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  1. Hi @Stephen.whittle We also have created a page on the wiki that gives you a reference to some of the most common reporting attributes in the Main Request Table (h_itsm_requests): https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Table_Info:_Main_Request_Table We do not have the equivilent for all tables, but this should give you an idea of the types of values that are held in the columns, and especially the options available in those columns that are set by the system e.g. h_requesttype and h_status. I hope this comes in handy, Kind Regards Bob
  2. Hi @Frank Reay @HHH @Paul Alexander I have followed this up internally, and have been informed that underlying API changes have already been made to faciliate a better search experience, but there is still some platform work in the backlog that needs to be completed before it will work as we would want. So the implementation here is ongoing. I do appreciate the difficulties you have with the searching (as I often have them myself!). To that end I have a temporary workaround that I hope will alliviate this a little bit; I have spoken to our individual project teams, recieved a string extract from each of them and collated this into a single Excel spreadsheet. This will allow you to CTRL + F to find any part of either a default string, or the key itself. It's by no means ideal, because we are constantly adding new strings so this is likely to become out of date reletively quickly. But for a quick reference/search guide, I hope it will help in the interim period until we implement a solution in the Admin tool. Please see the attached file Kind Regards Bob TRANSLATION STRINGS 2019-11-11.xlsx
  3. Hi @Jeremy In Analytics, you can actually put multiple measures into a single widget to perform comparisons. As you can see in my screenshot, I have two Measures (Incidents Logged Per Month and Incidents Resolved Per Month) and have used a Chart Widget to display these two measures. So in your scenario if you took this approach, you would end with a week on week compairson along the X Axis, and different lines representing the difference services. Is this the kind of thing you are looking for? Kind Regards Bob Dickinson Hornbill Product Specialist
  4. Hi @Carl Tovey I'm not entirely sure about the "Group by day" part of your requirement and if that is actually possible. However for the part you are referencing in the screenshot, have you tried checking the "Use Existing Prompt" checkbox for the Dateresolved date? This should use just 1 date/time selector for both the inputs. Kind Regards Bob
  5. Hi @Martyn Houghton I believe this variable input will only accept the Database ID of the profile code (so h_id from the table h_sys_profiles). So this is the unique numeric value Kind Regards Bob Dickinson
  6. Hi @Josh Bridgens There are various things you can show or use - forgive the colour scheme(!), but I've created 3 widgets here (a Custom list of Data, a counter, and a chart) to show 3 different variables relating to the resolution of calls Let me know if any of these would work for you and I can post the config you might want to use. As an example, here is how the Chart is set up Kind Regards Bob Dickinson
  7. Hi @Gary@ADL I have just tested this internally by copying and pasting a request reference in the "Apply to Request" popup and after waiting for approximately a second or two, the call reference that was pasted in automatically appeared/refreshed and was available for selection. Do you have any other refresh based issues with any other area of Hornbill? Also, which browser are you using? If may be worth trying another browser, and also checking with a colleague to see if there are any particular variables that might cause this issue. In regards to logging formal Incidents with Hornbill - we provide the support-by-forum-only option for those customers that do not wish to incur the additional cost of, or have no need for an enhanced success plan, like Premier Success. This option though does not come with any service levels and so Hornbill does not commit to any timeframe for a response. Usually, you will find that someone does post a reply in a quick fashion, but obviously when something untoward is spotted, that is likely to not be fast enough for those on the receiving end. If you do need committed service levels for any incidents you report, then you might want to consider Premier Success moving forwards https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Premier_Success_Plan . Kind Regards Bob
  8. Hi @HGrigsby Whilst we don’t have simple list ordering at the moment, you could utilise the Value part of the list to hold a value that can be ordered in the way you want (whilst keeping the Display attribute as you current have set up to be customer facing). The trick is to use a value of 01 for 1st, 02 for 2nd etc. Then in your Progressive Capture config node, just ensure to order the Simple List by “Value”. Hope this helps Bob
  9. Hi @Katie Negri Do you specifically need this output in a report format? We have ways of displaying this information already through the admin tool. To have a look at any User (anyone who is a subscriber to Hornbill) you can see this in the Admin Tool via System --> Organisational Data --> Users If you want to see who exactly is consuming a Service Manager subscription, in the Admin Tool you can navigate to Applications -> Hornbill Service Manager --> Application Subscriptions and this will show you how many you are currently consuming and who they are I hope this helps, Kind Regards Bob
