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Found 6 results

  1. I am getting the following BPM error when one of my team tries to action a task within our RFC module: this is the error in the BPM workflow: this is how I have the BPM node configured: and this is the BPM: basically, what I want is that whoever completes the manual tasks "change implemented successfully" task and selects "implementation failed" that the are then assigned the task in the "roll back decision" this is when i get this error
  2. Hi all, Hopefully someone else has tried doing this. I'm trying to re-authorise a request after a rejection outcome. This is to allow the Agent to select a user with a collaborative license and resend the authorisation email on behalf on the requester. I'm trying to achieve this through a Human Task (select the user) then the authorisation node emails that user. See attached
  3. Please can I have confirmation on these boxes and what they relate to, as we are just using the hours box for a lot of our timings e.g. 336 for 2 weeks and 1008 for 6 weeks etc. However we have the need to put things on hold for a year can we use the year box or is it better to continue to use hours? We have never been 100% sure what these boxes relate to time wise. Thanks in advance
  4. Good Afternoon We want to move our Change Management process away from Sharepoint and use Hornbill Service Manager instead, one question I have is when a change has been approved is there a way for the Business Process Workflow to create a calendar event automatically for a CAB Meeting. Thanks Deejay
  5. Hi Could someone tell me why this message is coming up please The specified task 'TSK20191022000006' is configured to not allow completion, if progress is not 100% All fields have been completed in the task.
  6. We have recently started using the Change BPM with a few tweaks of our own. I have been testing the various processes and assigned tasks and I have found that when we are logging a Standard Change at the point that the assigned task is to "Perform the Change" I receive the attached Invocation Error I have dug around in the logs and I have found the following: 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[PROFILE]:[8496] data:queryExec() Method call results: success (244293632 B, 8 ms, -32 kB, 0 ms, 0 kB) 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]: :[2920] SELECT count(*) as cnt FROM h_sys_accounts WHERE h_user_id = 'Username' AND h_class = 1 [2681 us] 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [WARNING]:[SYSTEM]:[2920] XMLMC Request Failed: The specified user 'Username' does not exist 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [ERROR]:[PROFILE]:[2920] task:taskCreate2() Method call results: failure (244301824 B, 6 ms, -12 kB, 0 ms, 0 kB) 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [ERROR]:[COMMS]:[6280] The specified user 'Username' does not exist 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[6280] UPDATE h_bpm_instance SET h_state = ?, h_current_node = ?, h_current_state = ? WHERE h_id = ? 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[GENERAL]:[7420] Invocations (95cf7f45-f89f-4948-bc58-b2d0b3ace531): bpm/processGetState (I have removed Names from the above and replaced with 'Username') I have looked within Database Direct for h_sys_accounts and the accounts that are listed are none of the IT Department but random users from around the business. I have checked the BPM Process for this task and the Owner of the task is System Administrator and the task is Assigned to the Variable ["ownerId"] Is there anything that you are aware of that can resolve the above? Thanks
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