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  1. @Steven Boardman I was wondering if there had been any development in this area as we going live with the Employee Portal this week and have FAQ content that would be useful to display. Currently I will disable the "results" as feedback we received was it confused some staff, is there a way shift the box so any fields below are visible (even 1 cm to the right would probably work) or some text to cancel the help (I know pressing Esc stops it but good to show it).
  2. Where do we disable this link? Or do I need to configure it via the pagemanager?
  3. Is there a way to find out which teams are being used in BPMS. I need to retire some teams but finding difficult to see where they used. Nasim
  4. @Steve Giller We have the common substatus setup, but it would be impossible to cover all options - hence the snippet would be useful. We don't have a dedicated Hornbill Admin, so giving the analysts more options to do the work themselves makes sense Nasim
  5. Had more requests for this one - Outlook calendar integration (eg. service desk call requires an appointment to be made with the customer, useful to be able to created an outlook calendar item from within in the request). Something like the call back schedule option, but rather than creating an activity it would add something to your calendar. Also useful to be able to share out the Change Calendar so non-hornbill users can access it. Nasim
  6. Snippet development has been very welcomed but we always want more.... Can we also add to where the on-hold reasons are entered. I would like snippets available where ever text can be enter :-) Nasim
  7. I thought this was something team members enabled if they wanted it a. Please go to your analyst profile settings (top right of Service Manager). b. Click on the Cog Wheel - then select "Notifications" and find Service Manager App options at the bottom of the page. c. Enable email in the second row, which is the email option for Assignment (Team Notification)
  8. Hi @Steve Giller , @Berto2002 I agree with Berto - I would like snippets in the updates. The flexibility of the snippet means analysts can create custom responses on the fly (or use shared ones). Having snippets doesn't stop the automations you are talking about but for Berto's examples I think Snippets is a better fit. Nasim
  9. I've got a report that gives me the following: Not sure if this will help - but I've attached it below ng-all-active-services-with-catalog-items.report.txt
  10. Can the Services be reordered, at the moment the they appear in alphabetical order. Is there a way of changing this (without changing the name)?
  11. No - thanks this looks good. I'll test and confirm Nasim
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