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  1. Hi All, I dont seem to be able to change the order of my feedback questions: I'd like the answers to go Excellent > Good > ok > poor > awful. When i drag them to the correct locations and click update it seems to work but when i go back to check they have reverted to awful > poor > ok > Good > excelent Thanks James
  2. Hi all, Any update on this issue?
  3. Any update on this? i use these charts all the time.
  4. Same here too. I get the same loading message as above. The request views work fine, the charts dont load.
  5. Hi, I have been asked to see if i can come up with a way to determine the average duration of incidents resolved over a given time period (the last 6 months) in minutes during working hours. Our Incident SLA timer for all priorities is fix within 9 hours 15 mins (8am to 5:15 pm) monday to friday. Our working time calendar is also set up for 8am to 5:15pm. Is there any easy way to do this in reporting? i need to be able to say "the average time to fix an incident during the period was ???? minutes" Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Hi @Pamela Im not sure if i'm following you For example, if i ran a "last 30 days" report today on the 4th of June, would it give me: a: 01 May to 31 May (Previous calendar month) b: 05 May to 04 June (last 30 days from the data the dash report is run) What i'm after is something that always returns the previous calendar month, not the last 30 days. Thanks James
  7. Hi All, would it be possible to add a "last month" option to the "raised on" and "resolved on" options within the service manager dashboard: This is the bit i mean: This would really save me some time when doing quick performance reporting. Thanks James
  8. Hi, We have seen the attached error appearing over the last couple of days, most recently on in00023496 at 10:21am 27/02/2018. Could you take a look and see whats happening please. Thanks James
  9. This would be really useful for us too!
  10. Hi, We are having performance and connectivity time out issues here this morning. Is there a problem with hornbill at the moment?
  11. Hi Steve, Yes, that would be perfect. Thanks
  12. Thanks steve. I have used the add to board/remove from board nodes in my BP's and used the SLA features to move requests through different swimlanes on a breach board. What i really want to do is limit the view of the board to only show requests that are currently owned by a specific team or teams. For example in our ICT department we have 5 different operational IT teams covering network, infrastructure, service desk etc. An incident will be raised in the same way via the portal or analyst for each of these teams. Thus when i create an incident board i can see the incidents owned by all these teams, rather than just the team i manage. Thanks
  13. Thanks mark, That's very helpful but i would still like to know if its possible to limit the requests shown on a board to specific teams.
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