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  1. hey guys - we got this done in the end - we didnt even have to configure our outbound mail pointer, we just pointed our mailbox at the 365 account and it all seemed to work
  2. hey guys - sorry to drag this thread back from the dead but we are trying to do the same thing currently (migrate our mailbox to 365). ive followed the above the above instructions which seemed to have worked, but its the configuration on the 365 end i am struggling with. the error i am getting with the hornbill config checker suggests i need to need give my mailbox permission to send on behalf of another user. to get round this (because we cant create a user for do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com i dont think), ive made a contact, and set the smtp address as
  3. thanks @Steve Giller we did try importing the XML via URL but it failed. We setup a firewall rule years ago to allow for the URL import but it was locked down to specific Hornbill IP addresses for security. This rule is no longer working. Do we need to update our rule with new details from Hornbill?
  4. anyone any advice on this please? we are thinking we perhaps need to cut some part of the metadata out? but we are not sure which, as the wiki just says paste the full metadata in? thanks
  5. Hi Guys - please can someone advise - we are having some trouble importing our XML data into a new profile for SSO, we have used this XML data on other sites with no problem, so we know the server should be ok, just hornbill wont take the metadata we are giving it? please see attached screenshots of our metadata in note pad ()and where it came from), and the error we get when we try and process it, we have checked the wiki and confirmed we have followed the instructions provided, thanks
  6. @DanielRi this has worked i think, certainly working for dates set in the past, i'l keep an eye for dates going forward but i dont think it'l be a problem, many thanks for your help,
  7. thanks @Steve Giller that got it, the full table doesnt paste very nice, but this is the task answers field (task id and created on in above post) the ticket that i created yesterday, with an expiry date for today has worked. the task expired at 00:00:00 on the day set as you expected, and has moved on to the next node. so im just having a problem with them when the task date is made due on the same day as they are created, or in the past and it is allowed to expire, although id ideally like to keep this as we regularly get notifed of leavers in the past.
  8. Hi @DanielRi Hi Daniel – thanks for your reply, yes you are correct I am feeding the expiry date of the task from a previous task, which ive tried to save the value into H_custom_b so I could reference the value in another stage. However I haven’t managed to get this to work, so I have changed the process and made it so both the tasks now sit in the same stage. Thanks for advising on the field mapping, I wasn’t told this in a previous post when I was asking – I was just told I was using the wrong field and it didn’t support the data type I was trying to use, not that the fiel
  9. thanks @Steve Giller - can you please advise how i can progress my process above? ive got a few of these now where the task has expired, but the process is just sitting there, i cant complete the task (as its expired), but my process wont move on now? thanks
  10. thanks @Steve Giller ive just tried another one for tomorrow, although having just checked the value for the ticket above (SR00183867), i can see that the date still isnt being stored in H_custom_b field (pic attached) this value must be getting stored somewhere as we can refer to it (as h_custom_b field) within the same stage when setting the summary and card title value as below which is working; LVRRQST - &[functions.getTaskAnswers("task-7ec2b8ec").Leaver] leaving: &[functions.getTaskAnswers("task-7ec2b8ec").h_custom_b] notified by: &[functions.getTaskAnswers("task-7ec
  11. hi guys i have a process which has a task that is set to expire on a user specified date (specified in a previous task). my second task on my process was set to expire 05/03/2021, which is has done, however the process is now just sitting there not moving onto the next node? its my understanding that once a task has been completed OR expired, it moves on to the next node? thanks
  12. hi @Steve Giller i dont suppose you've had chance to have a look at this? thanks
  13. hiya- sorry @Steve Giller - still not working for me, im addressing the field correctly i think, im trying to put a date field into a h_custom_b - which is a varchar field, and its not picking it up, neither is h_custom_c being picked up, which is a radioset field. for the date field i need to use the date picker i think (rather than the date/ time) as i reference this date later to drive a task (the task expires on this date), and im unsure if it will work with the a date / time value. many thanks gary
  14. @Steve Giller perfect many thanks! sorry forgot the wik :facepalm:
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