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  1. Hi @lokent Yes that's right, any change you make here would only apply to new requests from that point forwards. In theory you could go in and manually update h_custom_a in every ticket...but I can imagine that would be a bit of a tedious job One other thing it's important to mention - I remember from your implementation that in your Progressive Captures you have a lot of dynamic attributes (i.e. questions that only appear based on the answer to a previous question). If you have changed the field ID of a question that has some dynamic fields relying on it, then those links might break - so after changing it, you need to double check the Conditions to reselect the question. I'm sure that won't be applicable in this scenario as the field you are discussing is free text and people typically tend to have conditional questions based on dropdown lists or radio buttons - but just for future reference, it's worth knowing if you are changing field IDs. Let me know if you have any problems Cheers Bob
  2. Hi @lokent The last part of you sentance is correc - the custom fields can be reused on a Service by Service basis (in fact, you can even separate them out by the type e.g. Incident, Service Request, within that Service too). So if your other department are using h_custom_a for all requests logged against their Service named "Service 1" - you can still use h_custom_a, with it's own label against you Service named "Service 2" Kind Regards Bob
  3. Hi @Logan Graham Hope you are well! Unfortunately we havn't added anything in this area recently to accomodate a "primary team" as such, it still will select the first team in finds associated to this user if they are a member of multiple teams. I'll follow this up with our development team to see if this is something in the pipeline. Kind regards Bob
  4. Hi @Alisha The site info is stored in h_sys_sites (including the state). I have attached an example report which shows the potential join you would need to show this attribute is a request based report. Hope this helps Kind Regards Bob all-open-incidents-by-site-state.report.txt
  5. Hi @lokent Do you map any of these questions to Custom Fields (e.g. in the Progressive Capture, do you map the Property Ex Ref number to h_custom_a or another one of them)? If you do, you could use either a view on the Request List (or the reporting functionality in the admin tool) to extract all of the requests where this field is LIKE or CONTAINS the system specified. If not, you can report on the Progressive Capture answers directly, but it will be a slightly more complex report involving a join in the Reporting only Request List View Reporting Kind regards Bob
  6. Hi @Joyce The method you are using here is not going to work unfortunately. What you are looking at in the screenshot is the past 12 months worth of samples. It doesn't matter what you specify in the criteria here, it will always start at the most recent sample based on the frequency and work backwards based on the number of samples you have specifed. If you hover other the samples, you will see the month they have scanned. If we take the 2017 measure, it is effectively saying "In the past 12 months from today, how many were logged in 2017?" - the answer is going to be 0 for every month This image may make it slightly clearer What you may need to do here is: 1) Increase the sample size of your Measure (from 12 to 36) so it collects the past 3 years worth of data instead of past 1 years 2) When you create the widget based on the measure, you can use the "Date Range Setting" to specify the date range of the samples to use (e.g. you might have one widget with a date range of 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2017, and the next widget with a date range of 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018, etc) I hope this helps! Kind regards Bob
  7. Hi @Gemma Morrison @lokent As Victor mentioned, if something seems to be broken or not working, it's best to log an Incident with us as the first port of call. If it's a How Do I style question then the forums are the best place to post. Kind Regards Bob
  8. Hi @Will J Douglas Yes there is a modifier that can be added to variables to control whether or not the variable should show based on whether a value is present. To do this, the format is: {{.variable|empty}} - so in your example it would be {{.H_custom_j|empty}} This means that if h_custom_j does NOT contatin a value, this whole string will not be present in the resolved template. For more information we have a wiki page that gives some details about this: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Templates Hope this helps! Kind Regards Bob
  9. Hi @Shamaila.Yousaf I hope you are well! In answer to your points: What are the restrictions for Chat being available to a particular service only i.e. we have different departments using Service Manager; If our dept buys into this. At the moment we don't have any segregation on a Service By Service basis. Live Chat is separated by Roles (i.e. Customers either have the role allocated to them raise Live Chat requests, or they simply don't have access to it). We don't have the ability to allow the Chat Window to only show for particular types of Service right now What are the possibilities of analysts doing a mention within the chat to other analysts who aren't chat agents and are not Chat subscribers? This isn't possible - and I'm not sure it's something that would be introduced. The way it would work at the moment is that a Live Chat may be converted into a Request in Service Manager. From that point, the