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  1. We have been using the same report for over a year. Around 10 days ago the report export starting failing. (It doesnt fail as such but the format is broken and our database failed to accept the new data) The "Request>Description" field has not wrapped the text and it has broken the format XLS works absolutely fine but we use "R" Script so this is not an option. I have checked the options and "No Wrap" is not selected. I have also tried "Raw" but this does not work.
  2. I added a custom role called "BPM: Service Desk". This happens when the User opens a any Incident on Service Desk Manager. They are actually doing nothing with a button. I even checked the buttons that were present on that ticket and ensured they had access but none of my buttons are restricted. I have compared Users with and without and there is nothing between them. I have also reset to Basic and then User I have also cleared the groups and then re added them. Thanks Jamie
  3. Hello. I am getting the following error. It was only this morning when I added a new role to the User. I am unsure what is causing this. Its also happened to another User. Thanks Jamie
  4. If you go to Home>Applications>Service Manager>Business Process You should have an option on the right "Manage Executed Processes" (I believe if you cant see this its disabled in the settings". You can then find your BPM instance and restart it.
  5. We have another BPM that is triggered by a rule. Very basic. It seems that anything logged via email as refusing to allow a Email Template notification to be sent back
  6. Just wanted to add more Investigation details It was working successfully on 06/11/20 21:02:37 when an email was received into Service Desk The next ticket to be logged via email was on 08/11/20 11:16:27 This failed with the above message but instantly worked when I restarted the BPM without creating a new case.
  7. This was working fine until this weekend without any changes that I am aware of. The BPM issue is a follows "Status : Failed Last Updated On : 09 Nov 2020 08:57:56 Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node 's1/flowcode-b0352867-2f33-4f4c-804e-b6b6d6a26918': <methodCallResult status="fail"> <state> <code>0200</code> <service>apps</service> <operation>notifyEmailCustomer</operation> <error>FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_bpm/notifyEmailCustomer): nodeName: Exception;
  8. Hello. I am unsure what I am doing wrong here. I initially had this value as a date variable captured from the PCI. (Just added a time on the end) I have now changed this to a manual entry just so I could try and get it working. I have tested in this format with the 2x Date/Times. 5 minutes into the future (I logged a ticket straight away and waited for the time. Nothing happened) Random date last year (Was expecting this to just recognise the time has past and continue) Any help would be great. Thanks
  9. Hello. We have started using the "Custom Buttons" with "Auto Tasks". There is a key feature missing... Inputs into the "Auto Task" can only be given from existing variables. I would like to have an option for the input variable to pop up with a data entry box. I could then seamlessly "branch" from the input rather than creating several buttons with similar process. (I know i could use the Data Form and assign a Variable Text to that but this is not seamless) Thanks Jamie
  10. +1 for Custom Fields in Assets
  11. Hello. I think this started today. Might be to do with the update we had. Every time we log a ticket. or complete a task etc. Thanks Jamie
  12. Hello. I am looking into ways that I can create a BPM that assigns tasks depending on if the User is in a group. I have attached a sketch BPM to show example. (The logic for the decisions has not been applied so ignore errors) Custom Attribute Solution I have considered using "Custom Attributes" to determine if a User has that software e.g "Custom Attribute A" = Yes / Custom Attribute = Software 1 My issue with this is we have more software than "Custom Attributes" and I dont know of an easy way to populate these fields automatically.
  13. Ahh. We only have our own domain. I should have checked. I thought it was a default domain. Is it as simple as "Add Outbound Route" and setting the above config? Thanks Jamie We only have
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