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  1. Can someone at Hornbill at least acknowledge this? Quite frustrated that Cloudfare seems to be quite flakey recently?
  2. Works fine for me when dragging emails onto a request using the "Attach" function in Hornbill. I'm not aware you could ever attach items to a comment other than screenshots? Mike.
  3. Hi all, Seem to be getting Cloudfare host errors at various points during the day for live.hornbill.com (402 if I remember rightly). Not sure if anyone else is seeing this? Regards, Mike.
  4. Good afternoon, Are we able to add a custom Team Viewer button on our service portal as per the below link? https://www.teamviewer.com/en/company/badgegenerator.aspx Regards, Mike.
  5. This is causing real operational problems for us @David Hall
  6. Any luck @James Ainsworth?
  7. Is there a way of marking forum posts as closed @James Ainsworth?
  8. The update has fixed the issue thanks @James Ainsworth!
  9. Is anyone else getting major problems with the display of the SLT field? For example SR00033720 response has been met: Also my widgets etc are not pulling through the correct figures. Mike.
  10. @James Ainsworth I'm running v2.4.13 with iOS 13.1.3?
  11. Hi all, In the Hornbill app it would be much better if the menu button was still visible when navigating through requests. Currently if I'm going through my notifications and browsing different requests, I need to keep pressing back in order to get back to the menu (which could be 10-15 times!). Thanks and regards, Mike.
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