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  1. @Steve Giller I've had a go with boards which I can see merit in but confused as to how they're working. I've set an escalation action to add to a board list if within an hour of breach. Problem is when the first response has been cleared/marked, it remains on the board. Bit confused by this? Also I can't find a BPM action that allow me to remove requests from boards which I thought may help? Also is it possible to have a request on more than one list e.g. SLA breach imminent, VIP requests (BPM driven)?
  2. @Steve Giller are you able to confirm if this is a behavioural change introduced with the modern SLA functionality? We have only recently moved to this and our request filter used to work. Don't really want to have to go down the route of boards if I'm not forced to really as the request list is where my coordinators "live". Mike.
  3. @Steve Giller within response time field as below for that request is now set to 0. Others that are outstanding are set to NULL:
  4. @Steve Giller how can I get a request filter to show outstanding first responses? I'm sure this has changed because that would mean the "mark" is happening automatically without being invoked by the BPM? Mike.
  5. Can someone please help me establish why this request isn't showing as per the filter? I also have a SQL query driving the widget on my wallboard which is able to pick them up successfully as follows:
  6. @Daniel Dekel I think it's clear from the posts here and related post that this is a fundamental fault with the system. Is there any chance this could be given some urgent attention please?
  7. @HGrigsby did anything ever come of this? Regards, Mike.
  8. We have a user where their ID has imported but no other details. Further to this, I cannot create/edit this user manually as Hornbill suggests they already exist (but aren't visible in the list). User ID available on request via DM. Regards and thanks, Mike.
  9. Hi all, Our FAQs are not displaying in our service portal when they contain tables???? Displays FAQs including just text or video content without issue.
  10. Can this only be visible during the scheduled times for the change or is it reliant on the BPM being progressed?
  11. This is great thank you - obviously this is applicable to changes but thought I’d suggest what sounded like an easier win. Could this apply to known issues or service statuses also? Regards, Mike.
  12. @Daniel Dekel this is still visible on our portal despite the expiry being 14:00 today?
  13. Hi, been looking at our bulletins and thought it would be a good addition for scheduled bulletins to be able to toggle the service availability automatically when presented. For example my bulletin below would mark our Desktop service as Impacted between 13:00 and 14:00. Regards, Mike.
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