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  1. Please can you advise if there is a way to get the Hornbill mailbox configured for ActiveSync? The Hornbill app is not user friendly at all in my view for managing email and I want to make this easier for my out of hours rota team to monitor inbound email requests. Regards and thanks, Mike.
  2. Hi Drew, I can't seem to get this to work sorry? I'm getting a SQL error. Mike.
  3. When we add connections, we would like the ability to add comments to them so we can see immediately the impact details per person. When trying to find comments within the timeline (that we may have added for a particular connection) is really time consuming and would be good to have a comment box in the connection pane per person. Not sure if others would find this useful also? Mike.
  4. Thanks for this - didn't even know it was there!! Mike.
  5. this is from the demo site by the way
  6. How does this work? Does it automatically add requests based on breach periods? Can boards automatically refresh?
  7. Hi, Is it possible to have a widget that shows the response time with the least amount of time remaining (or most overdue) that is still outstanding. My idea is the widget will show the ticket reference and/or the time left e.g. ----SR00030406, 00:08:40---- OR ----IN00054063, --00:02:30---- (for overdue responses) Even if we could get the time or the ticket on their own, this would be great? Obviously both would be ace. Cheers, Mike.
  8. @Steven Boardman please can you explain custom questions? Not used these before and could be useful?
  9. Thanks for this @Steven Boardman, it would be better if this could be invoked rather than waiting on a workflow if possible? How does this handle progressive capture? Regards, Mike.
  10. Or are we able to just toggle the request type? That would be better? Mike.
  11. We have a requirement to be able to convert service requests (or any ticket ideally) to a Release Management ticket. A thought I had was to use a specific closure category as a trigger point i.e. category would be "release management required" which would then (on closure of the original request): - Raise a new RM ticket - Pull through the original summary and description - Link the original SR/IN ticket - Allocate to the same engineer by default Is this possible? Regards and thanks, Mike.
  12. Hi Gerry, Apologies for the delay getting back to you. Turns out we have an over zealous anti virus but I do think this kind of functionality should be optional i.e. enable/disable in system settings where third party media plug ins are not used. Presumably this would optimise the performance of our instance? Regards and thanks, Mike.
  13. Please can you advise why our AV prompts for a Twitter certificate when opening Hornbill? Mike.
  14. Odd given most vendors will leverage serial numbers or asset tags to service their SaaS functionalities.
  15. Thanks @Gerry - had FOMO for a moment there!
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