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  1. Morning @Ann Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one. Unfortunately at present we don't have the option to add to the State or the Operational State fields. These are not driven by Simple Lists and are out of the box options. As you mentioned, Sub States are available however and they can be used against one of the 3 default states (Current, Active, Archived). You can create these yourself, and manually update assets - or the substate can be updated from a bulk import mechanism too, such as CSV Import or our Asset Data Import utility. Substates are configured in the
  2. Hi @Adrian Simpkins I would have a set up like the following: Firstly you will see a decision to check if the request has an owner or not. In answer to your first question, it will error if you try to send an email to a Request owner and the request doesn't have one. So that's why I would build in a decision to check this before trying to send it. If it DOESN'T have an owner, it gracefully moves to the next part of the flow. The second part is a little more complicated. When talking about a Team Manager I assume you mean setting an analysts role in a team as "Manager"
  3. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. To set up the above: Step 1: Create the First Measure - % Of Incidents within SLA To do this, in the Admin tool. navigate to Applications --> Service Manager --> Advanced Analytics --> Measures - and then create a new measure as per the below screen\shots: And Click "Save" Step 2: Create the First Measure - % Of Service Requests within SLA Click the little arrow next to Save Button of the Measure that you have just created - and select "Save As" to make a copy of
  4. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone So this is possible through Advanced Analytics - you would need at least a separate chart for each time range (month/quarter/year) but after that you have various options. The below is an example of the percent of both Incidents and Service Requests that met the resolution SLA each month. But you could have a count instead, or you might have two lines - one for Incidents, and one for Service Requests (both on the same chart as a comparison) (Sorry It's not the best data set to show in an example! ) Is that the type of thing you are lookin
  5. HI@David Longley I have attached a simple report which will show any text based feedback that has been provided based on survey answers. You can upload this, by creating a new report in Admin --> Applications --> Service Manager --> Reports, giving it a name, and then clicking the Green button in the top right corner If you click on the "Select Filters" tab, you will see I have copied the text of my text based question as the criteria here. You will need to change this to match the text of the question that you are asking your customers You may also want to pu
  6. Hi@Mark (ESC) You are right - this would be set by filtering on Category Name value is Null. This can be performed using a different operator than "Value Equals" from the dropdown, as per the screenshot: Kind Regards Bob
  7. Hi @Alberto M Thanks for letting us know. Typically that information would be placed into the Hornbill attribute Job Title which appears on the first user tab. Our UI developers have been making some more changes to improve the layout of the User Tool and remove from view some of the attributes that are generally not used in relation to Basic Users. This information will still exist in the database again the users so it will not affect your nightly import - and it can still be viewed in other areas where required (e.g. reports, the Coworker screen in the User App, through Progressive Cap
  8. Hi @HGrigsby @Chris Winship The manager, and Custom Attributes have now been reintroduced for Basic Users (albeit in a redesigned view, with the manager now residing on the main tab, and the custom attributes in their own tab). @Alberto M In terms of the information you store for Basic Users under “A brief description of the job” - is this populated automatically from an automated feed from LDAP/Azure? If so, which attribute do you use? And do you ever need to manually amend this attribute for users through the Admin Tool?
  9. Hi @HHH @LifeOfJonny Sorry for the delayed response on this one, we have been in discussion with our developers regarding it. This is going to be amended this week so that if a via node that has multiple inputs, is connected to a decision node (regardless of the order you add the connectors), you will not recieve an error message like you do currently. Decision nodes are only really designed to accomodate 1 input typically (hence why when you are selecting the decision criteria, you often see some predefined outcomes/criteria in a dropdown list e.g the task outcomes if the decision
  10. Hi @AndyG Unfortunately there isn't a way to achieve this at present. This isn't a piece of information that is recorded, and as the SLA functionality and escalation actions occurs outside of the Business Process, there isn't currently a way that we have to write this information anywhere (for example, a Custom Field on the Request). I will follow up internally to see if there is anything in the Pipeline to improve on this functionality - I believe it's been requested by a number of other users on the forums, so I will get the thoughts of the Service Manager Development team to see
  11. Hi @HGrigsby Just to keep you updated on this one - we have made some changes to reintroduce the Manager and Custom Attributes to the Basic Users records in the Admin Tool. Providing there are no issues in testing, this is likely to be available on your instance on Monday/Tuesday next week. Kind Regards Bob
  12. Hi @Adam Toms No problem, I'm glad it helped. Yes, SQL Joins are tricky if you have never done them before. It's one of the areas we are very aware of and we have some developments ongoing to make this process a lot more seemless/intuitive in the future, and prevent the need to know any SQL whatsoever. But in the meantime, please let us know on the forums if you have any more issues or questions and we will help wherever we can. Kind Regards Bob
  13. Hi @Adam Toms Yes looking at the report there were a few issues with the JOIN (you were joining it on the Team ID, rather than the request ID) - and also you had a filter to only look for tickets that were currently assigned to Sec Ops (rather than looking for tickets that have EVER been assigned to Sec Ops). I have cleaned it up a bit, and hopefully it's working a bit better now - it's attached to the bottom of this post. You might see the odd duplicate row for the same request ID. This indicates that the ticket was assigned to Sec Ops more than once in it's lifecycle. To make that s
  14. Hi @Ann A few things here: 1) The reason you might be receieving incorrect results (and lots of them including all the tasks!) is because you have lots of unneeded tables being joined. For this one, you only need two tables joined together Projects Project Milestones 2) I am making an assumption here - but from your personal message you mentioned you were looking for Expired milestones between a set of dates. So my assumption is that you are only interested in the milestones that have not yet been completed. With this in mind, you would need to add an additional f
  15. Hi @Ann This requires a strip down of all the joins you already have. In theory you only need 3 tables: Projects (which contains the project titles) Project Members (which contains the stakeholders and the roles - i.e. who is the Project Manager) h_sys_accounts (which contains the User Friendly Names) I have joined these together and very importantly, added some criteria in the filter that ensures that ONLY the person with the role of Project Manager is returned - as per the screenshot. Without this, it would return the results of any project where the person you h
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