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  1. Hi Guys - im looking to delete a team we created temporarily in service manager for the covid period, but id still like to be able to report on it at a later date. can anyone confirm that i can report on deleted teams at a later date in the usual way? or will i need to modify my reports? id rather ask than assume! lol many thanks
  2. @Gerry we'd very much like this too - very useful in these times. cheers
  3. Hi Guys - does anyone know where I can configure the default queue (or team) that jobs land into after they have been logged by the customer via the customer portal? ive checked my pro-cap and business process that applies to the tickets they are logging (password resets for example), but cannot see that the default bucket for once these tickets are logged is defined in them anywhere, so I m guessing theirs a global default setting we've set somewhere, which we'd temporarily like to change to another queue/team. many thanks
  4. thanks @James Ainsworth, sorry can you point me at which node I should be recreating? none of the nodes in the workflow do anything to assign an owner? the ticket shows that theirs no owner assigned in the information section "no owner", and I can see that the workflow is going round the loop as expected (as i've set some additional checkpoints which show me the its getting the assigned team correct "development", just its not picking up that owner is not set,) ive also checked the database direct and I can see that the "request owner name" field is blank,
  5. @James Ainsworth ah ok, so if the ticket is reassigned with no analyst, the owner still remains on the ticket until another analyst is assigned? at which point they become the owner? is there any way for me to refer to just the assigned analyst in a workflow decision? can this be added in? otherwise I guess the only option would be to manually remove myself as an owner from the ticket after escalating it?
  6. thanks @James Ainsworth so does the "ownerisnotset" variable not the refer to the assigned analyst? or can a ticket have an owner, but not an assigned analyst? the escalation would be a manual one by an analyst, and would be done at the point that the ticket is at the "wait for resolution stage", so in the scenario that's not working; the ticket would be logged, prioritised, and assigned to an L1 analyst, this would take the process through to the "wait for resolution" node, which is set to wait for resolution of the ticket, but also has an expiry of 8 hours on
  7. hi @James Ainsworth - is "owner" and "assigned analyst" the same thing? -if not, then I think this maybe where im going wrong - but I cant seem to reference "assigned analyst" in workflow logic? only "owner", or "owner for tasks"? (does yes when it gets to "wait for resolution", the ticket has had an analyst previously assigned in a different team, the ticket then gets escalated to another team (e.g. DEV team), but not assigned to an analyst, so the ticket would be in the DEV bucket, but with no analyst assigned - this is what I want to alert on. does the first analyst
  8. thanks @Steve Giller will bear that in mind for next time
  9. hi @James Ainsworth thanks for your help, so I need the first "loop" after the "suspend wait for owner" as this has a timer in it, after 8 hours, if the ticket is unassigned and in the dev queue an alert needs to go out. so this first "loop" takes into account tickets logged directly into the Dev queue - rather than being logged to a 1st line analyst first, then escalated" (otherwise the tickets would sit, wait for an owner, and no notification would be triggered). when we escalate the ticket though from first line, we would assign it into the DEV queue, but without an analy
  10. Hi Guys - im having a problem whereby the "owner status" on a ticket doesn't seem to clear when you re-assign it to a team (DEV) without an owner. background is; im writing a workflow which will send out a notification when a ticket has been unassigned within a specific team for a period of time. ive got no problems with tickets that are assigned directly to the DEV team also no problem with tickets that are assigned to another team first (but an owner/analyst is not specified), and then that ticket is passed up to the DEV team. I do have a problem when the ti
  11. wasn't aware we could do this! sorry if im late to the party but this could be pretty useful for us in some scenarios, for example for our change requests we have named approvers, if a member of staff leaves, and they were a named approver on a request, this means we cannot complete the change as it fails on the stage that the user is named in, normally we'd just raise another as you can, but can be a bit embarrassing having to ask the execs to re-approve changes they have already signed off, cheers
  12. thanks @Steve Giller i also needed to add permissions to access to the new board manager app, cheers
  13. thanks @Steve Giller this got it although do i need to activate the board manager for the other features around the board viewer? mine still looks like the older "boards", i dont seem to have any of the options shown in the screenshot on the link you shared with me, thanks
  14. Hi Guys - i dont seem to have the option to remove a ticket from a board, i also dont have a move lists option? the only options i seem to get are type "add to board" (request), and task "add request to board"? unless im looking in the wrong place? thanks
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