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  1. I'm looking at doing the same (removing Teams no longer in use) - good to get the this functionality (so +1 from me). Nasim
  2. Hi @Steve G This is very helpful - I'll pass it on to our Hornbill guru @carlt Nasim
  3. Hi @Steve G Thanks for the prompt reply - yes its something would would like to have. There is some other things we need (ITOM) to allow for AD account creations, but this would be a great start to get the request logged into Service Manager. Nasim
  4. Can you have a look at the attached. Nasim ServiceNow Integration_1.0 copy.pdf
  5. Enboarder already have something setup for ServiceNow - are you able to contact them (Enboarder) and see if we can have something similar. Nasim
  6. Hi Hornbill May I request an integration for Enboarder (https://enboarder.com/?nab=0) This is a HR system for on boarding new staff. Nasim
  7. Hi @Victor Just had another momentary wobble at approx 10:23. All ok now - only noticed by Carl so may not have been the same issue. Nasim
  8. Our instance is having problems today - it had a wobble 10 mins ago and just now (11:43). It has come back each time after approx 2 mins. We tested externally (on our iphones and got the errors). When trying to open our service portal: Can you check the logs and see if anything can explain this (Health check and Status didn't show anything). Just to confirm it is ok now.
  9. Did anyone notice any issues with Hornbill just now (10:38 - 10:41) I had a couple of staff mention they had errors.... Its all good now Nasim
  10. Issue I have with 1. vs the others, is if you do anything other than resolving it with info on how to select the correct service/catalogue it, you may not have the info needed to complete the request. Plus you need the customer to raise it correctly next time. If they are simple request (and all the info is there) then 3 is good. Personally I would like the ability to edit the Service (I know this will be frowned upon by Hornbill) Nasim
  11. Following up this post as I can't see any replies... Doing more tests on the Change Calendar, Freeze periods are not visible in Internet Explorer. They are visible as a greyed out section in Chrome and Edge. The actual text only pops out when you view with the Day or Week option selected. Any reason why it doesn't work under IE or they pop up not working in Month view for the Change Calendar. Nasim
  12. Isn't this fixed with the latest Hornbill Patch - What's Fixed PM00155858 - Images would not always load when viewing FAQs in the Portal. PM00155972 - Some users reported that they were unable to create Assets. PM00155911 - Date/Time attributes in a Change Request are now formatted based on user's Regional Settings.
  13. We lost access to Hornbill.com (including this forum) from 14:50 Looks like things are back now Nasim
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