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  1. BobbyB

    Raising Requests from Email

    Thank you very much Martyn, I will try this and see how we get on. @Lauren
  2. BobbyB

    Raising Requests from Email

    It would be very beneficial and quicker if the email contents were included into the new request. Thanks,
  3. BobbyB

    Last Updated By

    Any update/thoughts on Alisha's idea? This would be really helpful, Thanks,
  4. BobbyB

    Info Message on Select Site

    Steven, thank you for this workaround. We may/may not be able to apply this as we share this system with other departments so this type of change affects everything but I will see if it can be changed. thanks, @Alisha @lokent
  5. BobbyB

    Multiple Locations

    Is it possible to link multiple locations through the 'Select Site' form in a capture? We have a large number of sites and some requests cover multiple areas. Many thanks @Alisha
  6. BobbyB

    Making Time Spent Mandatory

    Good morning, on the very first part of this post Lauren mentions " 2) Can the format be amended from hours to minutes?", is this at all possible? Many thanks,
  7. BobbyB

    Changing Site within Details

    This would really be helpful with all our different sites, thanks. Bobby
  8. BobbyB

    Using asset details in captures

    +1 This would be very useful...
  9. BobbyB

    Request List Columns

    Showing the latest update and having the customer column displays showing the handle would be very useful. Please let us know if this can be added. Many thanks,
  10. BobbyB

    Filtering Asset Types

    @James Ainsworth, James, yes the filtering on asset types would be the most useful for us. Thanks,
  11. BobbyB

    Filtering Asset Types

    Hi @James Ainsworth, James, would it be possible to get an update on this please. Many thanks,
  12. BobbyB

    FAQs - Collapsible Tables?

    Hello, was curious if there was any update on this. Having the collapsible FAQs would really work as I have found customers tend to shy away from documents that are too large. Many thanks,
  13. BobbyB

    Showing Additional Customer Information

    It would be very important to us as well to see customer attributes here. Is there a rough idea when this change will be put through? Thanks
  14. BobbyB

    Category Name

    Thank you @Victor, we've checked and there actually wasn't a value in the separator field. I've added one now and it has worked. Yes that is exactly how we are doing our captures, so you can see how a change in the category name rendered them useless. Again thanks for looking into this! @Alisha
  15. BobbyB

    Category Name

    @Victor thank you, something definitely changed for the categories. I'm just concerned that if we have a hundred set up a certain way and then they are changed again it will knock out all of our captures from working...