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  1. I am unsure if what I can post due to security but our Hornbill inbox is receiving an email every minute with the subject "Hornbill ESP POP3 Read Failure" There was a problem reading mail from the POP3 account:
  2. I can create new email templates but "Duplicate" is still showing the same message
  3. I am not sure if I have posted in the correct area but.... I know its alot of work to implement but I think the BPM functionality would be massively improved if we could create custom functions with an input and output. The current work around is to import the templates into a stage but these can become outdated. Dragging a custom function into a BPM would be extremely beneficial. They could be created in a similar way to "Auto Tasks". I do scripting on the side and so many times I have thought.. "Hmm. I wish i could put this in a function with variables and re use". Thanks Jamie
  4. This was working yesterday but this morning I try and create an email template and I get an error message. I made 4-5 templates yesterday so unsure what has caused. When I "Duplicate" a email template it prompts for the name. (I am not using any bad symbols, I tested with clean alpha text) I just get the error attached. I have logged out, Refreshed and tried on a different machine. No luck Any help would be appreciated. Jamie
  5. Just confirming. This worked as a work around. Thanks
  6. I also tried manually adding the customer to an Organisation on a separate node but had similar issues trying to select the Organisation. Thanks J
  7. Hello I am trying to create a User using the BPM. The User creates fine but I cant add them to an Organisation. I get the following error when trying to select. The specified stored query was not found. Any resolution would be appreciated. Kind Regards
  8. I am struggling to restrict the view of cases that are logged into a "Team" that the Service Desk Technician is not present in. Am i missing something basic here? I have created a new role that contains the following roles. When logged on as this User and select "All My Services". Every case shows
  9. We have been using the same report for over a year. Around 10 days ago the report export starting failing. (It doesnt fail as such but the format is broken and our database failed to accept the new data) The "Request>Description" field has not wrapped the text and it has broken the format XLS works absolutely fine but we use "R" Script so this is not an option. I have checked the options and "No Wrap" is not selected. I have also tried "Raw" but this does not work.
  10. I added a custom role called "BPM: Service Desk". This happens when the User opens a any Incident on Service Desk Manager. They are actually doing nothing with a button. I even checked the buttons that were present on that ticket and ensured they had access but none of my buttons are restricted. I have compared Users with and without and there is nothing between them. I have also reset to Basic and then User I have also cleared the groups and then re added them. Thanks Jamie
  11. Hello. I am getting the following error. It was only this morning when I added a new role to the User. I am unsure what is causing this. Its also happened to another User. Thanks Jamie
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