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  1. hiu guys - can anyone please help with why this routing rule logic isnt allowed, i copied it from the wiki, the template itself is existing, im just changing the rule expression? cheers
  2. hi @HGrigsby you can reference answers from questions within the task quite easily, i never got round to trying to reference the outcome of the task properly though, instead i just had my "success" path set a field we dont use ("logging category"), and just referenced this later down the line, thanks
  3. any ideas on this guys? we are getting users with this error again? are we able to confirm that all services look good on hornbills end? - i have checked the hornbill status checker and its reporting no errors, thanks
  4. hi, yes i did, they did some cursory checks but everything looks ok there end, the logging in process also worked for them, (another issue is this issue seems to be sporadic, just random users at random times), so they suggessted i mention it here to see if anyone had had similar issues and could point us at what to look at, when it fails it seems to bounce between hornbill, our federation server, and a hornbill server (https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com/alexanderdennis/xmlmc/sso/saml2/authorize/user/service), then it finally stops after bouncing maybe 10 times, and we get the previ
  5. hi guys - we are getting a few random users (the problem seems intermittant) who are getting SAML error messages when trying to log into the service portal. ive just got the error message myself when trying to access service portal via IE, (same error after clearing browser settings/history), but it works in edge, and also works in IE through my citrix workspace, "Authorization failure: The SAML response does not have a status of 'Success', The request could not be performed due to an error on the part of the SAML responder or SAML authority. Your Identity Provider had trouble
  6. thanks @Jeremy i'l give this a go - much appreciated
  7. hi guys - is it possible to have a module added into the progressive capture form that allows the analyst to link the ticket to an open problem? i know you can do it from the ticket itself and from the MI problem, but this is extra work when you just want to log a quick ticket when then auto-closes, thanks
  8. hi guys, sorry another question, please can you advise how i can refernce a task outcome (ideally the outcome, but a field from the custom capture section would do) in a later stage? i can see how to do it in a decision following the task, but id like to also do this in a later stage? ive tried using a get request info, but i cant see the business process tasks to reference the outcomes of. thanks
  9. hi guys - sorry if im missing it, but i cant seem to find the node which allows you to switch from the current business process to another business process. my current process is getting a bit clogged up lol
  10. hi guys - sorry if im revisiting this one, im just tweeking a few of our email templates and notice theirs the option to add in buttons etc to the email. is it possible to map these buttons to actions? e.g. click here to approve a change, click here to reject the change? - ive checked the wiki and it doesnt refer to them that i can see, thanks
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