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  1. @Steve Giller Thanks for the update. I think it would also be good set to be able to set a customer as part of the scheduled request as well as a site. We report on requests per site but it is also useful to report on IT raised requests which we typically do by assigning ourselves as the customer. I tried to assign the owner as the customer using an AutoTask but it didn't seem to work. Example - I created a daily request to review e-mail quarantine, it creates the request in the IT Team queue. This gets picked up manually and assigned to a team member to action. The owner then runs an AutoTask to update the status to resolved, update the resolution text and category advising that the scheduled request has been completed. I tried to update the customer to the owner in the AutoTask Process but it didn't work.
  2. @Steve Giller The requests appeared in the team queue after I assigned a default workflow to the service. I don't believe this requirement was documented in the Wiki. Most of our workflows are assigned at the catalog item level but I don't think it's an issue to assign the default workflow to the service in our use cases.
  3. @James Ainsworth Apologies, I confirmed the test I did with the owner configured did work, but requests with team specified but no owner do not work. Is this by design?, it would seem to limit the functionality somewhat if I have to assign to an individual rather than a team.
  4. @James Ainsworth I've tested specifying just the team and the team and user. The supporting team is configured against the service, when I manually log the request it works fine.
  5. This feature isn't working for me, I've scheduled a few test requests and whilst they show as having successfully run, no request is appearing in the team queue. Are there any logs I can look at? Edit: I found the log 33280 2023-10-17 11:45:59 Scheduled FlowCode call success: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <methodCallResult status="ok"> <flowCodeDebugState> <executionId>00d7b155-d9d6-48ce-add4-c4acac555c76</executionId> </flowCodeDebugState> </methodCallResult> 33279 2023-10-17 11:40:28 Scheduled FlowCode call success: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <methodCallResult status="ok"> <flowCodeDebugState> <executionId>6fedf8a9-1d63-4929-849f-17e7ecfb94c6</executionId> </flowCodeDebugState> </methodCallResult> 33278 2023-10-17 11:30:35 Scheduled FlowCode call success: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <methodCallResult status="ok"> <flowCodeDebugState> <executionId>c30fc244-e852-4445-82fb-faf614870128</executionId> </flowCodeDebugState> </methodCallResult> Showing OK but still no requests.
  6. Hi @Steve Giller Thanks for your quick reply. Typically, when making changes which will eventually deploy company wide, we-typically deploy to pilot groups first. The change request for the pilot group might be Minor change, Low Risk and with a pre-agreed schedule. Following a successfully change, we may want to copy all of the existing change information details (implementation, back out plans etc) except maybe the change is now Significant with Medium risk as its deployed to a wider pooler and some more critical machines and it also would have a different scheduled start and finish date. I was trying to copy the change request, change a few key details and then log the new request. Are you able to suggest a better way to do this? Are you suggesting using an Autotask to create the new request from the old? I wasn't entirely sure what you mean by Log Request - New Change Node. When I select Raise New - Change it creates a blank request so I assume you meant something different. Regards Will.
  7. Hi, When I use the copy request function, I'm unable to edit the answers to some of the questions captured in the original intelligent capture. I want to use this function for example to copy a change request and then edit parameters, the use case would be a create a change request for deployment to a test population. Copy the request to create a second change request for deployment to full business. Most of the details would be the same except for change risk, dates and times. However, I'm unable to edit the following: Scheduled Start Date/Time / Scheduled Finish Date/Time. Change Risk Assessment, Change Request Type, Change Request Category, Agreed with Business Owner. This seriously limits the usefulness of this function. Regards, Will.
  8. Do we have any further updates on this issue? I have pages and pages of failed processes which is going to take some time to go through manually.
  9. Hi, I'm getting error 404 when accessing https://api.hornbill.com/ Is it offline at the moment? Regards, Will.
  10. Thanks for the update @Victor. Is there a timeframe for resolution?
  11. Hi there, I have a particular business process where I'm having issues with timers and SLA's. The process has a Mark Response Timer node shown below. However, when the requests are progressed and resolved. They look like this - saying Target Ongoing . Any ideas? This is the only process where I have these issues. Regards, Will.
  12. Not earlier but I just had issues in the last 30 minutes or so, could not connect to server whilst logging a ticket. I tried 4 times to log this change request but erroring every time.
  13. Hi @AlexTumber, I'm still unable to set the project currency correctly for our projects as in UAE its "AED" not just a single symbol. Any news on this change, its been nearly 3 years since I flagged previously? Regards, Will.
  14. Hi Alex, This is in the project view, the last 3 tasks are in January and there seems to be no scroll bar or button to view that part. Regards, Will.
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