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  1. Hi Mark, As well as the wiki pages that Steve has provided, we also have a couple of webinars that you may find useful. Introduction to Hornbill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8xKPMUZYV8&feature=youtu.be - this one's great when it comes to getting orientated with Hornbill as it dips into the various areas. It touches on Business process and progressive capture from about 20 minutes in. Business Processes and Progressive Capture in Hornbill: https://youtu.be/Fsbn_IBFALA - this one focuses specifically on workflow. Customised forms are part of Progressive Capture which is
  2. Hi @Jamie A, no worries, glad to hear it! Dan
  3. Hi Jamie, thanks for your post. The following report definition should show you what you need. This can be uploaded into your Hornbill instance by creating a new report and then clicking the option to upload a report definition file: This report will list all the full user accounts which are the accounts consuming a Hornbill subscription (h_sys_accounts.h_class = 1). Basic users don't require a subscription. It will show the full users with a status of active or suspended (i.e. h_account_status = 0 or 1). Archived full users do not consume a subscription (i.e. h_accou
  4. Hi @Chris Bardell, "Just to clarify, when this call is getting logged it switches from the Default Rule to our P4 rule? If so, it does show this in the Timeline from switching between the Default Service to P4." As long as the priority isn't being set elsewhere (i.e. in the progressive capture) and based on what I can see in the business process design, yes, I believe this is how it's currently behaving. When the BPM reaches the "Start Response" node, because there isn't a priority set at that time, it will set the "Default Rule" Service Level. Then a few seconds later, once the bp
  5. Hi Lee, unfortunately, I'm not sure I have enough information to comment. Does your last post still relate to the Single Sign On configuration in Azure, or are you now encountering an issue with users logging into Hornbill? I'll go with the most common situation when people get to this point. If there are problems logging in to Hornbill, it's usually due to the attribute being passed in the "NameID" element of the SAML Payload. Following an authentication attempt by a user, the identify provider (in this case Azure) will send a payload to Hornbill which tells us whether tha
  6. Thanks Chris, That's great, thanks. I'm going to guess your Service Level rules will be based on Priority (i.e. you'll have P1 to P4 which result in the corresponding service level Priority 1 to Priority 4, and some "Long Term" priority which evaluates to the "Long Term" service level). Let me begin with some background: When the "Start Response" node is reached, the system will evaluate your service level rules to determine what service level should be applied, and therefore what the target response time will be. If my assumption about your rule set-up is correct, the service
  7. HI @Chris Bardell, thanks for the additional info. So far, nothing is jumping out at me. I think the root of this behaviour may lie in when your response timer is started, and whether or not a different service level is set initially, then subsequently re-evaluated. Please could you tell/show me the following: A screen shot showing the location of your start response node, and also the mark response node in the same image A screen shot of the the Service levels you've created in your Service Request SLA The aim here is to get a bit more of a broader perspective on
  8. Hi John, the location of the upload and create document buttons have since moved. They've been consolidated into a new button which is now located to the bottom right of the screen. The primary button, which is red, will create a new Hornbill Document. Hovering momentarily will expose additional buttons for Uploading a document and Creating a link to an external document (this latter option is simply a shortcut to the external document). I hope that helps Dan
  9. Morning Chris, thanks for your post. The crux of the issue seems to be around the the response being met/breached. More specifically in the case of where it's breached, I gather that's the situation you feel isn't correct. To advise further we'd need to understand: What the response target is for your Priority 4 Service Level in your Service Request SLA A screen shot of your Working Time Calendar showing your hours of operation Can you provide this information? Thanks, Dan
  10. Hi Lee, thanks for your post. Are you referring to the action of adding users to an Azure app (in this case Hornbill)? If so, I believe the ability to add groups (rather than individual users) requires Azure Active Directory Premium P1 or P2 edition. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/manage-apps/assign-user-or-group-access-portal Dan
  11. Hi John, with regards to the question around the menu options available within a service, these are not configurable right now. However, some will only be shown if there is content available in that area. Your options for serving up knowledge content to users would be to leverage either of the following: Documents: These can be stored in Hornbill Document Manager (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Document_Manager) and made available by associating Documents to a Service (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Details#Documents). I see you already have the
  12. Hi John, further to my last post, development have kindly prioritised the work to introduce the solid background colour to the logo. All being well, this will likely be available towards the end of next week. Best Regards, Dan
  13. Hi John, I believe the positioning the logo in front of the background image was a conscious design decision to make better use of the screen real-estate. However, there are also plans to expose a setting which would add a solid background to the logo which would overcome the situation where there is little contrast between logo and background image. For one reason or another this doesn't appear to be available to us now, but it's something that will be added. In the mean-time, a suggestion might be to create a new logo on a solid white background and use that. With reg
  14. Hi John, thanks for your post. In the Employee Portal configuration there is one field where you can specify the height of the background image area, and another where you specify the size of the logo. The height of the background image does have a minimum height requirement of 170px, however the logo can be set to 70px as you require. This is set in the field to the right of the image URL for your logo. In relation to the logo positioning, this now is located in front of the main background image and, as it stands, this isn't configurable. The only thing I cou
  15. @Alberto M "what about a new setting in Hornbill admin where we can set the visibility level that generates the notification?" Indeed, that's the proposal. We already have the ability to do this, but would be looking for an additional item to be able to set the value to something which would be visible to followers, but remain hidden from customers. I'll post back once I have an update, Dan
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