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  1. We are trialling live chat at our organisation and would like the same functionality. Is this coming soon given this was raised a year or so ago? The live chat function is very basic in its current format. Also having the ability to categorise the live chat interactions would be very helpful from a service management perspective so we can analyse the types of requests coming through live chat that do not require a formalised request to be raised although that might be something we have to do in lieu of having this feature.
  2. @DanielRiare you able to help with this one please?
  3. Trying to create a widget which shows the current average ages of requests in days for all active requests in the system. I prefer to use measures for the widgets would anyone be able to help with the settings and query to achieve this.
  4. When attempting to change the default asset image for an asset type the upload goes through ok but then doesn't load the image once saved. Does the image need to be a specific format for this to load?
  5. Thanks Andy thats very helpful and a sensible approach.
  6. That is what I suspected @AndyGilly but unfortunately for me there are gaps in our "managed by" attribute across our 3 domains. Thanks for coming back to me though.
  7. @Steve G @AndyGilly out of interest what automations has this made possible for you?
  8. Thanks for the heads up James. We too are using FAQs and document manager to publush content in leiu of having a proper knowledge management solution. It would be great to know some indicative timescales for this new functionality if you are unable to commit to a firm date. This will help with the decision making around effort spent on creating FAQs and published documents as we have a need for this published content now.
  9. Hi James, knowledge management couldn't come soon enough so good to hear its on the agenda. For this particular request, and I don't think this would be a unique request, I would like the ability to report more so against negative FAQ feedback IE a 'unhappy' thumbs down. The date on this is important to enable a scheduled monthly report sent to service owners to review and respond accordingly to negative FAQ feedback. Following up with our customers is important to us and understanding why the FAQ wasn't helpful. Perhaps it needs updating or doesn't apply to specific scenarios we're not aware of. Without the feedback date we are left with an exhaustive list to go through every review period.
  10. Thanks for replying @Martyn Houghton but I know the values are 0= like and 1= dislike but my query is relating to whether there can be a date stamp when the feedback is given on an FAQ because I can't see it recorded anywhere in the FAQ or FAQ feedback table.
  11. We are reporting against our portal published FAQs and cannot find any data for the date the customer either liked or disliked the published FAQ article. If this doesn't exist can this be added to h_itsm_faqs_feedback table?
  12. I am trying to report against planned vs unplanned service availability and thought the best way to do this would be within the service itself using the availability metrics. We have started to build a more comprehensive service catalogue for the staff facing services but there are limited statuses available to us. Could there be a "planned maintenance" option. Or is there an alternative way of reporting against this I haven't consider which other customers are using?
  13. Is there a fix for this? I can see this dates back some time and we are also experiencing the same resizing issue. We can choose small icons/images from the the internet facing image store but this limits what we can use. @Adrian Simpkins
  14. Adobe Flash Player (plug in) will be out of support from the middle of January 2021. Are you able to confirm whether the Hornbill web self-service portal or analyst (full user) live.com interface utilises Adobe flash to function.If the system that you supply to the Trust uses Adobe Flash Player could you please make us aware of this urgently and in doing, let us know of any technical requirements that need to be in place to support any change required.''
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