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  1. Hi We rebuilt our windows 7 laptops/desktops as window 10 machines 2 years ago and this caused duplication of assets when we did our initial import. I am now trying to strip the windows 7 assets out of Hornbill (around 4000 assets) I've been advised that i need to manually deleted these(click+Shift+click) in batches of 50 (max). The problem im now facing is that the majority of these assets are linked to SR/IN etc and so I'm having to unlink these. We are not concerned with the fact the assets will no longer be linked but its there a way to override this linked error to mass delete
  2. I am trying to add users from a spreadsheet to a organisation Helen Grigsby (hgrigsby), But i get this error. I have over 100 users to add so was hoping to do a copy and paste. Is this possible or is there another way of doing this This is for creating groups for shared assets. Cheers Philip
  3. @James Ainsworth Is there a way of doing a mass update of assets What im trying to do is update a large quantity of assets (around 2000 to mirror my state, sub state, location, location type, and also update the order number and warranty info) Is there a way of bulk updating these rather than manually. We are going to need to do a bulk update(once off) of disposed assets which will follow the same process
  4. Hi Deen, IT appears that some of the fields on the form in portfolio that we believe we set to invisible changed to being visible. Neither myself nor the other administrator made this change. It only came to light when the the analyst went to amend the details these fields became visible and mandatory. We are unsure if it has always been this way or if it is due to a change
  5. Has anyone noticed any changes change requests. Our BPM and progressive captures havent changed in over a year but the details pulling through have addtional fields we have not seen before?
  6. @Bob Dickinson yup exactly, so im hoping to only return rows where the department matches attribute one which is the current department according to AD is this possible. i used the report you supplied above so if that could be tweaked to meet the requirement it would be great
  7. Hi @Bob Dickinson, Just looking at this again. Is there any way to put a filter so that it only pulls through the value where department matches the - h_sys_accounts->Attribute 1 that way there wont be duplicate values?
  8. Hi @Bob Dickinson, Thank you for this. Worked perfectly
  9. Hi, We do a daily import of our current asset management tool data into Hornbill. I'm trying to Link link assets user IDs to their corresponding user departments. Any ideas on how this might be achieved? Our departments are recorded in our requests table under custom D. Attached is the report but missing the requests table asset-by-user---ph.report.txt
  10. HI @Bob Dickinson I currently use Power Bi for our reporting also, joining the assignment table and request table we obtain the assignment timestamp, assigned team, previous team assigned and the resolve by date and of course request ID, if assignment timestamp is greater than resolve by date you can tell it was breached when assigned and what team it was with and so on, its not fool proof but its a metric we can deal with until the ability to report on status when assigned is available. Prior to this I tried to use the escalation event notification being sent to team and pi
  11. Hi, I am now involved in the management of Service Manager tool at Financial-ombudsman services. I am just wondering if there has been any update to the above as this is something we are still keen on seeing in the tool. Kind Regards Philip
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