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  1. Hi @Steve G Many thanks , I've updated the script and its working now. Thanks, Will.
  2. Hi, Have their been any changes that would impact Power BI integrations? It was working fine a week or so ago and now I'm getting the following erorr: ADO.NET: R script error. Warning message: package 'httr' was built under R version 3.6.2 Warning message: package 'jsonlite' was built under R version 3.6.2 Warning message: package 'readr' was built under R version 3.6.2 Error: Argument 'txt' must be a JSON string, URL or file. Execution halted Regards, Will.
  3. @Victor Thanks for the quick reply.... following your response I found it was a mistake on my part. The user wasn't in the correct team - all sorted now.
  4. @ArmandoDM I've revisited this after a few months It looks like the variable is populating as I'm getting the timeline update now however, the next node uses the variable to assign the request to an owner. Owner - Manual - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["resultRef"]["engineerId"]] But the assignment is not working, nor is there anytime in the timeline relating to this node.
  5. Hi, Is there a way to update Service / Catalogue item for closed requests directly in the database? I have a couple of catalogue items which I want to move from one service to another but ideally would like to update the service / catalog item on old closed requests in the database so that I only have to report on one service in the future. Regards, Will.
  6. Hi, I'm seeing an Inactive Admin user logon on our instance but no-one is logged on from our side using this account. Is this related to system updates or something else? How do I confirm the IP address that this connection is coming from? Regards, Will.
  7. Hi @TrevorHarris I tested and confirmed that yes, I was filtering instead of searching by Tab. I then logged in as an end user (basic) and the the UI is confusing. I can't see an option to Search by Tag. I can either view the Tag Cloud or view My Documents. The "Search Box" is the Filter box. Right below the Filter box the Tags are listed. If I click GDPR it filters me 10 documents. If I type GDPR, it is filtering by Title / Desc and not by Tag so I only see 9 documents. I would expect the same response here whether I click the Tag or type it
  8. @James Ainsworth Hi James, I've run the New rew-index. It completed but didn't fix the issue., I tried an All re-index. It failed with a SQL error Regards, Will.
  9. @James Ainsworth When I got into Tag Management I see the tag and it has the correct number of documents. The document is published to Information Security and Data Protection Library. When I click on the Tag in Tag Manager is shows the document When I search by tag, it only returns 9 documents. - it is the Data Breach Process document that is missing. @TrevorHarris I'm the owner of the document and can see all other documents posted into the library Below you can see that I'[m the owner and where the Tag i
  10. Hi, I'm having issues with a document not appearing when I search by tag. The search returns 9 documents with the tag but not the 10th. I've deleted and added the tag again as well as deleting and re-uploading the document but it still wont appear in search. The document does appear when I search for other tags on the document. Is there a limit on how many documents a tag search returns? Any other issues that might be causing the problem? Regards,. Will.
  11. Hi @James Ainsworth Update was applied but its still not quite right. Now neither customer or analyst updates are colour-coded despite the settings of Red for co-worker. System updates are correctly colour coded as Green in my instance. Regards, Will.
  12. Hi @James Ainsworth I've tested the colour coding this morning and the webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.lastUpdateByColor.coworker colour also seems to apply to our end users who are set up as basic users in our system. This doesn't let me use the colour to distinguish between analysts and end users. Also is this any reason why its just limited to Red, Amber and Green? Regards, Will.
  13. Hi, I've been having a play around with the MS Teams AutoTask integration and had a quick query. Is there a way to pass a @mention through the API. I tried a post with@owner name (which matches the users display name in Teams) but it didn't flag it correctly in teams as a mention. Does anyway have this working? Regards, Will.
  14. @James Ainsworth We're looking to upload additional SVG icons that we have designed to complement the existing set. I'm trying to retire selecting text base Profile codes in favour of larger numbers of icon based catalog items to speed up request logging for our hotel teams. Since we are using the platform for Hotel Property Maintenance and well as IT not everything we need is covered at the moment ( I know its minor and mainly cosmetic only but its nice to have everything 100%)
  15. @ArmandoDM Confirmed this is now fixed in the latest build. Thanks.
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