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  1. Hi, I've been having a play around with the MS Teams AutoTask integration and had a quick query. Is there a way to pass a @mention through the API. I tried a post with@owner name (which matches the users display name in Teams) but it didn't flag it correctly in teams as a mention. Does anyway have this working? Regards, Will.
  2. @James Ainsworth We're looking to upload additional SVG icons that we have designed to complement the existing set. I'm trying to retire selecting text base Profile codes in favour of larger numbers of icon based catalog items to speed up request logging for our hotel teams. Since we are using the platform for Hotel Property Maintenance and well as IT not everything we need is covered at the moment ( I know its minor and mainly cosmetic only but its nice to have everything 100%)
  3. @ArmandoDM Confirmed this is now fixed in the latest build. Thanks.
  4. @chrisnutt There is a Hornbill Service Portfolio Report which has this info.. It lists the service, catalog item, service status, request type and configured BPM and Prog Cap. I've used it a few times to make sure I changed over all catalog items to a new BPM Regards, Will.
  5. Hi, Are there any plans to allow custom icons for Service Manager? Whilst the last update you made to the icon library covered over 90% of my requirements, there are still a few where I could do with creating custom icons. Regards, Will.
  6. HI, I've set up a a new BPM which queries the site info, and assigns engineer based on the site EngineerID. This doesn't seem to be working however. Update Text: Site is: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["resultRef"]["siteName"]] Site Engineer is: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["resultRef"]["engineerId"]] Manager is: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["resultRef"]["siteManagerId"]] I checked the Site Members table and you can see the site and roles are populated (redacted usernames) But the output is the below: Regards, Will.
  7. Hi, It would be useful to have a visual indicator on the request list of linked requests, maybe a ""link"" icon next to the reference which indicates that the request has linked requests. This would enable us to quickly locate linked requests in the queues. Regards, Will.
  8. Hi, I was thinking it would be great if you could implement an enhanced colour based flagging system for requests in the request list or maybe use colour based flagging for different sub-status or when a manager / team leader has updated a ticket. Currently we have a selected colour (cyan in my case) which highlights requests that have been updated by someone other than the owner and we have a change in text style (italic in my case) for on hold requests. I think there is a great opportunity to expand this: Examples would be, allowing a team leader or manager to: Colour code / flag a ticket which needs to be prioritised (without changing the actual priority) or to request an analyst update a ticket. Colour code / flag a ticket which an IT Team Leader / Manager has updated ensuring the analyst doesn't miss the update. Colour code / flag tickets which are waiting on customer response. I'm conscious this would need some work so as not to clash with the colour coding on the priorities. This would bring some real "visual aid" benefits where teams are managing larger queues. The driver for this request was my team members not realising I had updated tickets with advice on how to proceed. Regards, Will.
  9. Hi, I managed load a number of supplier logos the other day but when I'm trying now with a new supplier created today it's not working. It lets me upload the image, displays it on the supplier screen after upload and says supplier updated, but when I go back to the supplier catalog it's missing Click on the supplier again and its still missing. Tried PNG and JPG of the same logo - still no good. Deleted and recreated supplier - same issue. Regards, Will.
  10. Hi, I've just discovered the sites page and the ability to add members such as Site Managers and Engineers etc. I can see some real benefits here for me as we manage property maintenance at the site level. Currently the set up is a bit too restrictive however. 1. Only seem to be able to add 1 Engineer. We have 2-5 depending on the site. 2. Site Manager, Regional Manager, Areas are required to be Collaboration users - our site managers (hotel managers) are basic users, not collaboration users. I am looking to use the Engineer member to streamline request allocations in the business process. I'm looking to use the Site Manager. Regional Manager for escalation comms - i think I can work around this by putting a distribution list against a site custom fieled instead. Are there any plans to extend out this functionality or make it more customizable? Regards, Will.
  11. Hi, I''m trying to find where I can customise the Project Status so that I can add On-Hold. I can find Milestone Status and Sub Status in Simple Lists but not one for overall Project Status. Regards, Will.
  12. Hi there, Could we get the option to Pin open the Links & Contacts (and other) sections in Supplier Manager in line with the collapsible section of other parts of the platform. Thank, Will.
  13. @AlexTumber Many thanks for the quick reply.
  14. Hi Any comments / updates on this one? Regards, Will.
  15. Hi there, The UI for My Projects / My Project Tasks has a lot of unused white-space below the Page Links on higher resolution displays. I'm at 1440P and if I switch the browser to full screen at least 1/3 of the screen below the Previous. links is unused. On a 4K display I suspect it will be much more. Are there plans to scale the UI to accommodate more projects / tasks per page for higher resolution displays. Regards, Will.
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