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  1. Hi @Chaz any chance this has been looked at yet? This is reproducible and causing significant reputational damage for Service Manager in a team where that was hard won for us.
  2. We're having some problems with performance this morning. Slow interactions, e.g. drop downs taking several seconds to load instead of basically instant. I'm also having a "There are no charts configured or visible" message when looking at "My Dashboards" The support health check looks normal Our serverservice logs do have warnings of "Slow API Response" of 1500ms ish showing every second or so, but I can't say if this is normal.
  3. Hi @James Ainsworth has this been reviewed yet, This has been a fairly active thread over the years it's been around and we still don't have a viable KB within Service Manager yet.
  4. Hi, It really couldn't be less important, but I noticed a line on my profile and wasn't sure how to change it (or what it means) (the Supportworks Users bit)
  5. This is reproducible, happy to be remoted and demo if helpful.
  6. Looks like our instance is dead (uopservicedesk) Health check shows failure, and we get the below messages.
  7. Hi @Steven Boardman I wonder if you've anyone who might be able to look at this fault, it's fairly problematic!
  8. The PCF captures different things depending on the the users needs. One of those scenarios include 2 pairs of dates (departure and return for travel, and arrival and departure of the conference) It appears to be only those that are causing this issue. I think.
  9. I've got a video screen cap showing the last part I was describing, but would rather not post here as it's hard to redact the private bits. Happy to send to anyone if useful.
  10. We have a worrying issue. We have a PCF+BPM that supports our staff booking on external training. This includes a few date fields. (Departure, arrival, etc) One of our admin staff who undertakes the booking of these had printed the job and noticed the dates on the printed sheet, were different from those displayed on the screen (within Service Manager) Given that these are used to book hotels/travel/etc these discrepancies are extremely problematic. I've attached a screenshot of a print preview and native view of the job. This appears to be the case for most of the jobs I can find. Interestingly when you click print in the interface in chrome it shows the preview, when you click cancel and return to the job it's Questions layout is different (longer) and the dates are correct. When then clicking between the pages it's then wrong again. I'll try and grab a video screen cap to show what I mean.
  11. looks like we're working again...
  12. Good afternoon We have an issue with our instance where the search function isn't working. if you search for anything it just has the spinning hornbill logo, like it's trying, but never returns. This feels like an issue we had before caused by a failed indexing service.
  13. Hi @Adrian Simpkins Just wondering if this was nearer a preview state. You mentioned 7 weeks ago it was 5-6 weeks away.
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