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  1. I have built a process to log an incident based on an email received from a monitoring system using routing rules and templates, but it isn’t working. I had successfully tested the process a few weeks back when using my own email address and forwarding messages onto hornbill. The workflow kicked in and call journey progressed. After trying to raise calls using the correct email address, and changing the routing rules etc, the calls raise, but are not in the correct workflow. I cannot identify the workflow they raise under, but it isn't the one I have set in the routing rules/templates. Even changing the email address back to my own and sending test alerts now doesn’t work. I’m totally stumped, and sure it will turn out to be something simple, but desperately need to get these calls working by Monday next week in order to support our out of hours monitoring solutions.
  2. Nope. The service on the call is open to all. The user account is live (not suspended etc) and all other requests types appear to be present and correct in the list
  3. Hi Victor We have tried the closed tab but still cannot see the call in question. I have checked the call which is indeed closed, and cannot think of any other reason why it doesnt appear in their closed calls.
  4. Good morning Ehsan The screen shot below shows the page of the workflow I am having trouble with. The last automated node in the process flow is the one in question. As you advised earlier in the conversation, I have a get prog cap details at the start of the flow, allowing me to link the archive user node to the prog cap answer provided for the flow. They are setup exactly as your screen shots above indicate both in the progressive capture and workflow. Regards Gareth
  5. Good morning We have had a report from an internal customer whereby they cannot see a closed call in their 'all my requests' section of the customer portal. Having checked the workflow setup, I can confirm that it is the same as others in our catalogue that do not have this problem. The only difference is that these calls are raised using email routing rules and routing rule templates instead of via the portal. Are there any conditions within calls raised via email that would omit them from the 'all my requests' section of the customer portal or perhaps a setting that needs to be switched on in the config menu to make them populate in the list?
  6. Hi Ehsan I have set up all of the nodes as you suggest. The only node I had to change was the prog cap. (I was using the search all user instead of search co worker) Sadly the process still will not archive user profiles in the process. No changes are made to the profiles and they remain active despite the nodes in the workflow. Any other ideas? In order to see it is working I have setup a test profile for a basic user and am trying to manipulate that, making it my staff leaver when completing the prog cap. It is based on a profile I know to be working, but which is live, so cannot risk archiving a random user in the system.
  7. Good afternoon I have written a workflow for a staff leaver process and am trying to get the leaver profile archived in hornbill as part of the process. At present the leavers name is provided in the progressive capture (from a group picker) by their line manager. I have tried to use the archive user function in an automation node using the variable from the prog cap to identify the leaver that needs to be removed, but it isn't working. Can you clarify if It is possible to archive a user based on a variable as oppose to archiving the person who initially logged the call?, as the logger would be their line manager and not the leaver. Neither the data value or raw value prove to work. I also tried to get around it by logging a linked call under the leavers name (using the same variable picker) in order to archive them in another workflow but that didn't work either. Any help is appreciated
  8. Hi Miro. I was able to write for dates in the range that are locked out. (weekends) and also for dates outside the range altogether in the same manner. The format used was dd-mm-yyyy. i tried using \ & / between the dates and it would not let me continue, however using the hyphens bypassed this.
  9. We currently use the date range selection on a business process in order to limit what dates can be selected by the customer in the progressive capture. The date range is between 5 business days into the future to 180 days in the future. Customers should not be able to select any date prior to 5 business days and certainly not before the current day. We have however received a call where a customer was able to type the date in the field in the format dd-mm-yyyy, which then allows them to override the date selection and input any date they want. This effectively renders the date range selection tool useless and could cause issues with calls logged. I tried this myself and was able to repeat the result inputting any date I wanted if I used hyphens between the date numbers. It should be noted that it did not work when forward or back slashes were used in the same manner. Is there any way this can be deactivated so a customer cannot free type a date into the field using hyphens? I have attached a screen shot of the prog cap below to show how it is currently set up.
  10. I've just re-read your ticket and realised you were asking how to locate calls of this type. To do this, I checked the BPM to determine which team we allocated the calls and created a view filtering the matches. Then had to go through them 1 by 1 to identify in order to close/resolve. A bit long winded but the only method I found that worked.
  11. Hi Tina I have had the same issue today and, after some digging, found that any open calls that use the particular BPM will stop you from deleting the process. In order to delete the process, I had to close all calls that used said business process. After doing this I was able to delete the BPM without any issue.
  12. I'm trying to figure out how the authorisation node in a BPM is linked to an email template. I want to edit the node to point toward a different email template, if at all possible. The desired goal is to customise the type of email an authoriser receives in different BPM's instead of having one generic template that is used for all scenarios. Can anyone help with this? Approval.docx
  13. Hi All Is there a function for automatically assigning a linked service to a call via the BPM process? I have tried to do this through the auto node as well as checking the options available to us with an integration node but it doesn't seem to be an option. Essentially all I need is to have the ability to link a service to a call without the analyst having to navigate to the linked service tab and manually adding it. Can this be added for consideration to updates, as its causing a bottleneck in my automation efforts?
  14. I also have the same query. We have processes where HR questions are asked at the prog capture stage but are sensitive and should not appear ion the questions section of the call.
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