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  1. @Victor @Gerry Hi Both, just wondering where we are with the new employee portal preview?
  2. This would be really handy given the rigid nature of the service/ticket relationship.
  3. Hi @Daniel Dekel just checking in on this one, as we're now at the 4 weeks :-) We're a persistent bunch on this one as it looks to be such a dramatic improvement. Particularly for those of us growing into really diverse business areas.
  4. Thanks @Ehsan that makes sense, will look out for the update.
  5. And us here, got a whole service desk pulling their hair out. It's happening pretty frequently for us. No other sites having similar issues, so pretty confident it's not a network issue our end. Is there anything more than times that would be useful for us to capture to look into the issue?
  6. While we're in wishlist land, a tab or box on the right perhaps showing some real time Service specific stats e.g. Time since last Critical Incident List last 5 Critical Incidents Incidents raised in last 7/30/90 days (or similar) Requests older than 30/90 days
  7. Hi @James Ainsworth that's exactly where we were thinking. And yes adding built-in fields would be nice. Any or all of the below would be amazing, I've included an idea of the format. Business Owner (single account picker (like owner is at the moment)) Service Manager (single account picker (like owner is at the moment)) Technical Contact (could be single account picker (like owner is at the moment) better would be multiple account picker. Pretty good would be multi line text) Detailed technical description of service (i.e. not something customer facing like the main description) Tier (e.g. 1/2/3) (Drop down based on simple list?) Last Service Review (date) Third-Party contact details(Multi line text) Change Management details (Service specific details e.g. routine maintenance windows, at-risk periods, critical times, etc)(Multi line text) Agreed Escalation paths (e.g. Service Desk -> Business technical team -> supplier or Service Desk --> 3rd Party support)(Multi line text) Related Services (links to other services, or a multi line text to describe those relationships) A diary function would be great showing changes over time, like you get for requests. (e.g. UserName changed Service title from "Test" to "Test 23")
  8. As an organisation we're having a go at using Service Manager as a Service Portfolio tool. We plan to store the data as attributes of the service rather than in an old-school document (all previous attempts have done that). I'm finding I need more fields than the 6 or so I'm able to add. Is there any chance of adding more? Also: It's nice having an 'owner' and that's presented when adding authorisers to an associated change request. But having an identified technical contact, service manager, business owner, would be really helpful as well (although possibly harder) having all these presented in the suggested authorisers bit of the add authorisers dialog would be great.
  9. @James Ainsworth Likewise here, enhancements to knowledge management would be EXTREMELY well received.
  10. @Steven Boardman is there any way we could get a custom field on there, e.g. Attribute 1 or similar. We have a lot of students as co-workers and they have 2 email addresses, a standard one based on their user number, and a friendlier one (an alias) that they frequently use, I would love to be able to get their aliases into SM and have it be searchable.
  11. thanks @Steven Boardman that's brilliant, what else can you search on!!?
  12. It would be occasionally very useful to be able to lookup (in co-worker lookup e.g. in log new request PCF) a user by their phone number. Would anyone else find this useful?
  13. To be honest having 2 variables plotted generally would be really useful. Most notably anything over time would be good. e.g incidents associated to a service, over time (line graph)
  14. @David Hall I would say it's occasional, it's not every time, maybe half of the loads. Changing the size (small/medium/large) appears to resolve the issue. It's the pie chart I have with the most elements if that helps, it's not a drama, just a note.
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