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  1. @Steven Boardman Thanks for this - I hadn't noticed it in other locations, do you have any examples where I can check. Nasim
  2. We are piloting the employee portal and the feedback for the "predictive help" has come back as saying its difficult to move pass it. Although all you have to do is click outside the box, it appears a look of our testers are getting stuck. Is there are way of disabling/ limiting this feature?
  3. I think it happens to most of us who are SSO and Azure. But I've also noticed for our customers who use SSO and ADFS. Hopefully Hornbill will have it fixed as it does cause questions to be raised... Nasim
  4. With the holiday season coming up next month are @Lauren and I, the only ones who want the Change Freeze period to be visible to all analysts (User type). How do others deal with any restrictive periods? Nasim
  5. The Success Portal is ok now - as far as I'm aware there isn't a user app version.... Nasim
  6. @Deen Thanks for you help last night, can you see if your https://success.hornbill.com/ has been patched? I'm getting a spinning logo when trying to raise a project manager trial request Nasim
  7. Have a read of https://community.hornbill.com/topic/19679-resolution-time-on-resolved-emails-incorrect-before-clocks-went-back-also-showing-a-z-at-the-end-of-the-string/ I think you just need to add |formatLocalTime to the date variable Nasim
  8. I've tried different browsers on different devices (work laptop/ home pc), but cleared the cache - still the same problem. Our request timelines are messed up too (we saw this last week IN00165057 11/11/20 but it fixed itself mysteriously) - this just started happening (first reported 16:36).
  9. Definitely not working for us yet (tried different browsers/ devices) ....we started seeing the issue an hour later (from when it was raised here), so maybe the fix needs a bit more time to get to us. Appreciate if you can confirm it has been applied as I have a lot of unhappy customers waiting to log requests. Nasim
  10. What do we need to do as I've tried refreshing and the Service Portal is not working for us... Nasim
  11. Same here - customers are reporting this We are portal only so need a fix asap... Nasim
  12. @Steve Giller I have the Service Desk Admin role and haven't been able to complete the task, I have to add myself to the team and then I can complete/ reassign it. Nasim
  13. @Steve Giller Thanks for this update. I understand the analyst can't reassign, but they also can't complete the task too (even though they are a member of a supporting service). I didn't make it clear, I thought the advancedRequestTaskCompleter setting allowed any User to complete the task (provided they were a member of a supporting team of the associated request).
  14. We had a similar outage (12:53 - 13:00), Status check was ok (but not about to get into Service Manager). I also checked https://status.hornbill.com/ page which also showed no problem (and still doesn't show anything occurred). I'd question the usefulness of this particular one, as most times this doesn't show anything until well into a major outage.... Nasim
  15. Multiple actions have improved since 2017....now have priority, reassign, boards and cancel but still looking for on-hold, change customer and email in bulk. Nasim
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