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  1. We are using Known Errors in our Problem Management process and I've just tried to reopen on closed by accident and found the option greyed out. We have tried to find a permission that will allow this but with no luck - does anyone have this info? BTW I can re-open all other types (incident/ service requests/ change/ problem) Nasim
  2. +1 for better searching/sorting of results. I use the below tips when searching (although as Deen has already said it helps to use the Service) If you are searching for a customers tickets you can use "?" which will return all their requests using AND/OR between words should help too Use of " ", to find exact strings/ occurrences Even being able to export the results so I can use my excel skills to find the info would be a vast improvement Nasim
  3. @Steven Boardman @Martyn Houghton I would like to see both these options available - so a big +1 from me. Nasim
  4. Agree - this query crops up from time to time "we can present help/links with solutions" to customers when they are logging the requests on the portal. Nasim
  5. @Ehsan smGetRequests does have the dates, but they are appearing in a different format - I'll ask @carlt to get an example Nasim
  6. Hi @Dan Munns You haven't updated to build 1694 by any chance....
  7. @Ehsan Has this latest update modified the way the smGetRequest API outputs the date field - we had some dashboards which have stopped working since applying build 1694. Nasim
  8. Is this because they are going to the https://live.hornbill.com/XXXX rather than the https://service.hornbill.com/XXXX url? Nasim
  9. @Ehsan can you see if we need our instance patched as we are running this build. Nasim
  10. @Paul Alexander I think the default should be set "All My Services" as this has caught out our Analysts a number of times. A feature request to Hornbill? Nasim
  11. Rather than checking "All my teams" (in the top screenshot) have you tried "All my services" - difference being the tickets are with Teams you are not part of.
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