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  1. We are soon going live with a new Hornbill instance and would like to have a customised domain name instead of the service.hornbill.com/instance_name URL. I have seen from legacy posts on the forum that there are some reverse proxy options but we wanted this to work when staff are accessing the service portal from devices not on the corporate network IE smartphone on 4g networks. Has anyone achieved this? Is this something Hornbill offer as the owner of the domain name or have people done some funky forwarding with CNAME records etc?
  2. Looking for some advice on the approach for a comprehensive service catalogue. Naturally with your self-service portal services you want to keep the list to a certain maximum services so that the portal isn't unusable or confusing. With Supportworks you could allows users to manually subscribe to a much longer list style view of services they are not automatically subscribed to based on their site or any other attribute. How have people approached this with Service Manager? The idea I have for when the new portals function is available (as demonstrated at Insights) is to utilise a secondary portal called "IT Service Catalogue" which is an exhaustive list of all of our services to further increase the uptake on the portal. Would love to get peoples thoughts on this for large organisations that have hundreds of services and instead of squeezing lots of them into high level categories and having long lists of catalogue items and complex progressive captures as a result of losing service level functionality.
  3. Any joy on this? This is something we would like to utilise.
  4. Scheduled email reports is currently an enterprise platform feature are there any plans to make this a standard platform feature? We utilise these scheduled email reports heavily for routine weekly, monthly etc. etc. reports for support teams. They are circulated to all members including the manager and act as a prompt for conversation to discuss that periods performance. In Service Manager I would have to ask the team managers to remember to go to the document library each week and circulate the report manually which is time consuming and may get missed. This is literally the only Enterprise platform edition feature I would like to utilise so is an expensive way of achieving what I need to. I am not sure whether we could create a BPM that could be triggered by the document being overwritten to circulate these? Just interested if there are any other ways of achieving what I need to.
  5. Yes that's relatively easy for me to get to from work. Myself and Adrian will come along to one of the events when the content and dates have been confirmed. I'll hold out for one of your team to touch base then if direct contact is being made rather than just the forum.
  6. @Patrick Bolger Apologies, I have been on holiday. It depends on the venue/location for my availability. Did you have somewhere in mind or are you going to centralise based on the audience. @Gerry Its really good to know this is going to become a focus, perhaps more so for public service customers or any private sectors customers that experience similar financial constraints is that justifying business cases on anything that does not delivery a direct cost saving or reduction in WTE can be challenging to obtain approval. These white-papers or case studies can help demonstrate real-life examples evidencing they offer often value/efficiencies to release hours back into the workforce. I completely understand the technical focus which given our background in technology we as customers appreciate innovative stable development moreover marketing but its just getting the balance I guess.
  7. @Patrick Bolger you mentioned at the Insights Event that you were looking for ideas on how to further encourage customer to customer collaboration which I think is a great idea which is why the Insights event is so valuable to customers as we have a face to face opportunity to engage. However, another one would be for Hornbill to share some published documents that are ITIL and industry focussed but also relate to your Hornbill product range for solutions to these. I don't like to swear on the forum but Cherwell are a good example of this with lots of white papers available for download guiding prospective and existing customers in the right direction on ITIL, industry challenges etc etc. I for one have read many of their documents and found them useful in my work. Gerry gave same great ROI examples at Insights and publishing some of that content would be useful for many.
  8. It would be good to have the choice of a different approach to customer feedback. Instead of a star rating to have a serious of Emoji type icons representing a sad face, happy face, angry face etc. They could be tied to the existing star rating classification in the DB but for the customer be a more pleasant customer experience. @Adrian Simpkins
  9. This is for all healthcare users of Hornbill. Is anyone using the system to partially or fully automate the locum systems access process for locum staff? Locum staff gaining access to systems after getting the most appropriate level of systems training/E-Learning and disclaimer information. I can see how Hornbill could facilitate this but wanted to see if there are any case studies out there of NHS users of Hornbill.
  10. Thanks, I look forward to your feedback. If you require any further screenshots please let me know.
  11. Since taking build 1401 email update notifications have been sent to the analyst when a sub-status changes on a request assigned to a support team they are part of. I have checked the setting and this appears to be disabled but the emails are still being sent. Does anyone else have this issue? I cannot see that this is resolved in the list of fixes for 1408.
  12. Hi, This seems like a good function but obviously for instances that have very large mailboxes it is not realistic for us to review all of the historic ones. Is there a way I can clear down all of the historic mail? As you can see we have a large amount with the notification and the mailbox takes some time to load when scrolling through the web front end. Can I action these in one command and then use the functionality from today moving forward?
  13. @dwalby Did you investigate implementing this for an on prem AD? We are looking at similar automation and would be interested in your journey/experience if you don't mind sharing.
  14. When receiving requests via email the emails where relevant are then turned into a request/incident. We have noticed that when users have included a screenshot (.JPG, JPEG, PNG) of the issue they're experiencing and including it in the body of the email rather than attaching it to the email these screenshots are lost and do not get added as an attachment to the request/incident in Service Manager. Instead We get a .dat file attached to the request/incident which cannot be viewed as a picture and is a series of code not very helpful to the Service Desk Staff to assist in resolving the issue. Thanks.
  15. This is a really interesting scenario and is much like my own. I manage the support teams across three hospitals that are working as a group with an eventual outcome being a merge to one legal entity in a year or so time. However much like you described the investment to move to on AD will be huge and investment may not be provided as we look towards other ways of working such as cloud authentication with O365. My query is though, we are looking to implement Service Manager across the group as one instance, one of the three hopsitals already use Service Manager and are using ADFS. Moving forward, when we move to a single new instance we would be using separate LDAP imports and using the organisation as a filter for staff on the portal for services etc. However using ADFS at present means that for all non-domain devices users cannot login to the portal because naturally ADFS fails. Is there a way of having a hybrid setup using some logic of "if the device authenticates on this IP range then use ADFS" or even a scenario where ADFS fails you are taken to the login screen instead of a HTTP Error 401 page. The ADFS feature works great for domain devices so I would be reluctant to disable it and force users to login on these device groups as it saves the clinicians time. However as a result we are restricting BYOD devices from logging calls on the portal "on the go" which is the model I want to be able to move to.
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