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  1. We are also experiencing this issue. Updated this thread as ours was closed to avoid duplicates.
  2. Having some trouble with a new service in the service portfolio ins so much that after we briefly switch the service on, to determine the service and catalog number in the URL, we cannot switch it off again. Every time we flip the switch in the service portfolio, the service switches itself back on. How can we get this switched off again?
  3. @Steve Giller Yes the workflow has a priority. Oddly enough the SLA timers react as they should against said priority. The issue is that the priority set on the call just doesn't appear in the information pane.
  4. I have a catalog item that, when calls are logged against it, does not display the priority set in the workflow to the information pane in the service call. The same service portfolio item has other catalog items that use the same SLA set and priorities which display without issue. Can anyone shed any light on why these priorities do not appear?
  5. Hi Steve I'm probably not explaining it well enough. If a customer provides an asset number in a prog cap form raised from the customer portal (service.hornbill.com), I'd like to use the answer to update the linked assets as part of the BPM flow much like we can already do with linked services for example. I know the add assets form is available for prog caps but every time I have used it (and admittedly not too recently) this form is skipped if it the call is raised from service.hornbill.com. However, when raising in live.hornbill.com, the asset form appears and can be completed. My issue is that customers on our estate mainly use service.hornbill.com and, as the form doesn't appear in prog caps as expected, I have to resort to using drop down select boxes set to group pickers to display assets, but have no way to link them to the call automatically in the BPM. I'd be more than happy to demo my issue if it would help to make sense.
  6. Good morning I would like to raise a request for additional features as detailed below: - Can we get a feature in the BPM nodes that allows us to update the linked asset(s) on a call, based on the result of queries asked in the prog cap, whereby a customer provides an asset number when requested and it is automatically linked to a call. Having the ability to link this information automatically will reduce the time taken to manually carry out this action on each call. Similarly a node to update the linked services would be useful as oppose to changing the service the call is logged under and, potentially, avoiding the risk of the new service causing glitches in the workflows. Currently if we change the service using the BPM nodes, the calls may not proceed as expected if the changed service isn't configured the same way as the service the call is originally logged under. Having a function to link a service automatically would alleviate these instances.
  7. Good morning I have a BPM that includes an authorisation node, set to allocate to an individual based on a variable from the prog cap, and have set an expiry on the authorisation. The lifespan settings I entered do not progress the call past this stage if the expiry time lapses and no expiry time is listed in the activity pane. This node is followed by a decision node that directs the call depending on approve, reject or expire. Further in the process I use the same setup but with an auto assign node allocating to users that have a specific role and this works fine, even displaying the expiry date in the activity pane. AM I doing something obviously wrong?
  8. Good morning In order to prepare for any changes I may need to carry out over the festive period, can you advise what date the old self service portal will be switched off? I need to ensure the employee portal I have created as a replacement is passed through our internal change and release process before we take a hiatus over the festive period, if the switch off will take place before the end of the year.
  9. Good afternoon I'm hoping someone can help me resolve an issue I am having with roles and rights. I would like to create a role that when associated with a user enables the editing and reassigning of tasks in calls by said user. This facility does exist if one has the superuser role but, for obvious reason, i wont be giving out that role to the larger community. I cannot seem to locate what application or system rights are required to carry out this function as part of a role. Giving the "Manage tasks" system right in a custom built role doesn't have the desired effect. Is there a library of the rights that underpin these roles and, if so, where can i find it? Additionally if anyone has achieved this goal, I would be grateful for an explanation as to how.
  10. We’ve had issues today deploying new servers which then get registered in CMDB with a substate of ‘Active’. The error reports it cannot find a substate called ‘Active’. After checking CMDB it was noted that they could see that the first two sub states in Live are now listed as ‘1’ and ‘2’ The existing CIs in the CMDB still list servers as ‘Active’ but when you try to edit the substate it will give you options as show below. Can these be changed back and,if so, will this have any knock on effects for anything else in the most recent update?
  11. Can calls, cancelled in error, be set back to open status? I have accidentally cancelled a call and was hoping there may be a way to amend its status, kicking the workflow back in.
  12. Hi James If suspend and wait for asset was available it would definitely resolve my issue. It would prove useful in almost all my workflows.
  13. Is there any way to set an expiry period for a duration of 30 seconds? Im trying to find a workaround in a BPM whereby an analyst has a window of 30 seconds to add an asset to the call and putting decimals in the minute field doesn't seem to do the trick. Ideally I would like a function that suspends the flow until the analyst adds an asset, marking off a stage checkpoint in the process. At present there is no function I can find that will automatically continue a workflow after an asset has been added by the analyst and mark a stage checkpoint, in the same way as if you suspend a node until a linked service is added for example. My workaround would present the add asset screen and, after 30 seconds, continue the workflow regardless. One minute, the current available minimum expiry period is too long to wait for the workflow to tick over to the next stage. .
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