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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all, We were wondering if it would be possible to receive a notification whenever a client sends a new chat message in an accepted chat. Right now when our analysts have the chat open and use a second browser tab to do some other work (in Hornbill or otherwise) they get no notification whatsoever of the customer having sent a chat message. It would be terrific if the analyst would get a browser notification, a sound cue, and/or a little (1) in their tab title to signal that a new message has been received. This new notification count would clear whenever the tab is back in focus and thus being looked at by the analyst. The same thing goes for the customer, although this is not as important to us. I look forward to hearing your thought on this! Thanks, Alex
  2. Not sure it this is something new introduced in one of the recent Core build or something that been present for sometime, but can I ask what triggers a 'New' email notification? The reason for asking is that one of our users this for some reason was turned on any they where getting Hornbill notifications for new 'Sent' email, rather than just for new incoming emails. Also are these notifications triggered after the routing rules are applied or before. Cheers Martyn
  3. In our business process when tickets are logged, an email notification is sent to all members of the relevant team. We are getting bouncebacks on this, and was wondering if anyone could assist in pinpointing whats causing it. I have attached the contents of the bounceback message below From: Hornbill Postmaster Address (Removed) Date: 10:12:24 27 Apr 2020 To: DataQuestUK Email address (Removed) Subject: Undeliverable: Ticket assigned to your team - IN00009257:
  4. In my profile notification settings I have both Hornbill and Desktop notifications enabled for Task Assignment, however I only receive a Desktop notification. This is my only browser window I have open, so I do not already have the request in question open and it does not appear under the dismissed items under the Hornbill Notification bell. Cheers Martyn
  5. I have a vague memory of there being some config settings in the admin tool to allow you to configure whether it sends an acknowledgement back to the sender when logging or updating a request. However I have not had any joy in locating them? Any idea? Cheers Martyn
  6. Related back to earlier post (link at the bottom) and my colleagues, @Martin.bowman, post about having the ability to sort/filter notifications, would it be possible to have a 'Notifications' widget created for the Home/Hornbill Today page which you could insert to show your notifications and then add the functionality to the Widget to Sort/Filter the notifications. This way you are not having to alter the currently functionality of the top bar notification icon. Cheers Martyn
  7. I receive an email when a Platform Update is applied in our maintenance windows, but do not seem to get any notifications when a Collaboration Update is applied to our instance. Is there a setting to receive this notifications for Collaboration updates, or should both the Platform and Collaboration updates which are applied automatically be notified by the same setting? Also do the Collaboration updates also apply int he maintenance window? Cheers Martyn
  8. I noticed on a recent update that you can now send a notification to users when their ticket has been updated. I think this will start encouraging people to visit the portal, so would like to set it up. I have tried but cant get it to work. Please could someone point me to a guide or explain how to do it.
  9. As a follow-on to my other post about additional reminder destination, it would be useful to have the ability to have the option to send the reminder as a notification message, as well as an email message to the same target recipients as currently supported and mentioned in the linked post. I am trying to reduce out teams dependance on emails and what them to focus on notifications and activities within Hornbill not start having to check their separate email as well. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hello there, I have been asked by some people in the team to investigate whether or not its possible to have email notifications when a call is place out of hold either automatically / manually against the person assigned to the call? I have these currently set: But it's not specific to certain things such as calls coming off hold. This is all the users wish to have really. I propose expanding the user Profile 'Notification' area to allow users to turn on/off what they would like to be notified on (more specific than we have currently) and a check box for them to decide whether they wish to be notified via email. For new users, the above settings could be defaulted, it's up to them to change it as necessary. Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hi, One of the many great features of Hornbill is the ability to resolve a request using an existing FAQ. However, if the FAQ contains formatted text or images / videos, it becomes a bit useless Indeed, the rich text will not display properly in the resolution box. Same issue with the email that can be sent (via BPM). I already mentioned that to some of the Devs and product specialists. This needs to be fixed to make full use of the feature. I would like to extend this topic to other customers and get your feedback too: When using a FAQ to resolve a request, could we possibly include the URL to the FAQ too? The idea would be to make it obvious to the customer that the answer was readily available from the beginning? It could something as simple as : [Source: https://service.hornbill.com/XXX/servicemanager/service/99/faqs/] What do you think?
