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  1. I don't think this is possible as you would need the logged in 'session user' which you can't look up via a variable...this however would be a great option in the assignment action bar to be able to 'Assign to me'....
  2. @Miro is there anyway that this can be released quicker as we are trying to stop some of our workflows from breaking and causing us more work.
  3. @Miro after the testing it appears to be the custom fields only the standard nodes seems to be ok. I have a drop down list that does enforce but text fields/labels seem to be ignored at the moment and allow people to bypass
  4. We ended up recreating our SSO profile as it was pointing to an old redirect.
  5. we are experiencing this since the update to the UI, if you have a custom node in a PCF and you have the box ticked for a mandatory field it allows people to bypass and submit the ticket thus breaking BPMs that have decisions that are based on these.
  6. @Daniel Dekel they are Links Widgets we don't use the Services ones.
  7. This sounds like what we had this morning with our instance. @Keith Stevenson @Victor
  8. we have noticed this aswel and also as the image suggests even the action tab within a request is very faint in dark mode
  9. Also some widgets now scroll when before they displayed all the links nicely within the widget the green section has nothing else in it but has a scroll bar and the orange section used to display all links and icons in one box
  10. also with some of our colours the links are not showing correctly, the link colour is not being honoured It seems to take this from the global setting for the portal, where previously it took the settings from the widget.
  11. In the employee portal we have noticed that some padding and icons look different
  12. @Keith Stevenson still the same I'm afraid
  13. the last image (above) allows us to login now, but then errors. Is there somewhere a default page is linked after logon to direct users?
  14. @Victor thank you, but we are getting both errors we seem to have sorted the apache errors which were us but still getting a variety of errors like the first one posted here and...
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