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  1. This would be very beneficial to have a separate time input... Thank you,
  2. @Steve Giller, snippets can be used for specific faults and/or requests which can save time and accuracy when emailing to external companies or even internal departments, ensuring the same response is sent by multiple staff. For straightforward email requirements we use the email templates, which work very well but not all conditions can be setup for automation and the snippets fill this gap. We use a variety of snippets for different fault/request types and as they are correctly titled aren't used incorrectly. If the snippets had a the same variable set as the email templates they could provide a more useful function within the Service Manager toolkit. Thanks, Bobby
  3. It would be very useful for full audit details to be added to the requests, including location. Thanks,
  4. Having the original email copied into the timeline would then give us an unaltered copy of the email. Any subsequent changes can then be audited. Thanks,
  5. This would be very helpful! Thanks,
  6. This is very useful in allowing supervisors/lead technicians to approve changes in their manager's absence. This negates any delays in approving changes. Thanks,
  7. Would definitely make it easier to find the assets if they are in alphabetical order!
  8. Due to the number of applications and devices we currently look after in IT, we have quite a large number of categories for the customers to select from. As these categories are displayed using an agreed standard, some customers may not necessarily know what they are (as there is often different terminology that is used for the same thing). Would it be possible to have 'tooltips' available on the categories? This would then allow the customers to have a longer description of what the category is. Many thanks,
  9. The ability of our technicians to see all requests in their areas of responsibility is very important. This addition would ensure the lists are accurate for whatever area they are responsible for. Thanks,
  10. This would be extremely helpful in finding specific question related information.... Thanks,
  11. This would definitely help us either the ability to input the critical call number or the filter of the knowledge centre to display just critical (open) incidents would be great. thanks,
  12. Yes the ability to determine what services a change is affecting is vital especially for the Service Desk, and one Change can affect multiple services. Thanks,
  13. Hi James, yes this would give us two benefits, the first would show the impact of major incidents and problems, especially those that are not resolved straight away, the second is this then shows as a call for our analysts, which is a KPI for them on logged calls. Thanks,
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