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  1. Hi @SimonSheldon Having had a close look and a test of this, I believe you have discovered an issue that I didn't realise existed previously. When using the "Assign to Owner (Variable)" node in your Business Process, Hornbill will look at which teams that person is a member of - and assign the ticket to that person in the first of these teams that it finds. However, it appears that this does not take into account the Assignment availability of this person - so in your example, it finds 1st Line Support as the first support team you are a member of, it does not take into account the fact you cannot be assigned requests in this team, and tries to assign it to you here anyway. The timeline of the request states that this has happened - but in actual fact, the assignment rules have been honoured, and instead its assigned to to this (first) team but without an owner (to prevent the ticket from erroring). So regardless of how the functionality would be desired to work, the key issue is that the timeline has given us incorrect information - I have raised this with our Product team, and this will be investigated as a defect. So unfortunately there isn't a graceful way to achieve what you are after here, but I do have a couple of workarounds: 1) Add a "Suspend Wait for Owner" node I have added another "Get Request Details" node, and if this issue occurs (i.e. the Owner is not set) we have a Suspend Wait for Owner - this means that the analyst would need to manually select the team and assignee (themselves) in order to progress the request. But by the time it reaches the task, it would have an owner and would no longer error. 2) Loop back to the "Auto Assign Analyst" In the same vein, this one looks to see if an owner has been set - and if it hasn't it treats the request as if it had been logged via the portal - ensuring that its automatically assigned to someone, but it would not be the creator . I appreciate neither of these solve the original requirement exactly - but our development team are now aware so hopefully we can make some improvements to this in the future. Kind Regards Bob
  2. Hi @SimonSheldon This is spot on. The "Assign to Owner" variable you have now added will automatically set a default team only if an existing team has not been set against the request. Because its already been set to 1st Line, it appears to be causing a conflict as the creator does not existing as an available assignee in this team. You don't actually have any need now to include the below highlighted nodes, and the following assignment options should do it all for you - so try removing these (and the checkpoint itself in the stage details) and performing your tests again: Kind Regards Bob
  3. Hi @SimonSheldon So the reason the task causes an error is clear - as you mentioned, it trying to assign it to an Owner has not yet been set. So to troubleshoot this, we need to focus a bit more on WHY the owner has not yet been set - you have a check point saying that the Owner has been assigned, but it hasn't so we have a issue here. So if you can provide the following we might be able to assist: 1) Who is raising the request? (Which Analyst - and are they a member of at least one team of which they are an assignee?) 2) Who are they raising this? Is it from the Shared Mailbox, or using one of the "Raise New" buttons? 3) A screenshot of your current BPM config for this stage - specifically the configuration you have around the assignment and how this has been configured (or you can PM me the definition for this BPM if you prefer) Kind Regards Bob
  4. Hi @SimonSheldon If you are using the "Assign to Request Creator" node, then you DO have to specify a default team (e.g. 1st Line Support) - this is only really suitable if you know that whoever is raising the request that will be using this particular Business Process will be a member of this team AND be available to be assigned a ticket. If you have scenarios where this won't be the case, then we do not have a "Get Creator Details" style node that can check this unfortunately. But we do have another method where you can assign to the request creator regardless of the team they are a member of. Please see this post: Hopefully this could be an option for you? In regards to the error message you posted above....Is that related to this particular issue? It looks as though that is to do with a task creation rather than an assignment - and also trying to assign the task to one of our default system accounts. Was this a ticket that was created via Email Routing Rules? Kind Regards Bob
  5. Hi @Will Douglas I believe this should all be set up correctly now, regardness of whether you click the "Raise New" or "New Change" button. Could you try again, and describe the scenario where the Custom Form does not appear (i.e. the method from which you have raised it - Raise New, or New Change - and the Service/Catalog Item that you are selecting)? Kind Regards Bob
  6. Hi @Joanne I have found one way of doing this which may solve the requirement here. The key part of it is that you would need to decide on a max number of the people who could potentially be added. In my example below, I have chosen max 3 people but you could go up to 6 if you wanted. The first thing you do is add some Custom Fields to your Service. You will need an admin role to do this, but within the details section of an existing service, you can click on the "Design" button and start adding in attributes. I have called mine "Connection 1", "Connection 2", and "Connection 3". These are just single line text fields. IMPORTANT - Please be aware, ANY CUSTOM FIELDS YOU ADD HERE WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL SERVICES. As you can see in my example below, I have then edited these fields for my test service and added in the the User ID (important - not the name) of the people who I would like to be the interested connections The next thing to do is edit a workflow. The 3 key components to this are: 1) A "Get Services" node - this will get all the service details for the service against which the request has been raised - we are interested in the values in Custom Fields A to C 2) Parallel Processing - this is so the connections all get added simulatneously 3) Decision nodes to check each of the Services Custom Fields - this is to see if it has a value set or not - if it doesn't it will ignore it via the ""No Match" branch. 4) Add Connection Node - This is set if there IS a User ID present on that custom field in Service. And you inject value from the custom field into the "Co Worker" option on this node You can see how this is configured in my example below. Notice how I have the option for 3 custom fields here (3 decisions). If you wanted to up this, you just add the additional decisions and "Set Connection" nodes. I have tested this and it all appears to work as expected - you can see from the above screenshots, that in the Service - Connection 1 and Connection 3 where both populated (but Connection 2 wasn't). Thanks to my workflow, it ignored Connection 2 (Custom Field B ) and has just added the two connections I specified: I hope this helps! Kind Regards Bob