  10. Hi @Alisha What you have suggested all seems fine to me - if you are still having some issues with this one, please could you post a screenshot of what you've configured and the issue/error you get when trying to run it? Kind Regards Bob
  11. Hi @Alisha This information would be stored on h_buz_activities. It's not the most user friendly table as it doesn't have links immediately back to the Service Manager Request - but it actually stores all contnet on any timeline in Hornbill (not just requests - Assets, Users Buzzes etc) To help you out, I've created a report which I think covers your needs but you may want to tweak it slightly (please see attached, and you can upload it onto your instance) A few points about it: I've added a Date Prompt to this for you to do some testing. This is based on the date the Impacted connection was added to the request. You may want to change this to something variable (e.g. "Last Month") or even convert this whole report into a Measure/Widget in Advanced Analytics if you are looking for a trend analysis of sorts I havn't added added any Request Type filtering in, so this is looking at everything (Incidents, Service Requests, Changes, Problems etc) - you may want to add your own filtering You will notice that the Analyst is actually the User ID - plus is has a pretty ugly prefix for everyone (urn:sys:user:<analyst name>). I can't remove this unfortunately but hopefully its ok for your needs anyway I hope this helps - or at least points you in the right direction! Kind Regards Bob number-of-times-an-impacted-connection-has-been-added-to-a-request-monthly.report.txt
  12. Hi @Alisha Just to confirm - should this counter be "live for today" i.e. if you look at it right now, it would potentially show "10 tickets that have been assigned more than once today" And at midnight, this should reset back to 0? Kind Regards Bob
  13. Hi @SimonSheldon Having had a close look and a test of this, I believe you have discovered an issue that I didn't realise existed previously. When using the "Assign to Owner (Variable)" node in your Business Process, Hornbill will look at which teams that person is a member of - and assign the ticket to that person in the first of these teams that it finds. However, it appears that this does not take into account the Assignment availability of this person - so in your example, it finds 1st Line Support as the first support team you are a member of, it does not take into account the fact you cannot be assigned requests in this team, and tries to assign it to you here anyway. The timeline of the request states that this has happened - but in actual fact, the assignment rules have been honoured, and instead its assigned to to this (first) team but without an owner (to prevent the ticket from erroring). So regardless of how the functionality would be desired to work, the key issue is that the timeline has given us incorrect information - I have raised this with our Product team, and this will be investigated as a defect. So unfortunately there isn't a graceful way to achieve what you are after here, but I do have a couple of workarounds: 1) Add a "Suspend Wait for Owner" node I have added another "Get Request Details" node, and if this issue occurs (i.e. the Owner is not set) we have a Suspend Wait for Owner - this means that the analyst would need to manually select the team and assignee (themselves) in order to progress the request. But by the time it reaches the task, it would have an owner and would no longer error. 2) Loop back to the "Auto Assign Analyst" In the same vein, this one looks to see if an owner has been set - and if it hasn't it treats the request as if it had been logged via the portal - ensuring that its automatically assigned to someone, but it would not be the creator . I appreciate neither of these solve the original requirement exactly - but our development team are now aware so hopefully we can make some improvements to this in the future. Kind Regards Bob
  14. Hi @SimonSheldon This is spot on. The "Assign to Owner" variable you have now added will automatically set a default team only if an existing team has not been set against the request. Because its already been set to 1st Line, it appears to be causing a conflict as the creator does not existing as an available assignee in this team. You don't actually have any need now to include the below highlighted nodes, and the following assignment options should do it all for you - so try removing these (and the checkpoint itself in the stage details) and performing your tests again: Kind Regards Bob
  15. Hi @SimonSheldon So the reason the task causes an error is clear - as you mentioned, it trying to assign it to an Owner has not yet been set. So to troubleshoot this, we need to focus a bit more on WHY the owner has not yet been set - you have a check point saying that the Owner has been assigned, but it hasn't so we have a issue here. So if you can provide the following we might be able to assist: 1) Who is raising the request? (Which Analyst - and are they a member of at least one team of which they are an assignee?) 2) Who are they raising this? Is it from the Shared Mailbox, or using one of the "Raise New" buttons? 3) A screenshot of your current BPM config for this stage - specifically the configuration you have around the assignment and how this has been configured (or you can PM me the definition for this BPM if you prefer) Kind Regards Bob
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