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  1. Thanks @TrevorKillick and @Keith Stevenson This was resolved pretty quickly on our end and our security team have escalated to MS Support. Josh
  2. Over the weekend, we have had 2 of our accounts used for email addresses in Hornbill, as attepting to login from suspicious locations. The reports are as follows: This IP has since been whitelisted, however would like to know if there are other reccomended IP's to whitelist to prevent this occuring again? Josh
  3. As of this morning I am now getting this error message when running my Power BI import; Running R Open 3.5.3, most recent packages, havent made any changes since yesterday, just randomly started happening today? Any ideas?
  4. Afternoon all, I have updated our Power BI report to pull through the "Frist.Time.Fix" Field, We have multiple requests showing as FTF acquired, however there appears to be no data next to those requests in Power BI? looking at the xslx that is produced from the report shows there are deifnitely FTF's being pulled through and they say "Yes" in the field... Any ideas? Josh
  5. @Ehsan I have cleared my cache and have had multiple other users clear their cache, it still appears to be happening.. Josh
  6. Just an update, this is still occuring, just incase any changes have been applied. Josh
  7. @Mohamed @Conor @Ehsan Thanks all for your help, what was it?
  8. That works perfectly fine, I have plans to move our users to this portal in the future but were a ways away
  9. @Conor Same issue in edge, Firefox, Chrome
  10. We have a few.... Tested all of the catalog items, none work through the portal
  11. @Conor none of the self service are goign through to the PCF, not just this one
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