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  1. many thanks @Steven Boardman @Victor @Gerry
  2. we'd be interested in this as well *following *
  3. make sure you have the "attachments" form somewhere within your pro-cap workflow,
  4. @Victor @Gerry awesome thanks guys
  5. Hi Guys - this is something ive lived with for ages, but might just be a simple change for you guys, or maybe even a setting I just haven't turned on. when you are logging tickets from email, you are forced to "select" the customer from a list, even when there is only 1 available - Can it be made so when only one customer is available this customer is pre-populated into the customer box? thus saving a click and a couple miliseconds, minor change I know buts its a pointless click! lol
  6. Hi Guys - one of my guys logged a problem earlier, but the information he entered into a custom form hasn't made it into the ITSM_requests table. I can see he completed the custom form, as you can see it on the questions in the ticket. but this info hasn't made it into the requests table, which means our auto-email has gone out with information missing. can you have a look please? ticket number - PM00115787 thanks Gary
  7. Dashboard not updating

    Hi @Victor - did you manage to take a look at this? looks like my manager is still getting this issue?
  8. Dashboard not updating

    No Worries Victor, yes we do have quite a few managers!
  9. Dashboard not updating

    Hi Victor, we are pressing the update button on the page, (not I.E refresh, the actual "reload charts" button), which is refreshing the charts, and the numbers are changing - but they are not the correct numbers, its like they are missing certain tickets - in order to get the chart to display the correct numbers, we are having to go to the request list screen, edit the view that the chart is attached to, save it, then when we look at it again in 'charts view', it displays the correct numbers, and updates when reloaded etc. as said we have changed our services a couple weeks ago (removed a lot!), so it could make sense that perhaps the charts are only picking up tickets from the services that were present when we created the view. but if this is the case then we'd just like it confirmed so we know for future, context is that our manager uses these figures for monitoring the stats, queue sizes etc, HIS manager uses the reporting user section to view the stats, Our manager got caught off guard as the figures he was looking at looked ok. whereas the figures HIS manager was looking at were not so great. (as you can see in the 2 charts above, our manager was looking at the first one, his manager was looking at the second one) cheers Gary
  10. Dashboard not updating

    Hiya - yes they are, accessed via the "switch to my dashboards" button when looking at the request list as a service user, note the dashboards a reporting user (non service user) views seem to be ok and showing the correct information, thanks
  11. Dashboard not updating

    Hi Guys - we are having a problem with our dashboard charts not updating? we noticed yesterday that the dashboard charts were not displaying the correct information, the numbers changed throughout the day (so it looked like it was working), but actually it is under-reporting the figures, we have found that if you edit the view, then save it, it makes the numbers come right again and stay right, which is a good short term fix, but we are unsure what has caused them to start under-reporting in the first place and so are a bit cautious about using these charts for management reporting again. the specific management reporting dashboards area (as apposed to the one you access via service manager) has been unaffected and working ok. the only thing we have changed recently is our list of services, but the chart attached below doesn't reference the service, just the ticket status, and which team its with, so I wouldn't have thought a service change would make a difference? thanks first image shows chart before we opened the edit view bit for it, then saved it, second picture after, we have since tested it after, and it seems to be updating in real time again,
  12. errors loading and SSO

    anyone else getting some strange errors with hornbill at the moment, we are struggling to load pages, single sign on errors, getting script errors when loading tickets etc? anything going on?
  13. some more - experiencing right now, site internet is fine, we also get this when logging tickets, once its got to this point and span a few times generally it will never close and you have to force refresh or close and re-open, thanks
  14. Hi Victor we see the below - asin the spinning hornbill logo with the loading 'message' usually when opening a ticket, or opening up our queue (service manager), usually in the afternoons (I want to say around 2pmish), I will try and put together some timelines if we keep getting occurrences of it, thanks
  15. we too are experiencing slowness, we have noticed it quite a lot in pockets over the last few weeks/month - we initially put it down to some new web filtering software we had implemented, but its the same symptoms as what we are experiencing now, and before when we were experiencing issues we checked the hornbill service checker it was indicating there were no issues your end, but its saying the same thing now and yesterday (that all is good), so I am questioning its reliability...