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  1. Hi, Would someone be able to give me a bit more information about the following change please? CHANGE: Service Manager users that are only the customer of a Request must view and action it through the Portals Thank you. Tina
  2. Customer fields not fully showing on tickets

    Really really disappointed that this wasn't communicated out properly. This has caused lots of hassle for our Analysts since Monday. We had to upgrade urgently due to issues on Monday out of our control. I'm able to see the number as I'm a superuser - the information we hold in the phone field wasn't personal and are work numbers - struggling to see why we need these fields hidden for us. Maybe allowing us Admins the opportunity to have moved these fields. So can I change the privacy settings for our instance to allow analysts the ability to see this field?
  3. Reports - Calls logged outside of office hours

    @Dan Munns - I've tried to recreate the report with this: but I get this: However when I run it in the database direct I'm getting 20 results:
  4. Reports - Calls logged outside of office hours

    @DeadMeatGF Thank you for your help. Can I ask for a screen shot of the setup of your measure please?
  5. Reports - Calls logged outside of office hours

    Hi, Can anyone show me an image of how I a report for the above looks as I can't get mine to work. Thanks
  6. Reports - Calls logged outside of office hours

    @DeadMeatGF - would I have to create this as a measure as my report keeps coming up with an error. I don't know the reporting or analytics part very well. I just want a pretty bar chart somewhere that shows it for Management - and it's proving more challenging than I though :-(
  7. Emails

    @James Ainsworth - Lovely thank you.
  8. Hi All, I'm trying to create a report that will tell me how many calls have been logged outside of our helpdesk hours - so after 5pm but I'm struggling :-( Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  9. DMARC Policy to Emails

    @Victor - I believe this is how we have it set up now. We can't have your system spoofing emails unless it has the DMARC etc. So until then we'd need it to come from ??????@live.hornbill.com but ideally with a different reply address so that if people reply to the email (which they often will) that it sends back to helpdesk@molevalley.gov.uk Is this possible?
  10. DMARC Policy to Emails

    @Victor - OK great, would we be able to set a reply address on that so it came back to @molevalley? Thanks
  11. Build No 1119 - CH00149429

    @Paul Davis You raise a good point and historically it was decided to keep these visible to the Customer however it's something we might review in the future when we push the Customer Portal again. Currently the numbers who check for updates on the portal is low so it's not seen as an issue but worth asking the question again.
  12. Build No 1119 - CH00149429

    CH00149429.docx@Gerry Certainly. Here is a screen shot.
  13. Build No 1119 - CH00149429

    New: Timeline updates that are visible in the Customer or Service Portals now have their visibility highlighted in Service Manager (CH00149429) Hi, I've just applied the latest update and immediately received comments from colleagues about the colour of the above change. It's felt to be rather too bright and they are finding that their eyes are drawn to that bit rather than the other information. Is there any chance the tone can be turned down a little, more of a pastel shade? Something a little more comfortable on the eye. Thanks Tina
  14. DMARC Policy to Emails

    @Victor - I've been asked to check if we would be able to email out from your domain if it comes to it?
  15. DMARC Policy to Emails

    @Victor, OK I shall let Management know. Thanks Tina