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  1. Tina.Lapere

    Analyst Timeout

    @Victor Oh I see - I guess we'll find out tomorrow morning. I'll let you know. Thanks
  2. Tina.Lapere

    Analyst Timeout

    OK at what point will it go back to 8, overnight? The reason I say this is because I have changed it and it's currently still showing 0 after logging out and back in again. So long as it only effects analysts that's fine. I'm guessing it won't cause any issues around delays in notifications etc?
  3. Tina.Lapere

    Analyst Timeout

    It must be just the analysts ones though as there is a separate setting for basic users?
  4. Tina.Lapere

    Analyst Timeout

    @Victor - If we set it to 0 (zero) would this mean it would never timeout? If so would this cause any issues elsewhere (notifications etc)
  5. Tina.Lapere

    Analyst Timeout

    @Victor - Thank you we'll give it a go.
  6. Tina.Lapere

    Analyst Timeout

    Hi, Can anyone help with the following please: We have setup a wallboard that displays dashboards for our customers. The PC it uses isn't currently on our network so we log into Hornbill by bypassing AD. This works fine however it seems to keep signing the analyst out of the session over night meaning we have to keep signing in the next morning. Is there a way round this as it's rather annoying? Thanks Tina
  7. Tina.Lapere

    Assigning Calls to Teams

    Thank you guys I shall have a look at this over the next couple of days. Tina
  8. Tina.Lapere

    Assigning Calls to Teams

    Hi, We've just created multiple Teams within our IT (we just had everyone in one before) and Management now want us to assign calls to Teams rather than individuals. Up until now Analysts received email notifications letting them know when a call had been assigned to them - this worked well. I have now had to turn on the TeamEmailAssignment setting and setup an appropriate email template so everyone in the team knows there is a call that needs picking up. This in itself isn't an issue - what is however, is that as part of every BP a call is assigned to our 1st Line (1st node in the process) to be reviewed and dealt with or assigned on as appropriate - this is meaning that the 1st line (who are constantly monitoring the incoming calls) are also getting emails to let them know a call has come in. I can see now way to exclude them from this as it's a global setting so I would like to ask the following: Is there any way of setting a default team for calls to automatically be assigned to so that they don't receive the Team email? Or Is there another way someone has managed to get round this? I only set this up this morning and it's already driving them mad! FYI - I can't filter it based on service as all our teams support each service. Thanks Tina
  9. Tina.Lapere

    Email Notifications - Opt Out

    +1 for this. We now have more than one team and all calls are automatically assigned to Service Desk 1st line through the BPM - however because they are logged in and monitoring them they don't actually need to get the emails however like others we need the team emails for the other teams who aren't always in the system. Unless there is another way to automatically assign all calls to Service Desk 1st Line? Thanks Tina
  10. Tina.Lapere

    Removing Teams from Service Manager

    @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman - would be able to confirm the above for me please? Thanks
  11. Tina.Lapere

    Removing Teams from Service Manager

    Hi All, Thanks for the help. I've checked and our services do not have any supporting teams listed - that way I guess all teams will be able to see and action things and search on historic calls? Our Business Processes currently do get assigned to the team so I've made a note of all the ones I need to change - activities within these get assigned to the 'ownerid' so these shouldn't' be effected an I right? I'm going to move all open/on-hold calls over to the new teams and I plan to close all calls that are resolved as we are kinds starting a fresh. If I do all of the above does that mean I can remove the people from the 'Service Desk' team as it is currently and then delete it? or have i missed anything? Thanks
  12. Hi All, We are having a re gig in our department and splitting into smaller teams from one big team from next week. I've created the new teams ready and added the analysts to the new groups therefore, as of next week I will no longer need the current team and won't want it to appear in the list after go live. Whats the best way to hide this group? If I can't hide the group what would happen if I delete it? Thanks
  13. Hi, Would someone be able to give me a bit more information about the following change please? CHANGE: Service Manager users that are only the customer of a Request must view and action it through the Portals Thank you. Tina
  14. Tina.Lapere

    Customer fields not fully showing on tickets

    Really really disappointed that this wasn't communicated out properly. This has caused lots of hassle for our Analysts since Monday. We had to upgrade urgently due to issues on Monday out of our control. I'm able to see the number as I'm a superuser - the information we hold in the phone field wasn't personal and are work numbers - struggling to see why we need these fields hidden for us. Maybe allowing us Admins the opportunity to have moved these fields. So can I change the privacy settings for our instance to allow analysts the ability to see this field?
  15. Tina.Lapere

    Reports - Calls logged outside of office hours

    @Dan Munns - I've tried to recreate the report with this: but I get this: However when I run it in the database direct I'm getting 20 results: