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  1. Emails

    @Steven Boardman - It's really the step before this what we are struggling with. So an email comes in from a new external contact and you click Raise Request, the screen changes to the Create New Request (and you can no longer see the email) and when you click 'New Contact' another window opens over the top and that's where you need to enter the contact details. Once the email address goes in that will help but it's annoying that you can no longer see the details from within the email. Maybe it would be better if we could create a new contact from within the actual Email? New Contacts.docx
  2. Hi, Are there any plans on allowing coloured text in the timeline? An email was sent to a customer asking a number of questions - the customer responded to each question with their answers in Red - this showed fine within the Email element however when the call got updated it changed it all to black text making it harder to read by the analyst. Thanks Tina
  3. Profiles - can we mark them as archived?

    @James Ainsworth it's because some of the software for example is no longer used therefore I don't want to see it on either list. Would it not be the case if I removed (deleted) it from the list that I wouldn't be able to search for it again (for reporting etc)? Thanks Tina
  4. Hi, We have a number of request and closure profiles in our system that we would like to hide from the lists when logging and resolving calls. Is there a way to do this? If not is it something that can be added in the future? Thanks Tina
  5. Emails

    Hi@Steven Boardman, That sounds like a move in the right direction. Are there any plans on being able to see the other bits of information at all? It's difficult to see the rest of the information (job title, telephone no etc) once your into the call logging process. Thanks
  6. Service Requests FAQs

    We too came across this issue about where to store the documentation/instructions to tasks. For New starters for example we actually have separate tasks automatically setup within the BPM process which holds basic instructions on what to do. Not ideal as you can't add too much details or pictures but it details the main bits. Works at the moment but it would be good to link out to a more detailed documentation.
  7. Hornbill data retention periods

    This is something we are interested in too as our Organisation is currently working through the GDPR requirements.
  8. Reports - Help needed

    @conorh Great thank you.
  9. Reports - Help needed

    @conorh - oh yeah so I did :-/ Its the bar chart per section bit that ends up wrong. Doc2.docx
  10. Reports - Help needed

    I've come across a problem with the charts not appearing beside the names within the pdf reports. Please see attached. They are grouped by Analyst with a status chart but for some reason I'm getting a blank bar chart at the top next to Gary's name which I can't seem to get rid of. This makes it very confusing to look at and as a result I loose a bar chart for the last analyst too. Any ideas? Doc1.docx
  11. Reports - Help needed

    Hello @conorh, Nice to hear from you. I'm good thanks, and yourself and the family? I shall upload these and have a look to see if I can tweak them to work. Just in case I can't get the info I need, I'd be interested to know more about how to do it in the advanced analytics module. Thanks Tina
  12. Reports - Help needed

    Hi All, I need some help to create a report within Service Manager for Senior Management. This is an area we haven't used much so I'm confused as to how to go about it. I'd be grateful for any help on this :-) I've been asked to provide the following: An analysis of service desk calls for a date range (individually) showing a- calls outstanding b- calls received c- calls resolved I've got to have this done by Friday. Thanks in advance
  13. Creating Views within Service Manager

    @James Ainsworth - Great I'll have a look at this. Thank you.
  14. @Victor We too have been having problems since Monday. It running slow at times and when calls come in they are not properly following the business process as the action boxes are not showing - instead its just the top line. See attachment where it should be showing the update box. actions.docx
  15. Emails

    @Daniel Dekel Thank you