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  1. + 1 also getting comments from the team who are finding this change frustrating.
  2. Hi @Jim, We need to populate the 'Department' field for the following types: Mobile Device, Computer Peripheral, Computer System and Printer. Our plan was to export them from Hornbill then update that and our hope was to be able to import this somehow. Thanks Tina
  3. Hi, I need to update all our assets to include the department field (currently not completed on every asset). My Colleague has been directed to read the following: Data Import Guides - Introduction (hornbill.com) as apparently this is the only way to update assets in bulk. Neither of us know anything about JSON files so are really struggling with this. Considering Hornbill say you don't need any technical skills to be able to use the product this is definitely beyond our knowledge and have never needed to know this before. Is there anyone who is able to help us with understanding how we go about this? Thanks Tina
  4. Hi, I'm getting reports that SSO isn't working suddenly. People are getting this error. Looks like single sign on isn't working. We've checked and the certificate is ok and MS is happy. Any ideas? Thanks Tina
  5. @AlexTumber It's multiple users this happens to and it started the middle of last week. Thanks Tina
  6. Bump - has anything been added to allow the visibility to be manually set/overwritten on tasks in the BPM (now workflow)? We have 2 teams using Service Manager (ICT & HR) and both wish to have different visibility on tasks so this is causing some issues. Thanks Tina
  7. @James Ainsworth We've done some more testing and it's a bit of an odd one. It seems to be the catalogue item that's the issue. We've created a new CI with a different name & description but everything else exactly the same and it's working as expected. But on the existing one it doesn't work. Lost now - will log a support call.
  8. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I mean the Employee Portal. These are Full users which have the Collaboration role. Here is my test which will hopefully help. I am the Owner of the call and the task within has been assigned to my Colleague Lee Blower to authorise (Both of us are System Admins so have all the access required for this test): He receives an email which links to the portal for him to authorise. When he clicks on the link this is all he sees (no activity/authorisation): When he views it from within the Client he sees this the authorisation fine: When I view this call from the portal (I'm the customer and owner) this is all I see (no authorisation/activities): If I go into the call and reassign the authorisation to myself I can then see the authorisation via the portal: It would therefore mean that to see the authorisation currently on the portal you not only have to be the support analyst but also the assigned person for the authorisation. This wasn't how it worked previously and it causing us issues. Thanks Tina
  9. Hi, I believe something has changed recently with regard to being able to view activities/authorisations within a call via the portal. My manager used to be able to authorise a call via the portal (I was the support analyst, he was the owner of the task) however he is now no longer able to see this activity via the portal. I've done some testing and it appears that unless I am the support analyst and the owner of the tasks I don't see them anymore. Can someone please confirm what's happened. Thanks Tina
  10. Hi, Our department is going through a re-organisation that will mean we no longer need one of our support teams. If the team has no analysts but still appears in the Service details as a supporting team does it mean we will still be able to search through calls that are linked to that team? Or if we delete the team will we still be able to search through the calls ok? Just trying to work out what's the best option. Thanks Tina
  11. Hi, I have an activity setup within a business process where we capture a date. This date is then inserted into a the call description, however it isn't coming over in the same format. Can you please let me know how I can change this so it's the same DDMMYYYY as this is causing some confusion. My Regional settings are set to DDMMYYY as well. Thanks Tina
  12. @Steve GillerCan I double check if this setting is meant to takes into account the weekends? In our default calendar we work Monday-Friday so I'm checking to see if I need to include the weekends or not in the below (I want to say they can't select anything less than 10 working days) in the range start. I've tested it and to achieve 10 working days it appears I have to set it to 14. Please can you confirm. Thanks Tina
  13. Hi, We've been asked to put a 2 year restriction on the end date people are able to select when logging Starters with certain employment contracts. This is this field type: We've tried putting 730 in the 'Date Range End' and even higher numbers, however it seems to restrict it to a year when we've tested it on the form. Can you please confirm it's possible to restrict it to a date beyond a year? Thanks Tina
  14. @Michael MThank you based on what Victor said we changed the password, sent some test emails and all appears ok.
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