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  1. BobbyB

    FAQs - Collapsible Tables?

    Hello, was curious if there was any update on this. Having the collapsible FAQs would really work as I have found customers tend to shy away from documents that are too large. Many thanks,
  2. BobbyB

    Showing Additional Customer Information

    It would be very important to us as well to see customer attributes here. Is there a rough idea when this change will be put through? Thanks
  3. BobbyB

    Category Name

    Thank you @Victor, we've checked and there actually wasn't a value in the separator field. I've added one now and it has worked. Yes that is exactly how we are doing our captures, so you can see how a change in the category name rendered them useless. Again thanks for looking into this! @Alisha
  4. BobbyB

    Category Name

    @Victor thank you, something definitely changed for the categories. I'm just concerned that if we have a hundred set up a certain way and then they are changed again it will knock out all of our captures from working...
  5. Miro, I can confirm this is still occurring. In a simple capture, using the category option, we select the category. Click 'next' and we are taken to the next page. If on this page we want to change that category we select 'previous'. After changing the category and selecting 'next' we receive the following error:
  6. BobbyB

    Category Name

    Victor, we had our captures named as per the category name e.g. Application/Software > DEF > Firefox which worked well. Unfortunately something was changed last week that caused the category names to be changed slightly to having a '-' dash before the '>' and this then caused the captures not to work as they then didn't match the capture names. We need to know just how often the category names are changed as if it's quite frequently then we'll need to change our capture process. Having the captures the same name as the category allows us to have hundreds of captures through a relatively small main capture making our whole process more efficient. Thank you,
  7. BobbyB

    Subscription Level Error

    We've found the culprit to this error. It was to do with the Chat licenses, removed 'Chat Session Agent' from the User and now ok.
  8. BobbyB

    Subscription Level Error

    I am receiving the following error for a User: "You are allocated rights to the 'com.hornbill.servicemanager' application but your organizations subscription level for this application has been reached. Please contact your system administrator" This was previously posted November 7th 2016. Was this ever resolved? We currently have a utilization of 42 of 51 Users. Thank you,
  9. BobbyB


    The multi clip was an excellent tool within Support Works and we would all benefit if it could be included in the new Service Manager.