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  1. @Victor Many thanks, I hadn't noticed the Add ( or Add ) buttons nor realised my mistake. I've tested and its all working okay now.
  2. Hi @Alberto M Yes I tried 2020-01-01 and also 01-01-2020 and neither format worked. Regards, Will.
  3. Hi, I've filtering a report to reduce the data return as we've hit the row limit of 10,000. When I apply they filter it doesn't seem to work. This is the filter. I've tried various combinations of date format (e.g 01/01/2020, 2020/01/01) but it doesn't seem to work. The date I'm getting back still contains requests logged in 2019 I've tried using between clause, a greater and less than clause, a like %2020% clause but none seem to be working. Regards, Will.
  4. Hi @Mohamed @Conor Any update on this issue? Regards, Will.
  5. Hi @Mohamed @Conor I just updated to build 2200 and tested this again but it still appears to be broken. Regards, Will.
  6. Hi @Mohamed @Conor Many thanks for the update, I can wait until the next release is deployed. Regards, Will.
  7. Hi, My existing progressive capture doesn't request site selection - it just defaults to the users configured site but I'm trying to set up a new progressive capture and business process for users who are in cluster site roles. I have configured a custom role called Cluster Role and configured the new progressive capture as below: This works so far. If I configure a user with Cluster Role - it presents the Select Site form. However, this selected site seems to be overwritten by the site configured against the user account (or no site for the cluster role
  8. Hi @Mary Many thanks for your explanation, it's clear to me now. Regards, Will.
  9. Hi @Mary He doesn't explicitly have the Self Service Request Cancel User role but neither does he explicitly have the Self Service User role and he can add people to that role without issues. Surely an Admin role should provide access to add / remove all roles? Either way it seems to be inconsistent. I've added him into the Self Service Cancel User and it has fixed the problem but this suggests something wrong with the code if it not the same for other roles? Regards, Will.
  10. Hi, One of my colleagues is unable to add users to the "Self Service Request Cancel User" role. He is configured with Admin role and can configure all other settings in Users, including adding to other roles. He gets an error: You cannot create or update the role as you do not have sufficient permissions to set the application rights. Regards, Will.
  11. Hi, Are there any plans to add functionality to allow attaching documents to users (in particular Basic Users). Our HR team is proposing use cases which would ideally need this functionality. It is already possible to attach documents to most other entities (requests, activities, assets, suppliers etc), adding functionality to attach documents to users would open up other use cases such as loading employee contracts, performance management, development plans etc. Regards, Will.
  12. @AlexTumber , thanks for your reply. I'm in GMT+4 time zone (Dubai) which is probably why the times are 4 hours ahead. I found these settings: So our time zone is set as Arabian Standard but it looks like although Service Manager is respecting the time zone, Project Manager isn't. Regards, Will.
  13. Hi, When creating a new task, currently Project Manager defaults to Start times of 13:00 and Due times of 21:00 Where can I control these defaults? Typically I want the start times to be 09:00 and the due times to be 17:00 and I'm having to manually adjust them at the moment. Regards, Will.
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