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  1. It would be very helpful to be able to identify which reports in the Home Applications Hornbill Service Manager Reports view are running on a schedule. Can a column and filter be added to this screen?
  2. Is it possible to query AD group membership as part of the LDAP import process? We would like to use AD group management to manage a collection of clinical "VIPs" so would interrogate this during the LDAP import and then add those AD group members to a team on Hornbill to then use to display notifications and potentially amend SLA priority etc. @Adrian Simpkins
  3. Trying to get an accurate report for ALL requests that at some stage in a request lifecycle have been assigned to a team. Not fully confident that requests included in reports that just have the filter "team is" as I am not sure if this factors requests that have touched that team at some stage in their life cycle or if its only including requests that have: Been logged directly against that team initially as per BPM. Teams have interactions with requests but are not the team that the request was initially assigned to in the BPM or they are indeed the team that resolve the request but it
  4. Thanks that makes complete sense and I have followed the steps on an existing "active requests" report but it returns no values. I have also created a new report using your definition file but that also returns no values. I know we have lots of requests with associated assets that have been linked to the request so I am not sure why they would not display.
  5. Reaching out to anyone that has completed or is in the process of a corporate services full implementation across the platform. We are about to embark on the same journey and would love to bounce ideas and approach info with other Hornbill users. We have started with a Digital Services (IT) deployment which went really well. Looking to learn from others experiences of implementing large scale deployments for; - HR - Security - Finance - Estates & Facilities We have structured our config in a way that should allow us to easily onboard other corp
  6. @Victor (Offline)Are you able to help with this at all please? You're the reporting guru!
  7. I would like to search for potential duplicate requests by running a report in Hornbill using the CSV to pivot the data and review requests linked to an asset. To do this I need to include the table that linked assets reside. I cannot locate it using database direct, can anyone help? I currently have requests table linked and would like to table join the associated linked asset to a request.
  8. @Adrian Simpkins @Jeremy Did you get a response on this? We would also like to do this as the alternative is manually creating a flow in he BPM and PC to determine an outcome. If we could somehow inject the "assessments" that have already been configured into the BPM and PC so the requesting user can complete the assessment in their own context so further contribute to the impact and urgency of their request.
  9. @Victor That has worked, thanks for your help and fast response. Much appreciated.
  10. Hi Thanks for such a quick response. It accepts that query but still shows contracts that are expiring far beyond 6 months.
  11. Need some help on a contract report, we have compiled lots of our suppliers and associated contracts in the supplier manager module and use the contracts view to view a list of when contracts are due to expire. The limitation of this is the view is fixed to only show contracts that expire within 30, 60 and 90 days. There are some very high value contracts that we would need to start a procurement exercise for within 6 months of expiry and therefore I want a report that sends these by email to specific parties. I have created the report but struggling with the filter that only resolves co
  12. Hi, This is the regex configured within our LDAP import. This is the same across all of our LDAP imports. The manager attribute within AD are also all the same format so in theory I cannot see why this would work for some user accounts within that particular LDAP import and not all. I believe that is Adrians query. The issue is not consistent.
  13. We haven't made the move to the new Employee Portal as of yet so this may already be available but I would also be in favour of this functionality. Our particular example is where we have externally hosted services such as Video Conferencing tools, we could provide an update via RSS feed of the status of this particular service. Most service providers have a status page with RSS feed capabilities.
  14. Thanks @Steven Boardman I'll give that a try.
  15. Excuse my limited sql knowledge. I am trying to run a report in the reports module against outstanding requests older than X days. The preset variables do not allow for this specific detail so I would like to use the "customer criteria" option but simply pasting in some sql doesn't seem to be working for me. Is anyone able to help. Using this SQL. h_datelogged < DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 30 DAY) and configured as per attached. The report is still resolving requests logged in less than 30 days in this example.
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