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  1. Does anyone else have issues regarding the Search the portal function? Our experience is pretty poor, often a search comes up with no results despite using the exact title of an FAQ, or even a fragment of it. FAQs can seriously do with having tags.
  2. Hi All, Can someone please look into the FAQ search returning the following error message please rather than the search results, this started to occur immediately after the update was applied. - /apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Faqs/fc_modules/faqs_helper.js(227): error X1001: Uncaught ReferenceError: faqHelper is not defined
  3. We use tasks within requests to record things like serial numbers etc as part of our Equipment Ordering process. We have noticed that recently when we search and use the Global Search using the 'Timeline' option this now doesn't return the results of older requests and only seems to search the summary and description's of requests rather than the whole of the timeline. I have numerous examples of where we would expect there to be requests returned in the search results but can't seem to get the system to return these results, would this be a case of needing to re-index our instance?
  4. We have noticed that when searching for some information the system does not return all the data, we have serial numbers of new equipment in our system and when searching something these appear and other they do not... I wonder if someone could let me know if there is something wrong or if it's something we are doing? When searching for this serial number nothing appears in the search but it's in the timeline of a request: But some do appear and return in the search:
  5. This morning when searching within requests to link them or using the global search for Problems for example the search returns nothing e.g. Please can this be looked into as this is causing our service desk issues this morning.
  6. When using the word search feature to find a team in Organisations, it doesn't work. In the attached, we'd expect typing in the words shown to filter results down to just one entry.
  7. The Employee Portal Request Widget allow the user to view requests where they are added as a connection which is a great addition, however the "How can we help?" Search is not including requests of these type within the scope, so therefore at the moment you have to page through the Request Widget with the connections option to open the request. Cheers Martyn
  8. Hi i wondered if it was possible to influence how and what the search widget returns currently it returns only 5 catalogue items before the customer has to click on the number found to expand to see the rest we have had feedback that this isn’t that obvious. I wonder if there is a setting that allows all results to be shown when searching? It would also be great to be able to hit ‘enter’ on the end of a search and a results page be shown. A bit like using the google search engine that so many people are very familiar with using. thanks Andy
  9. So when we create a view to search for data verses the database we get different results which is confusing us as to which is the correct information, can anyone shed any light as to what we are doing wrong? View The resolution text in the box is 'After clicking on the option Login into the Applicant View you will be able to login with the below credentials:', this gives184 results Database When we do the same in the database we get 153 results: This is the database search: SELECT * FROM h_itsm_requests where h_resolution like '%After clicking on the option Login into the Applicant View you will be able to login with the below credentials:%' and h_datelogged <= '2021-01-01 00:00:00' and h_requesttype = 'Incident'
  10. Hi, I have seen the following video on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIK_hEJ6NQ8) and I'm trying to get the search on our Customer Portal to show 'Requests' as well as 'Services' & 'Catalogs' . Our customers have asked why can they not put in a request number/reference into the search and it find their request. This is really frustrating them. I have also tried searching for words in the Summary or Description but no luck. Any advice please? I thought it may have been a configuration setting somewhere to allow requests to also show in search results, but I struggled to find anything. Many thanks Steve.
  11. Is it possible to search for emails and then select multiple ones to be deleted? We've had a play around and can't seem to work it out. We have a lot of Undelivered Mail emails every morning and would like to be able to search for them and get rid of them in one go, rather than scrolling through the inbox. Any advice appreciated,
  12. Can I ask for a feature request, we would like the abilities to search the Services list when logging a request. This search should search the services and the CI's like the portal search so that if you have a lot of services or CI's they are easier to find. Thanks in advance.
  13. We have updated our instance and found that in the portal there is no longer a search function? Can this be bought back?
  14. We use a large number of #Simple List' as sources for list in progressive capture and custom fields, so it would be really useful to have a Filter/Search facility in the Admin Tool for Service Manager > Simple Lists. Also presume this would be useful in the other 'Simple Lists' for the others Apps as well. Cheers Martyn
  15. When searching for assets some of our's are not appearing when searching even though they are in policy, we have to log jobs with different assets then once logged go into the request and change it to the actual assets. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, is there a way to increase the list of returned assets? When you search there are 5 that are returned but if you need to add more or there is a list of multiple items, you cannot scroll or add more from the asset picker in the PCF.