standard Collaboration functionality would apply so you analysts with a Service Manager subscriotion could mention eachother/collaborate around the request even if they didn't have a Live Chat subscription. Is there the ability to open the chat service to certain customers only? - i.e. to test the service with some users before opening up to all our customers. Yes - the role "Portal Chat Session User" is what is needed in order for end users to use the Live Chat app. So you would simply allocate this to a few test users, before applying to in bulk to ALL end users Will analysts be able to redirect customers to the FAQs when in the chat? Live Chat can't automatically present FAQs in the Chat Window, but Links/URLs could be posted by the Analyst to specifc Knowledge documentation Does it allow the analyst multiple chat conversations at the same time? Yes, an Analyst could have different Chats available in different tabs of the Browser simultaneously if required I hope this answers your questions - let us know if you have any more Kind Regards Bob
  10. Hi @Nick Brailsford There are many reporting options in Hornbill and I would advise watching our Reporting Webinar to get a feel for some of the options available if you havn't already done so, to get some ideas. However as a simple starting point, have you tried the Personal Dashboards that are available as part of your Request List Views? By setting up a simple view with the criteria you require (for example in the scenario - Request Type is Incident or Service Request, Within Resolution SLA = True) you can the create a Chart/Graph and choose a further piece of criteria to provide some grouping (in this example, the Site). The nice thing about this is that the charts can be drilled down into - so you can click on them to directly be presented with requests that have been represented in the chart. Here are a view example screenshots: I hope this helps - more information about Dashboards can be found here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/My_Dashboards Kind Regards Bob
  11. Hi @Alisha I think the answer to this might be dependant on the type of widget you are creating here. If you could post some screenshots (ensuring to obfuscate any sensitive customer information), then we may be able to advise further, as we have recently introduced some Look Up functionality but it's only available in certain areas. Kind Regards Bob
  12. Hi @lokent Welcome back! Unfortunately there hasn't been a great deal of progress with this particular requirement in your absence. At the moment, the focus is rolling out the new Employee Portal (which will replace the existing Service Portal). Once this is with everyone, a review of all of the Live Chat functionality is anticipated to follow, to understand how best to deliver the features such as this one - that we appreciate are highly desired by a number of customers. As part of this, the Live Chat App as a whole will be reviewed so we can look to take advantage of the benefits that the new portal will provide us with (with the segregation of domains). I'm sorry that this isn't what you may have been hoping for, but we will be ensure to keep you up to date with any developments in this area. Kind Regards Bob
  13. Hi @clampj I have created a test report for you that shows how you can perform a JOIN between the main requests table (which holds your tickets against the category) and the "Linked Requests" table (which would hold the link to the Master Ticket) I have based this simply around Incidents that are currently open, but obviously you could change the main criteria. Also I have only included the Linked Request Number. If you are after further details about the linked request, it becomes a little more complicated. To upload this onto your own instance, download the attachment, then navigate to Admin Tool -> Applications -> Service Manager -> Reports. Then create a brand new report, and click the Green "Upload" button in the top right hand corner N.B - one other thing - be aware that if you have more than one linked request, then there will be multiple rows to show each of these references I hope this gives you a starting point and you can add the coumns and filtering required to build the reports you need! Kind Regards Bob currently-open-incidents-including-linked-request-number.report.txt
  14. Hi @Alisha So to clarify the criteria is for the results to contain both: Tickets that are open and about to breach within the next hour Tickets that are open and have already breached If so try the following: SELECT h_pk_reference AS Reference, h_ownername AS Owner FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE ((h_fixby BETWEEN NOW() AND DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL 1 HOUR)) OR (h_fixby < NOW())) AND h_fk_servicename = 'IT' AND h_requesttype IN ('Incident', 'Service Request') AND h_fk_priorityname = "Critical" AND h_status IN ('status.new', 'status.onhold', 'status.open') ORDER BY h_fixby ASC Kind Regards Bob
  15. Hi @Alisha Unfortunately we don't have the capabilities currently to be able to change the colour of the text in a "list of data" widget, so this isn't possible right not. But I'm thinking maybe you could have a separate widget that is based on the same data (but with some different filtering to only display the requests breach within 60 mins) - and perhaps display next to/underneath your existing widget on a dashboard. Would this work as a compromise? If so, please could you send me the current SQL you are using in your existing widget and I'll take a look for you. Kind Regards Bob
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