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  1. Hi Guys, One of our team is experiencing a weird error when updating the "notes" section of assets... not sure whats causing it as its only him? We all have the same access to the assets so it doesnt seem to be permission based. Can anyone provide assistance or see whats happening? Josh
  2. Configured setup exactly as I have in the past with the new GitHub Text... Getting the following error message: DataSource.Error: ADO.NET: R script error. No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8. Error in if (runID > 0) { : argument is of length zero Execution halted Details: DataSourceKind=R DataSourcePath=R Message=R script error. No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8. Have tried switching the encoding as recommended but no luck.... Can anyone help? Ive got the big wigs breathing down my neck as to why their reports aren't working!
  3. we seem to be back up and running
  4. Hi @Keith Stevenson, this appears to be affecting ours aswell! Many Thanks in advance. Josh
  5. Hi @Bob Dickinson Id love to see how you've done the top 2 widgets! They look excellent, just what I'm looking for. Josh
  6. Hi All, Just wondering whether anyone has found the best way to show a "resolver of the week" on a dashboard? (Who has the most calls resolved this week) We are trying to refresh the Dashboards in the office to give off a much more "positive, user oriented" feel than our current heavily stats based data. Josh
  7. @samwoo Had anyone manually changed the sub status in these calls? I have found that unless the BPM recognises the sub status it CURRENTLY is it will not update it. Josh
  8. hmmm... @James Ainsworth There are a few instances I can think that both would be useful. I would say the Assignment BPM node would cover more bases. Same team different allocations based on the calls. Sounds good to me. Many Thanks for the responses! Josh
  9. @Martyn Houghton Excellent, just what I was looking for. And I agree the manual/automatic does need to be a different toggle. many Thanks.
  10. We have a team that needs to include 5 users, and a BPM that is assigning out on a round robin basis. Without setting people as away is there anyway to ignore one or two specific users completely? Many Thanks, Josh
  11. @Victor most definitely, That's what I find myself doing more often than not lately, Persuading people off
  12. I think I'm going to have to P*** some people off and put it in the Subject... Many Thanks for the responses guys, Much appreciated
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