  16. Since Thursday we have had a problem with searching calls from the requests page, if we search on the ref number we get no results but can search using a customer name. After searching using the customer name we can then search using the call ref. I have a support call logged for this as it is causing a big problem for the service desk. There is another thread from Chris Nutt about searching for on-hold requests but this affects all our tickets but this is causing us a lot of problems so it deserves its own. It was suggested that a re-index should fix this issue but it hasn't, and then to update to the latest version of the build. In the topic below and in the response to my support call it was mentioned that there had been some changes to searching, and the collaboration update on Thursday morning mentions a fix for searching, and it stopped working for us on Thursday morning. Helen
  17. Thought the ability to do a global timeline search has been a great step forward, it would be useful to be able to search/filter for a term within the current request. We do have some long running requests, which have extensive timelines on them. I know you can filter by type of timeline post, but even then the number of posts can be excessive and also they will not all be expanded. Having the ability filter/search the timeline of the current request would really be useful and a lot less resource than having to use the Global search when you already know the request reference and just want to locate specific posts in the current request. At the moment I have using the Print option to generate the whole timeline in the browser and then using the find option. Cheers Martyn
  18. is there a way to customize the search bar or at least change the position? from this to something like this:
  19. Just got a question from a colleague I was unable to answer with 100% guarantee... And it puzzles me too. Is the full search engine working on the service portal? Like the global search works within the Service Manager application? https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Global_Search_for_Requests I just tried a couple of queries and unless I am doing something wrong, it appears not. If this is the case, why? Seems odd not having the same (or relatively similar) search capabilities. For instance, I would expect (as a basic user) to be able to search using at least the following features: I don't think it is related to the index because the search (from the customer portal) returns the same results with or without double quotes. But it should not... Any feedback would be appreciated
  20. As we have created a rather larger volume of services, it would be good to have a search/filter facility on the services screen to make it easier to locate the service(s) you are trying to locate or work on. At the moment we are just using the browser search function to locate the Service we require. Cheers Martyn
  21. It would be useful to have a quick 'Search this Workspace' facility on the Workspace view, the same way you have search/filter option on other content pages. I know you can achieve this by using the global search and selecting the workspace, but when you have a large volume of them that can take a while to do. Whilst using the browser find option will only find the value in the content which has been loaded, rather than the whole content. Cheers Martyn
  22. Hi, Are there any plans to improve the search facility in Service Manager? We migrated from Supportworks to Service Manager this past weekend and I am already getting frustrated with the global search facility at the top to find requests. The search in Supportworks was far from perfect but it gave me far more options to narrow down my search/filter and it also allowed me to do some sorting on the results. This ability to sort the results doesn't seem to be available in Service Manager. By default, it seems to be sort by type and then by reference but I might want to just do by reference or by customer or owner etc. I also can't see anything like log or resolve date to limit results or a summary or description field to target my search a bit more. As such a search for a keyword like 'portal' returns 14000+ results I would quite like to configure the results view to limit/expand the info shown too. I am also seeing results for Services that I don't support which inflates the results. Is that because I am an admin? It has been mentioned to me that when linking requests the search facility there included results from services not supported by the analyst doing the search, and they did not have any admin rights. Is there a setting I can change for this? Thanks Chris
  23. Hello, Not sure if I've spoken to folds about this before or not, but it's something that's frustrating me! If I want to quickly search for tickets that include a certain detail, for example the below when I want to see tickets that mention "greyhounds". The results are not in any particular order. Or they look like they go by class, then date... but then on the next page there's more of each class with differing dates again. With most search results you can change how these are sorted. Like you can click a date column and have it sort by Date Logged, or Owner. But in Hornbill it seems you cannot do this? Are you guys working on any improvements to this, or am I doing something wrong?
  24. Good Morning All, Does anyone know if there is or will be an option on the service portal to search for documents using tags? The My services search bar works really well so i was looking to see if the My Documents had any plans to also have this feature
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