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  1. @Keith Stevenson Thanks for clarifying. The technical details make a lot more sense now. Regards, Will.
  2. @Keith Stevenson Well it depends on where your customer base is located, whether you have regional servers and whether a content delivery network is used........ You can easily find latency over 100ms when the connection is inter-continental. We use Service Manager from Dubai with a latency of approx 130ms to Hornbill's servers and we find the performance is acceptable. For me it's 100ms to Singapore, 130-150ms to UK/Western Europe and 200ms+ to USA. Regards, Will.
  3. Hi, We're looking to roll out tablets to our hotel maintenance teams to allow them to receive maintenance tasks on the move and complete them without returning to the office. There are some technical challenges with this however. We have custom field in use on our tasks and when trying to complete them on the tablet using the Hornbill App I receive the error "The Mobile Doesn't Support Custom Fields Please complete the task using the main client" So, I switch to access the activities using the web browser - landscape view , the task displays okay, but when I go to select one of the drop down selectors the tablet onscreen keyboard pops up and obscures the dropdown list. I then switch to portrait view and whilst better, the keyboard still partially obscures the view. Whilst I think we can cope sufficiently to starting using it this way, the interface is clunky and not as seamless as it should be. For reference we are using Lenovo E10 10.1" using Android 8 Oreo. I will try to test on other tablets to see how they perform - initial indications are that IOS device handle the dropdown lists correctly.
  4. @Victor Thanks for the feedback. I've corrected the timezone settings and confirmed all working now. Thanks, Will.
  5. Hi, It would be useful to have a capability for certain individuals to backdate resolution date/time. Useful for those occasions where a requests was inadvertently not updated or resolved at the time of incident resolution. Regards, Will.
  6. Hi, Is is possible to turn off the "Document updated by Report: " notifications? Since I'm creating and scheduling most of the reports and hence I'm the document owner I am getting a lot of these notifications. It would be good to be able to turn them off or maybe filter the notifications list by category (e.g requests, tasks, documents etc) Regards, Will.
  7. Hi, I created a "user last logged on" report which is a SQL Schema Designer report. The report seems to be using the raw data which is in UTC time rather than adjusting to my timezone which is GMT+4 This logon was actually 9am. Previous "entity" reports I have created do adjust to the correct timezone. Regards, Will.
  8. Hi, Is it possible to configure an auto-refresh in the My Activities view, similar to the one we have available in Service Manager - My Requests. I can only see a manual refresh at the moment. Regards, Will.
  9. @Martyn Houghton Thanks for the advice. I've shortened the window to ensure we are not impacted first thing in the morning. It actually looks like it might be network congestion adding to the issue as well. Price of internet leased lines in Dubai are sky high so we don't have the capacity I would like,
  10. Hi, It doesn't seem to be possible to e-mail supplier contacts directly from requests (unless I am missing something). This means I still end up having all of my suppliers set up as customers... Regards, Will.
  11. Hi, We seem to be having intermittent performance issues with Hornbill first thing in the morning 9am or so. We are on GMT+4 which is 3 hours ahead of UK in the Summer / 4 hours ahead rest of the year. This morning, when picking up a request it's taking 10s + just for the priority drop down to populate. then it hung for 10s+ when selecting an analyst for assignment. I'm not sure if we are hitting your backup windows due to the timezone or when there is a scheduled database job running or something similar. It does resolve itself and performance picks up later on, its just generally feels more sluggish in the morning. Regards, Will.
  12. Hi @Martyn Houghton Many thanks, I found the rogue message. Was an address which was misspelled. Regards, Will.
  13. Hi The below icon appeared against sent items. Couldn't see anything obvious in the server logs. Any ideas? Regards, Will.
  14. Hi @Bob Dickinson @Victor I have made the suggested change (removing the End node and replacing with a Switch Capture Node (to switch to the Catalog specific prog capture form) This has cleared the PCF error but it also skips the RFC custom form that is in included in the Information Systems Change V2 prog capture attached to each catalog item. Regards, Will.
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