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  1. @Steve Giller OK I'll look at doing that and checking on Wednesday. Thanks
  2. @Steve Giller - I spotted he didn't have the Collaboration Role so added it (found it mentioned on a post back in 2017). Will this make the difference? Are you able to test it on your test account for me please (as the analyst is out of the office this end at the moment)? So with just the Collaboration Role and original Incident Management User role? Thanks
  3. @James Ainsworth We don't currently have the team one turned on but we may do in the future. I would still expect Owners to receive an email when an automatic update (incoming email auto updates call based on call number) comes in - this isn't happening. Can you or anyone else help/advise why this might be? Thanks Tina
  4. Hi, Our Analysts don't seem to be getting email notifications for calls when someone replies to emails and the system automatically updates the call. I've checked on the Wiki site and it suggest its this setting: This is already set on our: Can anyone advise why it may not be working for us. It emails an Analyst if we manually update the call - just not from an automatic update. Thanks in advance Tina
  5. Hi, Can anyone help with this please? Thanks Tina
  6. @Victor Sorry for any confusion. They need to be able to look at both incidents/service requests and the detail within (they are the ICT Manager) to check on calls and their progress when they want to. They also need to be able to Authorise/Reject certain requests but they currently can only do this if they have the 'Admin role' which I don't feel they should have/need. I'd therefore like to know what permissions/or role I need to assign/setup in order for them to continue to be able to do all the above without the need to be assigned the 'Admin role'. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'd like to know what role or even what permissions are need to be given to a full user/Analyst so they are able to authorise/reject activities against service requests please? Other than this task they only need to be able to view/update calls as and when required. At present they are part of the 'Admin Role' as this was the only way for the activity to appear. I'm really not comfortable with this given all the other rights that come as part of the Admin role. I'd be grateful for your help. Thanks Tina
  8. Hi All, I've been asked to find a way to record all our software details (No of Licences held, no used, renewal date etc) and also our other Contract details so that I can setup some form of reminders for it to notify us say a month or two in advance of a renewal so we have plenty of time to arrange it. Does anyone use Service Desk to record this information and if how do you do it as I'm struggling to see anything that does all the bits I need. Thanks in advance Tina
  9. @ArmandoDM - Oh yes so it is. That's perfect. We'll do the search within Mobile Device then. Thank you for your help. Have a lovely weekend. Tina
  10. @ArmandoDM - Basically yes. I'd like to be able to enter a mobile handset as an asset and be able to record the number that is assigned to that mobile in the 'Mobile Number' field. Then when I search for that mobile number in a general asset search I'd like the asset record to appear. I hope that makes sense. Cheers Tina
  11. Hi, I'd like to know if it's possible to make the Phone Number field within a new Mobile Asset searchable? It isn't currently. Thanks Tina
  12. @Steven Boardman That's perfect thank you. I shall have a look at that this week then.
  13. Hi, I've just been doing some reading around the 'Details' section of calls and how I can use the Custom fields to insert information from the Questions area (from a progressive capture) so that I'm able to report on it and I came across the following within the WIKI which refers to Service Request Configuration. Form Designer It is possible for you to define custom fields to use against each request type per service. Using the form designer you can edit which default fields will be displayed in the Details section of each request form, as well as add new fields, set field validation, configure mandatory options and using drag and drop to re-order how the required fields will be displayed. Does this mean that I have the full use of all the Custom fields per Service if I configure the details section via the Service? We've already used a couple of custom fields but these were setup when we first got the system and never setup or designed via the service but via a basic request so they are already showing as used when I explore the design option via a Service. I don't want to change anything until I fully understand how Custom fields work. I'd be grateful if someone can confirm how they work as I need to know for something now and as we have other services interested in using Hornbill in the future and I'm sure they will need to use Custom fields too. Thanks Tina
  14. Sorry just realised its the Questions section I'm looking/talking about. I'm guessing these are not editable? Would the only way to edit these be to put them into fields under details? Can the 'Questions' area be added onto reports? As I may need to be able to pull a report off showing these in the future? Thanks
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