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  1. This concept works where you have a master ticket and use Activites, there is a setting to stop the request being resolved unless all activities are complete. Only issue we have is you need view the activities in a different location to the Service Request (unless the request is with you)....also you don't get an email notification of an activity being assigned to you (or your team). So if we could do this with linked requests I would say + 1 for us Nasim
  2. It doesn't look like Hornbill is going to do this any time soon so if you can export it, that would be great Nasim
  3. Great you found the setting - I'm more interested as to why it happens. Some I can put down to errors in Hornbill (eg outages which caused BPM to fail) but others I can't although I have suspicion maybe do to ways we are using the API's outside Service Manager. Nasim
  4. @James Ainsworth I've been meaning to follow up on @Michael Sharp idea on the persistent banner (per customer) which I see as essential for highlighting specific messages (disabilities) - any updates in this area? Nasim
  5. Hi Gerry For us its for analysts in Hornbill, but we struggle to get them to use activities. Our joiner/ new starter process uses a lot of them (eg. email/ apps/ laptops etc) but I would take the notification that a task has been assigned as the main one we need. This should encourage use of the views for activities/tasks. Sadly this morning I received another message from our SD teamleaders saying they are missing deadline as they can't easily see the tasks, I'm looking to see whether we drop them in favour of separate SR's for each activity. Nasim
  6. LOL - yes exactly 50 (I just tested it now)
  7. Be aware there is a limit that you can select in one go.... @Steven Boardman might know what it is (its more than 50) Nasim
  8. We have been looking at this enhancement for a while but since the update can send an email out, I'm not sure its as important. Is this enabled for your instance? I was looking for the instructions (thanks @Steven Boardman) - it works well in our instance. Nasim
  9. We raised a SEVERE priority call with Support at 15:40. Hornbill are aware and their Cloud team are investigating. Although things look ok now....fingers crossed Nasim
  10. @Chibamba Steps needed 1) Create a new service "Generic" (Incident/Service Request) - I just used a very basic process for both. 2) Make all teams and customers subscribers and supporting teams of this new service. This is easy as you do NOT add any specific team or customer to these areas, which means all teams and customers are available. 3) Then you create the 2 autotask (one for incident and one for SR's): In Admin - Home - Applications - Service Manager - Auto Tasks (see my SR example below) 4) Finally add the custom button to each of the type of requests (incident and SR) selecting Autotask with the processes you created in step 3.
  11. I've asked the question in general - how do you measure the true time spent of request (not just the resolved on - raised on time). Nasim
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