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  1. Hi all, We have had the below warning from Mimecast regarding Microsoft's intention to deploy an update in March which may disrupt LDAP directory synchronisation. Presumably this will affect Hornbill also? Subject: Microsoft LDAP hardening – possible action required Dear Customer, Microsoft has communicated that in March 2020, a security update will automatically configure Active Directory Servers to require channel binding and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) signing by default. As such, if this security update is applied to your server(s) you may experience disruption to your Directory Connector. Regards, Mike.
  2. Don't know whether this is a limitation or role configuration issue however I am often unable to see on-hold reasons in the timeline. I would have thought as a system admin and helpdesk manager, I would be able to see all content (whether hidden or otherwise). I've also seen on occasion the ability to select "owner" as a visibility but am unable to replicate. Regards, Mike.
  3. We're still plagued by this!! Mike.
  4. Hi @AlexTumberthanks for this. Not sure I understand the concept of a BPM adjustment? I'm not aware Project Manager runs under a BPM? I was under the impression that milestones have an equal weighting and once complete, would adjust the overall project progress? Regards, Mike.
  5. Can someone at Hornbill at least acknowledge this? Quite frustrated that Cloudfare seems to be quite flakey recently?
  6. Works fine for me when dragging emails onto a request using the "Attach" function in Hornbill. I'm not aware you could ever attach items to a comment other than screenshots? Mike.
  7. Hi all, Seem to be getting Cloudfare host errors at various points during the day for live.hornbill.com (402 if I remember rightly). Not sure if anyone else is seeing this? Regards, Mike.
  8. Good afternoon, Are we able to add a custom Team Viewer button on our service portal as per the below link? https://www.teamviewer.com/en/company/badgegenerator.aspx Regards, Mike.
  9. This is causing real operational problems for us @David Hall
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