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  1. @Victor Looks like there was a spelling mistake on the user account for the intended "fromaddress" I was trying to receive. the fialure to log for me is I have 3 different email addresses it was sending from. Sorry to have bothered you! Josh
  2. Hi Victor, I have tested with both. I have even tried stripping it down to just having subject = 'New Starter' and sending from myself, this also fails to hit the routing rule .
  3. Hi All, Sorry about this, Im running into an issue where the Routing templates I have setup for a specific Email address dont appear to be triggering when emails are coming into one of our shared mailboxes. Very unsure as to why this fails as I have toher templates that are exactly the same but different wording. Any help?
  4. Hi James, for some reason I didn't get an update for your post, after a reboot later in the day it started working, so appears it could have been something cached! Apologies.
  5. When going to: https://admin.hornbill.com/prospectsservices/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/email/ I get the below.. Any help?
  6. As of 12:15 today we have lost connection to our emails within Service Manager, will sit on loading as follows: until giving this message: Any Help?!?!
  7. Thanks @Steve G, its been a long week so far.
  8. @Steve G Got it!! Forcerun cleared it... phew.
  9. @Steve G I am getting somewhere!!!! put the API key in again just to make sure, and it now states in the log: [ERROR] Unable to run import, a provious import is still running
  10. Just Checked the Log: "API Key is not set 2020/07/08 10:02:38 [ERROR] Please Check your Configuration: goAzure2HUserImport" But it definitely is
  11. Hi @Steve G Even when removing the -dryrun=true argument and running, I still only get that information and nothing actually happens Josh
  12. After configuring the Azure Import tool I get the following after running start goAzure2HUserImport -dryrun=true -forcerun=true And then the CMD closes, nothing happens? No additional text on the CMD that I have seen from past runs and no changes made to accounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Josh
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