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  1. Following as I want this as well
  2. Hi I would like a quick guide to come up when a user is logging a ticket. I'm pretty sure I have seen this on demos. The example I have is from customers point of view: 1 - Visit Portal 2 - Click Application Support 3 - Click I can't login 4 - Choose Application 5 - To the right there would be a guide 6 - Did the guide work? 7 - YES - End (or log a completed ticket so we have a record of use) NO - Log ticket requesting support Thanks
  3. Hi Does anyone use Service Manager for HR case management? Specifically grievance, disciplinary, performance and sickness. We would like to see it in action if you do.
  4. Hi James There wasn't any checklists assigned to any tasks...… so I added a checklist to the problem task and that has fixed it, bit of a workaround so must be a bug that could be looked into. Happy that it is working now though. Thanks
  5. Hi Could someone tell me why this message is coming up please The specified task 'TSK20191022000006' is configured to not allow completion, if progress is not 100% All fields have been completed in the task.
  6. I noticed on a recent update that you can now send a notification to users when their ticket has been updated. I think this will start encouraging people to visit the portal, so would like to set it up. I have tried but cant get it to work. Please could someone point me to a guide or explain how to do it.
  7. Hi How do you display change requests on service portal? It only seems to display service and incident request
  8. I have managed to set up an email routing rule that will raise a service request for any email sent to change@... The idea is for staff to raise a change request using a word change request form which will be stored in SharePoint and reviewed. If a change is authorised then a change will be raised in Hornbill and follow that BPM. The problem I have is that the word attachment gets removed when the ticket is raised in service manager All help appreciated - or recommendation on how you deal with Change Management that isn't just IT related.
  9. Cool sounds like exactly what I want. Will give it a go now. Thanks both. Steff
  10. We are now looking at implementing a Self Help Service through Hornbill Service Manager, we don't want to store guides in Hornbill Document Manager as we use SharePoint Online as our DMS. We would like people to raise a request either by email or through the service portal. Once the request has been raised or preferably before the request is actually raised we would like the customer to see a guide and fix the problem or carry out the task themselves. A simple idea and we aren't the first people to come up with it :-) An idea I have is to use a workflow that would email the cu
  11. Hi thanks all, will try to set up today @DanielRi Do you have that BPM available to share with me as a download? Steff
  12. I have set up rules to match priority chosen in request, this works for the initial creation but when choosing escalate the SLA level doesn't change to match priority. Attached is a picture of the rules I have set and they are the same for P3 and P4.
  13. Oh right, I was king of miss sold then, will speak to sales. Thanks Steff
  14. @Martyn Houghton Yes that is the icon I was referring to.
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