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  1. Hi All, Am I losing my marbles, or am I missing a way to automatically link calls to a Problem, or change through the BPM?? I know we can update linked calls, however I have a Catalogue that when used needs to automatically link the call to a Problem we have logged.... Josh
  2. Hi @dwalby, A lot of this is me slowly losing my mind... Questions like these are probably things the users will decide for themselves I imagine! I've recently put forward a proposal of the new Services with a more friendly look and a LOT more catalogues underneath, I'm hoping this will get the ball rolling and we can start working in a more customer oriented manner. Time will tell. Josh
  3. @Victor Thanks for looking into this! Keep me posted Josh
  4. Hi @Victor, Unfortunately I was driving home when I had the phone call saying nobody could connect and had to madly pullover to do an instance check, completely forgot to get a screenshot. I do remember the XMLMC Session bind was failing with over 5000+ ms ping, if that helps? Josh
  5. We're back on now, seems to be fixed...
  6. Is anyone else having instance issues? The health check reports a failure at this time?
  7. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Thank you for the reply, I've been mulling over a few things and preparing to ideally go ahead with presenting this to the people who make the decisions in the end... Is this similar to what you have in your instance? Or are your users finding it easier to understand a that a Cisco phone displaying the incorrect name goes under "Cisco" NOT "Mobile Phones" That's a good question.. does a broken mobile phone come under communication... or a hardware issue... I don't like this. It feels like every step I make towards getting some sort of portfolio mapped out leads to "but that could go under 4 different categories!!!" If HR was to start using Hornbill, do I have a Recruitment and Leavers Service that goes through the multiple teams? Or do I have separate Services for IT and HR that just automatically raises calls when the one tema is finished.... ^^^ Don't even get me started on this.^^^ I don't expect answers to my incoherent babbling, but any guidance on how others have tackled this mammoth task would be great! Josh
  8. With the upcoming option to have connected or impacted users see other calls in the Self Service Portal, has the option to add a "site" as impacted ever been looked into? Allowing us to add multiple users as impacted by selecting a Site would reduce the amount of duplicate calls we end up getting logged by users that don't bother reading numerous emails we send out/ "I'm Impacted" buttons etc. If this is already available / there is a better way to do it I would love to hear. Josh
  9. Hi All, Off-Topic for most of Hornbill and something the business needs to look at itself but I thought id ask for some input here! When we originally started with Service Manager we set all our Services as very Granular, IT Focused Services... "Citrix, Cisco, Skype for Business" etc... Things like that. We have had some interest from some other departments to come on board and use Service Manager, which obviously is great news for me as the sole developer! The only problem is we have way too granular services and it is more of an IT focused Support Portal. We are happy to change this! My Biggest Example is "Communication" as one for Skype, Cisco.... but where do I go from there to ensure IT doesn't lose its ability to really see what our data is doing, while being open enough for other departments to access the Support Portal and use parts of it for... Legal, and HR, etc. Any Input would be great, as I'm stuck. Josh
  10. Hi All, We are unfortunately having some questions raised regarding the logging of calls... AGAIN. Can anyone tell me if there is some way to report on the status of a user throughout the day? (ideally in the past)? This would be fantastic for us to report on. Josh
  11. @Steven Boardman On top of this, is there anything that monitors who a call was FIRST assigned to? Josh
  12. @Steven Boardman Thank you for the response. this confirms as I suspected, there is no "bias" Thank you very much. I am going to have to put something together to PROVE this to people.... Thanks both! Josh
  13. Thanks Martyn... Do you know if this includes assignment from other sources? (de-escalation of calls) in the calculation? Many Thanks for the reply Josh
  14. Hi All, Can someone explain to me how the round robin system works with call assignments? We have 7/8 different BPM's that all feed into the same queue on a round robin basis, there seemed to be a user that was receiving the majority of the calls assigned to them yesterday, even with 4 people available at all times, does it work on per process, or per team assignment method? Josh
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