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  1. aaaaand it's at the bottom of the screen, what a numpty. Is this relatively new?
  2. We process rather a large number of emails through the Service Manager mailbox, to help with that we have to have multiple folders. We occasionally would like to be able to delete a folder. I don't think there's an obvious way to do this? It's very rare, so I'm not adverse to using API or other less obvious methods to accomplish this.
  3. if it helps, this suggests it could be infra end :-)
  4. to add, this is confirmed as an issue showing the attached error, along with error 504, tried in several browsers and with and without our VPN connected.
  5. @Dean we've also been having the same problem, particularly this morning (8.30 ish) We're a home working team, so it's 10 or so Service Deskers working over several counties on different ISPs. As a frame of reference, loading "my requests" has taken 45 seconds, usually it would take 5-10.
  6. Thanks @James Ainsworth I'll follow that forum. Just as a note though, I've gone back and read all ESP posts back 15 months and there are no references to ldap import, or any functionality being deprecated. Is it possible it's called something different? I'll make arrangements for the LDAP import app to be updated once a year or so. Interestingly we also perform account creation via API for a different class of users, this seems to have been unaffected.
  7. @Steve G thanks I wonder, I've obviously missed where this was published. Are there platform release notes somewhere we should be monitoring for this sort of issue? We used to read the release notes before applying application updates, but those are automatic now so not sure where we would see this sort of change?
  8. So, we use the LDAP sync tool to sync all our students into the system. This has been running nightly without issues until we think the 2nd Sept. Now every time it runs it fails with "2020/09/28 21:01:02 [ERROR] Error Loading Configuration: The specified primary entity [Imports] was not found" We don't believe anything has changed at our end, does this error lead anyone to guess what might be the cause?
  9. Hi @vkurbis I'm a user not an Hornbill bod, but it appears this new page is mandatory for all logins, both agent and self service users. I would imagine also the external Customer(?) portal as well.
  10. Seems like it, so it's added a step (that our users will occasionally get wrong at a time of phenomenal service desk load in our case) and breaking single sign on (i.e deep links are no longer transparently handled). This is a big step backwards in user experience. I'm not sure why this isn't a per instance option that can be disabled, it seems to only exist to offer an Admin login, which we will never use (our admin accounts are SSO, and if we needed to avoid SSO there is a direct URL for that) @Gerry I'm sure the rationale was circulated before (this isn't a surprise) but I don't r
  11. Hi, So, we have a need fairly frequently to reference our wildcard certificate. generally *.example.ac.uk However, this is translated to mean .port.ac.uk as a result of the wiki markup. Is there a reocmmeneded escape character that isn't then printed. adding ANYTHING (sort of) before it stops it being intereted. But that then changes the text e.g. \*.port.ac.uk prints correctly, but with a preceding '\'
  12. hi @Keith Stevenson and @David Hall looks like we had more issues last night. such as various people losing jobs mid log, and some getting chrome errors saying " "live.hornbill.com says Could not inititialise core data - Error code" Variously hanging. These were all around 4pm +/- 30 mins Are there still DB issues?
  13. Hi @Keith Stevenson We're looking ok this morning, thank you.
  14. Afternoon all, The team have been noticing some 'slowness' in populating drop down, or loading pages recently, it was particularly noticeable this morning. Is there anything obvious that might have been causing that? instance is uopservicedesk. The team are all at home, so a common connectivity issue our end seems less likely than normal. While some were VPN'd not all were. The team also noted other websites didn't have issues at the same time.
  15. Thanks Steve that helps, I did search but couldn't find it. To clarify, tickets assigned to my team, but not me personally. Would I expect to see a coloured update bar if that's been updated?
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