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  1. Is there any further updates to extra field types in the PCF builder? We would like the slider, star rating, multiple choice grid to be options as we are using forms more often now to capture feedback regarding requests/services. I know that there is the feedback options via services that is in-built but this does not work well for us and would like the option of a more expansive selection of question types. The other one that I think has been mentioned before is the option to add time separately from the date function.
  2. @Berto2002 we pass to a local server where we run code to allow this transformation to happen then pass back into a custom field within the request. But I'm sure that a cloud based server would work just as well, it's just a case of telling the Cloud Automation node where to point.
  3. @Berto2002 we have this same issue, unfortunately we have resorted to passing the date/time out of Service Manager via the API and returning in a format that is correct and caters for the changing clocks.
  4. bump, any news on the updated Problem and Known Error facilities within Service Manager?
  5. @James Ainsworthsorry I have just noticed this response, no we can't raise with Support as our account is not able to do this (at least that is my understanding)
  6. I believe 'Services Manager' is the role you need, but they will also need to be listed as the 'Owner' of service as well. The explanation of the role is:
  7. Yes this is only way currently, you cannot create these via the BPM although this has been requested.
  8. When raising a linked request from the BPM e.g. changing a Problem into a Known Error we would like to be able to copy the linked requests from the parent to the child request if possible?
  9. @Victor yes all working, thanks to the team for sorting this for us
  10. We have feedback form in the Employee Portal and we direct people there to fill in the form, the resulting request then auto closes and places data into custom fields so that we can report on certain things specifically then we use the questions section of the database to report on more extensively. We have a mixture of separate services for feedback if it's generic and some is relating to teams/services that have their own Service so we place the feedback into there as a CI. We have played around with the inbuilt feedback within Service Manager but this does not give us the level of flexibility of questions and reporting that we need. I hope that this helps in someway....... happy to talk to people about it if they wanted.
  11. @Victor thank you, I will feed this back to our teams.
  12. This morning when searching within requests to link them or using the global search for Problems for example the search returns nothing e.g. Please can this be looked into as this is causing our service desk issues this morning.
  13. When assigning to an owner via a variable in the BPM what piece if information do you need to be able to assign? For example can you assign based on username, email address, name?
  14. What would be really nice would be able in the BPM and PCF (maybe) to be able to drag and drop decision lines from one decision to another. This would save a lot of time and also save from having to replicate some very complicated decisions.
  15. we see this on a 1920x1080 at 100% screen - with attachment With this error message, I understand the message it's just the wrapping that seems to have gone a little astray Without attachments
  16. We are also seeing this making life very difficult for the analysts in applying emails to requests Please can this be fixed asap
  17. In the BPM we use wiki markup to 'highlight' things in the description to the analyst e.g. But when we use these details in the description and then send an email it includes the Wiki Markup that looks strange in the emails: Is there a way to remove this?
  18. Is it possible to get a Users Department added to this list so that we can use {{user.department}} in PCFs to show their department as a variable.
  19. @Berto2002 yes from this field you can map it to any connection type that you have in your system. You can then per service allow connections to view or update requests, they cannot resolve as this is an analyst function.
  20. @Alisha if you have 2/3 of these fields then you can make the others non mandatory so people can add more than one person, but you can't add more than one person per field if that makes sense.....
  21. @Alisha You can do this with a drop down list of users e.g. You can then change customer in the bpm and point to this field or you can use this field to add Impacted users etc via the BPM
  22. I have gone to look at the global sub statuses today: admin>applications>service manager>configuration>request sub-statuses and got presented with this page.... Please can this be fixed?
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