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  1. Hi @Alisha So to clarify the criteria is for the results to contain both: Tickets that are open and about to breach within the next hour Tickets that are open and have already breached If so try the following: SELECT h_pk_reference AS Reference, h_ownername AS Owner FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE ((h_fixby BETWEEN NOW() AND DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL 1 HOUR)) OR (h_fixby < NOW())) AND h_fk_servicename = 'IT' AND h_requesttype IN ('Incident', 'Service Request') AND h_fk_priorityname = "Critical" AND h_status IN ('status.new', 'status.onhold', 'status.open') ORDER BY h_fixby ASC Kind Regards Bob
  2. Hi @Alisha Unfortunately we don't have the capabilities currently to be able to change the colour of the text in a "list of data" widget, so this isn't possible right not. But I'm thinking maybe you could have a separate widget that is based on the same data (but with some different filtering to only display the requests breach within 60 mins) - and perhaps display next to/underneath your existing widget on a dashboard. Would this work as a compromise? If so, please could you send me the current SQL you are using in your existing widget and I'll take a look for you. Kind Regards Bob
  3. Hi @Will J Douglas Thanks for the update. That's good news that it is working now (though quite strange as I did not get any of the errors you have reported when I tested this). Let us know if you have any further issues here Kind Regards Bob
  4. Hi @Steve Larkins This seems like a reasonable suggestion and I can see why you would want to keep the groupings static - certainly if you have two similarly grouped widgets on a dashboard for comparison. I have passed this feedback to our developers to see if this is a feature that can been added. We will let you know of any updates here. Kind Regards Bob
  5. Hi @James.Johnson The reason for duplicate record will be down to the validation. When you import an asset via the CSV Import method, the system needs to you select a field that contains a unique attribute to validate upon - this means that if the asset already exists in the system (based on the value of this attribute), then it will perform an UPDATE. But if validation has not been set, or it has been set and does NOT find a matching asset that already exists, it will CREATE a new one. So before you perform your import, you need to click the validation button and select which attribute you wish to use for validation): So a good test may be: 1) Populate a CSV with a single asset, ensure the serial number is populated with something (like 1234) and set the version to "0" 2) Import this into Hornbill - ensuring you click the Validation button and select "Serial Number" 3) Make sure the asset has been successfull imported 4) Open your CSV again, change the version to "1" - but make sure the serial number is still set to "1234") 5) Import the updated CSV into Hornbill again, once again ensure to click the validate button before and selecting "Serial Number" 6) The existing asset should have been UPDATED rather than a duplicate having been created, because it found an existing asset in the system that matched the serial number If this still fails, please could you send me the CSV file you are trying to import via a private message and I will double check Kind Regards Bob
  6. Hi @Will Douglas Thank you for sending the details. I have just taken a look at your instance and setup, and when I have raised a new change via either method, it has run through the entire Progressive Capture without a prompt for an asset, so I am seeing different behaviour to you. I have verified this by double checking the Services, Catalog Items and their associated Captures and as you mention above, none of them contain the default asset form so it is behaving as I would expect. So perhaps this is a different issue - please could you try the following: Raise a New Change using a the private/incognito mode on your browser (in case this is some kind of Cache issue) Ask a colleague (who is subscribed to the Service) to also raise a change and see if they are prompted If after both of these tests, you are still being prompted, please could you post a couple of screenshots showing what you see direct before, during and after the prompt Kind Regards Bob
  7. Hi @CalebH The first thing to keep in mind is that if you check multiple boxes in a static checkbox, Hornbill will deal with the result as a single string. So for example if you have: * Option 1 * Option 2 * Option 3 And you mark Option 1 and Option 3, Hornbill will treat the output as something like: ['Option 1', 'Option 3'] So as you can imagine, if you have a lots of check boxes, the number of permutations that this string could end up as could run into thousands - so it's not feasible to write decision nodes for every possibility. Instead, you should use the "CONTAINS" option in your decision nodes. This will look for a particular selection anywhere in the string. Take a look at the Business Process below based on the above 3 options: The Custom Expression in the decision criteria looks like this: As you can see - I'm not trying to match the entire string, but using the "Contains" to see if my option has been selected as part of one of the options. In my example, I have created a sequential flow that will then check if the next item (Option 2) has been selected and perform a necessary action. But you could also use something very similar to this in some parallel processing. I hope this gives you some assistance to overcome the specific issue you have. If you need any more help and still can't get this working, please could you post a few screenshots of your configuration and we can take a closer look. Kind Regards Bob
  8. Hi @Lauren I don't believe we have any short term plans to extend this visibility at the moment. This is a Collaboration request (rather than something that is Service Manager specific) so I will take a look and pass on your feedback to the relevant Product Owners to get thier views on this request. Kind regards Bob
  9. Hi @Lauren The following should give you the results you need. This will give you the previous months results based on the current date: Here is the text if you would like to copy and paste: YEAR(h_dateresolved) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 1 MONTH) AND MONTH(h_dateresolved) = MONTH(CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 1 MONTH) Kind Regards Bob
  10. Hi @Lauren The following should return what you are looking for. This string will look for any summary that starts with P - Let me know if there are any issues Kind Regards Bob Dickinson
  11. @Gemma Morrison Hi Gemma, Are you referring to the standard reporting (In the Admin Tool under Applications -> Service Manager -> Reporting)? If so we may move this to the reporting section of the forum. But could you send a screenshot of the filter criteria please? Also can I confirm you have fully run and downloaded the report and the data is incorrect? (I’ve know that sometimes if just checking the Data Preview, it can show slightly incorrect info) Kind Regards Bob
  12. Hi @7oaks It is possible to change all of these colours, along with the trim, text and even the size of the icons if you would like. Please see the different Application Settings we have at the bottom of this wiki page: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Customising_Self_Service You will need to go to the Admin Tool and navigate to Applications --> Service Manager --> Settings to find them. I hope this helps, Kind Regards Bob
  13. Hi @Adam Toms When the task has been completed (by any of the Incident Assignees) this task should disappear from ALL of their side bars atuomatically. In the situarion you have described, the best solution is to create a new Assignment Role called "Service Desk Assignee" (or something like that) and allocate that out to all of the Service Desk users AND the out-of-hours users. Then set this role as the Assignee of your "Triage Actions" task in the BPM. That way you can separate it from everyone who is an Incident Assignee so only the relevant people get notified, but they can all still complete it. Hope this helps! Kind Regards Bob
  14. Hi @Martyn Houghton Ah I see, sorry I understand what you mean now. I'll double check with the developers to see if this is something that is possible. Kind Regards Bob
  15. Hi @Martyn Houghton Unfortunately there is not much we can do at the moment in relation to this specific mapping. But I'm pleased to say we have very recently released some functionality to accomodate exactly this scenario - so to be able to convert the widget labels into their user friendly names - e.g. to be able to show User Handles in place of User IDs/User URNs, to be able to show Team Names in place of full Team IDs etc. This can be accessed from the Widget Settings area: Organisation Names <> Organisation IDs is not one that has been added as part of this first iteration of this functionality, but I have requested for this to be added. Kind Regards Bob
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