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  1. All should be good now, please let us know if you find anything else. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  2. @Alberto M Thanks for raising this, i have found the issue and working on a fix at the moment. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  3. Hi @samwoo Thanks for the feedback, i would love to take credit for this but it was just a forum update I have added those three tags as predefined so should show up as suggestions when tagging, any more suggestions we can add this. Thanks Trevor Killick
  4. Hornbill Employee Portal & Mobile Overview: Hornbill Wiki Documentation: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Employee_portal
  5. @Nikolaj It will be available by close of play today and posted on the forums. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  6. Hi @Paul Alexander It is indeed still going ahead. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  7. @Adrian Simpkins I have just tried in the latest version of Edge and i can select Service Manager or other forum sections correctly: Can you let us know the version of Edge and Windows version you are using please. Thanks Trevor Killick
  8. A second webinar on the Employee Portal was scheduled for 11:00, 4th March 2020. This session will provide an in-depth overview of how to set up the new Employee Portal and customise the look and feel and how to migrate from the Service Portal & My Services. Unfortunately, not everything is quite ready to show you. We want to give a complete and detailed guide to migrating so we have taken the decision to delay the webinar until 11:00, 31st March 2020 you can still Register Here for the Webinar. Existing registrations will be kept so there is no need to register again if you can no longer make the new date and time it will be provided on the Hornbill Forums after so that you can watch back as many times as required.
  9. Links Provided from the Presentation Employee Portal: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Employee_Portal Employee Mobile SSO: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Single_Sign_On_Profiles
  10. ITOM Webinar.mp4 Registration The Technical Preview of Hornbill ITOM has now ended. Question and Answers With the Inventory Discovery is there a away to include this in the asset list in Service Manager and then to link to 'last logged in user' if this user is a customer in Service Manager? Not at the moment this integration is coming soon though. Will it be possible to add discovered items to an inventory group automatically based on OS or some other attribute? Not currently, we are reviewing the requirement internally. What OS’s does it support under “Target OS”? Currently Windows 32bit / Windows 64bit / Windows Generic. Linux/Unix and Mac OS coming soon. Does it work with Linux OS's? As above, coming soon. Can the discovered equipment be automatically added to groups, rather than the manual clicking method, we have over 4000 machines and we don't want to be moving things manually Being investigated internally at the moment, potentially adding dynamic lists. What does the underlying discovery please, is it agentless ? 100% Agentless. Can these packages etc be run from a request in Service Manager via the BPM? Yes, shown towards the end of the Technical Demo. What device types can you discover? eg can it discover switches/routers & Linux/Unix? IP Port Scanning coming soon along with SNMP, currently only windows machines can be discovered. Is there a vision to extend the capabilities of what is discovered on a machine, not just installed products? E.g. websites on a server, databases on a RDBMS server? Not currently, investigating internally for the long term roadmap of Hornbill ITOM. Does the discovery add to the asset management module? Not currently, being working on as part of the Service Manager integration. Any plans to add the capability to use snmp for device discovery/querying? Yes. Will you offer any "pre-built" packages similar to what PDQ offer? Yes, please tell us what packages you want to see and we will look to add them. Is there support for redundancy/failover? For Site Integration Servers yes, multiple servers will serve the job queue if one is unavailable the others can pick up the jobs in the queue. A Job can be targeted to a single SIS Server or a Group of SIS Servers.
  11. @Paul Alexander Changed your Primary Group to Hornbill Users, you still have access to all the Supportworks Forums for posterity Trev
  12. @Adrian Simpkins Collaboration is one of our front ends User Interfaces, like the Administration tool where the updates are all seamless in the background and are not part of the App Store updates and are always running the latest available. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  13. Today we are pleased to announce the latest application to join the Hornbill App Store Hornbill Supplier Manager, free to use and ready to install from administration tool now, to find out more about the benefits of Supplier Manager and available functionality join our up and coming Live Product Demo. Join Hornbill's Solution Specialist for a webinar offering a live overview of the Hornbill Supplier Management Solution, a native cloud service, offering a simpler and more intuitive way for Supplier teams to adopt and deploy best practice, with a shorter time to value. During the live webinar, we will explore the following Supplier Management Features: Manage Supplier Relationships Manage Supplier Contracts Supplier Performance Review Suppliers Audit tracking Cross app integrations (Boards, Document Manager, Service Manager) Register Now
  14. Our development team has been hard at work since we first launched Project Manager in February 2018, 18 months on and lots of new features and areas of functionality have been added with lots more still to come. If you already have Project Manager or are looking to subscribe and would like to know more our next Live Product Demo is taking place where you can see the product and ask questions: Join Hornbill's Solution Specialist for a webinar offering a live overview of the Hornbill Project Management Solution, a native cloud service, offering a simpler and more intuitive way for Project teams to adopt and deploy best practice, with a shorter time to value. During the live webinar, we will explore the following Project Management Features: Program Management RAG Status Reports Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies The ability to raise Projects from Templates Project Milestones Task Management within Project Project Resourcing Cost Management GANTT Views Register Now
  15. @Izu @Victor The API https://api.hornbill.com/data/?op=entityGetMetaData can be used to return the structure of the entity in either JSON or XML which is how the entity viewer gets its information. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  16. @Martyn Houghton Thats a good point, have added the option to the poll. Thanks Trevor Killick
  17. @Will J Douglas You can use the following ico image https://www.hornbill.com/hubfs/favicon.ico Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  18. https://status.hornbill.com/subscribe Also follow https://twitter.com/HornbillStatus as we always post Status issues immediately to this twitter account and our main @Hornbill account. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  19. @Patrick Bolger mentioned at Insights19 that he'd like to canvass our customers to find out which service management topics you would like to hear more about. We have an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience within the Hornbill Community, which can be shared to benefit everyone. Although there’s plenty of decent service management content available online, much of it tends to be focused on strategy and blue-sky thinking. We’d like to address this, by understanding the topics that you, as practitioners, want more help with. For example, Marc Littlefair’s engaging session at Insights - “Stop fearing automation, start driving it” – could be turned into a Smart Guide , which would be incredibly useful. Do you have a list of topics that you’d like more help with? Perhaps you have knowledge to share that will help others. Possibly the best way to get this underway is to physically meet up to discuss potential topics and formats. To keep things simple, We’ve proposed a few dates where we can meet up in London and get the ball rolling. If there’s enough interest, we can look at other dates and locations for customers who can’t easily make it to a London event. The Roundtable will take part at a pub in Marylebone. We will confirm the exact venue once the date has been decided. We will of course be providing some snacks and drinks to help get those creative juices flowing! Let’s make IT happen!
  20. @Keith https://www.hornbill.com/blog/hornbill-insights-2019 Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  21. @Keith Just drafting a blog post around Insights 19 now, When published i will post a link here. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  22. @Nick Brailsford Talk about early adopter, i literally only just created the forum section Trev
  23. Hi @Adrian Simpkins Really glad you enjoyed the event, we hope to make these available to you within the next few days expect a Post even email from the Hornbill Marketing team Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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