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  1. thanks @James Ainsworth this is useful, but there are a couple of elements that would be useful if changed. 1) Applying view type filters to the report seems to apply to the problems, rather than the incidents. So for example creating a view to only show "this week" won't show anything as the problems were from weeks ago, even though the incidents were from this week 2) In this case I'm trying to show those incidents that don't have a problem associated, which is why showing it as a field in a view would allow sorting/filtering.
  2. It would be great if Views could show/highlight when an incident was associated to a problem/KE. Sometimes there are sets of jobs were all incidents should be associated to a problem, this would make that easier to see. In the interim is there a report I could generate to check?
  3. Having undertaken a review of our Service Catalogue we have a need to create/retire and rename dozens of services. I suspect retiring and renaming makes most sense to do manually. But, is there a mechanism by which new services can be created in bulk?
  4. @Steve Giller would this reply be attached to the ticket?
  5. This would be useful, and possibly a way to extend how much information we could associate easily with a service.
  6. Hi I wonder if anyone else would find it useful to be able to have a clickable link in the request view of FAQs to jump straight to an edit screen for that FAQ. Use case would be, I'm about to use this FAQ but notice it's incorrect/typo/incomplete and want to quickly go and correct it. *Wonder over the epic mockup I've produced*
  7. Hi @Steven Boardman that is fantastically useful thank you! I don't want to ask too much, but I'm interested in how the service domains/catetgories will be presented in the main ticket raising interface. The Service Picker element of the PCF makes categories available currently, not sure how that would work with the changes you've described.
  8. Good morning, I appreciate the new Portal is pending, and I'm glad to hear the obvious effort into making it robust. However, I have a question about Service Domains and Service Categories and their relationships to Services in the new release. We're redesigning our service catalogue (I mean the actual catalogue, not it's presentation in SM) but would like to mary this to the structure in SM. From what I've seen there are a few possible options, is anyone able to shed any light? 1) Service Domains top of the tree, categories are associated to 1 domain, services to 1 of those categories. (Or domains and categories reversed) 2) Service Domains and Service Categories are peers, with services associated to both 1 category and 1 domain 3) Something else.
  9. When looking at the requests tab of a service, we can see Reference, and Status but all other columns are blank. This was replicated on another users machine and a browser cache clear doesn't fix the issue.
  10. @Victor @Gerry Hi Both, just wondering where we are with the new employee portal preview?
  11. This would be really handy given the rigid nature of the service/ticket relationship.
  12. Hi @Daniel Dekel just checking in on this one, as we're now at the 4 weeks :-) We're a persistent bunch on this one as it looks to be such a dramatic improvement. Particularly for those of us growing into really diverse business areas.
  13. Thanks @Ehsan that makes sense, will look out for the update.
  14. And us here, got a whole service desk pulling their hair out. It's happening pretty frequently for us. No other sites having similar issues, so pretty confident it's not a network issue our end. Is there anything more than times that would be useful for us to capture to look into the issue?
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