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Found 10 results

  1. I was recently going through our email templates and noticed that the dates and times were in the wrong format. I went into the advanced settings and found that the system.regionalSettings.dateFormat wasn't set to a British format. I changed it to dd/MM/yyyy. Checking the emails being sent, the dates were now looking good. At the same time, our Hornbill Data Extract tool stopped working (I didn't know it at the time). This is because our SQL database was now rejecting the date/times which were being imported. Using the direct database query, I can now see that there are a mixture of date and time formats within the hornbill database. Why does changing the system.regionalSettings.dateFormat actually change how the date is saved within the database? Please can anyone indicate a way to fix this? Our reporting is now completely broken. In addition to this, I need to find a way of having the British date format in emails, but saving the date in the correct format in the database so the extract tool can work correctly (or does the extract tool need fixing?)
  2. In this latest update, Team Hornbill have combined all of the fantastic new Service Manager features that were released in first two quarters of 2020, into a single update. If you missed some of these new features whilst they were being rolled out in the various Service Manager updates, please have a look at the link below for a refresher on this new functionality that is available to all subscribers right now. Here is a direct link to the latest edition: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Quarterly_Update_2020_Q1/Q2 For links to our previous update round ups, please check out the Whats New Wiki Page
  3. Hello Team, When creating a view and adding custom fields to create custom collums, this only goes up to custom field O. Are there any plans to or a way to add P,Q,R,S,&T to this, as we want to utilise this as an exportable criteria from views. Thank you, Foley
  4. If we are seeing a common issue within the company we normally raise a problem or known error and associate all the relevant calls that have been logged to them. When we close that problem or known error is there a way for users of all the calls that have been associated to be emailed the resolution? Not sure if this in existence, if not it would be very useful as did exist in Support Works.
  5. Hi Does anyone use Service Manager for HR case management? Specifically grievance, disciplinary, performance and sickness. We would like to see it in action if you do.
  6. @AlexTumber There seems to be a display issue with the Time Sheet Manager plugin in Service Manage, when display 'All Values'. Though the values are displayed in the correct order for both timeline and manual timesheet entries, there time is not displayed properly. They all appear to be displayed as 01:00hrs, which I suspect is down to some timezone translation issue as we are BST at the moment or just not passing the time element. In the screenshot above all bare the top one entry are timeline updates with time recorded against them. The top one is a manual entry via the time sheet right-hand panel. Cheers Martyn
  7. Consistently for the past few days, especially in the afternoons, we are experiencing slowness of the system when logging and generally using the system. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  8. We are experiencing some slowness with Service Manager in getting pages to load etc, is there something going on?
  9. Hello, Currently having an issue with the lifespan setting discontinuing the custom field 21 variable in the expiry field. This seems to accept the setting when saving, but every time it is saved and you re enter the BPM the setting appears blank. I am using the global input for custom field 21 rather than the specific form field, as there are different form routes from the pro cap that use this field and converge on this point of the human task. I believe the fact it is not retaining the information is why the process in practice is not working, as the human task does not expire based on the date/time of the custom field. Has anybody got any advise? Many thanks.
  10. Guest

    New Starter Process

    As I am building in additional services into my Enterprise Service Desk (HR, FM, Payroll) for example I will be setting up a single starter process viat the portal. So the manager of the new starter will have a single form to fill in that will generate actions for IT, HR and Payroll for example. I have a few questions around the configuration: 1: Can you log separate Service Requests off the back of one portal request? 2: Can you log one Service Request and then assign out individual activities? 3: Does the portal form have the ability to 'Save & Return' as the from will now be more complex and might not be submitted in one go? 4: Could the new starter access the portal and update with personal information before they start working at the organisation? 5: Can you automate an email to a Service area that isnt currently using Hornbill? Many Thanks
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