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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, Many of my colleagues and users / customers are reporting a strange behaviour on the service portal. When they click on the link that redirects then to our service portal (https://service.hornbill.com/XXX/servicemanager/request/view/SR00053013 for example), they get redirected to the login page. When they click on the login link, SSO kicks in and they authenticate ok. However, they then arrive on the landing page and many users do not even understand they need to go onto the "My Request" tab... Anyway, is this a new issue? Are you aware of a similar issue from other customers?
  2. Bulletin - Limitations?

    Hi all, Quick question: is there a limitation on the number of bulletins we can display in the service portal? I currently have 3 set up but only 2 are showing... (+ the default one) Thanks!
  3. It would be useful to have the ability to determine the scope of Bulletins on your services, very much like the options you have for the catalog items where can determine if they show on the Portal, Service Desk or Both, i.e. Customer Portal, Service Portal or Both. Cheers Martyn
  4. Search Bar Customization

    is there a way to customize the search bar or at least change the position? from this to something like this:
  5. All My Requests customization

    Hi Everybody, is there a way to customize the "All My Requests" view into the Service Portal? (arrange columns, add/remove columns)
  6. End Users can search all Assets from Service Portal

    When a end user is crating a request from Service Portal with a progressive capture that allows an Asset to be selected, the end user can search all assets. There is no way to restrict which assets can be searched, as far as we can tell. We consider this to be a security issue, and will have to disable the possibility for end users to pick assets when registering requests. Furthermore, this might be considered a security issue also for agents. There should be ways of restricting which agents can see which assets.
  7. When searching for terms of more than one word in the search function in Service Portal, only 100 % matches are returned. This means that the search functionality is practically restricted to one word queries and almost useless. This needs to be improved to make sure that end users serve themselves and work loads are shifted to the left. This applies to known errors, catalog items and FAQs/Knowledge. Example: If you have a catalog item named "apple cake", this item will not be found if you search for "apple tart", even though apple is a match. A search like "apple crumble cake" or "cake apple" will not get a match either. Suggestions: - the search functionality should have a built in OR-functionality - results should be listed sorted on relevance to all words that are matched, and also similar words - in the future there should also be type-ahead functionality to help guide the users get results, but this is not critical
  8. Search History on Service portal

    Hi Do Hornbill provide a method for reporting on the terms, words, phrases etc... that end users have searched for on the Service Portal? It would be great to see what people are searching for, because this may help us build more targeted FAQ's / Forms etc... thanks Darren
  9. Service portal config

    Is it possible to have the list of services on the service portal expanded by default, rather than having to click 'more services'? Thanks Darren
  10. It would be very helpful if images could be pasted into the description/summary-field while logging tickets from the service portal. It would be nice to have the same feature for agents as well, especially when accessing callers screens remotely. I guess this is not supported in any of the fields in progressive capture. The images should stay inline with the text in the request timeline. This would make the "forget about email, use the portal"-argument even more likely to succeed.
  11. @James Ainsworth Would it be possible to add and export option in the Customer and Service Portal for a user to export the list contents of either their requests or their organisation requests. Initially it would just need to be the currently displayed colums into CSV or Excel format? Cheers Martyn
  12. Service Portal Form Prompt

    Good morning, I have release a new area on the service portal to specific teams in my business for requests, one thing that has been noted is when raising a request you have a box on the right with "Form Prompt", and what looks like an edit button that does not do anything, can anyone confirm if that text can be edited and what the purpose of the yellow image is for?
  13. Hi Guys, I was wandering if anyone has seen the below error message and can give us any pointers on how to fix? or where we can look (logs etc) for any further diagnostic information, we are using single-sign-on - there seems to be no pattern to users getting this error message, its got us stumped at the minute,
  14. Feedback Issues

    Hi, I have set up the new feedback options in Admin, however when you go to add feedback to a job in the service portal the feedback window opens with no questions and no star rating fields. As far as I can tell its set up correctly, can anyone see any reasons why it would no be working? Thanks Graham
  15. Hi, Just a random question I got from users: is it possible to set by default the tab "Active" when logging onto the service portal?
  16. Service portal UI issue