  12. With the increasing focus on complying with persons preferences regarding email and notifications, would it be possible to have a standard field added to the Contact (External Customer) and CoWorker (Internal Customer) for them to be able to specify there email/notifications preferences and be able to manage this setting themselves in the 'Profile' section of the Portal. If this can be set from a standard simple list with tick box type data type (probably best to have two separate lists for Contact and CoWorker), so that each of us can then customise the list to our appropriate audience. We can this field's value in the workflow to determine if automated email responses should be sent for this request. By having it manageable by the Contact/Coworker themselves in the portal means it is far easier for them to control to there current preference. Cheers Martyn
  13. We send an email out to the customer when a call is assigned to an analyst, but if it gets reassigned this doesn't happen. Is there a way we can get an email to be sent out when a ticket is reassigned? Nasim
  14. Hi everyone, I've been asked by our Head of IT to turn on email notifications to Teams when a request is assigned to that team. The reason being, quite a few of our teams are rarely in the tool. I found the thread below after attempting this through a BusPro and turned on the guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.assignmentTeam setting, using "both" as per the attached. However, it doesn't seem to work. Other emails are working fine. Is there something else that needs enabling? Thanks Chris
  15. At the moment it is not possible to make use of the response/reason text entered into the system when completing a a human task, as it is not accessible as a variable in the email templates. It would be really useful to have an option on each outcome from a human task to generate an email notification using a template and pass the response/reason text into the template as a variable. For example you would be able to generate an automated email to advise that your request has been put on hold with the following update. Where as at the moment you have to do a manual email from the request then complete your activity as well. Cheers Martyn
  16. Hi, This is probably a really simple answer but I'm not 100% sure on how this should be configured. So when a call is logged either by an analyst or user via self service portal I want it to email the user affected with the call details etc. I thought this was working but it appears it is not. Should this email notification process be configured in the Business Process? or does the system by default email for each call logged? I noticed the below(attached screen shot) in a different post - we do not have this setup or configured anymore - it was deleted when we configured our mail route via our domain. Does this mail route need to be configured again? thanks lee
  17. Hi, I had a request on hold and my customer used the portal to comment on something. However, I did not receive any notification OR my request list did not show me that the request had been updated since my last visit... Am I missing something? Is it normal? If so, is there a way to change that? I felt really stupid when the customer called me because I had not seen her comment... Thanks in advance for any help / feedback / clarification.
  18. Hi there, I'm a user of service manager, it seems that something strange happens to my user specifically (other users unaffected). When I log on and update/raise a few calls, after a few minutes or so, a pop up box (of the style I'm accoustomed to) pops up top left of screen, but you can only see the bottom of the box. I haven't yet found the activity that causes this to happen, this happens on multiple computers and have tried Chrome and Firefox (will dust off IE if anyone thinks it would be a valuable test). If you click the tick 'done' button, nothing happens. The box is loaded a few moments after the page loads so if you're quick you can still manage to click the menu button to navigate elsewhere before the box covers it, rendering you stuck on that page. Please find attached a picture of this in effect, any thoughts please do share them! Thanks very much, Kind regards, Oscar
  19. Hi, this might be a duplicate and a silly question but just in case I will ask. When an update is posted on a request, customers do no receive any emails. Is there a setting somewhere to change this? Is it at all possible? Thanks in advance for your help.
  20. Hello all, My colleagues and I have been having some issues with the unread notifications counter. It is showing that one has X unread notifications, but when clicking on it there is nothing and the counter disappears for a few minutes before popping up again. It is showing 7 unread for me but 25 unread for one of my colleagues. For example it might show this: https://i.imgur.com/wi1RkCr.png, but when clicking on the workspaces view there are no workspaces with unread messages. (https://i.imgur.com/7iPFiHP.png) After refreshing the webpage the counter is magically reset to '0' before popping up again after a few minutes. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing this?
  21. Hello all, We are currently in a situation where we would like all employees of an organisation to be able to log requests but also have the manager (the organisation manager who has the rights to view all requests of an organisation) get notified whenever one of these requests get created. Also, whenever a certain decision has to be made for these organisations one of their managers should be able to easily be requested by us to either approve or deny a certain change/order/request. Is this currently possible with external customers? Thanks, Alex
  22. I am trying to locate the setting or permission which allows the users to modify the New Email notification option in there personal notification settings. The slider is greyed out and when you hover over the slider it says 'This feature was set by the administrator and cannot be changed'. Cheers Martyn
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