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  1. I have noticed something that might be good as an additional feature, feel free to correct me if its already in place or if i am doing something wrong here When raising a request through the Self Service Portal users have the option to 'Paste Images Here' when adding any attachments to a call. When an Analyst/Service Manager User uses the same capture they can only upload an attachment and not copy and paste. When analysts log calls and want to add any attachments to the call they have to use (for example) Snipping Tool then save the image and then press upload attachment and n
  2. Hi Dan, Thank you for this information. In most of our other BMP the Analyst will select the priority however, in this case as its a quick log call i don't want an analysist to select a priority, category and assign to a team as this will waste time. The purpose of this BMP is just to quick log and close calls that take our helpdesk 1-2 minutes to resolve, for example password resets. In all other instances they would use another service and/or progressive capture to log calls. In these cases it requests them to assign to a team, select priority and category etc. Just to
  3. Hi @DanielRi, No worries. Thank you for your help also. Screen shot as below for you Hopefully this is what you mean by Service Levels? Chris
  4. Hi @DanielRi The response target i have placed below for you. Working Time Calendar: Hope these help. If you need a copy of the BMP and the progressive capture i am more than happy to provide these. Chris
  5. Hi All. I have created a Quick Log Call capture for things like Password Resets etc for our Service Desk to use. I have created a separate business process for this also. However when using this progressive capture and business process it fails to mark the response time even know the node is there. I have tried to troubleshoot this by adding a Write Response success/failure to timeline message. On the call the timeline shows: Also tried on the Mark Response Time when it gets past this marking the checkpoint. The checkpoint is marked also. This issue is
  6. Hi All, Is there something that would be possible - when a call has been marked as resolved is it possible to configure something so the end user isnt able to update the call by email? Thanks, Chris
  7. Hi @TrevorHarris It was taking around 30 seconds or so before it would re-direct the page to our ADFS Login page. We managed to find the issue. The issue was with our ADFS Server, the server was performing at full capasity. After a reboot of the server everything was back to normal again. It now re-directs to ADFS in around 1-2 seconds Thanks for getting back to me on this one. Another quick question if that is ok, is it possible with ADFS and Hornbill to configure it in such a way that is seamless, so when members of staff select Sign In With Single Sign On it will auto
  8. No to sure if anyone else is experiencing this on there instance but we are experiencing real slowness when selecting Log In With Single Sign on and then it redirecting the page to our SSO logon. I am not really to use if this would be a local issue with our ADFS (SSO) Server or the Hornbill page redirection? The issue started when the changes were made on Tuesday. Masked out our server name.
  9. Just tried this but its still doing the same thing I have also just tried turning off the backup of the App to iCloud.
  10. I have installed the Hornbill App onto my iPhone 11 Pro however, when trying to open the app it crashes instantly and closes down again. Tried to re-install the App, update my phone to iOS 14, restart, force restart. Removing all the Apps saved data. I can't seem to get the app to work. Any ideas please Chris
  11. Thanks Steve, as you mentioned the LDAP import last night ran as expected. Many thanks for your help. Chris
  12. Hi @Steve Giller Many thanks for your help that has got it working again - new users have imported in. When our next scheduled import is due to run are we to expect issues similar to the one i reported today? I suppose at this point in time its more of a we will have to wait and see tomorrow. Many thanks again.
  13. No new users in AD are being imported into Hornbill. Our LDAP import has failed since the 02/09/2020 at 01:00am. I have been on our server and updated the LDAP User Import program to V3.9.0 and upon running a dry run it states, [ERROR] Unable to run import, a previous import is still running Looking on Hornbill under our LDAP Import > History. Its stuck saying Running on the import dated 02/09/2020? How would we fix this, can we manually stop this import running so i can try a another dry run? Help!! Chris
  14. Same is happening here to, i thought i was going mad!! I will await the change next week :)
  15. @David Hall Hi David, We have managed to resolve the issue, our anti-virus software Sophos was blocking one of the connections. We have now allowed this through and testing again its working as expected. Kind Regards, Chris
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