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  1. Hi @David Hall, we are using the service level response functionality but don't have any entries in the h_itsm_request_slm_targets table?? As for merging the numbers, I want to be able to address responses that are overdue as well as ones coming up. Regards, Mike.
  2. Hi @David Hall For some reason, both of these queries give me a zero figure which has been verified as incorrect. Please can you advise? Further to this, I need both counters merging if possible? Regards, Mike.
  3. Can you leverage the user group filter in the service portfolio? Not sure if this will work in your example?
  4. Does Hornbill support escalation actions? i.e. email to agent, then supervisor etc? Realistically this kind of automation is badgering end users unnecessarily and doesn't portray quality service in my view.
  5. I agree - this is how I've configured ours
  6. Your customers clearly have too many requests open or too much time on their hands!!
  7. We run a differential report as a policing mechanism and advised analysts emails must be logged within 10 minutes of receipt. I agree though that this skews response SLAs for us so would be better if the email date/time could be leveraged!
  8. @Steven Boardman any movement on this please?
  9. To simplify, we need all outstanding responses filtered by current time + 2 hours.
  10. Thanks for this @David Hall however I also need the counter to show me responses that have not been serviced that are now overdue within this number? I basically need a number which allows my agents to know which responses haven't yet been fulfilled and are breach upcoming (in the next 2 hours)? Please can you also explain the query to me as I can't match that up with the 2 hour label you have set sorry! :-) Regards and thanks! Mike.
  11. Hi, slight adjustment to requirements sorry. We would like a single number widget to show all requests that have a response SLA present, not met, and upcoming within the next 2 hours (preferably working hours as per the service times) please? @Gerry copied you in as discussed earlier. Cheers, Mike.
  12. @James Ainsworth thanks for the updates RE: development. Further to this, the auto fill that queries the internal directory don't appear to be operational? We are having to input addresses manually when using the mailbox to reply/forward/create new messages. Regards, Mike.
  13. To add to this sorry, notifications on the iPhone show 100+ but then when you open/close the app (not opened mailbox or notifications at this point) the notifications go back down to 20-30. Regards, Mike.
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