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  1. Any chance of an update on the status of this fault please?
  2. Our instance appears to be dead, no page load, no error, just sits spinning. Support checker also comes back with "Checking Instance" forever.
  3. actually support checker is spinning forever as well saying "checking instance" edit: and now it shows the below
  4. Looks like we've got an outage of our instance. We recieved "Cannot load framework" errors then a spinning hornbill logo. Support instance checker shows service up.
  5. our instance of Service Manager seems to be stuck loading the requests list. loading.... with spinning hornbill logo
  6. Has anyone else noticed that Service Manager seems more responsive than usual. I'd say it's normally 'average' sometimes 'slow' but this morning it seems positively nippy! Just wondered if there was an infrastructure/architectural change that might explain it? instance is uopservicedesk
  7. I'm looking to review the email addresses that people have used to contact the service desk as part of a piece of work I'm involved in. Emails in the Mailbox obviously show both a cosmetic name "David Smith" but also the email address "david.smith@something.com". When looking in h_msg_messages the h_msg_from field almost always only contains the Cosmetic name. Obviously as the mailbox is working, the from address must exist somewhere, does anyone know where this might be found? Note: I don't use direct database more than I need to, generally the relevant tables are cloned out into a data repository we use for reporting. Direct database is just useful for finding the correct table/fields.
  8. thanks @Keith Stevenson I can confirm they're starting to arrive now. Thanks for sorting.
  9. Morning Hornbill team, I replied to the outage post on friday to say this, but thought I should add at the top level as well. Our mail (imap) service seems to have stopped friday at the same time as the general outage, and hasn't restarted. We've had no mail arrive in our inbox since 12:40 ish on Friday afternoon. Post is here including screen cap of logs.
  10. @Deen @Jeremy we've had no mail delivered (we grab it from google via imap) since the outage either. last entries in mail importer log are
  11. aaaaand it's at the bottom of the screen, what a numpty. Is this relatively new?
  12. We process rather a large number of emails through the Service Manager mailbox, to help with that we have to have multiple folders. We occasionally would like to be able to delete a folder. I don't think there's an obvious way to do this? It's very rare, so I'm not adverse to using API or other less obvious methods to accomplish this.
  13. if it helps, this suggests it could be infra end :-)
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