  7. Hi @Will J Douglas I think this is because you are using catalog items for Change Management, but in your "new change" progressive capture you do not have a "Switch Capture" node present (you have "end"). If you have a look at the flows we have set up for "new Incident" and "new service request" you will notice that that have the Switch Capture node in them. So you can try deleting the "End" node and replacing it with "Switch Capture" - to be set up like this: And see if that resolves the issue? Kind Regards Bob
  8. Hi All, If you havn't done already, the way to automatically trigger a request coming off hold from a customer update is to incorporate Sub Statuses into requests, as opposed to using "Suspend Wait for..." nodes to wait for a customer response (which looks like what @Adrian Simpkins is doing) As per Adrians screenshot, you can still place the call on hold automatically (whilst setting the substatus). Then Hornbill can be configured so that whenever a Customer Update (portal or email) comes in, the ticket will automatically come Off Hold and to a status/sub status of your choosing. A couple of key things to check to set this up (or if its not working) 1) The system settings - we have a couple of application Settings that need to be switched on to allow this: 2) In your Service configuration, ensure you have enabled the toggle for the "On Hold" sub status(es) that you would like to automatically come off hold (this can also be done at the Global Sub Status level), and also selected the sub statuses that the ticket should be changed to once the ticket DOES come off hold - as per this screenshot: Full information on the Substatuses can be found on the wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_Sub-statuses Kind Regards Bob
  9. Hi @yelyah.nodrog If you change the frequency from Yearly to something far shorter (e.g. Weekly) do you get results? A yearly sample would only show stats from the last full year and before, so would not return stats for any tickets resolved in 2019. So this is also dependant on the user you are testing this with, and when they started resolving cals. Sometimes to troubleshoot, you can also use Database Direct to run a select statement to ensure that the WHERE clause that is being used is valid and returning data. If you arn't comfortable doing this, send me the name of the Measure and I'll have a look for you. Kind Regards Bob
  10. @samwoo I've had a go at a report based on what I think you have requested above - you can remove the columns where you see fit. If you have any questions about this, please could you start a new thread in the Reporting workspace and tag me (so not to make this thread even busier!) Kind Regards Bob service-subscription-report-v1.report (1).txt
  11. Hi @samwoo This request is probably better suited in the Reporting area of the forum - we don't have a single repository as such, but its a useful place to search for others who have made reporting requests. In regards to you request, can I ask the specific coponents you mean by "Companies/Groups"? Are these exteral organisations? Or Companies/Departments/Divisions/Teams etc? And in regards to the errors - I have just tried them, and they appear to be working when I upload them (just to confirm, the 3 you have highlighted are not actually reports, but workflow definitions so will only work if uploading in the relevant Business Process or Progressive Capture screen). If this is an issue, can you provide the steps you are taking to upload? Kind Regards Bob
  12. Hi @Jeremy Unfortunately I have found out today that the {{user.telephone}} option has not actually been added as a variable as I originally expected. I have asked for this to be added but I cannot give you a timeframe at present here. Also Department is not currently available. Apologies for the confusion here Kind Regards Bob
  13. Hi Jeremy, I'll take a look into this and get back to you shortly Kind Regards Bob
  14. I'm sorry about that @Ann-MarieHolloway I've just updated all of the links in the post. Let me know if you have any more issues. Kind regards Bob
  15. Insights19 Additional Resource Material for the “Masterclass in Business Process Design and Automation” presentation Following on from the pratical component of this presentation at Insights19, a few delegates have asked if we could make some of the example workflow available for download so they could upload to their instance and test themselves. This forum post has those workflows attached, as well as some additional information around the topics discussed. Admin BPM Design Functionality (Wiki Info: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Designer) Snap to Grid To turn on Snap to Grid permanently, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> Collaboration --> Settings --> admin.feature.workflow.showworkflowcanvasgrid Stage Templates Replace node Add node between connected nodes Stage Notes BPM Category BPM Security Controls To enable BPM Security Controls, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> System --> Settings --> Advanced --> security.bpm_access_controls.enabled Progressive Capture (Wiki Info: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Designer) Session variables for use in questions. The session variables available, and their correct format to use, are as follows: {{user.fName}} {{user.lName}} {{user.accountRefUrn}} {{user.currentTimeZoneOffset}} {{user.userId}} {{user.userName}} {{user.jobTitle}} {{user.mobile}} {{user.email}} {{user.telephone}} Conditional Fields Service Request Process Features Wiki Markup and Date Formatting (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup) Role and Team Based Approvals/Authorisations Task Capture Fields (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Capture_Task_Fields) To enable Task Capture Fields, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> System --> Settings --> Advanced --> experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields Incident Process Fetaures Ticket Routing based on Time/Date logged (further information on iBridge Utilities: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Utilities_Integration_Bridge) Mark Ticket as First Time Fix (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow) Post to Public Workspace/Comment on Existing Public Workspace Post (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow) Other discussion points Question from a delegate: "Can we view all of the existing Services and their linked Catalog Items, Progressive Captures and Business Processes?" Yes, we have a useful report you can upload to your instance which provides exactly this info. I've attached it to this post named Active Services Report - download, and navigate to Admin --> Service Manager --> Reports --> Create a new report --> Click the Green Icon to upload the file --> Save the report . Active Services Report.txt Insights Progressive Capture.pcf.txt Insights Service Request Business Process.txt Insights Incident Business Process.txt
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