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  1. Yes the ability to determine what services a change is affecting is vital especially for the Service Desk, and one Change can affect multiple services. Thanks,
  2. Hi James, yes this would give us two benefits, the first would show the impact of major incidents and problems, especially those that are not resolved straight away, the second is this then shows as a call for our analysts, which is a KPI for them on logged calls. Thanks,
  3. James, the customer do have their shares on them, the one I checked had quite a few shares and I mistakenly took that as the share list. I checked a few more and they all still have their shares.
  4. James, I created the views that were shared to all the 'teams'. I still have visibility of all the different team views but when checking, all the 'shares' are gone....
  5. Hello, this would definitely help to ensure all child calls are resolved promptly.. Thanks,
  6. This would be very beneficial to all our customers. Thanks,
  7. @Lauren This would be useful especially when reporting on different priority calls. Many thanks Bobby
  8. @Lauren Yes this would be very helpful to see on the request list where each request is in relation to its' business process. Many thanks,
  9. +1 to @Lauren The ability for us to manage this quickly would be very beneficial. In the event of a customer putting sensitive information on a request, that information would then be visible until Hornbill development removed it. Many thanks, Bobby
  10. Would be a nice way to inform our customers when issues are resolved. Thanks, Bobby
  11. Good morning, if a call has been given a sub status (but incorrectly) is there a way to remove the sub status from the request so that it shows no sub status? I've tried different ways and once on, cannot remove a sub status. Many thanks, Bob
  12. Thank you very much Martyn, I will try this and see how we get on. @Lauren
  13. It would be very beneficial and quicker if the email contents were included into the new request. Thanks,
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