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  1. @Giuseppe Iannacone I had a look and couldn't get anything working initially I am pretty packed with customer engagements for the rest of the week so not sure I will get time to look at this again until next week - but I will see what I can do (if it's possible) and get back to you Kind Regards Bob
  2. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone I'll have a look to see if that is possible (I'm not entirely sure it is!). But just to confirm - you have talked about "Average Number of Incidents Logged" which is just the average of 1 of the current measures on your chart. Your graph shows 4 different types of measures there - so would you want 4 average lines? So in theory your graph is going to show 8 lines? Kind Regards Bob
  3. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone I'm a little confused about what you are looking to average? You are unable to get an average using the totals of each months widget (across the four measures) - but even if you could, I am not sure what that would tell you due to the mixing of tickets being logged, resolved and types. The only thing I can suggest is a linear trend line - this can be configured in the Widget settings: Kind Regards Bob
  4. Hi @Sandip Bhogal Before you can add a new mailbox, we just need to establish if you have one available or whether you need to purchase an additional one. I can see from our records you have actually got 5 mailboxes currently. Do you know if they are all currently in use? If you are unsure, navigate to the Admin Tool and click on System -> Email -> Shared Mailboxes and in the corner it should tell you how many you currently have set up. as per below: If you can let us know, then we can advise of the next steps Kind Regards Bob
  5. Hi @Philip Hanlon Ok - I think I have added the extra filter that should allow for this. Can you upload this file and try it to see if it gives you the results you are expecting, and let me know? asset-by-user---ph-v2.report.txt Kind Regards Bob
  6. Glad it's working@JoanneG! Let us know if there are any more issues And good spot@Steve Giller - I saw the the first "Covid Clause" had a LIKE but you're exactly right, the others had "equals" which would have caused an issue
  7. Hi @JoanneG Often in these scenarios, it's best to work backwards with a bit of trial and error. So the next step to take is to remove the 3 "Summary" and "Description" LIKE Clauses in your filter and just make sure that some results are returned (i.e. all Service Requests/Incidents that were resolved yesterday). Within that result set should be the one you are referencing (if it's not, then there is an issue with the other criteria). Then add the Clauses back in one by one, and check the Data Preview tab to ensure it gets filtered down and but still displays the request you are l
  8. Hi @Philip Hanlon Can you let me know what is being duplicated (and why?) Are you getting two rows for the same asset because the associated user is a member of two departments rather than one? Kind Regards Bob
  9. Hi @Francis von Stein I've taken a look at this one this evening but unfortunately I'm not convinced I have a way this can be achived. The main issue is the way that Hornbill stores the "Used By" data in the h_cmdb_assets data - it's like this: urn:sys:0:Brad Johnson:bradj This means it's very difficult to get a join to the other tables that a required here. The possibly is a complex way I could formulate a join but unforunately the type of report you are requesting is quite a difficult one to build and is not suited to our reporting interface. I can possibly get the SQL t
  10. Hi@Kelvin Whilst we don't have the specific option to have the ability for end-users to view their tickets that have been raised against "non-portal facing" services - the new Employee Portal offers up some smart solutions to be able to achieve this. The first thing to consider if looking at the Services themselves. You are likely to have set the all to "Portal Visibility = Off" right now - this is what prevents the end user from seeing requests that have been raised against them. You will also have Catalog Items - if you open these, they also have a visibilty option of Portals, Se
  11. @JeremyLet me know if it works! I havn't actually tested this, but I believe the criteria for the first decision would be something like this:
  12. @Jeremyjust having a read through this thread - would you need separate tickets logged for every item that has been selected.....even if they are going to the same team? If not, the second option @Steve Gillermentioned could work here When you record Checkbox Items, it concatanates the results into a single line separated by commas, so for example - if someone selected the first two items in your screenshot, the output is: Advice on obtaining evidence (DO Team), Applying for DSA (Admin Team) With that in mind, if there were only two teams would the below set up work or have I
  13. Hi @Hannah Stella @nasimg You can upload the attached report to your instance (Admin Tool --> Applications --> Service Manager --> Reports --> Create New Report --> The Green Upload Button) This will show you all active services on your instance, the catalog items associated - and the Progressive Capture and Business Process that is being used for each Catalog Item: all-active-services-with-catalog-items.report.txt Hope this helps! Kind Regards Bob
  14. Hi@Dan Munns Unfortunately the display name of the Outcome isn't a value that is explicitly stored in a column - the UI deals with it when showing it on a request, but only the outcome value is actually stored. Sorry about this Kind Regards Bob
  15. Hi@Dan Munns Attached is an example report showing active Service Requests that have tasks associated. I have added the Task Outcome column to the output as well. Does this give you the information you need to create your desired report? tasks-linked-to-active-service-requests.report (2).txt Thanks Bob
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