    Hi, Just noticed something odd on the service portal. I have a catalog item with a long title (meaningful for users). See below the configuration (image config-1.png): But when I go on the portal itself, I cannot see the full title! If the description is too long to be displayed in the tile, a "Show More" button appears. If I click on it, I can then see the title: Otherwise, you jump straight into the progressive capture. From my experience, there is a problem here. Either the size of the field "title" for the catalog item should be restricted so that it can rendered properly on the portal, or the portal needs to accommodate the size of the title. Can you please have a look? Thanks
  17. Hi, On our service portal, when we use the search bar we get some strange results. For example, when I type "trans" I would expect at least 1 of our services to appear "Transport costing". If I type "transport" i can see the service. But again, if I type "cost", I do not see the service. It seems that the search is working based on full word. Is that by design? Or is it a bug? Thanks
  18. Service Portal Search Broken

    Hi, The search function on our service portal is no longer working I'm not sure when it stopped working but I've tried it today and yesterday and it never returns anything I think it may not have been working on Tuesday either After a while it comes up with the following error We've just started getting a few of our users to trial the portal before we announce it to the organisation I know it has worked ok in the past kind regards, Pete
  19. Service Portal list of services

    Hi, Is there any setting that can be altered that controls the number of visible service icons before you have to click on 'More services...'? I've been asked whether it is possible to have them all showing without clicking on that I have explained that you can add your most used as favourites or that you can go to active calls to view the services with active calls against them Thanks, Pete
  20. Portal Home Page Image size

    Is there a way to shrink the size of the home page image on the Service/Customer Portal or to remove it once the user has logged in? Since going live a month ago the feedback we have had from our customers is that they have to scroll down to see their service icons due to the amount of screen taken up by the home image. Cheers Martyn
  21. I know there has been discussions in the past about the provision of a 'All Requests' view via the the customer and service portals and is something we raised when we assessing Service Manager prior to proceeding to move from Support Works. Now we are live, this is a common trend in the feedback we are receiving from our customers, as in 'I want to be able to see all my requests across all service' or 'In order to locate a request or one of my colleagues, I have to know which service it is under'. This is possibly has more of an impact for our customers as we have in excess or 100 services defined and most customers will be subscribed to at least 20+ of them. Are there any plans/timescales for adding in a All Request view? Cheers Martyn
  22. Hi Guys, Im just doing some work on our change process, and am getting an error message when using the process. its erroring at the point of trying to send out an automated email. ive tried a few different combination, getting it to email an external address instead of a co-worker, and also made sure there was a change email template setup, any ideas? I
  23. Business Process Query

    Hi, I have made some good progress on using the Business Process, but I have a couple of questions I hope you can assist with; I can create an Automated Task to add a Priority to a Request raised from Service Manager, but if does not seem to work when a Basic Users uses the Services Portal. I have 3 stages in a Business Process, that are; Create a Change Request – this works fine Testing Deployment I have 2 challenges, the first is starting the Testing process. At present, I am using an Automated Task when the Owner moves the Request to Resolved, but not happy with this. I have looked at moving the Request on a Board, but this does not seem to work. The second query is feedback from a Basic User. I would like them to approve testing on the Request before moving to Deployment. I have tried an Automated Task on when a Request is updated, but I cannot get this to work. I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance. Lee
  24. Messages on Service Portal

    Hi all, I have been asked a question from a number of users. Is there anyway to add a message onto the Service Portal? If for example there is a P1 effecting everyone, or we would want to make people aware of an issue, before raising a ticket. Similar to a billboard. Thanks in advance, Lee
  25. As it is possible to customise the branding of both the Service and Customer Portals, including using a link to you own logo, can the login page on the Service and Customer Portal inherit the logo link from the appropriate portal customisation setting rather than displaying the Hornbill logo? Cheers Martyn