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  1. @Steve G many thanks i'l give this a look
  2. Hi Guys - im a total novice at this side of things so, but can anyone point me in the direction of how i can setup a daily data export to Qlik - https://www.qlik.com/us ive seen we can setup web hooks, but im unsure if its what im looking for, as im just looked for an extract to feed data to qlik once a day? and webhooks seems more about an action or process being triggered by a process? cheers
  3. we haven't added any new users in though who have an approstophe, one of our bosses' names has an apostrophe (his last name is O'Connor), but again we haven't changed our flow code at all I dont believe, and he has been on the system since day 1? please can you be a bit more specific as to when next week? when we get these issues (intermittent since at least Monday) we end up with half logged tickets which we then have to delete, and then re-log the ticket, so its quite disruptive. thanks
  4. Hi Guys we are repeatedly getting red SQL errors when we are trying to raise tickets, we have not changed our workflow, this has been happening since Monday - please can this be resolved ASAP, you don't get the full details when you click full details either I don't think. cheers
  5. bump - is there a proper helpdesk for service manager? asin this a bug, not a request for help or a feature update - an actual bug that needs resolving, i find it odd as a paying customer we have no way to report faults other than a community forum, which so far after 5 days hasnt even been responded to?
  6. Hiya - when you copy/paste a ticket number into the "apply to request" box, it doesnt auto-update the list of available tickets, it only seems to refresh the list if you type the ticket number in, which is a pain. please resolve, thanks
  7. Hi Guys - so ive just done the latest update, and it has made invisible my services that were set to "service desk only", if i set them to be visible on the portal, they appear, but set them to be hidden on the portal, it also hides them from service desk view. please fix thanks
  8. we are seeing this issue too, I am trying to view tickets in another team (as im part of more than one team), but get that there are no tickets available. if I look at my colleagues queue, I can see the tickets that are in his queue that are in that team, but icant just load all the tickets in that team eagerly awaiting a fix! cheers
  9. Hi Guys - is there any way we can re-open a cancelled request? theirs no button I can use, so iwas going to do it in SQL? can anyoner advise if this will cause issues with the workflow? or can I change multiple tables to trick to set it all back to being as though it wasn't cancelled? cheers
  10. hi @James Ainsworth - we would want this rule to processed after our rule for call updates, so it didn't bounce emails from users emailing in a update to an existing call, and then yes we'd like the email "archived" after, no further action required, thanks
  11. Hi Guys - does anyone know if we can setup a rule, or some other system, whereby hornbill will auto-reply to any email we receive using a specified HTML template (we want a picture in it), we are looking to encourage users to use our portal, by basically bouncing any emails that come in and telling them to use the portal. we are ideally looking for hornbill lto do this, as if we set the auto-reply on MS outlook it wont handle existing ticket updates properly, thanks
  12. @Victor - thank you - I noticed the errors had gone on this and I was able to progress it - is this a change we can make ourselves to any other tickets that require it? or do we need to come to you guys? as I think we'l have a few more of these to come, thanks Gary
  13. thanks @Steven Boardman - we aren't trying to bypass the approval stage, we don't even need our leaver to approve anything so it wouldn't matter if his task wasn't created at all
  14. thanks @James Ainsworth - does the advanced search option search through all the tickets on the system though (asin, open, resolved, and closed, across all teams and services - the full database basically), or does it only search through the tickets available through your current view (in this case "my requests"), if it only searched tickets within the current view, I suppose we could create a view which looked at every single ticket ever logged on hornbill, but I imagine it would take forever to load? thanks
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