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  1. We're looking to scale to other teams within our firm however having major issues with reporting which is stopping us dead. All reporting metrics etc are currently looking at the platform as a whole and I would like to be able to segregate each team/department. How is best to do this? My initial thought is to somehow leverage the service categories however I'm struggling to incorporate these into our widgets, measures, dashboards and reports. Regards and thanks, Mike.
  2. What I'm saying is Steve sorry is that the request will be tidy and attachments can always be added manually if wanted. Mike.
  3. Also @Steve Giller obviously the content won't be lost as will be available in the original email. I want to limited what is AUTOMATICALLY attached from an inbound email. Regards, Mike.
  4. @Steve Giller would be good to have the ability and as I said, a number we can input which would suit per business case. Regards and thanks, Mike.
  5. Good morning, We are finding our requests are being flooded by unwanted attachments from emails raised which we would like to eradicate so we can see only the useful content. A simple measure we believe would be a throttling of attachments based on their size as anything sub 10kb is not likely to be anything usable (in the example below, the only useful attachment is the one listed as 102.4kb). Appreciate this does give room for small notepad files however we can always refer back to the original email for these rather than them being automatically attached. I would imagine t
  6. @Keith Stevenson my query was can we apply the direct outbound to the live.hornbill.com (as screenshotted) and would this cause any service issues/do we need to make any considerations? Regards and thanks, Mike.
  7. Hi all, I've had a query passed by our IT Director who has suggested emails from Hornbill are not being sent with TLS. Looking on your Wiki this seems to suggest an issue with using SmartHost over Direct Outbound however looking on our instance settings, this appears to be set to DirectOutbound for the JMW domain. However, I can see live.hornbill.com is using SmartHost and wonder what the implication would be switching this? Is there anything else I should be looking at? Regards, Mike.
  8. Thanks for this @James Ainsworth - would be great if you could automatically populate the tag field on the back end using text entries for example a post might be: ”@Michael Sharp why wasn’t this done as scheduled? #SRV-MS” Obviously no appreciation as to how difficult that may be on the back end but would be slicker in my opinion. Mike.
  9. Thanks for this @James Ainsworth - presumably that means I can just use the @ (or another character) to call these tags onto the request? Just thinking for ease. Or will this be a separate field/menu listing? Mike.
  10. Hi all, I want to be able to capture all requests where I have raised service issues (and preferably per engineer). Currently I tag members of the team throughout the day where I feel service could be improved or sometimes compliment/reprimand but short of making my own separate record, I'm unable to pull that information from Hornbill. I wondered how other service desk managers using Hornbill tackle this or may be able to suggest a good practice to help capture these events? Ideally I'd like to add one or multiple labels or tags to a request e.g. SRV-MS (service improvement, M
  11. Very trivial issue but typing in names I think would be a lot clearer if it's populating the box you're trying to complete? Like the "Assign" function within Service Manager? It looks odd as it is (pardon the novice Paint skills) especially if you have another field below it?
  12. Apologies @Steven Boardman, not sure how I've missed this scheduling service - how long has this been available as it never used to be? Not over-exaggerating but this has literally changed my job completely.
  13. Hi @James Ainsworth we've found if: Post is created in the timeline with "Owner" visibility set The owner has made comments on the post (as he/she is the only person who can see that) Post is set to "Team" visibility but the underlying comments are not visible (so presume the "Owner" visibility for those hasn't changed - the Owner can still see them) Regards, Mike.
  14. Hi, one thing that gripes me at the moment is the lack of scheduled reporting by email - is there a design reason for this? Email isn't particularly a necessity if I could at least get a Hornbill notification for example to go and view it? Ideally I would get a notification like this: Reports I find require a stern discipline at the moment to actually go and get each individual one and review them which is just not practical and would be good to know how other customers are handling this? Regards, Mike. @Gerry @James Ainsworth @Bob Dickinson @Martyn Houghton @sam
  15. It seems when a post is initially added with "owner" visibility and subsequently changed to "Team", the comments of that post don't seem to inherit the change (so remain as "owner" visibility). Not ideal :-) Regards, Mike.
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