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  1. @Victor Yes aware of the admin area (under Manage Executed Processes) but that's not the way I think it should work (in my case). User spots a failed BPM in the request they are dealing with and would just restart it to fix the issue. Appreciate in many cases (like the one you highlighted) you have to fix the underlying problem (eg. mailbox/ email address) before the restart. Nasim
  2. @Gerry Many thanks for the update - we are planning on moving over (date not set yet), I just wanted make sure I don't need to do something sooner. Nasim
  3. @Victor Thanks for the reminder - in my case I have some staff who already have this role so I can push the requests to them. It would be nice to have a separate role for this particular function - but if that's not possible at least we know who can help. Nasim
  4. I know this is an old post but I wanted the info on what permissions enable a "User" in Service Manager to restart the BPM I'm able to do this but we have a lot of request that are created by API, they sometimes have this problem where a "Restart the last step" fixes the BPM error. But most analysts do not have the permissions to do this. Is there a role I can create or give that will allow staff to do this (saves them coming to me). Regards Nasim
  5. Following on from @samwoo back in Nov 2020, is there a deadline to move over to the Employee Portal? Nasim
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth Yes scenario 2 for our change process - thanks for the clarification Nasim
  7. Hi @James Ainsworth In our case the change was submitted with 279 character but it didn't get truncated, I tried to update it to reduce it to under 275 but without being able to open the active Workflow in the UI I wasn't able to restart that BPM. I did raise a support request if you want to review the details (IN00166795). Nasim
  8. @James Ainsworth Is the fix in for Changes too - doesn't happen often but just have one (raised 26th March) where the BPM failed as the user added 279 characters into the summary. The error message states it should be under 275. Nasim
  9. I'm trying to view a failed BPM but when I try and bring up the list I get no results After going into Admin and clicking on "Manage Executed Process" The list is nearly always blank - sometimes if I try the different dropdowns I might get the list to appear. What am I doing wrong? Nasim
  10. Is your global search working? Last time after an update *we had one earlier this morning) I had to do a re-index (out of hours) to get it to work properly. Nasim
  11. Yes we are back now too - we couldn't use it for approx 3-4 mins Nasim
  12. We are getting "Error Could not connect to instance: timeout"
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