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  1. Or even making the SSO more central and the direct access button floating on the bottom or a spanner or something in the corner maybe? @Gerry
  2. @Gerry I think we would welcome the customisation of the SSO and manual login buttons so they can be labelled in a format more recognisable to end users. “Login with single sign on” may be easy to understand for people of reasonable technical competence, but might not necessarily be as intuitive when faced with the choice of that and “Hornbill direct login” to those lesser competent. In our instance, I’d prefer to label them “Enter Helpdesk Portal” and something like “Maintenance access” for the other which would be clearer for our users. Mike.
  3. Is it possible to generate a notification for a team as part of a BPM and ideally clear that notification when a member of that team looks at the tag? We would like this functionality to replace email notification for important requests or those that require a supervisor to review. Regards and thanks, Mike.
  4. @Daniel Dekel any progress on this please?
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to use my scorecards effectively however running into difficulties where the cards are irregular in size. See below example: I understand why this may be the case but please can something be developed where the sizing is the same for all boxes? For example, if in the entire series there is a single instance of a 2 digit number, resize all cards to 2 digit size. Same for 1, 3, 4, 5 digit card series. Regards, Mike.
  6. Excellent thanks @Steven Boardman! I had a requirement where tasks could be serviced but tickets shouldn't be directly allocated. Regards, Mike.
  7. Is it possible to be part of a team (so "All my Teams" works) but prevented from being assigned requests (not listed)? Regards, Mike.
  8. Thanks @samwoo - licencing issue with Exchange Online at our end on this occasion!
  9. Hi all, we have an urgent issue where our mailbox is not receiving emails. The emails are delivered to our on premise mailbox however our IMAP4 connection is not picking them up. I have ran a test in Hornbill which returns a success. We are using Office 365 to clarify. Can we get urgent assistance on this please? Thanks, Mike.
  10. HI @James Ainsworth tags for assets has actually become essential for a project we're currently running so very happy with this and very much using it As for requests, we're quite desperate to have this functionality (the ability to both add manually and via BPM). Regards and thanks, Mike.
  11. As a heads up, when we click download template file from the Hornbill Upload assets menu, it takes us to a webpage as below. We can simply right click the button and click save target as but I fear not all Hornbill users will be that savvy. Mike.
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