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  1. Hi, We've recently rolled out Service Manager to our HR function and they have requested whether it would be possible to include Stage and Stage Checkpoints as columns in the Request List. As we're using SM for employee onboarding and the process is quite long, they would like to be able to see at which stage in the process each request is, without having to go into the request itself. Is this something that you could consider? Regards, Will.
  2. Hi, When trying to raise a new request I get the following error in Service Manager When raising through Employee Portal it doesn't error but the Hornbill logo just spins and nothing happens. Regards, Will.
  3. @Ehsan Although most of the services are now visible, a number of services seem to lose subscriber filter we had previously applied. I've gone back in to add these again
  4. If I try to add one of the subscribers groups in again, I get the following error, presumable because it is already there...
  5. Hi, We have an urgent issue - this morning only a small percentage of services are showing up in the customer portal. It is affecting all users. Where we have filtered service subscribers by division or department, the subscriber list just shows "department" or "division" instead of the actual department or division name. As we filter the vast majority of services, this means our Employee portal is effectively down as no-one can see any services. Where we have filtered by user it seems to be okay but not by any other organizational unit. Regards, Will.
  6. Hi, Over the last week or so I've had a number of requests where the business process has failed with an error. It has failed on different nodes including nodes completing basic activities such as changing a request status. Its not happening on a large number of requests, maybe 8 in the last week but when it happens it leaves the request without an assigned team. Latest example today: This business process has failed at a node which assigns the owner based an engineer id assigned as the Site Engineer for a site. In each case this issue has occurred, when I manually restart the failed business process it goes through successfully which suggests this is a transient issue and not related to the configuration. This has only started happening in the last week or so. Regards, Will.
  7. @Steve Giller I've got around this issue. It seems that people were trying to attach saved copies of e-mails into the form as when they copy / pasted it was cutting off the information in the e-mail notification. This was due to me copying the Notes field into a Custom Field which has a cap of 255 characters. I've ensures the notes field is capture in the Request Details and linked the Request Details / Description as the variable in the e-mail template. This now allows entire e-mails to be copied into the Notes field which then get copied to the e-mail and forwarded on. Based on this I don't think we need to be able to forward attachments.
  8. Hi @Steve Giller We have a service within Service Manager to log any potential sales leads for our business. When logging these sales leads our teams want attach files to the request ( not in place at the moment but it has been requested) The process then fires off an e-mail notification with the details and closes the request. The person responsible for picking these leads up just receives an e-mail notification and a summary report as they are just a basic user. They pick these leads up and load them into PipeDrive for future tracking but currently don't have access to the attachments unless they are forwarded separately. We don't really want to license Service Manager for the user as most of the work is done in Pipedrive and we have a separate license there. Regards, Will.
  9. Hi, Is it possible to add attachments that have been uploaded into a request as attachments to an automated notification e-mail? I've had a look at the forums, wiki, and applications and can't find anything to suggest whether it is possible or not. Regards, Will.
  10. @James Ainsworth Thanks for the update.
  11. Hi, It doesn't seem to be possible to go back to edit a completed project task or un-complete to allow editing. This is somewhat frustrating as it seems to be necessary to delete the task and recreate to fix something as basic as a typo. Regards, Will.
  12. Hi, I have incorrectly configured a task dependency when setting up a new project task but I'm now unable to remove. I select the blank on the dependencies dropdown and click on Update but when I got back into the task the original dependency is still there. Regards, Will.
  13. @Victor Many thanks, I hadn't noticed the Add ( or Add ) buttons nor realised my mistake. I've tested and its all working okay now.
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