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  1. Had more requests for this one - Outlook calendar integration (eg. service desk call requires an appointment to be made with the customer, useful to be able to created an outlook calendar item from within in the request). Something like the call back schedule option, but rather than creating an activity it would add something to your calendar. Also useful to be able to share out the Change Calendar so non-hornbill users can access it. Nasim
  2. Snippet development has been very welcomed but we always want more.... Can we also add to where the on-hold reasons are entered. I would like snippets available where ever text can be enter :-) Nasim
  3. I thought this was something team members enabled if they wanted it a. Please go to your analyst profile settings (top right of Service Manager). b. Click on the Cog Wheel - then select "Notifications" and find Service Manager App options at the bottom of the page. c. Enable email in the second row, which is the email option for Assignment (Team Notification)
  4. Hi @Steve Giller , @Berto2002 I agree with Berto - I would like snippets in the updates. The flexibility of the snippet means analysts can create custom responses on the fly (or use shared ones). Having snippets doesn't stop the automations you are talking about but for Berto's examples I think Snippets is a better fit. Nasim
  5. I've got a report that gives me the following: Not sure if this will help - but I've attached it below ng-all-active-services-with-catalog-items.report.txt
  6. Can the Services be reordered, at the moment the they appear in alphabetical order. Is there a way of changing this (without changing the name)?
  7. No - thanks this looks good. I'll test and confirm Nasim
  8. Can we get the customer's text into the AnalystCustomerUpdateRequestNotification template, so when they update via the portal the analyst can see the actual update rather than just a notification "Request SR00757055 which was assigned to you has been updated by the customer."
  9. Try the browser in private/incognito mode (or a different browser) - this allowed me to open the page correctly. Nasim
  10. Actually working on my personal pc but not work laptop? Anyone else seeing this. Nasim
  11. Same for me - just a blank white screen Nasim
  12. @Ryan, @James Ainsworth Thanks - all good now Nasim
  13. Not sure if this related but I can't open any progressive capture (or create a new one) since our instance was updated with ESP 3492.
  14. I've had a few reports from analysts reporting some of their teams are no longer visible today. Although the team is not visible in the drop down, the request are still visible in the request list. Turns out the scroll bar (on the side of the menu) is not active, the only way I can get this to work is to use the middle scroll on my mouse. I think this has happened once before but believe this behaviour has returned since the latest Service Manager update (last night for us). Scroll in this area with the mouse SCROLL BUTTON, allows the other teams to appear, then the scroll bar is active (if you come back later).
  15. This concept works where you have a master ticket and use Activites, there is a setting to stop the request being resolved unless all activities are complete. Only issue we have is you need view the activities in a different location to the Service Request (unless the request is with you)....also you don't get an email notification of an activity being assigned to you (or your team). So if we could do this with linked requests I would say + 1 for us Nasim
  16. It doesn't look like Hornbill is going to do this any time soon so if you can export it, that would be great Nasim
  17. Great you found the setting - I'm more interested as to why it happens. Some I can put down to errors in Hornbill (eg outages which caused BPM to fail) but others I can't although I have suspicion maybe do to ways we are using the API's outside Service Manager. Nasim
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