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  1. @Daniel Dekel sorry think both are incorrect, so in our case it would be the userID (which equates to a username in our world)
  2. When we are using this functionality is appears that if you type in someone's handle (username) in our case the system returns nothing in the search, can this be looked into please. Also if there was a way to search Customers (both contacts and co-workers) that would be great and most people who use the system don't distinguish between the two sets of accounts.
  3. This morning I am trying to run the asset removal tool to remove assets of a certain class, but in the instructions it asks for an API key. I have created these before but my recollection wa that is filled in the key for you rather than having to generate one yourself?
  4. Wasn't sure if this was related to PCFs or to Service Manager in general, but we have a form that have multiple file uploads (4-6 dependant on questions answered) we would like when the request is submitted to have the attachments show in sections so that we can see which attachments relates to which question. In the nodes we have titles e.g. please upload the landowners permission, so in the request in the attachments we would like landowners permission as a header and then the attachment below it. Currently they show in a long list and not in order of submission so unless the customer c
  5. @TrevorHarris thank you, I guess that we will await to see if we can change the logo at some point in the future.
  6. @TrevorHarris are there not translations for this page, we have particular guidelines for any page that this externally facing.
  7. Is it possible to change the details, so that we can remove your logo and references to Hornbill? We would like to Brand this in line with our institution details if possible.
  8. We have a new starter process that people select the start date in the PCF, this field is mapped to h_custom_21 and then in the BPM uses this at a certain point to place the call on-hold until that date. I have noticed two things: This has now stopped working and breaks the process with the following error: Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node 'stage-239ab541-6534-4422-e78a-6e20c10cb65d/flowcode-dff6cfb3-15c8-46f6-7d4d-49929402d055': 0200 apps updateReqHoldStatus FlowCo... I can fix this error by changing the on-hold node for 1 minute and this them moves the req
  9. FYI, we have created this by creating our own integration (via API) so you can enter a reference number or we have some simple lists that are updated with numbers and summaries so that we can link to problems/critical requests etc.
  10. @Martyn Houghton I understand why you may want to do as you have described and it makes sense, but for us we prefer to resolve requests so that they are removed from view and dealt with unless they need to be re-opened. I will hope that Hornbill either have a new setting to not add emails to resolved requests or a change the mail rules to set what statuses you can update.
  11. another nudge for some thought to this enhancement...
  12. @Martyn Houghton agreed, I am struggling at the moment to find a solution to this!
  13. @Hornbill Support Team another nudge on this request please.
  14. @Martyn Houghton no the request stays Resolved, if you have email notifications turned on for updates/or happen to see it change colour in the resolved requests then we notice it. The issue only occurs when the customer responds to an 'update' email, if they respond to the 'resolved' email then it sits in the inbox to be dealt with. In the rules there are no options to say apply to only 'open' requests.
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