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  1. Hi @yelyah.nodrog If you change the frequency from Yearly to something far shorter (e.g. Weekly) do you get results? A yearly sample would only show stats from the last full year and before, so would not return stats for any tickets resolved in 2019. So this is also dependant on the user you are testing this with, and when they started resolving cals. Sometimes to troubleshoot, you can also use Database Direct to run a select statement to ensure that the WHERE clause that is being used is valid and returning data. If you arn't comfortable doing this, send me the name of the Measure and I'll have a look for you. Kind Regards Bob
  2. @samwoo I've had a go at a report based on what I think you have requested above - you can remove the columns where you see fit. If you have any questions about this, please could you start a new thread in the Reporting workspace and tag me (so not to make this thread even busier!) Kind Regards Bob service-subscription-report-v1.report (1).txt
  3. Hi @samwoo This request is probably better suited in the Reporting area of the forum - we don't have a single repository as such, but its a useful place to search for others who have made reporting requests. In regards to you request, can I ask the specific coponents you mean by "Companies/Groups"? Are these exteral organisations? Or Companies/Departments/Divisions/Teams etc? And in regards to the errors - I have just tried them, and they appear to be working when I upload them (just to confirm, the 3 you have highlighted are not actually reports, but workflow definitions so will only work if uploading in the relevant Business Process or Progressive Capture screen). If this is an issue, can you provide the steps you are taking to upload? Kind Regards Bob
  4. Hi @Jeremy Unfortunately I have found out today that the {{user.telephone}} option has not actually been added as a variable as I originally expected. I have asked for this to be added but I cannot give you a timeframe at present here. Also Department is not currently available. Apologies for the confusion here Kind Regards Bob
  5. Hi Jeremy, I'll take a look into this and get back to you shortly Kind Regards Bob
  6. I'm sorry about that @Ann-MarieHolloway I've just updated all of the links in the post. Let me know if you have any more issues. Kind regards Bob
  7. Insights19 Additional Resource Material for the “Masterclass in Business Process Design and Automation” presentation Following on from the pratical component of this presentation at Insights19, a few delegates have asked if we could make some of the example workflow available for download so they could upload to their instance and test themselves. This forum post has those workflows attached, as well as some additional information around the topics discussed. Admin BPM Design Functionality (Wiki Info: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Designer) Snap to Grid To turn on Snap to Grid permanently, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> Collaboration --> Settings --> admin.feature.workflow.showworkflowcanvasgrid Stage Templates Replace node Add node between connected nodes Stage Notes BPM Category BPM Security Controls To enable BPM Security Controls, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> System --> Settings --> Advanced --> security.bpm_access_controls.enabled Progressive Capture (Wiki Info: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Designer) Session variables for use in questions. The session variables available, and their correct format to use, are as follows: {{user.fName}} {{user.lName}} {{user.accountRefUrn}} {{user.currentTimeZoneOffset}} {{user.userId}} {{user.userName}} {{user.jobTitle}} {{user.mobile}} {{user.email}} {{user.telephone}} Conditional Fields Service Request Process Features Wiki Markup and Date Formatting (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup) Role and Team Based Approvals/Authorisations Task Capture Fields (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Capture_Task_Fields) To enable Task Capture Fields, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> System --> Settings --> Advanced --> experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields Incident Process Fetaures Ticket Routing based on Time/Date logged (further information on iBridge Utilities: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Utilities_Integration_Bridge) Mark Ticket as First Time Fix (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow) Post to Public Workspace/Comment on Existing Public Workspace Post (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow) Other discussion points Question from a delegate: "Can we view all of the existing Services and their linked Catalog Items, Progressive Captures and Business Processes?" Yes, we have a useful report you can upload to your instance which provides exactly this info. I've attached it to this post named Active Services Report - download, and navigate to Admin --> Service Manager --> Reports --> Create a new report --> Click the Green Icon to upload the file --> Save the report . Active Services Report.txt Insights Progressive Capture.pcf.txt Insights Service Request Business Process.txt Insights Incident Business Process.txt
  8. Hi @SJEaton I believe they will all need at least one Service Manager role in order for their authorisation to be posted to the SM timeline - so you would typically also provide your Authorisers with "Self Service User" as well (which they potentially should have anyway in the context of a customer who can consume services, a bit like a basic user would have) Kind Regards Bob
  9. Hi @Adrian Simpkins Unfortunately at present, if you have marked a resolution timer in the BPM, then it cannot be restarted even if you reopen the request. I think what @Martyn Houghton is saying is that he is not actually marking the Resolution timer in the BPM until the analysts are absolutely sure that it’s resolved the issue. Instead, he is placing the call On Hold instead (which effectively is pausing the Resolution timer, but NOT marking it) I hope this explains the current way it works, Kind Regards Bob Dickinson
  10. Hi @Kelvin Unfortunately I'm not aware of a simple way we can get this information out of Hornbill. The timeline against a request is not easy to perform reports against so to be able to specify whether an update was made on a particular date by a particular person is not going to be achieveable through the tools we provide. It MIGHT be possible via a SQL statement but this wouldn't be dynamic (i.e. it wouldn't prompt you to enter a user and a date range for example). Sorry I can't be of more assistance here Kind Regards Bob
  11. Hi @Kelvin Sorry for the long time its taken to get back to you regarding this request. Is this still a requirement? If so, are you look for the functionality to be able to pick particular calendar date(s) and return any change requests that were raised within that timeframe? Kind Regards Bob
  12. Hi @SJEaton Try this: \b([1-9]|[1-8][0-9]|9[0-9]|[1-8][0-9]{2}|9[0-8][0-9]|99[0-9]|1[0-4][0-9]{2}|1500)\b A useful utility to generate regex for numeric ranges can be found here: http://gamon.webfactional.com/regexnumericrangegenerator/ We don't have any formal documentation around useful regex on the Wiki but this is a good suggestion, so I'll ask internally if there is anything we can put together as a starting point. It would be also be very beneficial to see what other community users use as part of their configurations. For those reading this, please feel free to post here if anyone has regex that they regularly use that may be useful to others! Kind Regards Bob
  13. Hi @Paul Alexander Thanks for the feedback - that certainly seems like a valid request, and I can see how this would work consistently with how other areas of a Service selection would work currently (for example you can set a default template per Service -> Request Type at present). We will certainly take this into account when making improvements in the future to this area - plus how Email Templates and Snippets can both be used most effectively for analysts. Bob
  14. Hi @samwoo, I'm not aware of any short terms plans to allow the segregation and selection of items in this list of templates between different users - that may be one for @James Ainsworth to comment on in terms of how this would work alongside snippets in the Email function of Service Manager. At the moment, this has been introduced as an additional system setting to faciliate the manual sending of consistent templates at times where it can't or shouldn't be done automatically as part of a Business Process. Kind Regards Bob
  15. Hi @Chris Thompson I appreciate reporting can be a bit tricky when you are having to join tables to get out particular information. We will soon be introducing our "In App Reporting" which will make the creation of these kinds of reports far easier in the future because we will have templates that have already been set up for this type of thing and you simply add the criteria you require to it. But in the meantime, please have a look half way down this thread for some information on how to set up departmental associations to your reports: I hope this helps and gives you a bit of a starting block to work from. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions. Kind Regards Bob
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