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  1. I am required to see any updates on a request raised by a user, however it has come to light that a member of the team has set a number of updates, including the resolve as "Owner" Is there any way for me to see this? Josh
  2. I am currently looking for somethign similar however there appears to be no way to filter this down without a major degree of innacuracy. any help would be great!
  3. Ive tried to find it over the past few days and searched for anyone with Reynolds, Sam, anything in their setup and cant locate it. Happy for you to have a dig around if you want?
  4. Victor, ran the report from the test user "Sam Reynolds" with Sreynolds in the fields... Im even more confused now.
  5. "seems" was a figure of speech, you are definitely 100% correct. haha Trying to change a user to "SReynolds" but get the error message... in images... Howeveres theres no accounts with that anywhere in it..
  6. Victor, seems you are correct, these appear to be users with a different SAMAccountname... but I cant update it to match? it says the specified user already exists (i cant find them though)
  7. Around 3 months ago, I switched us from an LDAP import to an Azure import to incorporate 2 large areas of our company, did testing on quite a few accounts that all seemed to work fine, now I find that there are a number of accounts with the correct email address etc in Hornbill however theyu receive the following when attempting to sign in with SSO. Our SSO profile is linked to our Azure AD so I cant see that being the problem, any ideas? Josh
  8. @Victor Looks like there was a spelling mistake on the user account for the intended "fromaddress" I was trying to receive. the fialure to log for me is I have 3 different email addresses it was sending from. Sorry to have bothered you! Josh
  9. Hi Victor, I have tested with both. I have even tried stripping it down to just having subject = 'New Starter' and sending from myself, this also fails to hit the routing rule .
  10. Hi All, Sorry about this, Im running into an issue where the Routing templates I have setup for a specific Email address dont appear to be triggering when emails are coming into one of our shared mailboxes. Very unsure as to why this fails as I have toher templates that are exactly the same but different wording. Any help?
  11. Hi James, for some reason I didn't get an update for your post, after a reboot later in the day it started working, so appears it could have been something cached! Apologies.
  12. When going to: https://admin.hornbill.com/prospectsservices/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/email/ I get the below.. Any help?
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