latest release there is the option for changing the colour of a Priority, is the sub-status colour option being developed?
  4. Jeremy

    Service Manger not working

    @David Hall was there anything found with our instance?
  5. Jeremy

    Service Manger not working

    We are now back in, did anyone else experience this? Just wondering what the issue was.
  6. We have been kicked out of Service Manager and cannot log in please can someone help?!
  7. So we are experiencing this issue, when we log jobs we have the option to Log & Resolve there the analyst types the resolution the business process then sends this to the customer and resolves the job. However, the process is picking up the below resolution text (The request has been resolved by the Business Process Engine) that has not been set by us and is being picked up from somewhere, does anyone know where this text is held? On 99% of requests logged like this, the text that is entered when logging is sent to the customer. In my example below this is what the analyst has typed and the above was sent when it should have been this: I can't find a logical reason that this is not working as designed. Below is an excerpt from the BPM Resolution Text node:
  8. Jeremy

    Missing Request List & Views

    @James Ainsworth we are primarily using Chrome on our site as we are a Google University.
  9. Jeremy

    Widget for Home Screen

    @TrevorHarris we think it would work really well, as currently finding documents is fine by searching but the visual way is so much more interactive and means you get to the right place the first time. We are currently in the process of transferring our knowledge base and FAQ's into Service Manager.
  10. Jeremy

    Widget for Home Screen

    Would it be possible to create a widget as already in existence (see below) from the document tags to be an option to appear as a widget in the home screen, for a particular collection or library? These then would like through to those documents selected.
  11. We have noticed on several occasions that when we go back to the request after being in jobs the list is blank and the views are missing this is rectified by either logging out/in or by refreshing the page but this is becoming more of an issue and wondered if anyone else experienced this or if Hornbill knew how to fix this issue?
  12. Jeremy

    Customers with more than 1 email address

    @James Ainsworth we would like to use this to identify the user, so if they email from either address it will associate to that user when raising a request.
  13. Jeremy

    Change to User Id

    Is there a way to change the user id of an account as we have someone who has got married and their username has changed? Hopefully, this is something that can easily be fixed but it's not currently allowing us to change this value.
  14. Jeremy

    Updates to requests

    thank you for the quick response we will inform our users.
  15. Jeremy

    Updates to requests

    We are starting to see these appear in our timelines and we are wondering what has changed with these updates.