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  1. @Ehsan Thanks this has fixed the issue for us. Nasim
  2. On the 20th Dec we had a similar issue - I logged to Hornbill but the next morning it was ok and hasn't happened since. I'm hoping your issue hasn't reoccurred since 2nd Jan. Nasim
  3. @James Ainsworth This would work for me - but not as well as having the linked service. I assume the requests sits with the original team and has the old owner, which may annoy staff who wish to only see requests they are dealing with. Nasim
  4. @James Ainsworth Isn't something we want from linking the services - the ultimate goal is we want teams outside the normal supporting ones to be able to deal with specific requests. This is where customers have chosen the wrong service, or one supporting team needs to pass the request to one which normally doesn't.
  5. Hi @Adrian Simpkins Have you tried the drop down in the search box Click on Details and select Timeline, which should include any updates with that text Nasim
  6. @Keith Stevenson Can you let me know when the RCA is available, I need to add it to my major incident report before I can close it. Nasim
  7. @Tina.Lapere Our instance is showing what I expected (unlike your one), so probably a localised issue. @Martyn Houghton is correct, raise a support ticket. Nasim
  8. @James Ainsworth, @Martyn Houghton We have released our first attempt at a service catalogue and have run into the issue of supporting teams/service restriction almost immediately. Having multiple services and supporting teams is a great idea but when the customer choses the wrong one (eg. App not starting - is it an App or Network issue) is really causing negative feeling with the analysts and preventing adoption of this feature. Could this change be prioritised as I'm sure the wider Service Manager community would get great benefit. Nasim
  9. We are using Known Errors in our Problem Management process and I've just tried to reopen on closed by accident and found the option greyed out. We have tried to find a permission that will allow this but with no luck - does anyone have this info? BTW I can re-open all other types (incident/ service requests/ change/ problem) Nasim
  10. +1 for better searching/sorting of results. I use the below tips when searching (although as Deen has already said it helps to use the Service) If you are searching for a customers tickets you can use "?" which will return all their requests using AND/OR between words should help too Use of " ", to find exact strings/ occurrences Even being able to export the results so I can use my excel skills to find the info would be a vast improvement Nasim
  11. @Steven Boardman @Martyn Houghton I would like to see both these options available - so a big +1 from me. Nasim
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