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  1. We are also experiencing this issue. Any updates please?
  2. We just had the same happen. Was in the process of raising a call with Hornbill and it suddenly came back to life again
  3. I'm trying to setup the PowerBi connection, i have followed the instructions on Github, installed Microsoft Open R 4.0.2, installed the following packages httr and readxl. Copied the PowerBIDataSource_Report.R script and editted with our instance and API key however when trying to connect to the data source in PowerBI i get the error: I'm not a PowerBI expert but if anyone has any ideas that would be great Chris
  4. Hi All, I'm sure I've been a post on this before, cant find it now that i need it of course When exporting reports to PDF, Excel it displays a date format yy/mm/dd I'm trying to turn this into gb dates dd/mm/yy before importing into PowerBi Not got my excel brain on today either :/ lol Chris
  5. Hi All, Sorry i think i have seen a post about this before but can no longer find it. Is it possible to change the text within the Login Buttons? Where abouts would you change this? Thank you Chris
  6. Hi @Daniel Dekel, All, Sorry to jump on this post, but i have also noticed Bulletin's when published seem to have a lot of empty space even if you do not use all 500 characters. If you do use all available characters there still seems to be some white space appearing. Kind Regards, Chris
  7. Hi @Daniel Dekel No worries and thank you for fixing have a good rest of your weekend Chris
  8. Hi @Daniel Dekel I am part of our Trust and it is set as my Home Organisation. And within settings i have selected Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and it displays the following text. But on the Self-Service Portal i get something different.
  9. Hi All, Not too sure if I have found a bug or if something isn’t updating right Within the Employee Portal the ‘About Details’ are not reflecting what is entering into the Employee Portal customisation settings within Admin. Within the Admin Portal I have written in the text box. However, when viewing on the Self-Service Portal this text is not displayed as above.
  10. Hi All, I hope you are well on this sunny Monday I have noticed that when a Bulletin is added against a Service the ‘Show More…’ button is overlapping in front of the text behind when viewing on the Employee Portal. Within the current UI it appears as: I have changed my view to the new UI and the issue remains (but a little better) Have i broke it
  11. Ignore me lol, i forgot to add them into Collaboration Role It feels like it has been a long week already...is it Friday yet
  12. Hi All, I have changed a member of staffs access from Basic User to User user and when they try to log in directly (without SSO) they are presented with: I've tried both normal window and Incognito any ideas? Chris
  13. We are also experiencing the same issue
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