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  1. @Kelvin - It takes me back to the service I'd selected with list of Catalogue items.
  2. Hi Kelvin, I've just checked and ours comes up with this when I click cancel: We did update the system on Wednesday as were a few releases behind. It's not something I'd checked before the update though. Not sure if that's much help. Thanks, Tina
  3. We too have just turned this feather 'On' as we were finding the search option popping up very confusing. I like the bit about 'My Requests' appearing however didn't see the 'Service Request' area of any use for our customers. Luckily we are just testing the portal at the moment. Please let me know when the update is ready. Thanks, Tina
  4. We too would like to be able to hide some of the options on the left - or maybe all of them as some of our services only have one catalogue item so these are unnecessary. This is just one we setup to show others in ICT. We'd also like to be able to change how the catalogue item is displayed (on the right), change the icon size, heading size, and how the text below appears. This is the existing portal - headings are clear and you can see the difference between the heading and description clearly: However this is how it appears in the Employee portal. Just looks boring in relation to the existing one. There is not much difference between the headings and the descriptions (colour, text). Icons are smaller. It just feels a little squashed onto the page. Also can we have the ability to put boxes around them if we want to? This was actually one of the things the customers like about the existing portal as you can clearly see they are different. We have only just started looking at the design side of the new portal so we may be able to change the colours - just haven't got that far at the moment. Thanks Tina
  5. @Steven Boardman - no we haven't updated for a while to be fair. Has it been fixed in an update recently then?
  6. Hi All, I'm trying to go through and start adding some of our services to a Service Domain but when doing so I'm being told that I have to set the 'Service Category'. I've checked the wiki page and it's not indicating that these need to be setup so why is it telling me it's mandatory? Thanks Tina
  7. + 1 for us too. Seems a shame that you can't customise this page and chose how it's setup. Based on Customer feedback some of our catalogue items don't have a description, let alone information about who looks after it etc. I guess it may come down to the size of the company and support teams. Having options on how/if this information is displayed, size of text etc would be the icing on what on the initial home and domain pages are fantastic improvements.
  8. Hi, We too have just been looking at our portal and this point was something we agree with. I'd be grateful to know when this is coming too. Thanks Tina
  9. Hi, I hope everyone is safe and well. Over the previous few months I've had a couple of colleagues ask why they receive 2 email notifications when a call is updated, however when I've looked into it I can't see why that would be happening and it's not happened to me. However yesterday and today I noticed I've received 2 emails to say a call has been updated. (See image below) How ever it's not always happening - Can anyone shed any light on this and possibly what settings might need to be changed as this is confusing me and colleagues - I really only want the one that contains the call reference as that's the one we've configured. Thanks Tina
  10. @Victor Thank you that definitely makes it clearer.
  11. @Victor Thank you we've managed to do a dry run and the figures are this: I had made a couple of adjustments to the config (from that of the old one) - to add Managers and add departments. Am I right in assuming that the numbers above (Profiles updated and Groups updated) could resemble these additions/changes? I set the status to create and update to. Thanks Tina
  12. @Victor OK that's good to know it will pick it up. Yes I can see that bit - So does the command line need to go into something on the scheduler somewhere (sorry I don't deal with that side of things so need to know what to tell them they need to change). Also, How would I get them to test this (by a dry run) before? I did ask them to put it into a command line but they said it didn't work. Thanks Tina
  13. Hi, We've updated the LDAP import to V3 on our server and now our users aren't being imported into Hornbill. Reading WIKI - I've setup the LDAP Import within Hornbill now but I'm struggling to see how I test this or where I test it. Also I'm unsure of how I set this up to run daily. Will this via the scheduler that we used for the old config file? If someone can help that would be grate as currently it's not working. Thanks Tina
  14. Hi @Conor, We are all good and well thanks I hope you lot are too? It certainly is crazy.... it's gong to be like the summer holidays soon - I wont know what day of the week it is as they'll all be the same I'll have a look at this soon, hopefully next week if things calm down a bit. Thanks and take care Tina
  15. @AlexTumber - Sorry for the delayed reply. That's great news re the supplier companies. Can someone please assist on what fields I'd need to run a report on Organisations to export that as a csv file to import them back in as suppliers? Creating reports is something I don't do very often so any help would be gratefully received :-) Thanks
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