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  1. Hi All, Off-Topic for most of Hornbill and something the business needs to look at itself but I thought id ask for some input here! When we originally started with Service Manager we set all our Services as very Granular, IT Focused Services... "Citrix, Cisco, Skype for Business" etc... Things like that. We have had some interest from some other departments to come on board and use Service Manager, which obviously is great news for me as the sole developer! The only problem is we have way too granular services and it is more of an IT focused Support Portal. We are happy to change this! My Biggest Example is "Communication" as one for Skype, Cisco.... but where do I go from there to ensure IT doesn't lose its ability to really see what our data is doing, while being open enough for other departments to access the Support Portal and use parts of it for... Legal, and HR, etc. Any Input would be great, as I'm stuck. Josh
  2. Hi All, We are unfortunately having some questions raised regarding the logging of calls... AGAIN. Can anyone tell me if there is some way to report on the status of a user throughout the day? (ideally in the past)? This would be fantastic for us to report on. Josh
  3. @Steven Boardman On top of this, is there anything that monitors who a call was FIRST assigned to? Josh
  4. @Steven Boardman Thank you for the response. this confirms as I suspected, there is no "bias" Thank you very much. I am going to have to put something together to PROVE this to people.... Thanks both! Josh
  5. Thanks Martyn... Do you know if this includes assignment from other sources? (de-escalation of calls) in the calculation? Many Thanks for the reply Josh
  6. Hi All, Can someone explain to me how the round robin system works with call assignments? We have 7/8 different BPM's that all feed into the same queue on a round robin basis, there seemed to be a user that was receiving the majority of the calls assigned to them yesterday, even with 4 people available at all times, does it work on per process, or per team assignment method? Josh
  7. Sorry to tag onto the end of this... Is there an option to disable users from being able to set their own status? We have noticed some "bias" in the round robin function of assigning calls which one or two users are adamant is due to "the system" without being in the office and watching constantly it is difficult for us to see when exactly people are available, at lunch or "in a meeting" any help?
  8. Hi @Victor- We have done some work on our ADFS Server to enable the Windows Hello and PIN to work with Hornbill, Our System Engineers have asked if there is a Test Environment within Hornbill to see if this works before we swap the live instance over to the new SSO Profile? Is this something that can be facilitated for a short amount of time for testing? Alternatively, does Hornbill work with Multiple SSO profiles so we can create a duplicate and see if the PIN and Hello users have the issues after adding the new profile? Josh
  9. Hi All, Not sure if this comes under Configuration Manager or Service Manager's Assets? We are looking at implementing one departments Mobile Assets into Service Manager to see how it stacks up against our current Method of Asset Tracking... We have Super Users within this department who have "control" over our Asset Management as the devices move from one person to another at an alarming rate (high turnover/high staff - nature of the job) These Users have saved us countless hours of work chasing down asset whereabouts and exchanges between old and new users. We would like to do a trial run of using old and new systems for one particular area of this department with 2 trusted Super Users we know will be able to keep on top of it. The only way I can see to give the Super Users ability to select these assets (as well as their own) within the Service Portal is to have them as the owner, which for this purpose we are happy to set, however there is option to only have 1 Owner, which makes perfect sense... Is there any way for these 2 Super Users to have access to see all their individual Departments Assets, Either through Roles or how the Asset Management is setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated! As Always - Many Thanks, Josh
  10. @Drew Davies This is excellent, was thinking of a way of providing this for our wallboard but couldn't quite get it right. Josh
  11. Hi @Victor, apologies for not coming back to you sooner, going through an Audit in the office, Much Fun! I believed the fix was applied well before 1392, or we already had it, which is why I was surprised it had stopped working. I think I need a week off soon... Thanks Victor, I will look into the 2 incidents you mentioned and see what could be happening. Regards, Josh
  12. @Martyn Houghton "oh yeah, I had a cleanup of the emails over the holidays" nothing beats human intervention..... Thanks Martyn!
  13. @Martyn Houghton how far back do your Deleted emails go? As far as I am aware ours have never removed any as we have had Processed Leaver emails in there for 4+months that we have had to root around for and successfully found, but our mailbox now only appears to show from the 14/12/2018....
  14. @Martyn Houghton, sure do As far as I know the mailboxes within the instances don't get archived... so not sure where to go from here!
  15. @Martyn Houghton, thought about it, not sure how many more I can add... at first it was just those with a lite permission that had noticed it, so once i realised even I cant see them i realised there was an issue... Can you think of any other roles that may be affecting this off the top of your head? Josh
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