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  1. Thanks @Steve G, its been a long week so far.
  2. @Steve G Got it!! Forcerun cleared it... phew.
  3. @Steve G I am getting somewhere!!!! put the API key in again just to make sure, and it now states in the log: [ERROR] Unable to run import, a provious import is still running
  4. Just Checked the Log: "API Key is not set 2020/07/08 10:02:38 [ERROR] Please Check your Configuration: goAzure2HUserImport" But it definitely is
  5. Hi @Steve G Even when removing the -dryrun=true argument and running, I still only get that information and nothing actually happens Josh
  6. After configuring the Azure Import tool I get the following after running start goAzure2HUserImport -dryrun=true -forcerun=true And then the CMD closes, nothing happens? No additional text on the CMD that I have seen from past runs and no changes made to accounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Josh
  7. Hi @Bob Dickinson I think for now, we would just want to see, the average amount of days our current open calls have been unresolved for? Trying to do this without pulling into Power BI for the moment.. Any other ways you could suggest going about this?
  8. Hi All, We are looking to create a Sparkline Widget that shows daily average age of calls so that we can monitor the reduction of aged calls easily? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Josh
  9. We are currently movijng from LDAP Import to Azure AD import, when we originally began we were using an older version of the Azure AD importer and any Dry Runs proved successful. Unfortunately since updating to the latest azure import (using the same credentials mapped in the API) it fails to connect to the Azure Tenancy, Errror 404. Is there anyone who can provide some insight as to if there is a difference in the newer versions of the Azure Import tool that may need addressing within Azure? Josh
  10. @Victor, I have attempted to make the changes and unfortunately they are still able to change it, any ideas? Josh
  11. @Victor, apologies for not replying sooner, I will be making the changes this afternoon, will let you know how it goes. Josh
  12. Anything to help would be greatly appreciated,
  13. Happy for the memes to flow! as I am unable to constantly monitor the status of peoples availabilty, some of the team are putting themselves as OOO to stop some auto-log requests to come to them, in return, others are doing the same. As far as I am concerned if they dont want to work they dont have a job however thats not the ideal way to go about things, with no retrospective on availability I cant really report on it either. Open to any and all suggestions!
  14. @Victor I apologise for brigning this up, with the current circumstances we have our entire Service Deks Working remotely, and to put it bluntly, people are taking the P***. Is there a way to retroactively report on this yet / disable the option for them to change their availability? Josh
  15. Hi Guys, One of our team is experiencing a weird error when updating the "notes" section of assets... not sure whats causing it as its only him? We all have the same access to the assets so it doesnt seem to be permission based. Can anyone provide assistance or see whats happening? Josh
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