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  1. @Steven Boardman doing the same but still only getting #141 too? Mike.
  2. @Steven Boardman this is still apparent for me but is only allowing me access to build #141? Is your screenshot of “Services” or “Links”? Mine is links. Mike.
  3. Hi, got an issue with the links widget not rendering correctly on my iPhone (see attached).
  4. @Daniel Dekel have implemented this workaround thanks - it's a "nice to have" and not urgent
  5. Hi @Gerry we're starting to look at how we can self-service other support departments within the business and thought service domains would be the best point of call to save creating a new company for each one. The support departments are all within the same company (i.e. JMW) and would have thought for IT, facilities, postroom as separate service domains, we could publish the corresponding email address and telephone number on each page? Will DM you screenshots of the scenario and you will see the issue with the footers. Regards, Mike.
  6. Hi, I would like the ability to be able to adjust the details in the Contact Us footer on the employee portal depending on the service domain. At the moment, it seems to be one set of details for all service domains which is confusing? Unless I've missed something? Mike.
  7. done thanks. @Steve Giller I've also sent this to you as you assisted with my other import issue. Mike.
  8. @Martyn Houghton thanks for this - is this something you need to sign up to? Regards, Mike.
  9. At the moment, you need to open a new tab to change your status as when you click the settings, you navigate away from the request/project you have open (which you may be working on). Can the context menu be developed to include this/make this a bit easier please? Not sure if anyone else finds this slightly irritating?
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