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  1. So we are getting an email sent to us from a system which includes the username of the customer. I can extract this from the email and put in to custom field A but when we have the node to update the customer it is not wanting to change the customer, when I output the result of the node for changing customer it says 'false'. This is the node for the customer update (variable is - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getReqInformation"]["customFieldA"]]): In the timeline we display the username using the data from custom A: The email looks like this:
  2. So we are moving away from the 2 stage closures as we want to utilise the feedback function within Service Manager. I do remember when we set the system up that we were given some advice around this area although I cannot remember it as it was so long ago! What are the downsides if any to changing the BPMs to just closing the requests once resolved? In my testing the any thing that I can see so far is that after a request is re-opened, when you re-resolve it the resolution email does not seem to be sent to the customer. Is there a setting that we need to turn on to allow resolutions outside of the BPM to trigger the email?
  3. Hi I have put an organisation node in after a customer search one. What I want to achieve is to grab the users department. When I run this I get the following "Organization name not set" I am not sure if perhaps we have something wrong where we have imported our data? Where would I look to see what organisation name should be against me? I think if I know where it is picking the organisation name from then I will be able to track back as to what we may have wrong.
  4. Our instance appears to be down, please can someone take a look for us please This is from checking the support instance:
  5. We have noticed that it seems that the LDAP importation tool for adding accounts to Service Manager seems to be broken, although it uploads new accounts correctly it does not seem to update the accounts. When it checks for updates it seems to see a created record and then skip the any updates. Below is the message from our Infrastructure team: "We have updated the import tool to the latest from Hornbill and checked that all attributes are available to the account making the requests from Hornbill. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug where it is only creating accounts and not updating them." Please can this be looked into with some urgency as it appears that no records have been updated for a very long time and we are starting to see the ramifications of this e.g. name changes not being updated, incorrect/no email addresses not being updated.
  6. We have only just noticed that when a request is 'Closed' either manually or via the BPM when you reopen the request and then edit the resolution and re-resolve the Resolution Email is not being sent to the customer. This is when the BPM has ended and the system is supposed to send the email as set here: Also unassigned tickets are assigning to you when you open them You cannot Assign to the team, e.g. remove yourself as the analyst and assign back to a team Please can this be looked into, this has only started happening this morning as far as we can see but guessing that all these things are linked
  7. We are piloting the employee portal and the feedback for the "predictive help" has come back as saying its difficult to move pass it. Although all you have to do is click outside the box, it appears a look of our testers are getting stuck. Is there are way of disabling/ limiting this feature?
  8. We are not able to log into Service Manager this morning please can someone look into this for us as a matter of urgency this is via the analyst portal. If we log into self service then we can get in to the system is there something we need to update since the move to the UI last night?
  9. We are seeing this message and are not sure what it relates too but appears when we are trying to the use the system and is preventing us from doing anything. Can anyone shed any light on it?
  10. So I have a form with a lot of questions and I need to send these to a manager in an email and I can get the text to appear on new lines using: &#10 or &#13 In the request is looks nice: But in the email it shows the line returns...is there a way to remove these? I have tried \n \r <br> but they all do the same.....
  11. Ours instance is non responsive please can this be investigated asap. thanks
  12. We are currently experiencing an outage of Service Manager, please can someone look into it TIA
  13. We have set up a node for passing a JSON file out of all the questions from a PCF and we are trying to send this to another server that we have, we have enabled access to/from this server on our firewall to the Hornbill IP address but when sending the file there is nothing that is received and the node seems to mark it as a success which is not true. I can send the setting of the node to someone in a PM if they want to see how it is set up with the details, below is a redacted version. There is nothing that the remote server receives and in the SM log I can't see any errors but there is a lot of noise so struggling to work out the details of the integration in the logs. We have nodes set up for Basic Auth and these work fine, but when we are trying this way is seems to be not working as expected. I highly presume user error on behalf of myself
  14. I have had to draw this (apologies for my handwriting, strangely not a prerequisite for IT jobs!) We have a PCF that has a multiple choice question, which dependant on the answer would like to log it to a particular team (seems easy so far) but as it is multi choice the user can choose a variety of forms of help in one form, then we want to be able to duplicate the requests in the BPM so that the relevant team gets a request to work on with their workflow etc. Any help appreciated.
  15. We are currently seeing an outage with Service Manager for our instance please can this be investigated, our analysts are not able to access the system.
  16. Is there any way to set an expiry period for a duration of 30 seconds? Im trying to find a workaround in a BPM whereby an analyst has a window of 30 seconds to add an asset to the call and putting decimals in the minute field doesn't seem to do the trick. Ideally I would like a function that suspends the flow until the analyst adds an asset, marking off a stage checkpoint in the process. At present there is no function I can find that will automatically continue a workflow after an asset has been added by the analyst and mark a stage checkpoint, in the same way as if you suspend a node until a linked service is added for example. My workaround would present the add asset screen and, after 30 seconds, continue the workflow regardless. One minute, the current available minimum expiry period is too long to wait for the workflow to tick over to the next stage. .
  17. We are expericing a lot of slow performance this morning including people not being able to login or open/log requests. Is this confined to us?
  18. Hello, i was wondering if you are able to get the mail log for 10/08/2020 as we had 2 emails as per below come in and ended up in the deleted folder without being viewed. This is most likely due to a user, i would just like to find out which but can only see today's logs as previous days are archived. Thank you.
  19. I have a Suspend node waiting for the connection to add an update via the portal, but although they are adding an update it isn't moving to the next node once the update is applied. I am having a brain blank and can't work out why....it will be something simple I know! Node setup
  20. I have created a new BPM and when I try to raise a request it doesn't trigger the BPM and I am left with a request that is not assigned and doesn't do anything. I cannot get it to work and so wondered if anything had changed recently....This is the BPM with the No Match it should at least go in that direction...
  21. I am trying to set up an auto task for us to be able to resolve linked requests, I have managed to get the custom button to work however the action doesn't work as there is no way to set the closure category, or set the resolution text etc. When I click the button it runs and says that it is completed, but is does not resolve the linked requests... Node settings are as this, but is seems a lot of options are missing...
  22. The search in the Employee Portal does not work this morning, yesterday we completed the Hornbill update but not sure if that is the cause, however when you enter text nothing returns!
  23. A requirement for adding tasks to assets has arisen and I am a little unsure of the best route. So some of our assets are our teaching rooms, the teams perform room checks on these which includes checklist items and there is also some text input. I have tried to create an Activity Template but this does not seem to have the text inputs that we need (see below). We have 384 rooms so far in our system and wondered if you need to set these up individually or if there is a way to provide this automatically? We want to schedule these for every month and the team that will be assigned changes dependant on the building, ideally we want these to go to an analyst but these change per room/building. I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this before and would be willing to point me in the right direction...
  24. This morning Service Manager is failing to load for us and the health report is attached...which doesn't look good for us! Could someone please take a look and let us know what the issue is please?
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