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  1. I can get the following error when running the import: Loading Configuration: The specified primary entity [Imports] was not found
  2. @AlexTumber we're still experiencing the same issues as per the originial post. Can this be investigated further?
  3. @Mary thank you, emails are working now. Do you know what the issue was, and is there something we can do if it happens again?
  4. @Mary Still not working it seems, but the test connection is working (and has been) Mail Connector Test Good job, the connection works!
  5. We also had this error when using Hornbill, but it went away after a refresh, this occurred just before 11am
  6. Hi @Mary This started this afternoon No changes in Exchange (O365) Nothing has changed in terms of mail service configuration
  7. We're receiving emails to our Exchange but they have stopped coming through to Hornbill mailbox. Please advise.
  8. We use Hornbill for both internal and external customers. The management of internal users is easilsy managed as it syncs with Active Directory. The issue we have is with external customers. We have around 1000 users. Is there away to change their portal passwords in bulk? We are currently having to do this one at a time, and its just not feasible.
  9. Looking for some information on how this works and is applied. Nothing in the Wiki, so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction
  10. @Steven Boardman Thats perfect thanks. Will give it a go.
  11. Trying to figure out the correct syntax/vaiables to use to provide a url link to a specific request within an email notification. One of the sticking points is that we use HB both internally and externally so depending on the customer the URL would be different (service. VS customer.) Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  12. Trying to figure out the criteria for invoking a ticket to be automatically generated from an email. I've created my template within Admin and Service Manager. And I've created (attempted) the routing rule in Sysetm Admin. But what invokes it, is it the rule expression?
  13. Hi @Daniel Dekel definitely sounds feasible. Is there any documentation on how to implement?
  14. Is it possible to embed powerbi worksheets in to the Home pages?
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